Redskins snap their losing streak

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The Redskins needed something special to snap their six-game losing streak and they got it in Seattle on Sunday.

Down 10 points in the fourth quarter, the ‘Skins pulled off a pair of spectacular plays to retake the lead. First up was Roy Helu’s first NFL touchdown, which came after he hurdled a would-be tackler and sprinted 28 yards to draw Washington within a field goal. After the defense held, Rex Grossman uncorked the kind of throw that keeps him employed.

It was a pinpoint 50-yard bomb to Anthony Armstrong who fought off Seahawks corner Brandon Browner, flagged for interference on the play, and hauled in the go-ahead touchdown. Graham Gano’s extra point got blocked by Seahawks defensive tackle Red Bryant, who now has four blocked kicks on the season, so the defense had to come up with a couple of big holds to keep the 20-17 advantage.

They did it, getting some help from a pair of costly penalties on the Seahawks and a big fourth down sack from Brian Orakpo and Stephen Bowen. The sack meant the ‘Skins were in position to get a Gano field goal that extended the final margin to 23-17.

Mike Shanahan won’t have to answer any questions about his quarterback this week. Grossman threw two picks, but he did more good than bad offensively and moved the team pretty well all day. Shanahan will have to answer questions about why Helu wasn’t given a bigger role in the offense sooner. Helu ran for 108 yards and caught seven passes for 54 more in one of the most productive games of the year for a Redskins back.

Pete Carroll also won’t have to answer too many questions about his quarterback. We’ve all known Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the long-term answer to the position for some time and his erratic day, which ended with a DeAngelo Hall interception, only confirmed those suspicions. Marshawn Lynch had his third 100 yard-plus rushing day in the last four games, though, so all is not lost with the Seahawks offense.

25 responses to “Redskins snap their losing streak

  1. I’m still trying to understand why any coach would go into a season with Jackson at quarterback.

    Ha, Seattle is foolish for not taking Dalton at 25.

  2. Somebody congratulate Kyle Shanahan. The Helu TD was the 1st time he DIDN’T have Rex throw a slant incomplete on 3rd and short. Maybe the play calling will improve, but I hope not too much-don’t wanna ruin the high draft pick next April!

  3. Both teams got a lot of help from the Ref’s today. Some really bad penalties called (primarily the pass intereference on Josh Wilson), and some obvious penalties not called. The worst officated game I have seen in a long, long, time. Its like the NFL borrowed some Ref’s from the WAC.

    And as bad as the Skins are, they should of won by a lot more. The Seahawks aren’t anything special. Especially with Tavaris Jackson at QB. He has my respect for playing with a torn peck on his throwing side, but he wasn’t any good before he tore it. Guess Jesus Whitehurst is worse.

    I will say I was impressed with the CB’s for Seattle. Tall guys with speed/moves. If they hold up Seattle should be set at CB for a long time.

  4. Seattle has two clear weaknesses: QB play and the lack of a pass-rushing threat outside Chris Clemons. With Lynch tearing holes in the Redskin D, all Jackson needed to be was efficient, and he couldn’t even manage that. The Redskins schemed to take care of Clemons and no one else was able to step up and pressure the QB.

    Easy to point out in hindsight that Dalton might have been a good pick, but the Seattle offensive line was is such bad shape after years of neglect by Ruskell that they did what they had to do by drafting linemen.

  5. Jackson played pretty well as far as moving down the field, until Rice went down. That one less threat out there, and Mike Williams continuing his horrid season with dropped 2 or 3 balls at critical times, and Jackson was then forced to start throwing out of his comfort zone.

    Bryant with two kick blocks, and then a hand on a third…amazing that a guy could have 4 blocks in a season, let alone 3/4 of one.

  6. Title Should read: “B-List Actor Anthony Anderson has one 50yard catch and snaps the skins losing streak – retires to start filming Scary Movie 6.”

  7. Remember, it was Pete Carroll trying to pretend to be a Bill Belichek, thinking he could get production out of over the hill players or underperforming players. Petey signed Krispy Kreme Mike Williams, gave up a first rd. draft choice for Whitehurst, gave a fat contract and the starting job to TJoke, a huge contract to S. Rice who has never left a broken fingernail keep him in a game……..and where do the Seahawks hurt….WR and QB. M. Lynch isn’t anything when he’s not playing against a poor team.

  8. Meanwhile Matt Hasselbeck keeps Titans playoff hopes alive today with a last minute TD drive.

    I’ll still never understand what Pete Carroll was thinking going from Hasselbeck to Tarvaris Jackson. #dumb

  9. Truth told folks, its tavarius that clearly lost this game. Stop hating on pete. A change at qb must be made, that is clear. 7-9 obviously won’t cut it this year

  10. I am a huge Skins fan, but this is the only game I had them winning for the rest of the year. Skins are going to have a high pick, but will not use it on QB. Before you thumb down me please wait. We don’t need another USC QB. Look at Sanchez and Palmer. All the pro style QBs from that area, we do not need I.E. Jimmy from Notre Dame. There is a guy chilling behind Mr. Rodgers. That is who we need to lead our team. Spend the pick on a PLAYMAKER!!!! Hail!!

  11. @thejuddstir

    I stopped reading when you said Seattle gave up a first round pick for Whitehurst it just shows you have”nt got a clue what you are talking about…

  12. What IS Shanny’s excuse for waiting so long to start Helu? 6 games left and the season has gone by, then he starts him? I think Shanny’s best coaching days were left in the Rockies.

  13. @thejuddstir

    If you are going to bash a coach for his decisions you could at least do a google search for actual facts before you stick your foot in your mouth. Dumbass.

  14. Where’s the love for Grossman? If his UF successor Tim Tebow ever throws for 300 yards we would never hear the end of it. GO REX!

  15. Marshawn Lynch ran for 100-plus yards for the third time in the past four games, and scored a touchdown in his seventh-consecutive game. Red Bryant blocked his third field-goal attempt of the season, and then got a hand on a PAT attempt as well. Cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman both intercepted passes…this a young team havin a few growing pains ,,, the personnel thats in place can be successful with more experience and time together ,, possibly i might even be so bold to say with T jack behind center ,,even if they drafted someone like barkley(as they are sure to do) next year do u think he would start right away?i think t jack can still evolve ,, though now that i see this in words i dont think i would want my rookie qback takin notes off tjacks play

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