Redskins blunders lead to halftime tie


The Redskins have had a lot of success against the Seahawks in the first half, but they’ve got just seven points to show for it thanks to a handful of mistakes.

Rex Grossman threw an interception that set the Seahawks up on the 20-yard line and Seattle took advantage with a touchdown that tied the game at seven. The Redskins then drove down to the doorstep on their next possession, but had a Jabar Gaffney touchdown waved off when replay revealed Gaffney stepped out of bounds before the score. Graham Gano’s 23-yard field goal try was blocked, leaving the game tied at the half.

The good news for the ‘Skins, who are trying to end a six-game losing streak, is that they’ve done enough well to make you think they can win this game. Grossman has completed 16-of-19 passes for 175 yards and a score, Roy Helu is running well and the defense has kept the Seahawks from sustaining any drives in the first half. If they can stop costing themselves chances in the second half, they should find a way to a much-needed road victory.

They’ll need to control their emotions to do it. It has been a very chippy game, including another helmet-to-helmet shot from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. The two teams started pushing and shoving at the coin flip and have continued to go at one another on plenty of the snaps that followed.

4 responses to “Redskins blunders lead to halftime tie

  1. i took the points. seattle is 4-6 against a crap schedule. wash is 3-7 against a tough schedule and would be in better shape except for the bexperiment.

  2. Helu can run?!?!? duh
    Well, if he does too well, you know ole Shanny will have him on the bench next game.
    Aside from the Colts’ suck for Luck, Shanny’s management (or lack of) of the Skins’ RBs has been one of much bewilderment.

  3. You also forgot to mention that Jim Mora Jr. is horrible calling this game. He makes Brian Gumble sound like Al Michaels. He better hope he gets another shot at a coaching job in the NFL because I can’t imagine he will have a job on TV much longer. Horrible.

  4. And Mike Williams just threw Josh Wilson to the ground and Wilson got called for pass interference. Not only am I watching a game called by a horrible play by play guy, but the Ref’s are sucking ass as well. Oh the life of a Skins fan…

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