Remembering Sean Taylor, four years after his death

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Four years ago today, Redskins safety Sean Taylor died after being shot by intruders who had invaded his South Florida home.

He was only 24.

It flies by,” Redskins teammate Santana Moss told WUSA.  “It’s four years, but it just feels like yesterday.”

Safety LaRon Landry, a rookie in 2007, said he still thinks every day about the tandem they could have become.

“[Sean] was really coming into his own,” safety Reed Doughty said.  “We were talking in the [defensive back meeting] room the other day about how young and good he was.  Anybody who plays free safety for the Redskins is always going to be compared to him and I’m not sure many can compare.”

Not many can, in Washington or elsewhere.

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  1. you probably only remembered abouut this when sapp mentioned it this morning on NFL network. I know i did. And to Landry or to some laundry. You would still have been made a fool in 2010 by DJax after trying to start a fight with him even if taylor was playing with u. man that was funny.

  2. A talent that was truly undervalued while he was here. Another phenomenal player from the U who was painted as a “hitter” but he was so much more. The sky was the limit at one point, a fantastic safety and person from all accounts. Died saving his girlfriend (Andy Garcia’s niece). One of my all time favorite players, always wished he was a Bear.

  3. Rip Sean Taylor

    Does anybody remember how furious Joe Gibbs was when on the opening play of the next game the skins had ten guys on the field to pay tribute?

  4. Only thing i remember him for was his multiple run-ins with the law…and of course blowing up brian moorman (a punter) in the pro bowl.

  5. i was thinking about him when i heard about the Seattle Mariners young player who was stabbed in the Netherlands. Its so tragic but he wont be forgotten by the Redskins or the NFL.

  6. This guy was out of control most of his life and was didn’t show respect to anybody. Then he dies and everybody acts like we lost Mother Theresa.

  7. I remember being in tears when I heard the news. His past caught up with him and that’s unfortunate bc he had a very bright future. I’m an FSU alum and have mad respect for him. RIP Sean Taylor you may be gone but you will never be forgotten!!

  8. Since people dont change Im sure a lot of you are still crapping in your diapers…some of you people are idiots throwing rocks from your glass house. Sean did a complete 180 before this happened to him and it wasnt because of his “hang arounds” or anything else he did in his past just a couple of kids trying to come up the easy way. Sean will alway b remembered in Miami as a bad MoFo on the football field from his PeeWee days ask around. Starting safety on the greatest team to ever take a college football field…Bet That

  9. ST was the best safety of the decade. His loss was awful for his family and fans. I think losing him has also had a major role in why the Skins have been so poor over the past few years—You just cannot replace a player like him. Sad and tons of respect for Sean and his family. RIP#21–Gone but not forgotten

  10. By all accounts of those who knew him, he had turned a corner in his personal life in the months leading up to his passing. I certainly never met him but man he was spectacular to watch, and boy could the Redskins use him today….i’ve often wondered how that Todd Collins-led playoff run and game in Seattle could have been if he were there playing…..

  11. I loved watching this guy play football. I don’t know if there is a better compliment I can give a player. I feel ripped off I never got to see him fuflfill his potential (destiny). I say destiny because this guy was BORN to ball. What a waste. RIP big guy.

    ( his ghost just picked of Sanchez and returned it for 6)

  12. He made the entire defense better. The team and fans still haven’t recovered. Haven’t worn a different jersey to a game yet. Don’t know when I’ll stop wearing his Jersey to the games. He truly had turned the corner.

    Sad sad day.

  13. He was just starting to realise the full extent of his physical talent the year he died. After a strong rookie season he struggled to cope with life as a professional. Then, just as it was all coming together, his past came back to haunt him. Those gun charges he faced may not have seen him in jail but in the end they left him defenceless when gunmen broke into his house.

    The thing about Taylor is that many fans only got to know his personal circumstances after he died. When he was drafted a lot of play was made out of the fact that his father was in law enforcement and how stable Taylor’s home life was. The evaluators completely missed that he had a fractured family life. That he had only returned to live with his father late in his childhoold. That Taylor had serious trust issues stemming from a dysfunctional upbringing. Again, just like his play, he was just starting to put his personal life in order the year that he died.

    He made some mistakes but he had such a bright future ahead of him. RIP ST21.

  14. @Stiller43

    If the one play that you remember is the tackle on the Bills punter in the Pro Bowl then you obviously don’t watch very much football.

    I suggest you start watchin the weekly wrap up shows. If you had watched these back in the day you would have seen a lot of Taylor’s highlights.

    He was a play maker through and through.

  15. @fin72

    Taylor was arrested twice – one aquittal. Given this I am not sure this means he was “out of control his entire life.” However when we assess his life as fans we recongnize that he turned a page and had moved on from this type of behavior (probably due to fatherhood).

    Regardless if you watched him play then you’d know why we honor his legacy as a player. I suggest you watch some film since it is apparent that you are not too familiar with his on the field legacy.

    What you’ll see is him bringing it over and over again and making plays, ending drives, and even saving games. Mostly as fans that is what we honor. So if you were not familiar with the game of football watch some film on Taylor. In those few short years he showed us why we consider him with the greats.

  16. Jim Brown is the greatest football player I ever saw. In Ray Lewis’ heyday, I said to a friend, he might be the best football player I’ve ever seen. In Sean Taylor’s final season, I said to a friend, he might be the best football player I’ve ever seen.

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