Tebowmania! Broncos do it again, beat Chargers in overtime


At some point, those of us who have been skeptical that an NFL team can win consistently while running the Tim Tebow offense are going to have to acknowledge that the Broncos are, in fact, winning consistently while running the Tim Tebow offense.

The Broncos’ 16-13 overtime victory today in San Diego means they’re now 5-1 since handing the starting quarterback job to Tebow, after starting the season 1-4 with Kyle Orton starting and Tebow on the bench.

Obviously, the Broncos’ defense deserves an enormous amount of credit for what Denver has done. In the five wins with Tebow at quarterback, the Broncos’ defense has allowed 15, 24, 10, 13 and 13 points.

But we also need to acknowledge that Tebow deserves some of the credit for the fact that the opposition isn’t scoring many points. Tebow had another turnover-free game today, and the ball-control offense that the Broncos run with Tebow at the helm makes life easier for their defense.

Bottom line, the Broncos’ defense is playing the way it’s supposed to play, Tebow is playing the way he’s supposed to play, and Broncos coach John Fox and his staff have done a fantastic job of formulating game plans that work for the talent he has.

Today in San Diego, Tebow went 9-for-18 for 143 yards: Not exactly stellar passing numbers, but completing half his passes is progress for Tebow, and he had no interceptions to go with his one touchdown pass. More importantly, Tebow ran a whopping 22 times, and while he only picked up 67 yards on the ground, he was efficient and effective when he needed to be.

Can the Broncos really keep winning with a quarterback who goes 9-for-18 and calls it a good passing day? It’s starting to look that way. The Broncos are the Raiders’ biggest threat in the AFC West, and Tebow might just take this team to the playoffs.

144 responses to “Tebowmania! Broncos do it again, beat Chargers in overtime

  1. So long Norv, your time is up as HC. My advice, retire and enjoy your golden years in that paradise that is San Diego.

    Also good to see Philip Rivers lose. That guy was a **** when he was at NC State and it was a pleasure to see him throw a temper tantrum when the Terps beat him in his final game at NC State.

  2. You gotta love it. Call it luck (you’d have a point), call it gods influence, call it whatever you like. Whatever it is, it’s unbelievable.

    Side note, he really did throw pretty well today. Progress.

  3. The Defense plays for Tebow on that team, I wish my Eagles Defense played that way for Vick or Young..

    There is just something about a guy that never loses hope and finds a way to keep his team in it.

  4. canadianvikingfaniii says:
    Nov 27, 2011 7:57 PM
    That defence deserves a lot more credit than it gets. Without that defence the Broncos could easily be winless with Tebow.

    Thought I was the only one……..

    After the game listen to him talk. Bet he will thank God 5 times with no mention of Willis or his D. THEY are the ONLY reason why this team is 5-1 under Tebow. Look at the D stats in those game compared to when Orton was starting, it will tell you everything you need to know!

  5. Will this guy eventually fail? Maybe not. Yeah, his throwing motion is awful but they guy can make plays with his feet which is extremely useful.

    Let’s be fair, he has one of the worst receiving corps in the league. Give some guy some better receivers next year and who knows how good they can be. They’re not winning the Super Bowl this year but Tebow has already proven he can win games and is better than some QB’s playing right now.

  6. kudos on the raiders win, but thats about it. jets are a lost team right now, lions gave em a prison pounding, and the other wins are all just ho hum wins. chargers are just bad and made a mistake firing marty. i agree they are more energized, including maybe the defense, but in reality, its a halfback playing qb who can make a nice pass once in a while, but what a fun story right?! enjoy it while it lasts tim.

  7. Same team, same defense 1-4 w/ Orton. You can’t deny Tebow some of the credit.

    It’s obviously not just Tebow, but QBs always get more credit for wins and more blame for losses. Just the nature of the game.

    Haters, especially Bronco fan Tebow haters, would you rather win in an atypical less fun to watch way or lose in an exciting stat filled way?

