Report: At least two-game suspension expected for Suh


Other than Albert Haynesworth, Commissioner Roger Goodell has not suspended any player more than one game for on-field infractions.  According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will be the second.

Per Schefter, a suspension of at least two games is “expected” for Suh.

Also expected, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, is a referral of Suh to anger management classes.

Anger management?  It’s not like Suh punched a hole in the wall after someone hid his cell phone in the ceiling.

All (or at least some) kidding aside, it makes sense to ensure that Suh will avoid becoming enraged when exposed to the physicality inherent to the position he plays.  Some have suggested that Suh has grown increasingly frustrated by the fact that he’s not nearly as dominant at the NFL level as he was in college.

Given that on the play that caused Suh to blow a fuse he was being manhandled by a backup guard, there could be something to that.

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  1. Good. Should be a 3 game suspension with an “out” for the 3rd game. That’ll let the suspension stand at 2.5 which sounds fair enough. Football is no place for poor sports and cry babies, especially when they are their own problem.

  2. Good call on that one.

    His Canton-bound butt knocked backward by a career back-up couldn’t have sat too well with Man Mountain Suh.

    As for that “bent over backwards” stuff — it’s called a block.

    And it’s legal in the NFL.

  3. “Anger Management”…..LOL. Like that will do any good. Does he lie down on a shrinks coach and tell about his childhood and his feeeeeeeelings??? LOL Give me a break.

  4. Dollars to donuts that this isn’t his last time in the principals office for not playing well with others.

  5. The weird thing to me is that he seemed genuinely confused by his ejection. You can see him saying to his coach the same story he had for the media after the game, which was completely disproven by the video evidence.

    So it appears to go beyond simply anger issues. I’m not an expert on the brain, but he seems to have some kind of mental illness or brain injury that’s causing him to be delusional.

  6. The guys a beast that throws cheapshots when he’s not dominating. Send a message to him, the team and thier head case……I mean head coach.

  7. 2 games would be incredibly light punishment. This guy has an incident every week it seems and it got old weeks ago.

  8. Who are the “some” that “have suggested that Suh has grown increasingly frustrated by the fact that he’s not nearly as dominant at the NFL level as he was in college”?
    If your going to pretend to be a real journalist, then quote a few people? If your behaving like the lawyer you are, then keep it up?

  9. He was rookie of the year last year and had 10 sacks. The Lions are a top ten defense and top 5 in turnovers. What’s frustrated to Suh is being double teamed and held on nearly every play. Before making an opinion based on one play try watching a game with some football intelligence.

  10. The biggest loser in all of this if they don’t slam him and get his attention? The Lions. Teams will be rabid for the Lions. There will be “payback” for Suh. Suh will dominate the press and keep the team from being able to focus on winning. He is a HUGE locker room distraction and that never gets you to the Super Bowl.

    Wanna help the Lions? Suspend him 4-5 games. You KNOW if the Packers are 15-0 going into week 16 they’ll play the Lions like it’s the Super Bowl.

  11. Suspending Suh is enough……

    But Anger management classes?? What a joke. The wussification of the world and the NFL continues….

  12. Suh is an embarrassment to himself and the NFL….this needs to be stopped NOW…Suh will become target for game officials going forward, and it’s his own fault…

  13. Have people forgotten that suh is a defensive. We used celebrate meanness on defense. Now people are acting like he’s a menace to society if you’re looking for role models go to church on Sundays don’t watch football.

    I would love to have s guy with this intensity on the eagles.

  14. Between the report that some of Suh’s teammates are turning on him and Suh possibly doing couch time with a therapist, plus rumblings that he has been “enabled” by the Lions(Schwartz) you could be suspicious that Schwartz is losing his locker room.

  15. mountaindont says: Nov 27, 2011 11:16 AM

    Peggy Suh suspended for 2 games for kicking ? I`m sure Goodell also took into consideration Peggy`s past incidents of hair pulling and name calling.


    Name calling? You just called him Peggy Suh. Bet you wouldn’t say that to his face. Grow up.

  16. as suggested before here and elsewhere, the lions better convince him to serve the suspension right away. if it moves to weeks 16-17 or week 17 + round one… there may not be a round I and there wont be a round II.

    i dont think suh being out will impact the lions games vs NO or minnehaha. NO will win, minnehaha will lose. either way.

  17. I would love to have s guy with this intensity on the eagles.


    Face it, you’d love to have a guy with a mere passing interest on the Eagles.

  18. This site used to be good journalism, now its personal feelings with a touch of wussification mixed in

  19. Dear Mike, wasn’t Tagliabue the commish when Haynesworth danced on Gurode?


    Tagliabue retired before the season.

  20. He was rookie of the year last year and had 10 sacks. The Lions are a top ten defense and top 5 in turnovers.


    25th against the run, Suh has 3 sacks and no forced fumbles.

  21. As for that “bent over backwards” stuff — it’s called a block.


    More specifically, a “pancake block”.

  22. Here’s the deal with this dude. He’s talented as a
    MOFO. But he ain’t going up against Kansas or
    Texas Tech every week any more. He’s going up
    against beasts every Sunday and its frustrating
    the livin sh*t outta him cuz he can’t dominate

  23. ‘I want a DT with anger issues.’

