Reggie Wayne doing his best to keep his cool

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There have been a few times Reggie Wayne has almost let his frustration about this season boil over, but he has a routine that keeps him in check.

“The only way I go without snapping [with] the media is every game when I come in, first thing I do is put my helmet and stuff down and grab my phone,” Wayne told Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star. “Always got a text message from my wife and it’s a picture of my kids.

“I don’t think she’s doing it on purpose, but when I see my kids, that calms the storm. They bring everything back.”

Wayne was especially frustrated after his last game. He caught three passes for 13 yards against Jacksonville. His contract year has included only 42 catches for 530 yards without Peyton Manning.

We thought Wayne would move on from the Colts after this year year, but the best contract offer he may get is to stay put.

“I always feel ‘this week’ I’m going to have a big game,” Wayne  said. “So, [today] is going to be my big game of the year. Won’t be hard, you know what I mean?”

Wayne is running out of Sundays to make that happen. And the Colts are running out of good chances to avoid going down in NFL infamy.

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  1. Why would a year catching balls from Curtis Painter dent Reggie’s chance at a good contract? Anyone who knows a thing about football knows he has some of the best hands in the league… if a ball comes his way, it gets caught.

  2. Reggie is a little too old to get a mega-contract for his next deal, and it may be that the Colts will be the team to offer him the best package, especially if they keep Manning. However, if the Colts decide to rebuild around Luck, there will be significant interest in Wayne. He’s still a great receiver and would look awfully good lining up on Sundays in Foxboro. I’m pretty sure he won’t need most of a regular season to learn the Pat’s offense….

  3. “I always feel ‘this week’ I’m going to have a big game,” Wayne said. “So, [today] is going to be my big game of the year. Won’t be hard, you know what I mean?”


    Way to be a TEAM player, Reg.

  4. All the people calling him selfish should remember he was answering a question that was posed. He didn’t hold a press conference to explain how he remains calm and doesn’t flip out about the terrible progress of the offense this year.

    Geeze, you guys are some pirhannah’s.

  5. No room for him in GB but dude is a baller. Intensity, pattern of consistency, and good all-around skills.

    If there wasn’t an embarrassment of riches at the WR position in GB I would damn sure have him on the squad. I am quite sure he can find a good, competitive home with a team that has their managerial house in order (i.e. 1 injury doesn’t make you a 1-2 win team), although he might have to take a pay cut to do it.

  6. say what you want about reggie. but he is class act. his team is 0-10, but he isnt being a diva like some wr thats out there or was. can you blame the guy for wanting a big game? not because of the stats, but maybe because he wants to help the team win. i dont know what team wouldnt take him. where ever he goes or stays with colts, best of luck to him.

  7. The Colts didnt even put a claim in for Orton.. they CLEARLY are ok with bombing this year for a QB who might not even come out of college… shewww… and now ur ONLY threat on offense is PROLLY gonna be wearing a Redskins jersey next year… Colts have NEVER groomed players… they have no idea how that works… Sorry Reggie… they used Marvin till he was a scab…

  8. I would be pissed since his Hall of Fame chances went out the window this year. He still gets better more money than all the people reading this article. Life is not bad for him

  9. I guess now Reggie knows what it feels like to be like most of the other receivers in the NFL who don’t have Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers throwing to them. Reggie….you are spoiled buddy.

  10. Wayne is only 33 years old. I think he still has a big contract in him – maybe 4 years.

    Last year when Peyton was playing, he caught 111 balls for 1,355 and 6 TDs. Was that a fluke? Nope. The year before that, he logged 100 catches for 1,264 yards and 10 TDs.

    Not too shabby.

  11. He’s not a stud WR. He’s not fast, he’s not tall and cant go up and get a “jump ball”, he has pretty good hands and thats it.

    Is it a coincidence that anyone who plays a lot of snaps with Manning does well?? (Garcon, Collie, Clark, Wayne, Harrison, Gonzales, Tamme, Stoakley, Blair White, Marcus Pollard… Etc)

    Guys like Stoakley and Pollard leave and you never hear their names again. Its all Manning.

  12. Kudos to Reggie’s wife for helping him keep things in perspective. He shouldn’t be playing for fame and prestige, he is playing to support his family, and it seems he remembers that each time he finishes games.

  13. ““I always feel ‘this week’ I’m going to have a big game…”

    His team is 0-10 and he’s worrying about his stats. What a team player…”

    Or he wants to have a big game to help his team?

  14. I think Reggie can stil be very productive given the right situation. With that being said I still can’t get over the fact he was the biggest supporter of Painter and against the signing of Collins. I think we all remember who was the QB for his best game of the season

  15. Stay the course Reggie. What doesn’t kill you will indeed make you stronger and despite the horrific EMBARRASSMENT of this season, it will not result in your death.

    The shame is not yours. That belongs entirely to your coaching/management crew.

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