  8. If anyone needs to acknowledge what Tim is doing it’s elway hes taken any chance he can to throw tebow under the bus but like they say the numbers don’t lie all he does is win! He’s like a terminator;he can’t be reasoned with, he can’t be bargained with, he doesn’t feel pain and he will not stop until he has won the game in the final seconds or overtime

  9. this is the same defense that went 1-4 with Orton at QB

    only two big personnel changes have been made – starting Tebow and trading Lloyd

    since trading was arguably a negative change, it has to be something about Tebow

    the reason the defense is looking better is that Tebow isn’t making them defend 40-50 yards consistently like Orton’s offense was

  10. Is John Fox the NFL coach of the year? He’s certainly done a terrific job with a crazy bunch of players… and without an offseason.

  11. Von Miller and the Defense is the story. Tebow is a bus driver, and gamer. Can he be an elite NFL quarterback? Can he lead the Broncos to the promise land? Time will tell…..

  12. I’m slowly becoming a Tebowist…that is a follower of Tebowism. Can’t knock it…its conveniently on a Sunday, too!

  13. See, the thing is Teblow can’t play the way he does over the long haul. Those blows he absorbs add up and he’ll be useless in a few more weeks at this rate. Therefore its a nice story I suppose (the religious among us eat it up) but it cannot be sustained.

  14. edmazeing1 says:Nov 27, 2011 7:56 PM

    He needs to face Ravens, packs or steel D!!!_______________________________

    haha oh yeah the packs D that ranks first in total yards allowed. 2nd in in passing yards allowed per game. 14th rushing yds per game and 15th in pts allowed per game..

    Lets be honest no one is gonna stop the packs O, but its laughable and makes me question your knowledge of the NFL today when you throw the packs D in the same convo as the ravens and the steelers…AND i hate both of those teams.

  15. Tomorrow, sports anchors will say ” Even though he’s won 5 of 6 games, he won’t be able to….blah, blah, blah”. Like him or not, the dudes gettin the job done so stop analyzing and appreciate for what its worth. Good job Tebow!

  16. Someone needs to wipe all of that egg off of Elway’s face.

    Perhaps he should do a lot less talking about how Tebow is not the answer and more congratulating him for bringing this team back from the dead.

  17. He is improving, as is the team around him. Why is that so hard to accept? Def give credit to the D, but Fox’s decision to not go for it on 4th and 1 with the momentum on your side could’ve been disastrous. Elway better watch himself, he could become another matt millen. If your offense is clicking, then support it!!

  18. Same team, same opponents, different results after a change in QB. Like him or not Tebow deserves kudos for turning this team around.

  19. Complete games by both sides of the team is getting it done. It has to hurt horribly bad to want to see them fail so bad every week and continue to disappoint you time after time. Haters is so riducuosly overused but there is definately some jealousy at hand. We don’t care cuz we knew it all along just like we knew about Hillis when PFT laughed at Bronco fans for being p.o. ‘d when he was traded (look it up). GO BRONCOS

  20. He is already a legend. I will leave this one alone after this post. I have ripped TBow relentlessly for his one-dimensional style on the field and off of it. But, well, he’s winning. End of story.

  21. Um you mean wait till he trys that on the Ravens,Steelers,Niners defense…Packers defense isnt scaring anybody..

  22. Let’s see what excuses the Tebow haters come up with today,
    1) San Diego is a bad team,
    2) It was Denver’s D that won the game,
    3) The referees/NFL favor Tebow, or
    4) Tebow is just lucky .

    Did I miss any? Well, how about we just all admit Denver’s D is playing lights out and Tebow and the offense are doing enough to win. Love him or hate him, Tebow is part of the reason Denver is winning. And, I am quickly becoming a fan of Decker. There were at least 3 dropped passes by other receivers, but Decker made some sweet catches.

