Leinart leaves for locker room


Sunday’s Houston-Jacksonville game was going just as people expected.

The Texans defense was dominating. Houston’s offense was asking Matt Leinart to do much.  And it was working.

Now we’ll have to see if it can work with rookie quarterback T.J. Yates, because Leinart has left for the locker room with a left shoulder injury.  Leinart was sacked and left the game appearing to hold his shoulder.  Yates made a couple nice plays before a Texans field goal.

Houston leads 20-10 at halftime in a game that is only that close because the Jaguars defense returned an Arian Foster for a touchdown.

Leinart has completed 10-of-12 passes with a touchdown, but for only 59 yards. Houston is dinking, dunking, and letting Foster and Ben Tate do the rest.

Against this Jaguars team, that should be enough. Blaine Gabbert continues to look like the worst quarterback in football.  He’s thrown 19 passes for only 90 yards and an interception. Marcedes Lewis dropped a potential touchdown.

UPDATE: Yates opened the second half at quarterback.  It looks like he’ll be the guy for the rest of Sunday.

UPDATE II:  The Associated Press confirms Leinart will not return.