Changes expected in Minnesota after the season

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There weren’t high expectations for Leslie Frazier’s first season in Minnesota, but the team has still disappointed.

They are tied for the second worst record in football at 2-9, and records like that usually bring change. Frazier should be safe, but Tom Pelissero of writes that his defensive staff will likely be tweaked.

Frazier has already relieved defensive coordinator Fred Pagac of some of his duties. Frazier has been more active calling defensive plays.

“There are dead men walking at Winter Park, and deep down, Frazier must know it,” Pelissero writes. “A defensive coaching staff largely assembled by predecessor Brad Childress probably has as much time left with the Vikings as Donovan McNabb.”

Bringing McNabb in was one of Frazier’s first moves. Pelissero says Frazier “won a contentious debate” to acquire McNabb. Frazier also reportedly was at odds with the front office over bringing in cornerback Benny Sapp.

It appears that dividing personnel duties between Frazier and Vice President of Player Personnel Rick Spielman could be creating some conflict between trying to win now and developing for the future.

Changes to the defensive staff seem inevitable. It’s worth wondering if the Vikings will also adjust how they structure personnel decisions in the future.

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  1. Wow. They could just as easily be 6-4… Those first 4 games were disgusting in the 2nd half. It’s because they had a rookie head coach, who was/is incapable of in-game adjustments.

  2. Change #! should be drafting a QB. Ponder is a bum. He threw a deep ball into double coverage on 4th down that his receiver made an incredible catch on. That lucky play accounted for 30% of his production on the day.

  3. They need better players at some positions (OL, DB, WR) more than anything. Good players generally make coaches look good, up to a certain point anyway. Also need a strong, competent GM to hold power which is currently divided among too many people. Wish I could say good luck, but… y’know…

  4. There HAS to be changes. I’m not saying Frazier has to be let go. Hard to evaluate a coach under the circumstances he has been under. Brad Childress had some pretty bad draft picks in trying to stock the shelves and they haven’t panned out. The offensive and defensive coordinator should be changed. This team isn’t as bad as their record.

    With that being said, Green Bay has done it to perfection and should be on top for years to come. Detroit is also loaded with young talent and Chicago isn’t bad either. They way this looks it will be 4-5 years before Minnesota will be contending again.

  5. I won’t be satisfied until Musgrave goes too. I know he doesn’t have the most weapons to make a great offense, but what he’s done with the weapons he DOES have is pathetic. The schemes have been so simple even Childress would blush. It’s no wonder the team hasn’t been able to do anything in the 2nd half, it takes less than the 1st half for the opposing team’s def coordinator and HC to figure Musgrave and Frazier out.


  6. I thought McNabb had some game left in him. He had plenty of success in Philly. I didn’t think the Redskins were a good fit, but it looks like no team can be a great fit for him anymore. There won’t be much of a market for him now thats for sure.

  7. Better idea, scrap the entire defensive personnel, including staff. Except for Jared Allen, Brian Robison and the Henderson brothers. Bring in all new defensive personnel. There. Half of our problems are solved.

  8. They need a GM who holds all responsibility for players. Get rid of Spielman. Pagac has to go. The secondary is the worst in football. The LB’s are slow. The D line is worn out. The O line is atrocious. The offensive play calling is terrible. First they run the same play that didn’t work twice in a row. Then the 4th down the Falcons knew exactly the play the Vikings were running after seeing it numerous times on game tape & during the game. Musgrave should have been hired as QB coach only. Not O coordinator. He proved with the Jaguars that he can not call plays. He has to be fired. The same exact thing will happen next year. He is not advancing in his play calling abilities. Frazier, sad to say, needs to be axed for his screw up in throwing a challenge flag. He just isn’t up to the task. If they keep Frazier, which looks like it would be a mistake, they need to get rid of Pagac & Musgrave & half the Defense.

    It could be fixed rather easily with a new attitude & coaching staff.

    The team has just quit playing hard & that falls on Frazier.

    They should try to get Dungy, Billick or Cowher.

  9. “Winning a contentious debate” to bring in Donovan McNabb probably does NOT bode well for one’s job security.