  23. Gary Kubiak wrote:WTB Tim Tebow to lead the Texans

    I’m not a Tebow fan (I hated him in college), but seriously, he’s growing on me. The guy just knows how to win. :/

  24. I’m sure the Broncos are thinking the same thing as all the haters right now…. “Man, I wish we could beat good teams.”

    Any win in the NFL is a big deal, ask the Colts. D was so solid when they needed to be. Von Miller was literally pushing the OL back WITH ONE ARM. McGahee was at his best and Tim came through again. Big win to keep up with Oakland.

  25. I wonder what some of you people say when you see a waterfall.

    “Totally unsustainable. See the erosion of that rock? The water is moving far too fast. That waterfall will look more like a small pond soon. Can’t wait to watch it crumble.”

    Just watch and enjoy. These are the types of stories that don’t come along very often.

  26. I like how Tebow played. No mistakes. Tebow isn’t going to throw for 300 yards. He just wants to win. Give him credit for that. Defense played well.

    Is Rivers that bad? He made some throws that weren’t even close. At first I thought it was Tebow throwing the ball. Rivers is so overrated. Turner has to be gone.

    Raiders should win the division if they can beat the Chargers last week of the season. Otherwise Broncos win with division tie-breaker.

    Looking at the rest of the season I see the following:
    Raiders 3-2 rest of season
    Broncos 3-2 rest of season

  27. Willis McGahee & the defense apparently didn’t have any skills; not until touched by the hand of Tebow, according to some of you! I can’t wait till this sensationalism ends…and it will.

  28. Anyone know Elway’s stats and winning % at the same early point in his career as Tebows?

    Two different eras, but my point is, has John forgot about being a player? Would he have wanted his organization to show such little faith in him as he is in Tebow?

  29. He’s a good qb that knows what it takes to win and that is getting the rest of the team fired up. He makes it interesting but he can’t win a championship without a good team and being the broncos I don’t expect Tebow Nation to last very long.

  30. cowhawkfan says:
    Nov 27, 2011 8:14 PM
    Let’s see what excuses the Tebow haters come up with today,
    1) San Diego is a bad team,
    2) It was Denver’s D that won the game,
    3) The referees/NFL favor Tebow, or
    4) Tebow is just lucky


    So close…at #3 I’ll switch “McGahee is still a beast” for refs being on tebow’s side; that’s just plain silly. Other than that, you nailed it!!!

  31. Does anybody actually pay attention to what Elway has said and how he looks before commenting? He’s clearly giving the kid a shot and has said he will work with him off-season. I saw several smiles today, highly unusual for Elway who is generally stone faced.

  32. I smell SUPER BOWL! Nah, the naysayers would just say “I was only 1 season, try doing it over a career.” Keep moving the goal posts back. JUST WIN TEBOW WIN!

  33. Haters will keep hating cos TT is NOT their typical QB. Who would like to stink with their prototypical QB Orton, while TT lead team can win with his own style. Go Broncos. Go Tibow.

  34. who got the win this week? oh of course von miller that tackle he got that got SOME of the yards back from his penalty on the previous play RIGHT…..
    oh no dumervil with his 2 sacks

    I have to conclude the defense hated Orton and purposely blew the games on him…..

  35. What’s the big deal? The only games the Broncs win with Tbag are teams that are worse or on the same level they are.
    I won’t be convinced that Tbag is any good until they play and win against a better team.
    He would lose to the Packers again because Aaron Rodgers and the Pack O would outscore them with throws. You cannot beat a better throwing team with strictly running. Tbag has yet to do that.
    He is an overrated religious freak.

  36. Clearly winning is a team effort and the defense is playing lights out, but to those who are using “its the defense that’s winning the games” excuse they have the same defense that was out there when they were 1-4, what’s changed all of a sudden? Perhaps a lighter schedule, but you can’t take away what this kid is bringing to the table. A leadership that demands his teammates to give the same kind of effort that he is given, despite his albeit limitations as a traditional qb. He is proving that there are no excuses, do what you have to to win.

