Steelers survive because of Palko’s four turnovers

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It’s a good thing the Steelers were playing against Tyler Palko on Sunday night.

In a game that only included one touchdown and a fantastic effort by the Chiefs defense, Pittsburgh held on to win in Arrowhead 13-9 Sunday night.

Palko had the Chiefs driving late in the game before getting picked off for a third time. He also lost a fumble.

On the final Chiefs play, Dwayne Bowe raised his hand to tell Palko to throw it deep. Palko threw it deep, Bowe let up a bit, and oddly didn’t even attempt to catch the ball with Steelers defenders approaching.  He seemed to withdraw before he could even get alligator arms.

That play will get a lot of attention, but it was a longshot that the Chiefs would have scored a touchdown anyhow. This was not the Steelers’ best effort, but you can’t fault a defense that forces four turnovers and only allows nine points.

The Chiefs defense was pretty spectacular too. They only allowed 57 yards on the ground to Rashard Mendenhall. Ben Roethlisberger threw for only 6.2 yards-per-attempt.

For the Steelers, this was a “get by” type of win. They had a similar victory on Sunday Night Football against the Colts on the road earlier this season.   Unlike the Ravens, Pittsburgh has avoided any bad losses this season.  The Steelers are still in the mix for the No. 1 seed in the AFC at 8-3.

This was a valiant try by Kansas City, but ultimately it ended any faint playoff hopes they had left. They have lost four straight games to go to 4-7 and fall three games behind the Raiders.

Palko probably won’t get another chance to start for the Chiefs with Kyle Orton in town.  We doubt Bowe will wind up back with the Chiefs next year because of plays like the one that ended Sunday night’s game.

71 responses to “Steelers survive because of Palko’s four turnovers

  1. While it was an unfortunate mistake, blaming Bowe isn’t the right thing to do. Palko threw a bad pass into tight coverage, and got what he asked for. Without the four turnovers, this could have been an incredible upset.

    Also, they’ll franchise tag Bowe if that’s what it takes to get him back. With consistent QB play, he’s an incredible receiver.

  2. It wasn’t pretty but a four point win on the road in one of the toughest places to play is fine with me. Especially when your best player and best offensive lineman goes out early and the chiefs were playing on their last lifeline to stay alive for the opportunity to go one and done in the playoffs again.. hats off to the chiefs though, that D is legit

  3. It looked like Bowe faked like he was catching it in a misguided effort to “deke” the Steelers defenders, like a baseball infielder might. Not sure why he thought that was a better idea than sticking a paw up there to at least deflect the ball.

  4. Lol! That defense didn’t “force” any of those interceptions. The first two were awful decisions by Palko, with balls thrown directly to Steelers defenders. The last was poor communication, combined with a wuss receiver and a whiff of desperation.

    The Steelers “forced” those INTs about as much as I did.

  5. Bowe needs to go. Too many drops and not enough effort on every play. Baldwin can replace him. Use that money to Bring in a stud LT, QB, or DT

  6. Who had the worst day: Stevie Johnson, Desean Jackson, or Dwayne Bowe? Fellas, Al Davis has passed away. There’s no one left who wants to give knuckleheads big money. It’s time to emulate Andre Johnson; not T.O.

  7. Steelers looked a bit disinterested in this game coming off their bye.

    KC clearly wanted it more, the Steelers just have a knack for pulling games out even when they aren’t playing their best.

  8. It’s a good thing the Steelers were playing against Tyler Palko on Sunday night.

    Oh, I don’t know. My Steelers seem to play tough against tough opponents and lousy against lousy opponents. Maybe if Montana had been in there, we’d have been phenomenal. Thank goodness in this league, a win is a win is a win. Style points don’t matter.

  9. doggz109 says:
    Nov 27, 2011 11:46 PM
    Bring on the Neckbeard!

    Hasn’t had that beard for well over a year.

    Just keeping it real.


  10. ahhhh who needs this game anyway i got a millions of games to watch on my VCR i dont need to record anymore games it was good anyway pittsburgh won it was good for me anyway i have so many downloaded games that i could record from my PS3 i dont need to record the games live so who cares if the chiefs lost they suck anyway

  11. The Chiefs can use the money they save on Bowes’ contract to resign the great Palko who always put the ball in an area where NBC and Chris Collingsworth can blame the WR for INTs

  12. Anyone watch Steeler games knows this is how they play. They have been on six times in our area and all could go either way. Heck Palko should know the Steelers defensive backs can’t catch that is why he threw into coverage all night.
    He played for Pitt and the practiced in the same field.

  13. The STOOLERS are old and slow and really suck.

    You want to see really ugly women…go to Pukesburgh.

    Tyler Palko should be OUTSIDE the stadium sellin peanuts and not be getting paid by the Stoolers to throw interceptions.

  14. Looking like the Ravens are the team to beat in the AFC …I beleive weve already seen a preview of this years superbowl on Thanksgiving night…

  15. That defense was fantastic by the Chiefs. If they can get consistent QB play (which might come from Cassel with solid coaching), they could build a really competitive team going forward.