  10. Two wins will make for the worst season in team history. Year 2 had two wins and one tie.

    How could you keep a head coach with that distinction? Even Les Steckel had three wins!

  11. The odds were stacked against Frasier since he took over as an Interim.

    Interim coaches rarely have a success at all if ever. Just ask guys like Wade Phillips, Dick Jauron and Mike Singletary.

  12. On a separate note, why do people keep on suggesting that a team should hire a retread?

    They usually don’t do great in a new setting either. Sure, some will get you to the playoffs and respectable (Bill Parcells) but few will win you a Super Bowl.

    Better to go in a new direction with a coach than go with the same old same old.

  13. trbowman says:
    Nov 28, 2011 4:18 PM
    Ponder’s a career backup type. Lacks adequate velocity and arm strength.

    Average starter at best.


    Congrats. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet today.

  14. redbullenergydrink says:
    Nov 28, 2011 4:08 PM
    …If only they had taken care of the Saints in New Orleans 2 seasons ago… (Sorry to bring that up, Vikings fans, but that was your only shot in this decade).


    That has absolutely NOTHING to do with this conversation. Nice try, slowleak.

  15. here is the real problem….Frazier isnt a head coach material, he needs to be let go at the end of the season, clean the whole flippen house. The O-line is terrible and got Favre killed last year. People who say Ponder sux or is a carrer back-up are delusional, the guy is smart-poised, can run the ball and make any type of throw needed. We need to build around him. The DB’s are the worst in football with the loss of winfield and cook. WE need to draft/sign olinement and draft/sign Dbs plus both safeties. That said Fraizer has shown he cant coach and needs to take the same plane that will carry D’mac out of here. Im very high on ponder and hopefull we will surround him with the talent he needs to succeed.

  16. Oh how the high and mighty have fallen since ’09’!

    This is what you get when you make personnel decisions based on a short term desperation to house a Lombardi rather then building for the future.

    You can give me all the thumbs down you want but the vikes made a deal with the devil(Favre) and since then it’s been a free fall into the abyss.

  17. There are teams that make me stop and take notice, that I as a Bengal fan really don’t have it that much worse, if worse at all, than a lot of the NFL fans outside a few key cities really…

  18. The entire secondary needs to go. The coaches, the players, everybody. Winfield possibly won’t be back from that injury, and if he does he should just be there to mentor the younger guys. The younger guys they should be bringing in via draft and trades, not free agency. The guys they’ve brought in via free agency haven’t really contributed in the ways the coaches expected.

    They need a definitive #1 WR. I don’t mean bring a guy like TO in, but a guy that will be there long term, and can come in and free up room for Percy to be in the slot where he thrives.

    The O Line definitely needs some help. Ponder is getting killed back there. He’s making up for it with his legs, but he leaves the pocket sometimes a little too soon. I’m all for extending the play, but a better line would help him make the better reads.

    Greenway is the only star LB they have, and that’s not saying too much. He was great last season, but this year he hasn’t been making the plays everyone expects him to. I’m not saying it’s the contract blues, but he’s just not playing at the level the team needs him to.

    I think everyone can agree the offensive play calling is pretty stale. I like that they can stick to the game plan for as long as they can ( usually run on 1st and 2nd and throw on 3rd ) but when you’re down a couple scores they have to get better at recognizing what they’re doing isn’t working and go to the air even if it’s just short high % routes.

    I can remember a time when the offense was the most feared in the league, and when the defense was came up with turnovers every game. ( Brian Russell got 8 picks in his first 8 games ) But now it’s getting hard to watch my Queens take the field because I know they’re not going to stop teams through the air, and they won’t be able to stretch the field at will.

    I sound like an old disgruntled fan that hates to love his team, and I’m only 24…

  19. They need changes in personnel. DB first and foremost. OL right after. Their WR’s are servicable but still below the average. Frazier needs to figure out how to bring some emotion to the game instead of looking like a cardboard cutout. He seriously just stands there, never says anything, never smiles, frowns, anything. Just a dud. Get aggressive, get angry, DO something. This team is talented, they just handcuff themselves with poor play calling and effortless execution.