  37. There probably isn’t a football GM or coch alive that wouldn’t rather have Rivers and Vick over Tebow. Yet, Tebow is 5-1 while Chargers and Eaglea fans have had to sit through disgraceful loss after disgraceful loss. I dont hearBroncos fans complaining about the way they are winning.

  38. ahs2 says: Nov 27, 2011 8:15 PM

    Willis McGahee & the defense apparently didn’t have any skills; not until touched by the hand of Tebow, according to some of you! I can’t wait till this sensationalism ends…and it will.

    You’re right. 4-1 is sensational.

  39. norcalmafia says:
    Nov 27, 2011 8:13 PM
    Um you mean wait till he trys that on the Ravens,Steelers,Niners defense…Packers defense isnt scaring anybody..
    I guess leading the league in interceptions is pretty useless, right? I mean, when have turnovers ever played a meaningful role in a football game?

    Also leading the league in least losses should count for something.

  40. >I’m seriously baffled how Tebow keeps getting all the credit.

    That’s only from people who don’t watch Broncos games.

  41. Broncos In OT:

    1st Drive – 3 and out
    2nd Drive – 3 and out
    3rd Drive – 25 yd run by McGahee on a shortened field because of a missed FG.

    And I have to listen about this “TEBOWMANIA” all week again? How much longer are the Broncos D and Running Game gonna wipe this guy’s rear end until he gets called out on it? It’s the biggest joke I’ve ever seen in professional sports.

  42. T-Bone will win the Rookie of the Year Award by a landslide. The greatest quaterback since Bronco Nagurski. The countdown to Canton has already started.

  43. phadedwun says: Nov 27, 2011 8:25 PM

    I’m seriously baffled how Tebow keeps getting all the credit.


    Who’s giving Tebow ALL the credit? Seems like the haters don’t want to give him any of the credit.

  44. could be worse he could be like stafford and throw for 300 yards every game but throw 9 picks in 10 quarters lol

    p.s. lions “fan” here

  45. Kudos to the Broncos, especially the D.
    But sheesh, the Chargers stink!
    Were they playing for the tie in OT?
    First down in marginal FG range, 3 straight runs, the last one loses 4 yards.
    Kicker misses 53 yarder. You know the rest.
    Norv Turner deserves to be fired!!!!!!!!!!

  46. And nobody mention the fact that Elway sent Denver’s best rcvr packing just b4 Tebow got his 1st start! So in reality, Orton had more to work with offensively. I for one, as a TRUE fan of the Denver Broncos, am actually getting butterflies in my gut in these nailbiters! Id rather keep winning ugly than having beautiful stats, and having to stomach a loss!

  47. They hysterical thing is that Tebow is now making it difficult to trade him, or pick up another QB in the off season. So for reasons that have NOTHING to do with football, the Broncos are stuck with this toad of a QB for years and will never, ever, be beyond mediocre at best.


  48. they’ll keep on winning until they face an offense their D can’t contain for all 4 quarters….

    then they’ll need a QB who can actually throw the ball and have someone catch it 25 plus times and put up 28 points….

    and they don’t have one.

  49. STILL waiting for the hypocrite to praise god after he throws a pass into the third row or point to the sky after skipping one into a receiver again.

    If he does that, then he’s okay. But to thank god only for the good things that happen is purely selfish.

  50. this is the same defense that went 1-4 with Orton at QB

    only two big personnel changes have been made – starting Tebow and trading Lloyd

    since trading was arguably a negative change, it has to be something about Tebow

    the reason the defense is looking better is that Tebow isn’t making them defend 40-50 yards consistently like Orton’s offense was

    I agree. The style of play definitely makes a difference on the defense. Only the bottom dweller teams have given up more points than Denver this year. Ball control offense and minimizing turnovers (1 by Tebow this year as a starter) makes a huge impact. Take for example the Packers. There defense is last in pass D. Well their opponents have been coming from behind and passing every game thus far. GB is also #1 in defensive picks. Things make sense when you think about them. 2000 Ravens. Great defense, great gameplan for the D. Put them on a pass heavy team and their stats will be changed somewhat. Look at the games, not just the stats. The majority of these comments are ignorant, but often funny. The reality of it is Tebows style is winning. When I coach my team I (which I have gotten from nearly every coach ahead of me) focus on only the next game. Can Tebow win the next game? Yes. Then why do you fret about 5 games from now? Fool me once shame on you…fool me 5 times shame on me. Come on guys, get your head out of your south end and appreciate football.