  16. Dwayen Bowe is a lazy piece of CRAP.


    Proves what a lazy sack of ***t this jack hole Is..

    Please drop him like he drops most open passes.

    At least he will be able to protect his ribs.

  17. The real sad part of all this, and every other QB story like this, is the lack of talent at the QB position in the NFL… Are you really telling me that there are less than 32 men in the world that can operate a consistently successful offense in this league? Scouts and General Managers need to do a better job of evaluating talent at the QB position.

  18. @ampatsisahypocrite

    The Ravens dominated a 9-1 49ers team while the Steelers miracled a win over a 4-7 Chiefs team with a backup QB at the reigns.

    I’m sure Ravens fans will be sleeping well. With sweet dreams of 35-7 and 23-20 dancing in their heads.

    Speaking of dancing heads, nice to see Troy P joining Hines on the scrambled brain train.

  19. ravenator says: Nov 28, 2011 12:03 AM

    Um steelers suck, what else is new.


    Um, the Ravens lost to the Jaguars 12-7. What else is new.

  20. Yup- better watch out for those Ravens: they done won THREE Superbowls already this year! Yeah- they finally beat our Stillers twice for the first time nd each of those glorious victories was equal in they’re minds to Superbowl glory cuz them’s zravins even gave dey coach a Gatorade shower after each and BOTH dose games and den dey wonned a tird SuperBowl football game when deys beat der coach’s own brotha in yet another SuperHar-Bowl victry with more Gatorade showering. After winning all deez Superbowlses it must be hard to get ready to keep winning these here momentus gameses…

  21. @ampatsisahypocrite

    Black and gold beating the Tyler palko led chiefs 13-9? That’s what you call a “moral loss” ya low life. 4 turnovers and pig pen and company can only muster 13 points? I will sleep well, thank you.

  22. Though the QB was poor overall, I blame the receiver who waived for a throw but didn’t even stretch his arms to make play or at least prevent pick off. Poor chiefs.;-)

  23. ravenator says:Nov 28, 2011 12:03 AM

    Um steelers suck, what else is new.

    Hey Gaynater,.. I do realize your hatred for the Steelers with a screename as such, however… you think you could lay off the suck comments? Let me give you 3 reasons why… Seattle, Jacksonville and Tennesse.

  24. Their D was pretty good for a lot of the game vs my Pats also. I attributed it mostly to RAC’s knowledge of the Pats, but he is a darned fine DC and that was probably one of the best defensive performances by any team I’ve seen this year taking into account the horrible position their offense kept putting them in.

    I love that little McCluster dude…he’s fun.

  25. “We doubt Bowe will return as a Chief” Consider yourself alone with that one, anyone who watched the whole game saw DBO diving for balls and coming up with first downs, time and time again.

    Greg Rosenthall you’re as lame as Chris Colinsworth! Thats probably who you meant when you typed “WE”.

    Tyler Palko threw 4 picks and fumbled! We lost the game 16-9. Palko was throwing it to the Steelers (his boyhood team).

    And that last pick, you’re trying to blame DBO. 4 Steelers were on BOWE!

  26. In fairness to Dwayne Bowe, he did try to catch the ball. Watch one of the close-ups of the play, he jumps up like he’s expecting the ball to hit him right in the breadbasket. Instead, it’s 3 feet over his head and Bowe’s trying to pull a ball into his body that isn’t there.

    The question is why he would expect such an on-the-money pass from Tyler Palko? It’s more a question of Bowe’s common sense than of his effort.

  27. Yeah let’s let Bowe go, so he can wind up in New England and throw up some 80 rec, 1450 yd, 14 td season there. No thanks. Get the man a QB right here in KC. I’d give up too if Palko were throwing me balls.

  28. The Chiefs could have Superman at QB and it won’t matter, have a look at their remaining schedule.

    No more wins for you.

  29. Dwayne Bowe and Desean Jackson are just building up some buzz for their upcoming title bout on ‘Friday Night Sissy Fights’.

  30. I like how Ravens’ fans are trash talking the Steelers for sneaking by a subpar opponent. I guess Seattle, Jacksonville, and Arizona are great teams.

  31. \is anybody else getting tired of Haley’s snarling mug every time something doesn’t go right? Seems that winning coaches, Tomlin, Belichick, that guy in Green Bay, etc are all usually pretty composed.

  32. Just heave it somewhere over Dwayne Bowe and hope he gets his arms in the air. I think the only one coming down with that ball is Megatron anyway. Kudos to KC for keeping it entertaining.

  33. TO: YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says:

    The Ravens dominated a 9-1 49ers team while the Steelers miracled a win over a 4-7 Chiefs team with a backup QB at the reigns.

    I’m sure Ravens fans will be sleeping well. With sweet dreams of 35-7 and 23-20 dancing in their heads.

    Speaking of dancing heads, nice to see Troy P joining Hines on the scrambled brain train.

