Falcons hold off unexpected Vikings charge

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Down 17-0 at the half and presumed to be dead, the Vikings found a way to make their game in Atlanta interesting.

A 14-play drive capped by a Toby Gerhart touchdown run gave the Vikings seven points, and a simple “go” route from the slot by Percy Harvin after a Falcons punt sliced the margin to three, with 13:13 to play.

Matt Ryan’s third touchdown pass of the day pushed the lead back to 10, but the Vikings were back in business after a 105-yard kick return by Percy Harvin, which petered out at the three.

On fourth and goal, the Vikings opted to go for the touchdown.  Toby Gerhart lost two yards from the one, giving the Falcons the ball back with 4:21 to play.  They managed to run out the clock, ending the game.

The Falcons have moved to 7-4, keeping them firmly in the mix for a wild-card berth and within earshot of the Saints at the top of the NFC South.

The Vikings are 2-9.  Given their schedule, they’re on track for their worst season since 1984, a 3-13 debacle that got coach Les Steckel fired after only one year.

7 responses to “Falcons hold off unexpected Vikings charge

  1. And next week the Timmy show comes to the metrodumb. I can see it all now, 9 seconds left, Denver down 17 – 10 and the ultimate Tebow happens to the queens when Timmy launches a 45 yd wobbler to Eric Decker(minnysoda boy) in the back of the end zone for 6 and Timmy runs in a 2 point conversion to win by 1.

  2. Frazier needs to go and Speilman needs to go with him or the Vikings will do something completely idiotic with a top 3 pick in April.

  3. I don’t understand why coach Frazzie didn’t challenge the Percy Harvin 3rd and goal run, was the whistle blown? At a minimum the refs would have stated the play could not be reviewed.

    Another blown opportunity by my Vikes, hopefully we draft Blackmon from OSU.

  4. “Steckel” is a swear word. Emmitt would say with a straight face that we “got LesSteckelled” in ’84.

    Frazier is not in that category. He deserves a legitimate full season, with legitimate schedules in the offseason to generate a full set of plans and communicate. Look at the players they brought in to keep the ship afloat…McNabb, et al. Yuck. I agree there needs to be a house-cleaning, but of players, not coaches.

    Frazier is not perfect, but you don’t can the Head Coach after his first season with all that has been stacked against him. Steckel had some pretty reasonable talent and coaching staff and he himself screwed that pooch.

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