  51. “That defence deserves a lot more credit than it gets. Without that defence the Broncos could easily be winless with Tebow.”

    Did they not have the same defense when Orton was QB and they were 1 – 4?

  52. The Broncos’ D has been doing a very good job. Look at what they’ve been giving up in Tebow’s five wins:

    15, 24, 10, 13, 13

    If your defense is doing that in the NFL, you’re going to be very competitive. You know, even if you’re running the freaking option.

  53. lilrob10201 says:
    Nov 27, 2011 7:58 PM
    They wont win when they play a contender.
    The Broncos have beaten the Raiders & Jets with Tebow at QB, last time I checked they are both contenders.

  54. This system works plain and simply because of clock management. Being able to control to clock lets your D rest. If you don’t believe look at the Colts without Manning. With Manning there D looked really good. Now they look awful.

  55. Sorry, righton989, you dummy, he’s not a rookie, this is his second year. Hate all you want moron, he’s winning games with a defense that keeps you in it and as long as it’s close they have a chance to win. Get up on them by 3 touchdowns or so and no, they probably won’t win without airing it out, or defense or special team scores but why not just give them their due.

  56. Gator fan here. Most of Tebows fan base is from Gator Nation. They know the leadership , courage and winning attitude this young man showed on the football field every game he played. They do wish him the same success as an NFL quarterback and I am sure do not understand why he is subjected to such hatred and ridicule. Is it because of his raw talent or is it because he is a devout Christian? If he was a Muslim or Scientologist ,etc., would it be the same people doing the hateing?

  57. McGahee won that game. The Vulture has been through a lot – a broken hand, a sore hamstring and a terrible game against the Jets. But he’s been a huge lift for the Broncos this year.

  58. if Tebow was the correct color, they’d be calling him “Athletic and mobile, the new face of the NFL”, etc….comparing him to Culpepper, Vick, McNair, Cunningham and the like….praising him up and down, not bashing him win after win after win.

  59. It it really amazing the lengths some of you will go to in order to make sure that you don’t give Tebow credit for anything to do with any of the wins. Why is that?

  60. @ahs2…yep, McGahee is a beast

    Do RB’s like McGahee like the Tenoe option read? I mean, certainly the get the carries they want, but they sure take a pounding. So, do they like the extra carries or would they prefer a more traditional offense?

    I’m guessing mod RB’s would like it, except for the dogs who just want to collect a check and avoid the hits?

  61. Even though I dislike Tebow, its refreshing to see a unique offense have some success (albeit, short-lived) in a pass-saturated league.

  62. Gotta love the kid, the team finds a way to win. I don’t see them winning a championship like this but one at a time…..

  63. Kid improves each week and he is winning. Bronocs fans loving it, Elway and co. wringing their hands thinking they’ll never be able to get rid of him now. Maybe Tebow is reinventing the NFL quarterback position. More power to him.

  64. What’s so startling?
    The Broncos Defense is playing well. And they run the ball, this is old fashion smashmouth football. Plus Tebow gives it his all and his team feeds off of it.
    His faith is in Jesus Christ and the media hates this.

  65. I’ll be a believer when he does it against a couple of decent teams. Do it against the Pats, Ravens, or Steelers.

  66. If Merril Hoge didn’t choke himself today with his stupidly huge tie knot, I can’t wait to hear him sputter and stammer through his rehearsed list of reasons why Tebow can’t play in the NFL.

