Jets come back late, knock off Bills


The Jets and Bills played right down to the wire in a de facto playoff elimination game on Sunday and it was the Jets who were still breathing when all was said and done.

Mark Sanchez found Santonio Holmes for a touchdown with a minute left to play and, after letting Ryan Fitzpatrick drive almost all the way down the field, the Jets defense held on a fourth down as time expired to escape with a 28-24 victory. The win came after a long afternoon of ugly football in all three phases of the game by the Jets, but they pulled out a win they had to have in order to stay alive in the fight for a playoff spot.

The Bills appeared to have the game won twice on their final drive, but a wide-open Stevie Johnson couldn’t catch either pass from Fitzpatrick. The plays called to mind Johnson’s mind-boggling drop against the Steelers last season (no word yet on if Johnson will again accuse God of forsaking him) and came after Johnson had the highlight of the first half with a touchdown celebration mocking Plaxico Burress’ self-inflicted gunshot wound. You could say Johnson shot himself in the foot in both halves, then, but only one made people in Buffalo smile.

The win keeps the Jets alive, but they are going to need to be much better if they want to keep pressure on those ahead of them in the standings. Sanchez threw four touchdowns, but still struggled mightily for the majority of the game. Their defense held on three passes into the end zone at the end, but they couldn’t get off the field all day and memories of Denver were rolling across all minds at the end of the game. Antonio Cromartie muffed a punt, making it three straight weeks with a special teams turnover, and, generally, the Jets didn’t play well on Sunday.

But they won. Given their situation, that’s the most important thing to take away from the game.

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  1. Haha that was awesome. Sanchez is awful. Bottom five starting QB. Only he could make a 4 TD game look so terrible. And of course, the Bills give it up in the end with stupid mistakes and a HUGE dropped pass. The Jets barely get a win at home to an injury riddled team the Dolphins blew out 38-3. Classic day for terrible football.

  2. Sanchez throws most TDs he’s ever thrown in one game against this Bills “defense.” Big surprise.

    Fitz was great, Brad Smith stepped up.

    Spiller is inept and couldn’t break a tackle to save his life.

  3. Is the Stevie Johnson game deciding drop + stupid antic becoming an annual thing?!

    Im excited for next year.

    Any guesses of what it will be….I’m expecting more than a celebration or a tweet.

  4. That was a ugly win but it was a tough division game and ill take it. The Jets needed that game bad and as bad as Sanchez was at times when they needed him most he led them down the field to throw his 4th td pass of the game. Gotta take one game at a time Washington next week. The Jets are alive and that all i can ask for at this point so all you haters will have to at least wait another week to see the Jets lose.

  5. No other sports city has the same heartbreak as Buffalo. It isn’t talked about alot because we’re largely irrelevant but it is hell being a Bills fan. The last good draft pick we had is Nate Clements in 2001, Dareus is still a rookie so too early to tell, we sell out nearly every game yet we are always on a list to move and our owner could care less about winning.

  6. No mention of Aaron Maybin’s two sacks? Has to sting BUF that he was the best pass rusher on the field today.

    There was no mention because there was nothing particularly special about either of them. On the first one he just grabbed a scrambling QB from behind and the second one he maybe got a half a finger on Fitz. Maybin’s plays are not impact plays, they just look good on paper.

  7. @NYJallday
    – I hate the Dolphins. Just pointing out the facts kiddo. Sorry the truth hurts. Enjoy those 40 years and counting…lol.

  8. Bottom five qb, huh? Two years in the league and no one in the history of the game has more road playoff victories than him.
    This year, 18, Tds, 11 ints and he’s only 25. Have you seen Josh Freeman this year. How about Bradford?
    I’m not saying that Sanchez is great and he has not played well much of this year, but the amount of criticism that he gets is obscene. We want everyone to be Tom Brady out the door.

  9. @jetfan28

    I love how Jet fans just refer to the “stats” when judging Sanchez. That was the worst 4 TD game I have ever seen a QB play. You obviously didn’t watch the game and just read the stat line. Sanchez is nothing more than a check down QB that can throw a slant. He is not good, I don’t care what his stats are against the lowly Bills. He stares down his receivers and is terrible at reading defenses. That alone means he will never be a good QB.

  10. jetfan28 says:
    Bottom five qb, huh? Two years in the league and no one in the history of the game has more road playoff victories than him.
    This year, 18, Tds, 11 ints and he’s only 25. Have you seen Josh Freeman this year. How about Bradford?
    I’m not saying that Sanchez is great and he has not played well much of this year, but the amount of criticism that he gets is obscene. We want everyone to be Tom Brady out the door.

    Jetfan28, well said, and 100% true! But you are ruining the haters’ party with your factual post.

  11. The Jets win in spite of Mark Sanchez, not because of him. Regardless of what the stat line tells you, anyone who watched this game saw him throw the usual terrible INT and make poor decisions all day. This defense cannot keep carrying him.