    You’re absolutely right. Of course, the crows would have lost to the Chiefs. See, Jacksonville and Seattle.

    And rooting for concussions….We should expect nothing less than that sort of class from someone that lives in a cesspool of a place such as baltimore.

    A win is a win. Playing in KC has tormented the Steelers for a long time. They’ll get back on track next week against the bungles. Let’s just hope Troy is good to go. The defense is entirely different without him on the field.


  34. I guess Stanzi must look bad in practice. Bowe should be ashamed at the lack of effort. I’m not saying he would have caught the ball but he could have absolutely prevented the pick.

  35. On a side note, something struck me last night during the game…why does it it seem Arrowhead is so loud when their own offense is trying to run plays? I know they want to cheer their guys on but it would help to quiet down before the snap so they can audible or hear the count…

  36. @ravenator says:
    Nov 28, 2011 12:03 AM
    Um steelers suck, what else is new.

    * * * * *

    How long did it take you to come up with that comment?

  37. Whew! Glad to come out of that game with a win. Sloppy play by both teams. Maybe the Steelers were out of sync due to the bye week.

    Not being mentioned that much, but Wallace dropped a couple big passes that he should have had that would have significantly impacted the game, that was uncharacteristic of him. Also had penalties at bad times. Losing one of best players from each side of the ball, Pouncey and Troy, didn’t help either.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter by how many points you win, just that you won. Sometimes you have to be lucky too.


  38. I like Haley but I really can’t understand why He didn’t go for it on 4th and 2 in the 4th qtr.

    Season on the line, offense absolutely cannot score and QB is a pick machine. It was the biggest play of the season and he blinked and launched a FG.

    Game over…season over.

  39. Nice hands Bowe. I haven’t seen a better display of alligator arms since Moss going over the middle. Nice job!

  40. It’s refreshing to hear that the Steeler “fans” only argument is last we have lost to 2 bad teams ( and an average one).

    We beat YOU twice and have beaten more GOOD teams than any other team in the NFL.

    I hope you can soak those tears in your terrible towels when January rolls around and your coming back to Baltimore.

    The BIG CRAB CAKE is the hardest place to play in the NFL right now.

  41. The ravens fans need to relax and stop crowning themselves since they knocked off the 49ers, your team has turned in some awful games this year and has weaknesses.

    Also, let’s not forget who ended 2 of your last 3 seasons.

  42. the chiefs did beat themselves, defense played great.
    but for me its hard to watch any game that Kristine collensworth calls, I cant stand that hack. he dogged bowe at the end of the game, I just about puked.
    I forget was he all world? sounds like it by the way he calls games.

  43. At first I was disappointed by the lack of sacks or real pressure on Palko early in the game… and then I realized that leaving him in the game gave my Steelers their best chance at winning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers D was told by LeBeau “Now whatever you do, do NOT take Palko out of the game!!!”
    Ugly ugly win, but I’ll take an ugly win over any kind of loss every time.

  44. That ball was WAY over Bowe’s head. Keenan Lewis, who was well behind Bowe, barely reached it stretched out fully. No way Bowe could have even touched it.

    Steelers did what the Steelers do – win ugly, but bagged another one in the W column. A lot of teams, like the Jets and Chargers, could learn a lesson about the value of gutting out an ugly win, even when your team isn’t firing on all cylinders.

  45. Bowe didn’t even alligator arm that pass. That would have required even more effort than he put into it.

    A win is a win, though. Although the Steelers looked awful, it’s always better to win ugly than lose pretty.

    FWIW, if the Steelers play this way against any competent team, they’ll get smoked. If Polamalu is out for any extended time, that has always hurt them.

  46. Bowe played way to hard during the entire game to just give up on that last play. Thats including the great run blocking he doing and the hits he was taking if in fact the ball was getting to him and not the steelers db’s. No doubt in my mind that play was meant to be a fake. See the way he spun as if catching the ball? The qb and him just were not on the same page. Exciting game. Chiefs fan threw & threw but props to pittsburg and good luck the rest of the year.

  47. Ah yes the last saving grace of the 2011 Steeler fans arguing with the Ravens fans.

    “But but but you lost to the Jags and the Seahawks”

    This may be true, but at least we didn’t lose TWICE to a team that lost to the Jags and Seahawks.

  48. Palko, flacco stats are about the same! I just love how ravens fans had to stay up late until game was over cause they thought it was gonna be an upset! Now thats hysterical. same stuff every year.. Eek out victories during regular season. Turn it up a notch in playoffs, and go to super bowl …yawn..just another year being a pittsburgh steelers fan!

  49. Ahhhhhh…..But At least we didnt lose 3 times to a team in the playoffs(uhm Ravens) who haven’t been to……… BUT…….. 1 superbowl in the more then a decade. Why the steelers have enjoyed 3…….. Please, Talk trash when your team has done something instead of win two measly regular season games. Steelers win the division and knock out the Ravens in the Playoffs……Same ol same ol…..What else is new?

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