  67. Most quarterbacks would have won this game. They won because San Diego’s offense couldn’t score after the first 13 points. And I wouldn’t take any credit away from Denver’s defense for that, either.

    It’s not like San Diego’s defense is all that great.

  68. Do people actually think that Tebow is the first religious guy in sports?! The reason people hate him is not because he loves Jesus. It’s because he constantly sticks his religion in our faces. I counted 5 different points to the sky after the Broncos won the game. 5 times. Give me a break. If there was an Atheist who celebrated his atheism every time his team won, that player would be the most hated man in sports. It works both ways..

    A for this offense. It’s a joke. Remember Miami running the Wildcat. That worked well for a while too.

  69. For comparisons sake from Thursday night :

    Joe Flacco 15-23 161 yds 65 %
    Alex Smith 15-24 140 yds 62.5 %

    If Tebow had completed three more passes, he would have 66 % completion rate today. Of course if this were being done with Terelle Pryor or Troy Smith, the media would be saying how great this is. Flacco is a QB the media hypes up. Michael Vick’s completion percentage as rookie 44.2%, Vince Young 51.5%, Vick and Young play a style most similar to Tebow. Cam Newton is at 61 %, Andy Dalton 60%, to compare with other rookies.

    Some of the criticism of Tebow has nothing to do with on field performance. Its where he went to school, that he’s open in his beliefs.

    In the words of Herm Edwards “You play to win the game.” Right now Tebow is winning games.

  70. It’s amazing how many people keep saying, “wait until they play a decent team”….”the option won’t continue to work”….blah, blah. Man, nothing but haters….sorry people, Tebow is for real and our defense is for real too.

  71. Have any of you ever considered that running, ball control QB and pound the ball mentality allows the defense to rest and play at a higher level when on the field? Tebow is making them better. While he may hinder the offensive approach, he is playing smash mouth football and winning.

    Everyone says you have to run the ball to win. True. Why does the RB/HB have to be the person who runs it? You control the clock and play good Defense… you usually win!

  72. I’m a Gator…. guy was great in college… he’s not that great in the NFL….

    he’s riding the coattails of a very strong defensive streak against weaker offenses….

    when the D breaks down some in a game… which is overdue… Tebow will have to put up yards and TD’s to keep up…

    over the last 3 games he’s averaging 7 of 16, .666 TD’s, and about 100 yds… which doesn’t qualify him for backup….

  73. All these Tebow haters out there and all they can harp on is his religion…well deal with it. How about the guy’s work ethic, heart, team first attitude? Nah i guess that aint important. How about 5-1 you geniuses, what’s your qb’s record? The fact is he’ll truck through your middle linebacker just like the rest and when he does you will post some bs about how he pointed to the sky afterwards, blah blah. Some people who post on this site amaze me with their uneducated nonsense

  74. The number one reason the team is winning is because of the defense who is led by Champ, Dawkins and Von. They are playing great – by any standard.

    I am continuing to take the middle road on Tebow. It is undeniable that every week he is having less; “oh my god, this guy cannot play” moments. He is improving, just as the coaches say. He can throw the ball hard and with some accuracy. However, he has a nightmarish time deciding where to throw the ball as he goes through his reads.

    Tebow can unleash a 65 yard throw when needed, but he really needs to get his brain to process where to throw the ball faster. Ultimately, this is the key to his whole career.

    But really…how about that Von Miller? Who saw him at #2? He is a Hall of Fame talent.

