Tebow evades question on whether he has support of organization

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On Thursday, CBS teased an interview of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow by Shannon Sharpe with a cliffhanger.

Asks Sharpe:  “Do you believe this organization is 100 percent behind you?”

Says Tebow, dodging the question:  “I believe I am blessed to play for this organization.”

Responds Sharpe:   “That wasn’t the question.  I didn’t ask you whether or not you were blessed.  I asked do you believe John Fox and John Elway, 100 percent, believe that Tim Tebow is the guy that’s gonna get them back to winning championships.”

That’s where the Thanksgiving snippet ended.  On Sunday, CBS pressed the “play” button.  And Tebow once again didn’t answer.

“Well, I am very thankful that they believe in me enough to give me an opportunity and that they have stuck with me and I’m very thankful,” Tebow said.  “I will say it again, I feel very blessed.”

Tebow knows that he doesn’t have the unequivocal support of the organization.  With Elway openly talking about not being sold on Tebow as the long-term answer, how could he?

To his credit, Tebow found a way to answer the question without saying anything that would cause a ruckus.  Even if that meant not answering the question at all.

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  1. Considering elway already said tebow is not the broncos qb of the future, im pretty sure hes not 100% behind him

  2. Just say you think they’re 100% behind you, even if they really aren’t.

    By not answering the question, you’re saying that no, you don’t think they’re behind you. And it makes you look like a whiney db.

  3. If Elway doesn’t believe Tebow is the long term answer, that’s fine. But he really is making himself look like a jackass by showing his lack of support at every opportunity.

  4. That was a pretty screwed up question to ask somebody and put him on the spot like that..He did the best thing by avoiding it.. it’s a lose lose question if he says yes they are behind me 100% then Tebow’s in denial because the comments they made obviously suggested otherwise. If he says no and creates tension between everyone on the team you know they will be quick to put him the chopping block once they lose a few games. He isn’t stupid just reeeaally religious.

  5. why must tebow work his faith into every question. fime youre religious. hes starting to come off as if hes brainwashed.
    its very annoying to hear someone not be able to stay on topic without veering the conversation to religion

  6. Just because a ? is asked doesn’t mean you/i have to answer it. Good for him, but it does get old fast with this tebow crap. Let him play the season then decide.

  7. I like both Tebow and Elway. Tebow is a breath of fresh air around town as well as around the league. He provides a delightful alternative to tattoos, piercing, guns and kicking competitors.

    On the other hand, Elway is correct. There’s no reason to commit to the kid just yet. His success is still surrounded by suspicious rain clouds…off-target passes.

    If Elway came out and made an absolute statement of support, he might have to eat the words later. The best thing to do is watch the year play out.

    Fortunately, announcers don’t ask the same dumb questions about all the players.

    Once again, Elway is showing wisdom beyond his experience.

  8. Then cut him and let him go somewhere else. He can take TEBOWMANIA with him and all the $$$ that goes with it. I just hope John Elway has a plan to make up that $$$ because if he doesn’t, well, than all eyes will not be on Tebow, but him.

  9. If Denver doesn’t want the T-Man, the Packers, Saints, Chargers and Bears will. The man is an inspiration to every NFL, College and PW player.

  10. Something really weird about the world when a lifetime Raider fan like myself can give St. Timothy some props.
    He’s not only winning games, but exposing you mediots up for what you are: Hypocrites. Next time you scavengers cry about athletes giving “company line” answers, remember Shannon Sharpe putting this kid on the spot and getting the only answer he should give without some b.s. line everyone would know was a lie.
    Sorry John Elway: you’re not gonna get to draft Andrew Luck and have him compared favorably to you for his entire career… good to see you’ve grown so much since your rookie season!

  11. He doesn’t need to lie to cover up for anyone. It kills me how many people are hoping he fails because he professes his faith.

    Did anyone pay attention to the interview with Pouncey before the Dolphins game? He said that Tebow is the kind of guy that he hopes his daughter marries. In a league with some (just some) that have criminal records, failed drug tests, multiple kids from multiple unwed women, etc…shouldn’t Tebow be the kind of person to root for even if you don’t have the same religious beliefs?

    Keep up the good fight Tebow.

  12. Tebow should have said that he WAS sure that they were 100% behind him as long as he keeps winning or that they were 100% behind him on every game day. Both answers would have worked.

  13. If you look at the top 6 commented articles on PFT, three are about Tebow, three about Suh.

    It’s funny how polar opposites these two guys are in every single way, but people have really strong opinions on both of them just the same.

  14. Who is more annoying?

    a. those that want him to fail because he is a man of faith
    b. those that want him to succeed because he is a man of faith
    c. pundits who are pissed that he makes them look stupid because he wins in unconventional fashion and not in some invented qb rating system fashion
    d. those that hate him unconditionally because he is a man of faith
    e. those that love and worship him because he is a man of faith

  15. Really Im not sure why I, & others that want Tebow to succeed continue to comment on these Tebow assaults! I guess to keep it even, as it’s clear that most of the world, even the front office of the Broncos are pulling for him to fail. But he wont, he’s already a winner. He got paid, and as far as Im concerned, proved he can play, and WIN in the NFL.

  16. I gotta say it is getting harder to like the guy. In fact I think I am getting fed up with all this “I’m blessed crap”. I know they think they are being humble , though clearly by saying god loved you more than me because he made you a millionaire footballer and he only made me an averaged salary help desk worker, that’s not really humble in fact it’s down right self centered.

    The real problem when people say things like this is that kids hear it and then don’t realize the countless years of work go into being a pro. Nobody is born to play football, they work their tail off.

    Also I am starting to think tebow is brain washed and one days we will find out he was sent to mr Bachman to “get the gay out”. He sounds and acts very fem to me. Just saying

    Oh and always another post here pft where the writer let someone else do the work as it always is

  17. Watching the last portion of the game, which was televised in our area (not the entire game), I felt as if Tim was feeling down, isolated, unhappy and terribly pressured by management and coaching staff. This is totally unfair. he is a young – winning – inspired and inspiring and interesting NFL quarterback. I like his style – it is different, he runs, he pushes, he throws, he runs, he wins and he loves the game. Give the guy a chance to develop his own style – give him an opportunity to continue his magic. I’m not from Denver, but since Tim joined the club and started as quarterback I’ve ben a fan! Go Tim Go – you have magic on your side. God Bless You for your discipline, your belief, your trust and enjoying the game!

  18. I am still not sold on Tim Tebow being the long term answer at quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

    I am sold on the fact that he somehow makes them a better, more competitive team and deserves a place of importance on the roster.

    I am also greatly enjoying the run he is on. I know it can’t last, or can it? He has proven a lot of people wrong so far and just keeps on winning.

    The one thing that bothers me is that the defense, led by Miller and Dumervill, has been playing their tails off and getting overshadowed by Tebowmania.

    If the defense continues to improve and Tebow can become a 55% passer then there is no reason to think it can’t work out well. Does anyone remember that the Baltimore Ravens won a Superbowl with Trent Dilfer at quarterback?

  19. Edukator4 plz…really? Just because the guy chooses to put his faith in something you don’t believe in you’re going to lay him out? We all believe in something…we all put our faith in something or someone OR ourselves. Don’t denegrate the kid because he chooses differently than you. Besides…that has absolutely NOTHING to do with this topic!

    And as for the toothbrush comment….people didn’t like your first sneer cause you attacked him personally. Next time come prepared to discuss football and not religious jabs because you disagree and MAYBE…just maybe you’ll experience will be a little more “enlightened”.

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