    Playing angry and playing stupid and out of control are 2 different things. His stupidity caused the drive to continue and instead of a field goal try, they got a touchdown out of it.

  24. Soooooooooo …….. I should disregard the 8:30 report that says a multi-game suspension won’t happen?

  25. He was being pushed around by a back-up guard. When they played the 49ers, Anthony Davis tossed him down like a rag doll. Suh got mad, but in the other direction,lol. I think there is a lot to the theory that he is frustrated because he is playing football with grown men instead of other boys. His lack of maturity and selfish play shows his coach sucks, but we suspected that when he coached Haynesworth.When (if) he comes to the Black Hole, Veldheer will be waiting.Muahahaha

  26. In his post game comments, Suh said something like “If I wanted to hurt him I would hit his QB, as I did all afternoon.” I went back and watched the plays that Suh was in. He was a total non-factor, especially in the run game. He was stonewalled all day, and seem to just give up in frustration if his initial progress was stopped.

    The closest he got to Rodgers was the coin toss.

  27. Like so many other divas that excelled in college, Suh is finding out that he isn’t as dominant when he is playing in the NFL I’m not calling Suh a “bust” but how many great college players never were able to transistion to the NFL. His frustrations on not being able to dominate will forever be his nemisis. As a rookie, opponents didn’t know him and he excelled but like any good team, a little tape goes a long ways on how to neutralize any player……and it’s especially easy for teams to “get to Suh”, because of how easily he loses his cool and hurts his team.

  28. “Some have suggested that Suh has grown increasingly frustrated by the fact that he’s not nearly as dominant at the NFL level as he was in college.”

    Who’s suggesting this? Honest question, cause I haven’t heard it from anyone.

  29. There are 31 NFL teams jealous that they don’t have Psycho Sue leading their defense. Players that can’t take it rough should put on red shirts and pink dresses.

  30. Got folded by a 3rd string O-Lineman/waterboy and his ego couldn’t hang.

    While I think the NFL has gotten way too soft, this kid is a head case and needs to learn not to play like a pouty little girl.

    Way to help your team w/a slate of near must win games coming up and the Saints ready to make the Lions look stupid w/o him in there battling.

    2 games, 100K and move on. Hopefully he learns something, but I doubt it.

    Whats the over/under on number of sessions before he puts his anger managment counselor through the wall?

  31. Let’s review Suh:

    9 personal foul penalties in 2 years.

    This year, $ 42,000.00 in fines

    2 games suspension, coming $ 175,000.

    On field behavior, 2011, have cost the Lions a playoff spot.

    More disciplinary problems a given.

    Suh = teams loses, playoff absences and Lion fan discontent.

    Would you really want him on your team ?

  32. If they want to get their money’s worth, NFL teams need to pay more attention to character issues when they draft players, especially in the first round. Unless Suh gets his temper tantrums under control, it won’t be long before he’s suspended for off-the-field violations as well, and he can’t help the Lions from the bench.

  33. I’ll take Ngata over Suh any day of the week. Can we please put to rest the better DT debate. Ngata is consistently more dominant than Suh, fact!

  34. mcgriff8886 – Suh was NEVER like that at Nebraska. You might be hard pressed to find a series of penalties against him from Nebraska days like the ones he’s gotten recently.

    dizzack – yeah, you want a DT with anger issues, but not one that is stupid and causes his team more harm than good.

    This guy is getting coached up like this in Detroit. They tell him to play nasty, do the dirty stuff to get an advantage. I wonder why lately the Lions bandwagon seems to have more seats opening up?

  35. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in one of those anger management classes. I can picture a dozen or so smallish guys that have Napoleon syndrome and are inclined to fits of rage sitting in a circle and then there’s this big giant that needs a steel reinforced chair. That sight in itself will cure half of the group.
    “Hello, my name is Ndamukong, and I have anger issues”… priceless.

  36. “There are 31 NFL teams jealous that they don’t have Psycho Sue leading their defense. Players that can’t take it rough should put on red shirts and pink dresses.”

    Sounds to me like he’ll be leading from the bench the next two games…way to cost you team a play-off spot.

    If this nut-case is as ‘dominant’ as lions fans think he is he should be able to handle it on the field. Instead, he gets bounced when his team needs him most. Yep, gotta have that guy.

    FYI to Suh, in your presser you said if you wanted to hurt someone you would have been hitting them like you did their QB all game.

    Look at the film genius, that statement is as delusional as the rest or your ‘apology’.

    Now go dominate the bench for two weeks and watch your teams play-off hopes fizzle because you can’t hold your mud.

  37. palinforpresidentofnorthkorea says: Nov 27, 2011 11:43 AM

    I’d call him Peggy Sue to his face and sue for everything he’ll ever have if he hits me. Just words. But he hasn’t learned – yet.
    Well, at least your family will be able to sue.

  38. dizzack says:
    Nov 27, 2011 10:52 AM
    I want a DT with anger issues.

    What has this sport come to?


    And yet another moron supports this loser.

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