  20. The title of this post wins the Captain Obvious award for this week.

    Along with “San Diego Hardly Notices Chargers”, “Philly Gripped By ‘Fire Andy’ Fever”, “Bears Going Nowhere Without Cutler”, and “Steelers Accused Of Playing Dirty.”

  21. Teams with talent win. The Vikings have 2 blue chippers in AP and Allen,that’s really it. With the right coach Ponder can be a good QB, but he’s young and will make mistakes. AP is only good if he gets the ball and Allen can be a great player at times but gets to caught up in his own sack dance routine and should just focus on one thing at a time.

    Whats wrong with this team starts right at the top…………..that whole Favre fiasco was the beginning of the end. They sold their soul for a player more concerned with sticking it to Green Bay than anything else. If the Wilfs actually took the time to research what they were getting, they would’ve found out that Favre can’t be coached. No doubt he had a great ’09, but be wants to be player, coach and GM. After that year, there was no incentive left.

  22. I think Rick Spielman needs clear cut GM responsibilities. None of this “split duty” nonsense. That was a perk they gave Childress to make sure he didn’t go to the Packers (saints be praised!) The coach/ GM thing never lasts and rarely works well. Even BB has missed quite a bit on his past few drafts. Overall I think Spielman has done a pretty good job of finding some players in the draft. Ponder seems to be legit. They just have a huge, gaping hole in the secondary and OL. They’ll be drafting early this year, just BPA because they need help everywhere except RB.

  23. Bad year, bad team, too many issues. Here’s my two cents worth: (1) hard to blame the offense too much with a new system/new coordinator, new QBs (one a rookie) and no off-season prep; (2) by the same token, the D didn’t change much, so that excuse doesn’t fly; (3) the personnel dept elected to go with this D-secondary, WR and O-line quality/depth, and whoever made those decisions should pay the price; (4) tough to dump Frazier and then pay off him and Klink for the next two years — this year dump the D assistants; and (5) the demise of the team is made worse by the success of the other NFCN teams — it’s going to be tough to win for a while in the NFCN.

  24. I second everything VikesfanSteve says up to the point where he suggests coaching options other than Frazier. Dungy, Billick and Cowher are good names, but I wonder why I never hear Jeff Fishers name brought up? Never was a Titan fan, but that team was tough as nails every year, didn’t beat itself with undisciplined penaltys, and represented itself well off the field and in the community. I know its another ex Bear, and God knows we’ve had our fill of those (Bobby Wade, Bernard Berrian, Devin Aromashodu) but I think Fisher would be a perfect fit. If not as coach, then definately as GM. The fact the Vikes don’t have one is ridiculous

  25. Getting rid of Spielman and Studwell to improve your chances of having a decent draft would be a GREAT start!
    The last 2 good draft picks they’ve had were Peterson and Harvin and those were guys who really shouldn’t have been available at their slot in the draft so that was more luck than good drafting! Ponder may very well end up being a GREAT pick, but 1 good draft pick out of the last 14+ isn’t gonna cut it!

  26. johnsticle says:
    Nov 28, 2011 4:12 PM
    “Better idea, scrap the entire defensive personnel, including staff. Except for Jared Allen, Brian Robison and the Henderson brothers. Bring in all new defensive personnel. There. Half of our problems are solved.”

    I agree with everything JohnSticle. But, the Henderson Bros have to go. Erin is rotten and EJ has lost it. Greenway has got to stay. Also the Tampa Two Prevent Defense has to go down the road.

  27. Frazier will be safe but Pugac will have to go. Musgrave will probably get another year as well. No way Wilf’s fire Frazier and then go on to pay 3 coaches while they are trying to get a new stadium. Get a top 5 pick and make that pick worth it. a Tackle and perhaps trade to get Blackmon.

  28. Wilf needs to resolve the duel-authority issue. Between Spielman and Frazier, one of these two needs to have the final say.

    Furthermore, I don’t know what anyone in this organization expects of this team this year. On the one hand, this team has only been blown out of two games this year, and had legitimate chances to win several of their games, but didn’t finish. But on the other hand, this team’s talent level is atrocious in several areas.

