Texans not interested in “circus” that would accompany Favre

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The Texans didn’t call “retired” quarterback Brett Favre two weeks ago, after starting quarterback Matt Schaub suffered a season-ending foot injury.  Now that backup Matt Leinart is feared to be lost for the season with an apparent broken collarbone, will the Texans call Favre?

Um, no.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated explained during Football Night In America that Texans G.M. Rick Smith doesn’t envision pursuing Favre.  Smith said that the Texans likely won’t be interested.  “I don’t want to bring the circus to town,” Smith told King.

Likewise, Favre told King via text message (no photos, please) that the future Hall of Famer isn’t interested in returning, for similar reasons.  Favre also said that he hasn’t thrown a football in a month, which would make it harder for him to get ready to play.

That said, Smith didn’t completely slam the door on the possibility.  And for good reason.  The options currently are rookie T.J. Yates, veteran journeyman Kellen Clemens (Favre’s backup with the Jets in 2008), and whichever guy the Texans sign off the street this week.  (They recently worked out 41-year-old Jeff Garcia.)

At some point, owner Bob McNair could give the order to try to make an upgrade.  Or Smith and coach Gary Kubiak could decide that the time has come to welcome the circus to Houston, for fear of getting run out of town if the Texans collapse.

If the Texans were to consider making a run at Favre, they’d have to restructure some contracts, quickly.  As of last Sunday, the Texans had only $1.9 million in salary cap space.

60 responses to “Texans not interested in “circus” that would accompany Favre

  1. Only thing that would stop Favre from even accepting any type of offer is he probably wonders if he’s the real life Kenny Powers at this point

  2. Sign Pennington!!!! The ultimate game manager and a great leader. He’s a year out from his shoulder surgery and a free agent. Perfect fit for the texans.

  3. Circus or no, the cat wins football games and as a Texans fan, I’d like to experience a little bit of that before I die.

  4. Nobody cares about this. That being said…can PFT acknowledge the Jerome Simpson flop to draw a 15 yard flag (ended up offsetting another penalty)? He is now the Anderson Varejao of the NFL.

  5. The only circus in town without adding Favre would be the one with TJ Yates and Kellen Clemens running the team into the ground and watching a Charger-like free fall in the last 5 games.

  6. Nobody out there dislikes Favre more than I do, but the Texans really should call him. Circus or not, Favre is a drastic improvement over anyone currently on that roster. If their goal is to win a Super Bowl they need to upgrade their QB position.

  7. Bring him back and maybe, just maybe, everyone will finally get to see how overrated he really is and learn that lesson once and for all.

  8. Jeff Garcia
    D. Culpepper
    T. Edwards
    T. Collins
    B. Bhrom
    J. Delomme
    J. Harrington
    Troy Smith
    Any practice squad players are all better options than Farve or they are really not and the best option would be Farve whether you like him or not. I am not a Farve fan or hater and there is no doubt that he will be there best option. No matter what everyone would watch.

  9. From a football standpoint, it makes sense to go out and get him. He gives that team a legit chance to make some noise in the playoffs, something that franchise has never come close to. Won’t happen though.

  10. Houston has the best running game in the league.

    Why do they need a QB?

    Just run what Denver is running… they changed their scheme in just 1 week!

  11. Every one is talking about Farve when theres a younger probowl quarterback out there that isn’t playing. What about Dante Cullpepper? Big, Strong, mobil, powerfull arm, and accurate.

  12. And neither is anyone else!We already have to get force fed Tebow please dont bring back the Favre drama.

  13. I pointed out the salary cap thing in other posts where you pulled the Favre card but those comments conveniently got lost somewhere. Anyways, even if they somehow do collapse and miss the playoffs(don’t see it, they’re already 4-0 in the division with a not so tough schedule), I think Kubiak and Smith will be back given the circumstances. Wade Phillips has Ben a godsend, and they’re aren’t many glaring needs on the roster for the first time in franchise history. The AFC South looks to be ours to lose for the near future.

  14. Here’s a thought… why not try to sign Jake Plummer. I don’t know if he’s still in football shape but he knows the offense and might be a better option than anyone out there.

  15. Not a fan of the Texans but this might be their best playoff chance yet but TJ Yates isn’t going to be their answer. If Favre was in shape, I would actually like to see him come back, the dude is a diva but he’s also a gamer.

  16. Brett will be doing Houston a favor if he chooses to return. A $10M one year deal, 10,000 acre ranch and a 30 ft statue in front of the stadium might convince him to lead Houston to the Super Bowl.

  17. I’d like to see Kurt Warner for 1 more run. Or maybe I’ve been watching “A Football Life” too much…

  18. Since both Schaub and Lienart are on the IR they have plenty of time to learn the fine arts of sextexting and denying from the old gunslinger.