  12. Sanchez gets overly criticized because he plays for the JETS. Put Sanchez on a small market team and he wouldn’t be so scrutinized. Sam Bradford looks like trash and so does Freeman this year yet they get no criticism. Sanchez does anything good or bad and its a huge story. He threw 4 touchdowns today and he won the game in the last minute. A win is a win is a win!

  13. Promin1, we Jet fan refer to his wins, not his stats. That’s what matters and that’s what he does. You mentioned his stats against the Bills. Check his playoff stats…..and record. There were no lowly opponents there.

    You Sanchez haters blow my mind. You can’t just line up a tomato can and win road playoff games. The Jets D is not THAT good. Not to mention that he played well in every playoff game except for the Colts and even in that game he had the game winning drive. Young qbs will struggle. I accept that, but he has won.
    In all honesty, I’ll take Sanchez. He will be a good, not great qb.

  14. It’s hysterical to see Jet fans defend Sanchez. When Namath STILL holds your team’s record for passing, I guess you lose all perspective on what a “good” QB is. Haha, good stuff. He’s awful and everybody BUT Jet fans see it. I don’t think there are five teams in football who would prefer him over their current QB (assuming health).

  15. @jetfan28

    Really you refer to his wins? Weren’t you just boasting his stats for this season? Yes, lets talk about his wins. His wins in the playoffs were because of that defense. Not because of his play. He has never won a big game because he can’t. The Jet fan will never admit they backed into the playoffs both years not to mention played two of the worst playoff teams ever to make it. The Bunguls and the Chargers who only make it because their division is the worst in the league. Come back to reality. The Jets and Sanchez will never win the Super Bowl.

  16. promin,

    Jets got lucky in 09 to make it into the playoff, but in last year they won 11 games and had the backups playing their last game. in the playoffs, they beat Manning and the Colts and Brady and the Pats. making up stuff just makes your whole argument look silly.

    Sanchez isn’t great, but the problem this year is that their line can’t pass protect, so they need to have two tight ends a full back to pass protect, leaving Holmes and Duress against 4 defensive backs.

  17. I put his stats to illustrate a point about his performance THIS year. I love your revisionist history about the Jets playoff opponents. The Bengals won their division and swept the Ravens and Steelers that year, yet you call them the worst playoff team ever (Seahawks anyone?). The chargers were 13-3 and most people’s Superbowl pick and double digit favorites, yet you negate that win. You also conveniently left out a win in NE last year against the clear super bowl favorite Patriots. Yes. Sanchez played well in all 3 of those games. Check the film.
    Now on the the D. He played great against the Colts in the championship game and the D could not stop Manning. Last year, Sanchez almost brought them back from 20 down, but the D could not stop Big Ben. The D failed the team in their losses, not Sanchez.
    But hey, don’t let some facts get in the way of your Jet/Sanchez hating.

  18. For anyone else that want to post anti-Sanchez posts, please name a qb who has won as much as he has years 1-3. For those that say it is the D, please know that the D has not been great since 2009.
    Although, this is about Sanchez, I feel this way about all young qbs(flacco, Ryan, Tebow, Bradford, freeman, etc). Qb is the hardest position in sports. It takes 4-5 years to master. Can we stop critiquing their every step and just let them develop? By Brees’ 3rd year, everyone thought that he was a bust.

  19. Bottom line, the Bills lack the talent to contend in the AFC East. All three teams in their division are better all-around football teams. Not to mention, Chan Gailey might be the worst head coach in all of football. It’s time to clean house and get some REAL TALENT in Buffalo!!!!!

  20. Congrats to the Jets for barely beating a team, who’s missing 8 of it’s starters and got rolled by the Cowboys & Dolphins by more than 20 pts, while at home. Weren’t the “elite Jets” supposed to blow the Bills out of the water? I thought they were supposed to be way better than Miami. I’m sure you’re expecting the rest of the teams you have to play to be dumb enough to shoot themselves in the leg and drop a couple endzone passes. Good luck to your mediocrity.

  21. I’m not going to rag on the Jets for barely winning this game. This year, there have much better teams than the Jets that have lost to teams that look worse than the Bills ( ::cough:: Steelers vs. Chiefs ::cough:: ). And let’s not forget that even the Patriots lost to the Bills early in the season. Anything can still happen.

    That being said, Sanchez is not an outstanding QB… but he’s young. The reason that I think he gets more flak than some other QBs is because Rex Ryan trash-talks their opponents on a regular basis (and encourages his players to do the same), and he talks up the team so much (as he knocks his players down in the same breath, in some cases), so when they don’t win – or when they pull off an ugly win light last night – the media frenzy starts.

    If Ryan learns to shut his big mouth, I think some of the pressure could be taken off Sanchez and they could quietly make their way to the top.

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