    The defensive secondary is horrible for two reasons: cornerbacks who are either injured or in trouble with the law, and safeties who simply don’t have the talent to be starters in the NFL. This issue MUST be addressed in free agency next year (and maybe the draft as well).

    The offensive line is just as bad, if not worse, than the secondary. This team needs two new OTs next year, along with a new center, and they need to move Loadholdt to guard where his lack of pass-blocking skills won’t be exploited. Making matters even worse for Ponder is that other than slot receiver Percy Harvin, there isn’t a starting-caliber WR on this team.

    I don’t care who’s coaching this team right now, they’d still be under .500 because they don’t have the talent to be any better than that. I think they’ve actually played above their talent level in most games. But things aren’t going to get better until they get better players. It’s not like Bill Belichick could win with this team.

  29. its Minnesota…. changes always happen…but nothing ever changes. I am not saying this due to my intense hatred for the Vikes…but look at the history. For years the Vikes had better talent than my awesome and current World Champ Packers, but they never did much with it. Sure there were flashes of brilliance…97….09… etc but nothing that sustained. the organization as a whole needs a plan for success or continue this cycle its been on since the Herschel Walker trade.

  30. hittfamily says:
    Nov 28, 2011 4:06 PM
    Change #! should be drafting a QB. Ponder is a bum. He threw a deep ball into double coverage on 4th down that his receiver made an incredible catch on. That lucky play accounted for 30% of his production on the day.


    Hmmm, lucky? Is that what were calling it now when the reciever burns two defenders and the qb makes a perfect throw?

  31. I feel sorry for AP and harvin when we see glimpses of how good the team could be but surrounded by many many bad/subpar players and BAD coaching. It is a damn shame. I move on and watch the good teams fight for the SB.

  32. In all honesty, they might have been better of in the long run to not hire Frazier. They should have went outside the organization and start with all new coaches. That’s how you get rid of the Childress culture.

  33. They need a lot of help, but it needs to start at the O-line. Fire Spielman he killed the Dolphins and now he’s killing the Vikings. Crappy draft after crappy draft. Ziggy deserves better and should be firing the team wrecker and hiring a real GM. Then tell Frazier these are your players coach em!

  34. By the time the Vikings get it “all together” x years from now, Adrian’s wheels might have come off and other key guys (e.g. Jared Allen) could be past their prime.

    So, if a brand-new leader on player personell arrives in the front office, maybe the thing to do is to explain a several-years-long rebuild strategy well to the fan base and then trade the most valuable veteran assets on the team (including Adrian) for a slew of draft picks and start over.

    That would be 180 degrees different than the very expensive “win-now-while-key-veterans-are-still-healthy” strategy of bringing in Brett and Donovan. That “get-the-last-key-player” strategy didn’t work back for the Herschel Walker trade either …. so trying something 180 degrees different starting next year would be understandable to their fans, probably.



    Why not trade Adrian Peterson? Think about it, we know they need talent in several areas and should get it through the draft, with AP you could get a proven starter and 2 (maybe 3) 1st round picks. Not to mention, we all know the shelf life of a running back is not very good and we are going on 7 years with him. They have already proven that they cannot win with him alone….but, they do need to get some coaching in there that can fire them guys up!

  36. Hmm I have to wonder of Frazier knows what he’s doing.

    1. Lobbying FOR McNabb
    2. Lobbying against Sapp (who’s instantly our best corner with Asher Allen being terrible, Griffin not being the same after 2 major knee injuries, Winfield out for the year, Cook strangling his girlfriend, and having no safeties.
    3. Completely ignoring the safety position
    4. Thinking Charlie Johnson can replace McKinnie (a 500 pound McKinnie in handcuffs would be a better LT than Johnson)
    5. Watching the offense and defense operate completely inept.
    6. Never adjusting during a game
    7. Standing emotionless on the sideline for 3 hours every Sunday

    I would say he doesn’t have a clue. Clean house from top to bottom. GM and the coaching staff. Maybe interview more that ONE candidate for the job before hiring someone Ziggy!

