Tyrone Culver fined $20,000 for hit on Stevie Johnson

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On Sunday Dolphins safety Tyrone Culver delivered a huge hit to Bills receiver Stevie Johnson, knocking Johnson’s helmet off and getting an unsportsmanlike conduct flag. Now Culver will pay for it.

Culver has been fined $20,000 for the hit, which the NFL considers to have been to the head and neck area of a defenseless receiver. For his part, Culver said he didn’t do anything dirty.

I’m just going out there and playing aggressive,” Culver told Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. “You never want to see anybody get hurt.”

Culver said he doesn’t plan to stop delivering hard hits on the field.

“You’ve just got to continue to make big hits,” Culver said. “If you see guys getting hit, it might be in the back of your mind, and that’s always going to help us.”

For an NFL safety, there are worse things than earning a reputation as a guy who tries to take receivers’ heads off.

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  1. “For an NFL safety, there are worse things than earning a reputation as a guy who tries to take receivers’ heads off.”

    Try telling Rodney Harrison that. That “reputation” is gonna keep him out of the HOF, and this was before all of the “defenseless receiver” emphasis.

    Harrison is an HOFer. First player with 30 INTs and 30 sacks (Ray Lewis is the only other). Two time SB champ (4 SB appearances). But only 2 Pro Bowls, which was a result of his reputation, which will keep him out of the HOF. Just a shame.

  2. It is a shame that writers are wielding so much opinion that readers are considering these opinions as fact and force the hands of the league office. Culver did nothing dirty. He made a dangerous football play. These types of hits have been going on for decades most of which have been glorified by those like Lott who made the missel type hits popular. Offensive linemen have always been and continue to be the dirtiest players in the league. Being dirty can be stopped by throwing flags to stop the unfair advantage. The fines and flags aren’t curbing any behavior of aggession because football is a game of aggression. But they are proving to
    be inconsistent

  3. Hey Guys, you are great at ripping players who get in trouble and I do agree but where is your notice of the LB from the Packers who got arrested for domestic volience? Is it because he is a Packer.

  4. Sad, there wasn’t an ounce of outrage when Johnson cut Eric Berry at the knees putting him out for the year in week one. It was a “legal” block that almost no one does, why won’t the league protect “defenseless” DB’s? The rules have to work for every player, not just those playing on the offensive side.

  5. What is a DB suppose to do to prevent a receiver from catching the ball if it can’t be intercepted or swatted? I watched that game and two big hits that were legal and was used to dislodge the ball yielded two personal fouls. What the hell is going on with the NFL? I can’t wait for players to start hitting low and we see an increase in knee injuries. Outside if head injuries I want Goodell to stop changing the sport.

  6. I watched that game, and that hit was as dirty as it gets. Sparano would be screaming bloody murder if his guy got that hit. He should have been suspended, but the league has grow addicted to players fine money.

  7. The bottom line on a lot of these stories the it doesn’t take an elite play to make a hit like this. In one sense it might be considered one of the easier things to do as a DB. Your typically not covering the guy that gets hit, and if you are that might mean that you didn’t do a very good job at it. So just like the play with Culver and Johnson, let’s see Culver unload on him on an open field one on one, opps he can’t do that because he would miss. most of the times players will only make there hits when the WR is open game and don’t have a chance to make him miss. So it is what it is, but I am not sure if I would consider hits like this “playing aggressive” unless that is the way you play all the time, and not just when you see a guy who is pretty much dead meat coming your way. I guess each players history will dictate that.

  8. catquick,

    I don’t know what tape you’re referring to, but Eric Berry’s ACL was torn by a cut block from Steve Johnson on opening day. I saw enhanced video of the play right here on this site ten times. Stevie Johnson said on Twitter that night & right here on these pages, he didn’t mean to hurt Berry but the block was legal. There was a lot of talk here whether Johnson should be fined for his hit. In the end he wasn’t, by the definition of the rule, it wasn’t illegal.

  9. rich111 your crazy man. Your right that players don’t always get the opportunities, whether they are the one guarding them or not, every chance a player gets to make an electrifying hit, they are going to. You have to know that feeling if you ever competed in any sports. Hits like these have always been a part of the game, there was nothing dirty about it, what used to be highlights on sportscenter are now frowned opon fined and flagged. It wasnt out of character for an nfl player to make that hit a penalty is enough if anything a fine is unneccessary and has no effect other than fatteing goddels pocketbook. Great hit culver, plays like that young man will ignite your defense and remain present in the wr’s mind next time they go lurking to your side of the field and turn their back on you to make a catch. Keep it up bro. Suh is dirty, what culver did was not.

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