Johnson’s big game comes after Munchak calls out linemen in team meeting


After Titans running back Chris Johnson gained 13 yards on 12 carries against the Falcons last Sunday, Tennessee coach Mike Munchak said of his team, “[W]e didn’t block well.”

Munchak had more specific words for his offensive line on Saturday night.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Munchak called out multiple linemen during the pregame team meeting.

Whatever Munchak said, it worked.  Johnson gained 190 yards on 23 carries, even though he still seems to lack the explosiveness demonstrated during the first three years of his career.

The best news is that the Titans moved to 6-5 on the season, putting them firmly in the hunt for a wild-card berth.

17 responses to “Johnson’s big game comes after Munchak calls out linemen in team meeting

  1. Chris Johnson is Proven talent and has earned every penny he’s been paid.

    Chris Johnson 6-year $53.5 million
    2008 1,228 yards second in AP rookie of the year
    2009 2,006 yards one of only six player in NFL history
    2010 1364 yards

    UnProven Contracts
    Ryan Fitzpatrick, 6-year, $59 million
    Matt Cassel 6-year, $62.7 million
    Kevin Kolb 5-year, $63 million contract

    Who would you rather have on your team? Those Quarterbacks or these running backs? Case Closed

    Proven Underpaid
    Arian Foster, Matt Forte, Fred Jackson

  2. “Chris Johnson is Proven talent and has earned every penny he’s been paid.”

    His production the past 3 years has been good. One year was great. He is drastically overpaid. To be honest, he needs to finish the year with more games like this or he will probably wind up being released. If that happens, he would have a hard time getting a deal longer than 1 year. Thats the fungible nature of being a RB. You need to perform every year, unless injured. He is not injured. He is also a questionable character, his attitude sucks. His brutal contract is the reason the three RB’s you mentioned have not gotten paid yet.

  3. ^Questionable character? Attitude Sucks? what? Where are you getting this from. He is known by everyone to be an extremely hard worker and Munchak and many others have said he’s working harder right now off the field than he ever has. Sure he’s not great at public speaking but to say he has questionable character like hes getting in off the field trouble and to act like he’s not putting effort in is just ridiculous because if you’ve watched him play you’d say that he’s always playing hard.

    Also, he has had 2 above average years, 1 great year.

    Rookie year – 250 carries, 1300 yards, 5 YPC – Great year (So few carries and great YPC)
    2nd year – 2006 yards – we all know about that one
    3rd year – 1350 yards, 3rd or 4th in the NFL with the 31st ranked run blocking line in the NFL. He earned it and hopefully he continues to play like his first 3 years and the past month.

  4. Also there is zero chance he will be cut unless he gets injuried. He was bad the first month with being out of football shape, not being out of actual shape, which of course was his fault since he held out and he needs to be held accountable, but as you’ve seen 3 out of the past 4 weeks, he is the best weapon on the team and with Kenny Britt back next year he will be even better. The blocking this year has been horrendous and if you’re hit in the backfield on more than half your runs like he was vs the Falcons, no RB is going to be successful.

  5. Heres the problem. Coming into the season out of shape is selfish. Even when watching him now, he has lost a step. He used to break 2 sometimes 3 tackles and if he got into the secondary he was usually gone. I havent seen that once this year.

    I also think that throwing your line under the bus is lousy. Granted, they suck. Javon Ringer had been putting up better YPC playing behind the same line. Im not questioning the talent, just the effort. Up until todays game, are you honestly going to tell me you didnt think he pulled an Albert Haynesworth and just stopped caring after getting his money?

  6. ^No because I have watched every Titans game this year multiple times and I actually look at everyone of his runs multiple times and focus on the o-line and on him instead of what most people do is just read the negative stories about how much he sucks and don’t actually watch him play closely.

    It’s obvious that for a while he was hesitant on where to go and he wasn’t making quick decisions like he had before, and it’s obvious that he isn’t the same player he was in 2009, but he’s still capable of being one of the best RB’s in the NFL with just a little bit of push by the o-line. The o-line has been really bad, and that’s not an excuse for him, it’s a fact to what’s contributed to how bad he was for the first half of the season. He deserved plenty of the blame but the awfulness of the o-line for the first 8 weeks was unprecedented and really hasn’t been seen before in the NFL since 1996 when the o-line stats were first kept.

    He also never threw his line under the bus, you could pick at his words and suggest that he was saying that, but that seem week, previous weeks, and weeks after, as well as in the same interview he said he’s not blaming anyone and he just wants to keep working harder to get better. The media is just waiting for an opportunity to pick at his words, where he’s already an awful talker and pull out a quote that may suggest he was blaming his o-line.

  7. @obie09

    What does this man have to do for him to EARN his pay with you? He’s the NFL’s leading rusher since 2008 (4,598 yards). 3 Pro Bowls in 3 years and Led his team to the playoffs in 2009.

  8. This sure sounds like someone who doesn’t care about how he plays…not

    “(on third best day of career silencing the critics)

    It’s just one game. We’ve got five more games to go so it’s a situation where I just want to be consistent to finish out this year going up, standing up, keep going on until you start to have a good game, then have a bad game. I just want to be consistent.”

  9. @obie09

    3rd year – 1350 yards, 3rd or 4th in the NFL with the 31st ranked run blocking line in the NFL.

    How do you determine that the line was ranked 31st? You just made that stat up.

  10. @dlmcc1010
    Seems like u dont like him which is your choice( or just jealous that he got paid b4 been used up) but you cant deny his success no matter how hard u try. His numbers since he got to the league are HOF worthy. As for RB being fungible same can be said about any position in the NFL. There Are only about 3 guys per position that are not fungible his one of them. Also every player that ever held out starts slow (Darell Revis & Emmit Smith incl.) Nice try comparing him to Haynesworth who only plays hard during contract years, am pretty sure kolb, delhomme and fitzpatrick fit that comparison

  11. Blame it on the lockout.

    CJ2K had his best day of the year and we would have been seeing more of this had those greedy owners not have locked the players out. He probably would have come into camp in great shape and would have showed how thankful he was for the big contract early on in the season.

    But to compare him to Haynesworth is totally unfair to CJ. All Haynesworth had to do was anchor the d-line. Now I know I’m not a PRO and its easy for me to say “all he had to do” but Haynesworth quit on plays, he showed to camp in terrible shape, and he kept it no secret that he would not do what he was asked by the teams he was on. CJ didn’t do that, he never threw anyone under the bus and once signed he showed up and played hard.

  12. Johnson was more decisive in a NEW offense. Also with TJ Yates the QB in Houston, the AFCS will come down to week 17…

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