Brandon Lloyd compensation jumps to fifth-round pick


Brandon Lloyd has done a good job for the Rams since arriving in town on October 17th and it will now wind up costing his new team a bit more in a trade.

The pick sent to Denver for Lloyd turned from a sixth-rounder to a fifth-rounder on Sunday when Lloyd made his 30th reception as a member of the Rams. That’s a worthwhile price to pay for Lloyd, who has easily been Sam Bradford’s best target, but only if the Rams wind up keeping him with the team beyond this season.

Lloyd is a free agent after this year and staying with the Rams makes sense for both sides if the offense remains the same. With calls for Steve Spagnuolo’s head growing by the day, however, there’s a decent chance that the team will be moving in a different direction when the year comes to an end. If you assume that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will also leave, the next hire might want to look for a different receiver and let Lloyd, whose greatest successes have come with McDaniels calling the shots, walk to another bidder.

If anything is going to save Spagnuolo, it could be that a change to the coaching staff would mean a third new offense for Bradford in his first three years. Continuity, in terms of both scheme and Lloyd, would be a good thing for a quarterback who hasn’t had enough of it.

2 responses to “Brandon Lloyd compensation jumps to fifth-round pick

  1. Now if only McDaniels would go to the Steelers. Someone needs to tear them apart from the inside

  2. McDaniels will get another HC job offer within 2-3 seasons despite his complete failure in Denver. Why?

    As an OC, he has had some success and the team that hires him will say he has matured and learned from past head-coaching experience. What will they get?

    Norv Turner 2.0

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