  75. notes the long list of things Teebow has done that others said he could not……with check marks next to each one proving them wrong.
    When he adjusts to the speed of the game as EVERY QB that comes to the NFL has had to do his passing will get better. Remebers he could throw very well at Fl….winning a Hiesman and 2 NC. He will add another check mark next to cannot keep this up. As to the hits he takes. anyone notice this guys runs over folks other than the ones who back away….notes the last drive of the jets game. He is as big as many if not most running backs. His arms are huge as his heart and his teamates believe in him. That counts more than you others out there who dont. I have been reading week after week he wont win the next game….remember the haters here bringing up the jets. Last week it was he wont beat the Chargers. Its the fact that he is a real threat to run(and succeed) that make the running backs behind him more effective. Anyone who know football knows this is how it works. Pay attention to him and not the others…he hands it to them and they also succeed.
    As to credit for winning ..when he is asked he ALWAYS gives others the credit. Its the media that wont so dont blame him. He never asked to be put on a pedistal like the media has done. He just wants to win and appears to be doing it.

  76. Put your hate/dislike/irritation aside for a few moments…
    #1 Yes, the defense is playing great….Von Miller is a beast and has to be a front-runner for “Defensive Rookie of the Year.” But, as others have pointed out…this is the same defense Kyle Orton played with.
    #2 Like it or not, Tebow IS beginning to throw the ball better (yes, there’s still a long way to go)…he and Decker have great chemistry and are making big plays in every game.
    #3 Despite his shortcomings as a passer, Tebow does not turn the ball over very often
    #4 It appears that all of the Bronco’s play much harder with Tebow than they did with Orton.
    #5 No matter how much people make fun of Tebow, he isn’t going to change who he is/what he believes.
    #6 you can’t argue with the bottom line, which is the Win/Loss column…the Bronco’s have had a complete turn around since Tebow became the starter.

  77. Let he who is among you without sin, cast the first stone. Then we would’nt have to read all these negative comments!

  78. Viking fan here. Nothing better to do than get on the Tebow train. I am all aboard. I love it when a player can turn the league and all its pundits on their ears. I can’t remember a player that has done it more completely than Tebow.

    WWJD. NWO.

  79. I am not a Tebow or Broncos fan so I have no rooting interest here but people who keep saying “it’s the Denver Defense” keep missing a huge point.

    Ever notice teams that throw alot (i.e. Texas Tech) and score alot of points ALWAYS give up alot of points while teams who run alot rarely give up alot of points? It’s not a coincidence.

    Teams that throw alot have the clock stop frequently for incomplete passes while the running teams chew up clock because the clock is always running. Keeping the clock always running, by definition, means fewer possessions. And fewer possesions to defend means fewer points given up. The Broncos were giving up 27 points a game prior to Tebow taking over and their points against dramatically dropped once he took over (and they started running most of the time). There is a correlation.

    If the Broncos went with Brady Quinn and threw the ball more, their points against would jump in a heartbeat.

  80. TV people, the entire scholarship structure of NCAA football, media focusing on ONLY minority heroes for years now, atheist fanatics, and everyone involved in the NFL who feel threatened by a HIGHLY athletic white God-loving QB who not single-handedly(but with the help of his entire team of professionals *who believe in him*) proving that the college read-option can not only work but SUCCEED in the NFL all desperately need this nemesis of a heroic young David to fall to the institutionalized Goliath of NCAA/NFL hierarchy.

    If not, the whole world of football on the pro and college levels will change almost instantly.

    This *could* be the beginning of a New Era of football where ALL MEN are truly judged equally and where all football players can be the best players THEY can be.

    So yeah- the haters are in full-panic mode while, interestingly, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders see this man clearlly for who and what he is and they anxiously await the birth of that NEW ERA.

    Watch, observers, lovers and haters as the world of football metamorphosesis before your very eyes.

    The Pigskin Saviour has been Born Again Hard.

  81. There’s no doubt- this is a great story with a kid coming in, everyone saying he cant be an NFL QB, and him proving them wrong. I can get behind that.

    Still, an offense can only have so many running plays with the QB. If teams start really studying the tape, they *will* end up forcing Tebow to throw a lot more. When that happens, things may very well turn disastrous.

  82. jaguars beat the “Flake” Ravens. Tebow and Denver could do it.
    Ray Lewis is over the hill.

    I’m from Tebow’s hometown-seen him many times. He finds a way to win, just give him the chance.

