Rosenhaus says one team is “very interested” in T.O.


Gone and largely forgotten, receiver Terrell Owens is still holding out hope for a return to the NFL.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus tells ESPN’s Adam Schefter that one team is “very interested” in Owens.

But Rosenhaus didn’t mention the team, citing the sensitivity of the situation.  And that makes sense, given that merely flirting with T.O. will create nearly the same distractions as signing him.  So the team would be wise to make a final decision before making it known that there’s even a mild interest.

That said, plenty of league insiders will react by citing a time-honored principle:  If the agent won’t name the interested team, there is no interested team.  (Other than the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League.)

Of course, that principle has been cited in the past regarding Rosenhaus and Owens, and there ended up being an interested team.

This time, it’s hard not to wonder whether Rosenhaus is merely trying to scare up a market by suggesting that Owens may not be available to any interested team for much longer.