    Favre only wants to join a team that has the Packers on their schedule. It would be his ultimate middle finger to TT to try and break up the undefeated season of the Champs.

  19. sask9999 says: Nov 27, 2011 8:26 PM

    “Sign Pennington!!!! The ultimate game manager and a great leader. He’s a year out from his shoulder surgery and a free agent. Perfect fit for the texans.”

    Although I agree that Pennington would be a great signing in such a situation, he tore his ACL in March.

  20. Seriously, enough with the Brett Favre crap. NOBODY is calling him. Dude is going to the hall of fame with basically ZERO packer fans behind him.

  21. Maybe we found the “secret” team in negotiations to sign T.O.??? He’s ready to play QB according to Mr. Rosenputz.

  22. they need someone who can hand off and throws a nice deep ball.

    favre wont limit himself to throwing occasionally.

    pullpecker sucks. his time in daytwa proved his arm is shot. and he cant move.

    russell is a joke, and a fatter one now.

    not sure what kind of arm trent edwards and brohm have. color me intrigued.

    delhomme and troy smith are headcases. no.

    collins and garcia do not have deep arms. the d will cheat up and then u have no offense at all.

    bulger is like warner. really seemed like he had had enough already.

    even if healthy, pennington has no arm and face it, if u pick him up… you will need another guy the week after cause he will get hurt.

    jp losman?

    try jo-ey. over his last 15 or so nfl starts he had a better record than pullpecker or dogkilla (at that time, and likely again now). he does have a deep arm.

  23. I guess if Smith doesn’t want a Circus he doesn’t want customers.They WILL in no way win a playoff game with TJ Yates or Kellen Clemens. Garcia has at least playoff experience.Jake Plummer cannot be signed or picked up as Tampa Bay has his rights from a trade,he would have to be released.

  24. Just found something….

    “The player rep for free agent David Garrard confirmed Monday that his client will be unavailable to sign with teams for another 3-4 weeks following October back surgery.
    We’ve seen several suggestions that the Texans or Bears should sign Garrard, but he won’t be playing football this season. The 3-4 week timeline is probably optimistic considering the source, and Garrard has shown no interest in returning to the field in previous opportunities earlier this year.”

  25. garcia? plummer? you’ve got to be kidding me. the texans are the 09 vikes all over again. bring in favre and let the drama build.

  26. Ah, Peter King couldn’t let two weeks go by without a Favre update. It’s not like the world was clamoring to hear from Favre or about Favre. Sticking to writing about coffee and youth sports, King.

  27. I told you that Houston would NEVER play in the SB. They blew any chance when they passed on Bush or VY. It all goes down to management. Karma when everyone gets hurt.

    Seems like there are a LOT more injuries this year than normal – due to the lockout?

  28. Whichever guy get this job will get a major opportunity. Great team with the potential to go deep on the playoffs.

    My guesses would be Trent edwards or Bulger… & I’d like to see bulger do it. Run game, good line, andre johnson….

  29. I would sign Chase Clement for 500K and use 1 million for Terrell Owens because the Texans need a wide reciever who can catch the ball other than Andre Johnson. Derrick Mason has not worked, Bryant Johnson cannot get active, Jacoby Jones is a good punt returner, and Kevin Walter can only gain 20 yards a game. TJ Yates will be fine with the running game and defense in Houston but he needs another vertical weapon to throw to whenever Gary Kubak stops being conservative and lets Yates play.

  30. Tell Favre that if he takes the job as Texans QB, he’ll have a legit shot at seeing the Packers in the Superbowl and perhaps ending their perfect season in the big game. Trust me, that’s all you need to say.

  31. He said he wasn’t interested yet you won’t let go. You wanted him gone yet you keep dragging his name back in. Leave him alone for God’s sake. He deserves some peace whether you like him or not.

  32. @thefiesty1

    That was one of the worst posts I have seen on any sports site, period. You illustrated you are beyond clueless regarding the Kubiak/Smith rebuilding that started in 06, as well as football, and sports general in fans. For you Favre whackos, for the love of God, spell his name right. It’s been an accepted fact since the mid 90s. Adopt the English language to succeed in life, please.

  33. As a Packer fan I would love to see Favre return (again.) Any additional near-certain humiliation that could be shoved down his arrogant self-centered throat would be welcomed.

  34. Not a Texans fan, but please don’t kick the tires on the Culpepper-Moss relationship again.

  35. “Henry says:
    Nov 27, 2011 9:15 PM
    Nobody ever mentions Drew Bledsoe, he could kick Farve’s butt head to head.”

    Just like in Superbowl 31? oh wait, that’s not how it turned out.

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