    Denver defense is rested with run option offense and keeping the ball. Defense is good in its own right.

    Denver will win 3 more. Tebow will get better as will draft of Denver next year.
    Denver look up, your salvation draws near.
    Fox good coach-give him the players . Brady bunch going way of Colts. Steelers old and out. Packers here for the long ride

  83. Just to clear one thing up about the defense. . . Does the grinder offense and lack of turnovers do a lot to help the D? Yes, but most of the improvement comes from the fact that the Broncos have Elvis Dumervil and Champ Bailey healthy again. Both guys missed time early in the year, and naturally the unit is significantly better with those guys healthy. The addition of Dumervil (two sacks today) to Von Miller has put the pass rush over the top.

  84. Does anyone in the league call his own number more then Tim Tebow? 40 of the Broncos plays were Tebow runs or Tebow passes. How can anyone call this guy unselfish or a team player? He looks like the most selfish player in the league (and don’t get in his way if the media is around – you will get trounced).

  85. I’ve always thought, “it wont work in the pro’s”, was a crock.

    Shotgun spread is more and more common across the league as was pretty much the basis for one of the best offenses of all time. It wasn’t long ago that shotgun spread was being derided as only good for college. That there was no way it would work in the pro’s because you couldn’t run out of it.

    Year after year we get QB’s panned in the draft process because they spend most their time in shotgun formations and that it will be much harder for them to make their reads dropping back from centre. Well, here’s a wild stab in the dark. If shotgun formations make it easier for the QB why not use it. If you have a QB that is dependent on the run-pass option, use it.

  86. Broncos are 1) Running the football and 2) Playing tough Defense. Tebow does run a read option often, but he also has the beginnings of stigmata – take a look at his face from this past game. If you have stigmata you can run the read option with confidence.

  87. “stats are for losers. What matters is the final score.” The one and only Bill Belichik. Tim is leader and part of this team. Haters to hell Broncos to playoffs.

  88. The only reason I dislike Tebow is that when I watch him throw, it makes me think for a second that I’m watching baseball. And that thought alone is terrifying…

  89. Here is the deal: All he has to do is be one of the top 32 quarterbacks in the league. He is. Gabbert is horrendous, nobody wants to talk about that. I think Sanchez sucks out loud. 4 TD’s yesterday – super. 180 yards on 35 attempts with way more weapons than Tebow has. Ponder, Kolb, T Jack, etc. are no better than him.

    Give credit where it is due. The team is playing better with him at QB, and yes McGahee made a nice run to ice it – set up by: You guessed it, 2 Tebow keeps in OT. He’s rolling, and as long as he’s top 32 there is a place for him in the NFL.

  90. Come on haters, certainly the Broncos D deserves ALOT of credit. But, even the so called experts who were bashing Tebow admit this ball control offense helps the Bronco D. They control the ball 4 minutes longer than they did with Orton at the help and so far, don’t turn the ball over.

  91. I know I’m late to the party, but here’s how I see it…
    First, you have to give it to the Denver defense. There was always a sense that it would be very scary once Dumervil was playing full time again, and they are. The running offense also gives the defense time to breathe on the sideline. Turnovers took too big of a toll in the beginning of the season.
    Second, Fox and company have done a fantastic job of adjusting. The Broncos looked to be competing for a top draft slot next year and now they’re in the hunt for a playoff spot. They have used the best talent made available to them and got rid of guys who didn’t seem as “team” oriented. If it seems like this team has heart, that is a major reason.
    Finally, Tim is doing a few things very well. He doesn’t turn the ball over (which was Orton’s major issue this year). He adds a threat on the field. He does everything this offense asks of him and he’s slowly improving as a passer. Most importantly, he’s inspiring the guys on the sideline, and after Cutler and Orton, that’s huge in Denver.
    Tim may not be a superstar QB, but he’s a winning athlete at the QB position and a leader, which I think many teams in the league would love to have right now.

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