Another helmet-to-helmet hit by Kam Chancellor

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Ndamukong Suh may not be the only player suspended by the league office this week.

Fined $20,000 two weeks ago and $40,000 last week for helmet-to-helmet hits, Seattle safety Kam Chancellor has applied another helmet-to-helmet hit.  This time, Chancellor hit Redskins receiver Santana Moss as Moss was catching a pass, making him defenseless within the meaning of the rules — and thus protected against helmet-to-helmet hits.

Look for Chancellor to receive a fine in excess of $50,000, or possibly a one-game suspension.

14 responses to “Another helmet-to-helmet hit by Kam Chancellor

  1. Would of been nice if the Ref’s threw a flag. Guess the two in close proximity were looking elsewhere…

  2. Just a thought…make every player wear league approved thigh, knee, and hip pads. If you take a WR that runs a 4.2 and a LB that runs a 4.3, and you slow them down, by even a fraction of a second, the speed of the collisions will decrease, and so should injuries. If it worked for Walter Peyton and Earl Campbell back in the “good old days” of football, why can’t it work for everyone else?

  3. I was a little drunk, so I might have missed it….was there a flag on that play? Because they threw a cheap one on Fred Davis for a half-hearted excessive celebration………..

  4. If you want to suspend the guy, fine, but he makes league minimum! Makes the fines fair and have them be a percentage of pay. 50k in fines for Suh isn’t the same as 50k in fines for Cam.

  5. @vmannj

    Funny you bring up the hip and knee pads. All that talk during the lockout of protecting the players, and providing for their retirement, but current players obviously couldn’t care less about their safety or they would wear the required equipment, knee and hip pads included. Hell, one would think the Owners would require the knee and hip pads be worn to protect their investment. In reality, both sides don’t really care about player safety. Absolute joke.

  6. Chancellor led with his shoulder on this play. If this play is illegal then what is legal? This headline is wrong and there was no penalty called on the play because there was nothing illegal about the play.

  7. If he thinks he’s gonna be fined, he should just write out a check for $60k (first offense $20, second $40, third $60) and send it to the league before he gets the bill

  8. If he gets suspended for this hit then the NFL might as well ban all hits in the secondary. He led with his shoulder and hit Moss’ helmet barely with his facemask. That seems like the proper way to tackle to me.

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