  37. Whoever decided to bring in Musgrave as OC should be first on the firing squad. He’s been terrible at that job every crack he’s gotten at it.

    Just goes to show, getting a job in the NFL ain’t about what you know as much as it’s about who you know.

    What else explains how this guy’s on his third failed OC job while Mike Martz literally had to beg for a job after getting fired by the 49ers and before last year, Hue Jackson had never called plays as an OC in the league?

  38. vikes69 says:
    Nov 28, 2011 4:32 PM
    justin blackmon

    If we don’t go Blackmon, we need Kalil…and go after Vincent Jackson in free agency. Picks 2-4 all need to be devoted to DB’s and safeties. Bring on the draft!

  39. A bad GM will kill a team faster than any other single issue. Poor drafting is huge, and you only need to look at Detroit and San Diego to see the truth of this. You could have made a pretty good team out of the guys A.J. Smith got rid of, and in Detroit, Matt Millen never had those guys TO get rid of.

    Teams these days replace 15-20% of the roster each year, and good teams get 4-6 of those players from the draft. Draft badly, and you don’t get those guys, and down the hill you go, because those guys are mostly cheap, and you can’t make a whole team buying free agents when there’s a salary cap.

    As far as coaches, none of the names in Minnesota are scary, it’s true, but the coaches don’t block and tackle, and if your players DO block and tackle, it don’t matter if the other team knows what’s coming, and the coaches look much better.

    Three good drafts and a few careful free agents can fix even a terrible team (see Detroit), so give Frazier a chance. As far as his coaches, not so much, but don’t fill in the graves, yet.

  40. I don’t necessarily understand the knock on Ponder so far. I mean, I was a little leary when they drafted him since I had no idea who the guy was, but to say he’s a bum is ridiculous. He has no offensive line to speak of and his recievers just aren’t cutting it besides a few recent flashes of brilliance from Percy. No QB would look good with this line. At least he can scramble and make plays with his legs otherwise they’d be far worse off then they are. This organization needs an overhaul from top to bottom, but, i’d say with what Ponder has had to work with this year he’s done pretty well. The stupid INT’s will fade with time. I’m not saying he’s the next elite QB of the NFL exactly but give the guy a little credit.

  41. The Vikings will continue to flounder until they hire a strong general manager with the power to take charge and do what he needs to do, from the coaching staff down to the fifty third man on the roster.

  42. mmcdan133 says: Nov 28, 2011 6:29 PM

    Is it me, or have the Vikings been trying to rebuild their secondary for 20 years?


    I guess Robert Griffith at S was horrible huh?

  43. Here’s a few of my takes…

    Trade AP for 2-3 players and a slew of 1st round picks? Never gonna happen. The days of the “Herschel Walker Robbery” are over. Take a look back at what we got for Randy Moss. Nothing! He was the #1 WR in the league. And we didn’t really get much for him. AP? Well, he would bring in a player, and maybe 1-2 picks. That’s it. And there’s no guarantee that they would both be first rounders.

    We need to address the O-coordinator, and D-coordinator. And GM… All 3 of them need to go. Let’s get rid of any remnants of the Childress, KAO, Triangle of Autority regime. And if Frazier is going to be the HC, let him start over with a good GM, and better choices of coordinators.

    FA… There’s so many holes to fill.. In all reality we could use 5 starting lineman. Hutch is towards the end of his career, Loadholt still hasn’t lived up to his hype. RG? who? it’s a revolving door at RG and C… and LT, well, i thought we didn’t even have one on the field over the past 12 weeks.

    WR.. Percy, and Jenkins belong on the roster. Other than that, start looking!

    DL.. JA, everyone else stinks! Yes, Kevin Williams is over-rated.

    LB… Greenway is playing ok that’s it.

    DB… There isn’t a safety, or CB on this roster who should be back next year.. Griffin, Sapp, and Winfield would make servicable backups. But because of Griffin and Winfields injury history the past 2 seasons. I wouldn’t pencil them in as starters.

