Del Rio on lack of timeout: Offensive coordinator didn’t want it


Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio is passing the buck once again.

Last week, when asked about the reasons behind Jacksonville’s late playcalling, Del Rio said he didn’t know.  You would have to ask the offensive coordinator.

This week, Del Rio was asked why the team didn’t take a timeout before their final fourth down play.  Luke McCown rushed to the line of scrimmage and threw an incompletion with 1:16 left to go.  Del Rio’s answer was strikingly similar to last week.

“I asked [offensive coordinator] Dirk [Koetter] do you want a timeout there and he said no. That’s why,” Del Rio said after the game.

We know Del Rio is just being honest here, but it’s baffling that he doesn’t understand how it sounds.

The head coach decides what’s best for the team, especially when to use timeouts. Even if Koetter didn’t want a timeout, it makes sense for Del Rio to say “we” decided not to take the timeout rather than put the ultimately failed decision on Koetter. Del Rio is the one that should ultimately be making the decision.

If it seems like we’re picking on Del Rio, ask yourself a question: Would any other head coach in the NFL say that critical late-game decisions on timeouts were made by someone else?

35 responses to “Del Rio on lack of timeout: Offensive coordinator didn’t want it

  1. I used to like him but now Del Rio is quicly becoming one of my least favorite coaches in the NFL

  2. Del Rio sounds like he’s ready to just wrap this thing up and go home. You can’t physically quit the job because it’ll hurt your future job prospects so why not just let Koetter steer the boat for a while and mail it in from the sidelines.

  3. The only thing worse than an inept head coach is a head coach who isn’t man enough to take responsibility for what his team does/doesn’t do. He keeps throwing his offensive coordinator under the bus…I would imagine a lot of coaches would think twice before working with Del Rio after this (then again, I doubt he’ll be a head coach anywhere next season). What a loser.

  4. Would any other head coach in the NFL say that critical late-game decisions on timeouts were made by someone else?

    Of course not. Jaguar fans have been subjected to this incompetent coach for 9 years. This is new to the rest of you, but this is nothing new for Jaguar fans, yet we keep getting this imaginary moniker of “horrible fans”. We are sick of this charade and have been for many years now. As least we can all take pride in the fact that a change at head coach is on the horizon.

  5. I usually don’t like in season fireing of coaches but this idiot needs to go. His team is terrible and I can’t help but think that since he knows his time is up his attitude is rubbing off on the team. What a complete jack ass.

  6. Dear Wayne Weaver,

    If you don’t fire this guy right now, you are going to lose a lot of the people who actually do show up and support this franchise.

  7. I don’t know how you see Del Rio’s behave this year as anything other then a coach knowing he’s done after this year and simply saying F it.

  8. OK, so everyone agrees that Del Rio will get fired by the end of the year, if not before. The last two weeks he has been practicing not beiong the head coach.

  9. That’s OK.

    As Maximus said to Commodus in Gladiator:

    “The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.”

    The time for Del Rio to honor himself by throwing others under the bus will come to an end in 5 miserable weeks.

    And I am thinking it will be a long, long, time before another chance comes along.

  10. A 16 year loyal season ticket holder here says , “it’s time to keep a few solid core players they have like MJD, D. Smith, Pos, Monroe, Alualu, Knighton, Mincey, Cox, and blow the rest of this team up, from the GM, coaching staff (with the possible exception of Mel Tucker).” Let’s get someone in here like Fisher or Cowher and get back to the success of the Coughlin years at the very least….

  11. badtimeoutcaldwell says: Nov 28, 2011 8:51 AM

    Jim Caldwell and Jack Del Rio get together during the offseason and share their “timeout” calling strategies with eachother over a pitcher of lemonade

    They must have forgotten to invite Marvin Lewis this year because for the first time in many years, his clock management isn’t atrocious.

  12. This guy may be too pretty to fire, but he has stopped acting like a head coach. Get rid of him !

  13. Jack is just being humble. In one week, we have moved from a top 10 pick in the 2012 draft to a top 5 pick. If he can stay the course, we might slide into the top 3.

  14. I bet the entire country just can’t wait to watch the Jags next Monday night vs. the (almost) equally underachieving will be painful to watch…
    …..are there any Matlock reruns available??

  15. Not only would Jim Caldwell do that, but the Colts hired Jim Tressel specifically to make those decisions for him.

  16. How can we expect players to take responsibility for their actions if the head coach doesn’t?
    Does del Rio really think someone else will hire him after he threw his offensive co-ordinator under the bus two weeks in a row?

  17. bunchesofone says:
    Nov 28, 2011 9:25 AM
    Note to Jack and Dirk.UCLA will soon be looking for a HC. Take your comedy act and go west…or just go

    USC Alum Del Rio coaching UCLA??? Not a chance! He’d rather sit on his money and watch his son play QB in high school than go coach the enemy…

  18. How Del Rio’s leaving this guy out to dry for his own ineptness (and also ensuring that he’ll never ever be an HC again in this league), you get the feeling that he doesn’t even like Coetter.

    I mean he has singled him out quite a bit when that’s job one for the HC, to take responsibility for everything whether it’s your fault or not, then fire whoever you think is not geting the job done. Hopefully, for Jag fans, he won’t get to make that change.

  19. Hey Jack, I bet that sweet leather jacket you rock would look awesome with a matching pair of cement shoes.

    I feel for the Jags fans having to put up with this cowardly SOB since 03. Bet you when he was a player he would reeeeaaaally have loved it if his HCs had thrown HIM under the bus like that by name. That’s the WORST THING a leader can do.

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