Steve Smith closes in on 10,000 receiving yards

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Not long ago, Panthers receiver Steve Smith was regarded as the second best NFL receiver named Steve Smith.

Times have quickly changed.

With former Giants receiver Steve Smith now an afterthought in Philly, Panthers receiver Steve Smith is the top dog again, with 992 receiving yards in 10 games.

The original Steve Smith also has a shot tomorrow to join an elite group.  With 124 yards receiving, he’ll become the 35th player in league history to rack up 10,000 career receiving yards.

The active leader is Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, with 13,024.  Smith stands at sixth place among all current players, only 13 yards in front of Packers receiver Donald Driver.

Given that Smith is only 32, he could climb much higher on the all-time list, which eventually could inject him into the Hall of Fame discussion.

Then again, only three of the top 12 have made it into Canton:  No. 1 Jerry Rice (22,895); No. 7 James Lofton (14,004); and No. 12 Steve Largent (13,089).  The other nine in the top 12 are Terrell Owens, Isaac Bruce, Tim Brown, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter, Henry Ellard, Torry Holt, and Andre Reed.

20 responses to “Steve Smith closes in on 10,000 receiving yards

  1. The only reason 3 have made the hall is the others aint eligable. Moss, owens, and harrison are locks, and others could defenitely make it

  2. steve smith has quietly been one of the best receivers of his generation primarily playing on a team with terrible QBs and making a lot of them look good. i have always liked the guy despite his obvious anger management issues and am happy to see his career revitalized with cam coming into the picture. he is a great receiver, may climb high up on that exclusive list and can absolutely dominate a game at times (vikings).

  3. It’ll be hard to inject himself into the HOF discussion with receiving yards not being much of a barometer (as you mentioned).

    It doesn’t help that he (and curiously, so many other receivers) has such massive character issues.

    If there was Bad Teammate Hall Of Fame….it would be populated almost exclusively by wideouts.

  4. It’s been a long time coming for Smitty, never seen a guy who’s so dedicated at doing what he does. It’s been entertaining to watch him these past 11 years.

  5. Seven of the other nine are not yet eligible. Five of those (Owens, Moss, Harrison, Carter, Brown) are locks, and Holt and Bruce have cogent cases. That’s some bad argumentation, homes.

  6. they all should be in canton. that many yards throughout a career idc what problems surrounded you. their performance on field makes up for anything especially TO…

  7. Well, when you have Cam “The God” Newton throwing the pigskin at you, good things happen, to put it lightly. Seriously though, the way Cam is built and the way the Panthers Offensive gameplan is built, this team is a GB in the making. And I can see Cam morphing into Rodgers ELITE level. Only difference is it won’t take Cam 5+ years to do it.

  8. Lol it seems kinda insulting to call panthers Steve Smith “the other Steve Smith.” Hell he helped prolong Jake Delhomme’s career and had one of the best post-seasons in nfl history back in 2005. Now with Cam on board he should have at least another 4-5 good years left in him.

  9. “Panthers receiver Steve Smith was regarded as the second best NFL receiver named Steve Smith.”

    By you and no one else.

  10. Chris carter is the only one you mentioned that can even go in the hall. The rest have not been out of the league long enough. Yet another retarded statement on this site.

    By the by carter not being in the hof is a crock. Maybe the betsy hands ever

  11. I hope he breaks Jerry Rice’s record this season. He is on pace for almost 1600 so he just needs to step it up a bit these last 6 games

  12. I don’t remember a time when the Giants’ Steve Smith was EVER regarded as the better one….don’t know which league you’ve been watching the last 10 years Mike, but welcome aboard….we call this “reality”. It may seem strange at first but you’ll get used to it.

  13. “And I can see Cam morphing into Rodgers ELITE level. Only difference is it won’t take Cam 5+ years to do it.”

    What’s Cam’s record for this year? Before today’s game with the Colts, I believe it’s 2-8 — same as the lowly Vikings and Rams, and I think there’s a very good chance that’ll it fall to 2-9 today when the Colts pick up a win.

    Do you really think the Panther’s self-proclaimed “Superman” can evolve into a winner like Aaron Rogers?

    I don’t. Cam’s all about me; elite quarterbacks are all about team.

    As for Steve Smith, I wish to hell he had Andy Dalton throwing to him. Then Smith’s numbers would be as big as there are with Cam and my Cats would have a winning record. Smith and Dalton are winners; Cam’s yet to show a winning attitude or a winner’s ability.

  14. Short memories people. Look at the two Steve’s stats last year and tell me who was better. Period.

  15. def a hall of famer when its all said and done. for a guy his size 5’8 to have that type of impact at wide receiver is rarely done. big props to steve smith. he single handedly took out the bears in the 05 playoffs


    Keyshawn Johnson: “Most guys his size play the slot, and they beat a linebacker and catch 100 balls and everybody goes, ” ‘Ooohhhh. He beat a linebacker.’ Steve is the rare guy his size who can play outside the hash marks. He can play anywhere. He can beat cornerbacks and safeties.”

    Muggsy Bogues, former Charlotte Hornets point guard: “People don’t understand size. I do. (Bogues is 5-3.) There’s a way you have to play when everybody is taller than you. You have to be intense and aggressive on every possession. You have to work harder. You have to play smarter. You have to push yourself and keep pushing. What Steve’s been able to accomplish is unbelievable.”

    Smith: “If I make a catch, I’m excited. People may say, ‘Well, why does he do that every time?’ or, ‘Why can’t he just catch the ball and go back to the huddle?’ Honestly, for me, I’m 32 years old, I’m 5-9 and three-fourths, I’m not a prototypical wide receiver. So it’s an honor. It’s a privilege. And I enjoy it. And I’m excited. Because at some point, whenever that day is, I will never play this game again. I’m all in. I just play that way, whether it’s splitting the web of my finger, breaking my forearm, breaking my ankle, whatever it is. This is my opportunity, and I’m going to enjoy it. It may rub some people wrong, but you’ve got to get over it. I have.”

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