    Kicker and punter.. Are set…

    Gotta start in FA, and see what you can find to fit holes that we have. Maybe entertain the idea of shopping Adrian, or some of the other players. Kevin Williams? See what you can get. Maybe you can get a 2nd rounder for someone. Buy by all means, don’t sign some 35-40 year olds and pin your hopes on them!

    Draft… Currently probably picking 3rd. What you don’t get in FA, look for in the draft. You don’t always have to keep that pick. You can trade down a couple of spots, and pick up a second rounder, possibly a second in 2013.. Stockpile picks!

    And last but not least… Break into the Packers war room! Find out who they are picking, and pick that guy before GB! You can’t deny the fact that GB has had great drafts. And as much as nobody in purple wants to hear this, GB is going to be good for a long time. They are extremely young, and alot of their key players are locked up into nice contracts. Cap friendly too!

  44. t-joke and sidney have more victories for the seahawks this season…. just saying.

    after all the trash viking fans were doing toward seahawk fans during the preseason.

  45. Reading all these despondent posts by you purple sad sacks makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Most posts are still disturbingly delusional believing all that’s needed is a couple simple plug and plays of a few FAs and a few draft picks and magically the vikes are SB bound.

    What’s disturbing is that a few of you made some rational observations and reasonable suggestions. I’m guessing your ancestry can be traced back to WI. Sadly most of the reasonable comments though were given the thumbs down by the irrational lavender toads that aren’t able to deal with the pain of just how pathetically bad their team is and that there is no quick fix to beating the 13 time Champs. And we all know it’s all about beating the Cheeseheads.

    Can’t wait to watch the queens get Tebowed this Sunday.

  46. I don’t know why we wouldn’t get rid of Fraizer and Spielman? I mean we need a coach that will show some emotion. Maybe get upset and get in someone’s shorts like the horrible offensive line, secondary, linebackers ect…..

  47. mmcdan133 says: Nov 28, 2011 6:29 PM

    Is it me, or have the Vikings been trying to rebuild their secondary for 20 years?

    Wow… A potshot at the Vikings that’s actually true. Must not be a Packers fan…..

    I haven’t had confidence in the Vikings secondary since Lee/McMillan/Browner days. Sure, they’ve had a few good players back there….. Winfield deserves every accolade he’s given, and then some. Robert Griffin was a solid SS. I liked Brian Williams as a #2 CB back when he was young, and Ced looked like a similar player until those knee injuries robbed him of it. But they just haven’t been able to field 4 guys who could get the job done in a long time.

    Whether he ever plays another down or not, though, you have to admit that Cook had promise. The best CB they’ve drafted since…… Ummmmm…….

  48. Is it me, or have the Vikings been trying to rebuild their secondary for 20 years?
    Willie Teal and John Swain, where have you gone

  49. As far as moving forward, and to respond to a few posts….

    Loadholt plays too high to be a G. He would get bullied by every strong DT in the league. If he can’t make it as a RT (and he sure looks like another in a long line of failed RTs) then he needs to go. I say park Berger on the bench, move Johnson to RG, and let Love finish the season at LT and see what he’s got. Maybe he’ll pull a Doug Free on them and make the decision with that high pick easier.

    A good outside WR is a must. Percy is a gamebreaker and would be even better drawing the #2 CB or nickel back, but you can’t try to force him to be the go-to guy. Personally, I think that Blackmon/Jenkins/Harvin would be comparable or better than what all but a handful of teams are fielding right now.

    Come draft time, it’s BPA time. The only positions that should be exempt are RB, DL, and TE. We can move forward for at least another year with what we have at those positions. Everything else is positions that could use upgrades or competition. If they keep Frazier, he needs to sit down and lay out a clear plan of what he wants at every position and set a draft board accordingly, and stick to it. Approach FA cautiously unless there is a young player perfect for what he wants to do. Young backups looking for a chance to start and smart veterans who can tutor younger players only. Fill holes just enough that you don’t feel obligated to try to draft to fill those holes. And for god’s sake, bring in about 20 UFA DBs and see if you can’t find 1 who deserves to be on an NFL roster. They certainly haven’t been able to draft them in, after all.

