0-16 starting to look realistic for Colts


What we learned while watching the Colts blow their best chance for a win that was left on the schedule:

1. 0-16 is becoming a realistic possibility for the Colts after losing 27-19 to Carolina. Indianapolis goes on the road the next two weeks in Foxborough and Baltimore.  That brings them to 0-13.

The Colts finish by hosting the Titans and Texans, then heading to Jacksonville.  Their best chance was Sunday because the Colts could actually score on Carolina.  This was the Panthers’ first road win since 2009.

2. Indianapolis actually played with heart in the fourth quarter. Their defense stopped the Panthers two straight times to give them a shot. Reggie Wayne made a few great moves on a long touchdown.

Curtis Painter drove the Colts down to the three-yard line with under a minute to go. Next two plays: Near interception, interception on tipped pass.  Game over. Painter can’t throw deep and throws into coverage too often.

3. Cam Newton is such a weapon on the ground with 53 rushing yards. He’s the go-to option on third-and-short. He scored a 14-yard touchdown one such play and kept drives moving other times. Carolina overwhelmed the Colts up front.

The Panthers rushed 35 times for 201 yards overall in the game, split evenly between Newton, Jonathan Stewart, and DeAngelo Williams.  The Panthers played things a little more conservative after Newton’s recent interceptions and it paid off.

Newton completed 20-of-27 passes for 208 yards.  There were a few misfires, but also some darts.

4. In a battle of bad defenses, Carolina may have looked worse. The Colts actually opened big holes in the running game. Donald Brown rushed for 80 yards.

5. Just give the No. 1 overall pick to the Colts now. The Panthers now have three wins.  The Colts remain two games behind Minnesota and St. Louis, and they’ll be lucky to win one more game.

33 responses to “0-16 starting to look realistic for Colts

  1. Even had the Colts scored the Touchdown is there anyone who thought they would get the two point conversion?

  2. Give Cam Newton some average D and he has a winning record.

    Rookie of the year. No doubt. Breaking all kinds of rookie passing records.

  3. No matter what happens Jim Cadwell does not deserve the chance to coach the Colts next year even if Peyton comes back and if they get Andrew Luck (maybe he pulls an Eli). The man cannot coach, he lack of using the clock was evident last year in the playoffs against the Jets. Basically he took over a Superbowl Dynasty ready team and ran it to the ground. He should be fired the day after the season.

  4. They should’ve scored a two point conversion on their final touchdown. Painter horrendously under threw an open Austin Collie.

    At least they’ll have a quality backup QB next year.

  5. The problem with blaming Caldwell is that it ignores the lack of talent on this roster. That falls squarely on Chris Polian.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how much more competitive the Colts look now that they’ve locked up the first pick?

  7. Remember when Polian and Caldwell called off the dogs when the Colts were within reach of an undefeated regular season?

    Polian Jr. and Caldwell will probably put those dogs back to work and lose out on Andrew Luck…just as Peyton Manning decides not to risk further injury and retires.

  8. Take it from an Eagles fan, Sean McDermott is a horrible defensive coordinator. The Panthers need more than just defensive players, they need a real coordinator.

  9. When cam gets some more pieces on offense and defense he will destroy the league ,hes already rookie of the year hes one of them guys who can roll out of bed and play football

  10. Andy Dalton for Rookie of the Year. There has to be a debate.


    No, Cincinnati for most improved team, maybe. And SF will probably get that one. As far as Dalton for ROY, when Newton has broken most rushing TDs record and will 100 percent break Peyton Manning’s rookie passing yards record, R U SERIOUZ!!

  11. Colts choose andrew luck with the first pick in the 2012 draftif they draft second the colts draft matt barkley from usc ,if they draft third they will take robert griffin the 3rd

  12. Colts will have the first pick, and Luck will still be in college because he will stay at Stanford.

    And none of it will be on purpose (Colts aren’t trying to lose, they’re not stupid enough to do that). And I doubt Luck wants to play for such a suck team anyway.

  13. I really hope Luck stays at Stanford. Why would he want to go to Indy, a small market team with a screwball as an owner. This team is so bad that they tanked the entire season!!!! They are a total embarrassment to the NFL and really ought to be folded and restarted at a different venue. Their stadium is half empty now as it is. Wait until it takes Luck a few years to improve. They will be lucky to draw 30K per game.

  14. wow! a lot of negative comments about the Colts..I’m guessing this is coming from fans of teams the Colts have owned the last decade..have your fun now…the Colts will be back and the haters will go back to their mom’s basement, trying to get rid of the viruses that have taken over their computers

  15. I hope you were at the game, because I was, over 63000 that’s a little more than 1/2 full, Team is a joke the last 10 years,? I think we were in the playoffs every year the last 10 years with 2 SB , I must agree Caldwell must go now, but this team will not give up just to get Luck, Just look at the guys we have on IR, anyway is Luck the best QB coming out this year, all the experts thought we screwed up by taking Manning over Leaf, and James over Williams, Us armchair QB don’t have a clue all we do is listen to the “experts” and quote them that’s why we are blogging and not on the sidelines,unless any of you are on the sidelines that on here I will listen to you

  16. surly1n1nd1anapol1s says:
    Nov 27, 2011 4:50 PM
    The problem with blaming Caldwell is that it ignores the lack of talent on this roster. That falls squarely on Chris Polian.
    Caldwell is BY FAR the worst HC in the league, and in an NFL that still employs Del Rio in that position, that’s saying something. The PROBLEM is Bill Polian. The way he builds a team stinks and has always been a house of cards and he will never allow a HC with any stones to coach under him. He wants a “yes man”. The last coach he had who had stones was Mora who refused to fire the DC that Polian wanted him to fire or he would fire Mora instead. That DC is now coordinating a top ranked defense for the 49ers.

    Polian’s excuse making and actions over the course of his career show that he cares more about being right and controlling things than he does about winning in whatever way is possible. He and AJ Smith have a lot in common besides their dispositions.

  17. aljack88 says: Nov 27, 2011 4:45 PM

    The Colts have to be the biggest joke of the past decade. Suck for Luck Colts have no pride. I hope Luck decides to stay at Stanford.

    rambo08 says: Nov 27, 2011 4:47 PM

    The Colts quit trying weeks ago.


    Are you serious?!? Did you watch the game? Probably the best effort from the Colts since the Steelers game in week 3. They actually played pretty well, except for one itsy-bitsy little thing: Painter sucks. Seriously, if they had gotten decent quarterback play, they probably win that game.

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