Colts have a shot to get their first win

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The Colts are home Sunday against the two win Panthers.

After falling down 10-0 early, the Colts rallied to tie the game at 10 at halftime. They blocked a field goal by the Panthers as time expired in the half, giving the team a boost heading into intermission.

This may be Indy’s last, best chance to win a game before going down in NFL history.  Recent Colts history suggests they’ll find a way to lose.

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  1. Chew on this……Indy has no QB but yet they don’t claim Orton off of waivers. Talk about evidence of intentionally trying to lose every game, unbelievable. I hope Luck tells Indy to take a flying leap when the draft comes.

  2. I’m also surprised that the media hasn’t given more discussion to the fact that Indy didn’t claim Orton off of waivers and how it appears that they are intentionally trying to lose.

  3. probly but they still have weeks 15 and 17 to grab a win.

    and the rams are still awful crappy too.

    they cant afford to end up tied at yearend with anyone they beat.

    watch polian pull out all the stops to win 1 game after the rams (and carolina) win their 3rd.

  4. They may have not claimed Neckbeard off waivers and that does raise an eyebrow but it’s not NEARLY as obvious as Seattle signing T-Jack to be their QB at that price.

    That was OVERT and it’s not Seattle’s fault that the Colts have beat them to the bottom.

  5. Why would they claim Orton off waiver? Whats the point? Theyre 0-10 and not making the playoffs anyway. Seems pointless to add a QB who wont be on the roster next year anyway.

    Kyle Orton is not exactly an elite player in the league. I dont know that theyre intentionally trying to lose games or not. But passing on Kyle Orton doesnt make a case for it either way. The dude is a lousy QB and although an upgrade over what they have, its pointless anyway if its a 6 game rental when you are out of playoff contention

  6. When the NFL implemwnts a stupid, rigged lottery program like the NBA, we have These idiot Colts to thank. Orton is a clear upgrade at qb. Maybe not playing for playoffs, but at least playing competitive should be required.

  7. The Colts would be lunatics to sign Orton. You are essentially renting a sub-par QB for 4 games, max (assuming Orton could learn the offense within a couple weeks), at a cost of more then $2.5 mil, and who will not be there the next year. And Orton would not be a significant upgrade at this point from Painter/Orlovsky. The *only* reason to do it would be to shut-up the conspiracy theorists that are convinced the Colts are throwing the season. On what planet does that make sense?

  8. Somewhere, Matt Millen is preparing his champagne bottle and a cigar.

    probably more like ‘preparing his 6 pack of miller light and a black & mild.

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