  50. Jerrykill4pres:
    Trade AP for 2-3 players and a slew of 1st round picks? Never gonna happen. The days of the “Herschel Walker Robbery” are over.

    NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!!! Did you see the carson palmer deal that brought him to the raiders….cincy pulled off the robbery, you need to find the right bidder but it can be done.

  51. This team is in far more trouble than many of you think. The notion that they are underrated because they blew a number of leads early in the year is laughable. That is exactly the sign of a very bad team… that cannot hold onto a lead. Here are a few observations:

    1) This team needs to get rid of their personnel department and hire a real GM that has total and complete power. That may mean the end of Leslie Frasier after a year, but this has plagued this franchise for decades.

    2) The secondary may be the worst in football and their best player is now very old. This unit will take multiple years to re-build.

    3) They need to draft another young QB. Only time will tell with Ponder and it never hurts to stockpile young QBs. See Favre, Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Ty Detmer, Matt Hassleback, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn.

    4) They desperately need to improve their WR corps. This is the new NFL and it revolves around spread offenses and the passing game. Percy Harvin is an intriguing #2 option and that is it. Jenkins is a #5 WR on an average team. They need to start to invest in young talent. Again, this process will likely take multiple years.

    5) Finally there are some sensible people offering their opinions on trading AP! The contract they gave that guy was an abomination. The Bears are playing it right with Forte. Don’t give him a long-term deal and merely tag him next year. RBs are a dying breed in this league. The Vikes should trade AP….try to get a couple of draft picks for him….and get rid of that contract. Parlay the extra picks into CB and WR help……and another young QB. And then hope and pray that this team can amount to something in four to five years.

  52. My Vikes are a mess this year. Ponder is, however, someone to build around. The first priority of a new GM who has complete control over free agency and the draft is to get better personnel on the offensive line. Better pass protection…better run blocking, allows the offensive playbook to be more varied, and hopefully…with Peterson…allowing for some long sustained drives that eats up the clock and ends in touchdowns. The Vikings defense would thus improve…by BEING ON THE SIDELINE!!!

  53. Get rid of Musgrave,Pagnac Spielman the O-Line and secondary get all new ones and the Vikes will be fine Wr’s are not the issue getting time to get them the ball is

  54. This article speaks of the coordinators that Childress hired but don’t forget that Childress hired Frazier as well.

    The main problem is that the NFL rules have changed. The Vikings are built to play zone where you allow a WR to make a catch then make them pay for it. But the NFL has removed that crucial component of the game because you can no longer hit defensless WR’s. In addition, the NFL is allowing much more holding by the defense during man coverage, which doens’t benefit zone. Teams like the Jets and Packers commit holding defensively on virtually every pass play in which they play man coverage. But the league only occasionally calls it and usually only when a WR is running vertically.

    Frazier is a Tampa 2 guy and knows nothing else. Personally I think he’s obsolete. He has one year of head coaching experience, potentially the worst team in Vikings history, and a bunch of coordinator experience in an obsolete system. The team doesn’t play that hard for him, or not as hard as they did for Chilly, and his expertise, Tampa 2, is neutralized by recent rule changes. They should just start completely over. There is zero point in keeping Frazier around. We’ve seen that he’s incapable of matching Childress’s team using virtually the same players. That’s a red flag.

    I could understand keeping Musgrave for continuity, though I will say he’s been largely unimpressive. But that could be mostly to do with poor offensive personel outside of one WR and one RB.

  55. redbullenergydrink says:
    Nov 28, 2011 4:08 PM
    …If only they had taken care of the Saints in New Orleans 2 seasons ago… (Sorry to bring that up, Vikings fans, but that was your only shot in this decade).


    2009 was a different decade than the one most of us are currently living in.

  56. of course changes are expected in Minnesota after this season. Minnesota won’t have the team anymore. On-field changes will be done in Los Angeles.

  57. Some are saying we need to draft a WR. agreed but as most of us know it all starts up front. You can have great wrs. but with little or protection it’s not going to happen. Vikes need to draft/sign some OLINE help… they have some young guys that might be studs but haven’t been able to see them on the field. Something drastic has to happen in all areas the way it looks.

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