In Meadowlands, all eyes on Sanchez

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The rollercoasting Jets should reverse their latest multi-game slide on Sunday, given that they’re hosting a Bills team with more recent casualties than a turkey farm.  If the Jets struggle, it’ll be time to watch and wait for the possible benching of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Jets coach Rex Ryan has said that Sanchez will be the quarterback as long as Ryan is the coach of the Jets.  But Ryan once again has given first-team practice reps to Mark Brunell, a motivational tactic about which Ryan was perhaps too candid in his book, Play Like You Mean It.

In how many consecutive seasons can Rex simply give the backup some practice reps before Sanchez realizes that the shot across the bow is a malfunctioning pop gun?  At some point, Ryan needs to yank Sanchez.

Perhaps the answer is more than two.  Albert Breer of NFL Network reported moments ago on Gameday Morning that Sanchez responded by having an effective week of practice.  Tune in at 1:00 p.m. ET to see if Sanchez is having an effective game — and to see what will happen if he isn’t.

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  1. You have to give Sanchez a break. He’s been up late at night helping his girlfriend(s) with their Civics term papers and Trig homework

  2. Mark Sanchez is on a descending trajectory. He will throw two interceptions today which will make his apologists i.e. Rex Ryan scratch their heads trying to figure out what to do with their inept yet highly likable quarterback. Sanchez appears to be a good kid who works hard and says all the right things. However, in the NFL, you have to have throwing accuracy and limit bad decisions, two qualities Sanchez lacks. I don’t know the answer, but the Jets will sputter and continually be under fire with Sanchez as the face of their franchise.

  3. I’m sure having more than 2 receivers and more than zero running backs and more than 3 days to prepare and no altitude issues will make this week more straightforward for Mark.

    If not, he should be worried.

  4. come on. Stanford could probably beat the bills right now. When they miss the playoffs is when it gets interesting.

  5. Any Jets fan that thinks he is still the Sanchize needs a reality check. In all of sports there is no position (ok, Goalie in hockey) that so quickly exposes any weaknesses. The three yr body of work suggests that he is nothing more than a mediocre QB. The pedal will hit the metal this draft when they are on the board and one of the many highly rated prospects are still available.

  6. I didn’t make up the nickname. All of these stupid media people did. So because I use their stupid nicknames doesn’t mean I agree with him being the face of the franchise. Although there’s not a god damn thing I can do about it as a fan. I’m stuck with the guy.

    Let’s got J-E-T-S!

  7. iainnyj says:
    Nov 27, 2011 9:51 AM
    I’m sure having more than 2 receivers and more than zero running backs and more than 3 days to prepare and no altitude issues will make this week more straightforward for Mark.

    Stop crying! Any coach would rather have ALL their games played at 1:00 pm, however, if you want to be a good team, then you had better be prepared to play in Prime Time….which often means short weeks. That is the price you pay for being an “elete” team.

  8. A lot of Jets fans like/liked Sanchez because he plays well in the postseason. What’s happening now was inevitable, he isn’t playing well enough to get them to the postseason.

  9. Why doesn’t Sanchez watch game tape of Aaron Rodgers? He looks pretty darn good and disciplined to me!

  10. trbowman says:Nov 27, 2011 10:47 AM

    He’ll play great. This Bills defense is so bad that Sanchez might look Tom Brady


    Are we talking about the Tom Brady who threw 4 picks to the Bills, or the Tom Brady who shredded “the leagues best defense”?

  11. So let me get this straight. The starting QB is struggling so they take practice snaps away from him thinking it will make him better?

  12. Sanchez is still mentally living life in a toney southern California high school with a bunch of surfer dudes and valley girls. I mean seriously…he’s into Justin Beeber! I think that says it all.

  13. I think we’ve covered all the bases with the comments

    There’s the obligatory Sanchez/High School Girl reference

    A cry to bench Shottenheimer

    Numerous references to Rex’s feet and weight issues

    I assume there’s the mention of Rex’s grasp of the definition of the word “guarantee”

    Of course a video of a fan getting the better of Rex Ryan after Belichick did the same…

    And probably some others that I missed relevant to a mediocre Jets team

    So Jets fans, how’s the Rex Ryan Era working out for you?

  14. as a diehard jets fan, im sick of sanchez holding this team back. rex stop rubbing sanchezs feet and bench the scrub already. dont put old man brunell in but give greg mcelroy a chance. he’ll prove he should be starting

  15. ive been reading profootballtalk for years and i had to finally register. many of these internet posters are clinically retarded. if you look at most good qbs first three years in the league the numbers are similar to sanchezs. also, when i hear colin cowturd is smart enough to figure this all out where does that leave the idiots that say sanchez is regressing?

    Year 1: # 1 d and #1 running game : 12TDs 20 INT 8 Fumbles

    Year 2: # 3 d and top 7 running game: 17TD 13INT 5 Fumbles

    Year 3: #18th ranked D, 26th ranked Running:
    14 TD and 10 Int, 3 fumbles.

    Running game, offensive line play and continuity with WR’s plays a big role in a QBs success.
    Take a hint, look at the manning brothers first 3 years in the nfl…

  16. This is the same Mark Brunell who is 41 years old and has thrown zero passes this year and all of 22 since 2006? I’d expect Sanchez will have a very long leash because there’s no viable alternative even if he does struggle.

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