Plummer: I’m not dissing Tebow, I just don’t need to hear it

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Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer has revised and extended his controversial comments about Tim Tebow.

Plummer created a controversy when he said he wishes Tebow would tone it down with talking about his religion every time he can. Tebow responded that he’ll take every opportunity to praise the Lord, comparing his own declarations that he loves Jesus with a man telling his wife he loves her.

Although Plummer stressed that he doesn’t have anything against Tebow or his beliefs, he said he doesn’t think that explanation makes a lot of sense.

“If I jumped up after every game and said ‘First and foremost I want to thank and say I love my wife,’ people would get tired of hearing that,” Plummer said on 102.3 The Ticket in Denver, via Sports Radio Interviews. “Even my wife would get sick of hearing that.”

Plummer said he can’t help but wonder whether linking God with the game of football — which is, after all, trivial in the grand scheme of things — actually cheapens Tebow’s beliefs.

“I can think back to when I was a kid watching sports – me and my brothers were big sports fans – it always seemed to trivialize that importance of a relationship of that sort that people had with Jesus Christ or with God,” Plummer said. “Whatever it was it seemed to be an inappropriate place to bring it up after a football game or a basketball game or whatever, but I am not dissing the guy for his beliefs. He obviously is a good kid. He’s got a lot of strong morals and values – it’s just I’ll TiVo it and then I’ll mute it. I don’t have to hear it.”

Tebow is such a polarizing figure that there are likely millions of football fans who reach for the mute button when it’s time for his post-game interview, and millions who turn the volume up when he speaks. But we can all agree that the way he’s playing on the football field, no one changes the channel when he has the ball in his hands in the fourth quarter.

167 responses to “Plummer: I’m not dissing Tebow, I just don’t need to hear it

  1. I hate to sound like I’m defending Tebow, cause I’m not but why is anyone listening to what Jake Plummer has to say?

    Jake Plummer who? I’ll never understand why people give Plummer any credence, what the hell did he ever do in the league except underachieve? Typical response would be, then don’t listen Jake.

    It’s astonishing that a QB that never accomplished a single thing in his career, who retired on a sour note suddenly feels like he needs to speak up about this? Amazing, this guy is real zero.

  2. Plummer realized everyone has already forgotten about him, so here’s another statement. Way to (try to) stay relevant.

  3. Another question is why Jake Plummer is being interviewed by The Ticket or anyone else. He could have had a career but walked away and now he seems to want to be relevent.
    If anyone should just shut up and “keep it to themselves” it should be Plummer.

  4. Not a huge fan of Plummer, but he has a solid point. While I respect Tebow for his beliefs, he seems to think everyone shares his same beliefs. No matter, Tebow fever has peaked and he’s on his way down. If anyone can make it through watching his awful, awful play for a whole game, you’re a better man than me. No, I’m not a hater. He’s not good, heck, he’s not even mediocre. Elway knows it, Fox knows it and every single NFL analyst knows it. Yes, yes, yes, he just keeps winning. Let’s see him win next year after teams have an entire season of awful throws and stupid College plays to look at. Can the man throw a pass or will his handlers not let him?

  5. Thank you, Jake Plummer. That’s what I have been saying all along. If you don’t want to hear it, change the channel, mute it, do what ever you got to do. But don’t tell this kid he is invading your space or throwing it in your face everytime he professes his faith. He is saying what he wants to say when he gets the microphone. That is his right, and he sees it as his duty. Do what Jake does. Tune it out.

    I, however, gotta tune it in. Dislike the Broncos (Go Raiders!), but much love for Tebow.

  6. Can we take a vacation from Tebow? I like the kid, and he keeps finding ways to win…..but I am just on Tebow overload.

  7. I found myself thinking the same thing yesterday after the game when I saw him gesture to “the man” several times. Its football. I don’t know that God cares if you won. At least I hope he doesn’t. He should be turning attention to NCAA assistant coaches and their victims.

  8. I think Plummer is just saying what everyone else is/has been thinking. I am happy that such a good person is finding success in the NFL, a league where criminals have thrived but I don’t want to hear about religious beliefs of every player let alone 1.

    I do have some advice for every defensive coordinator who has to face the Broncos though: 99% of Tebow’s plays will be a run or an option. 1% of Tebow’s plays will be passes. It should be quite simple to figure this out and if you can’t you don’t deserve your job.

    Once he loses a game or two, which he will, then no one will care anymore.

  9. What is your point? Haven’t we been through this already for the millionth time. Jake doesn’t like hearing about Jesus during football games and Tim likes declaring his love for Jesus during football games. Each spoke their piece and that’s it. Tim can keep speaking about whatever he likes and Jake can turn it off. That simple. End of story. Until another column by a writer on PFT brings up another issue about Tebow. I swear I think PFT puts out these pieces on Tebow just to spike hits to their site.

  10. People Thank God all the time, usually after they win something. It doesn’t bother me when Tebow does it, just like it doesn’t bother me when some actor thinks God helped them win an Oscar. Or some boxer who think’s God helped him beat another dude into a pulp.

  11. Seriously dude is getting annoying as hell. Vikings won’t shut him up but I’m sure pats will end the none sense!

  12. If I was Tebow I would be doing the same thing. Him winning games putting the stats he has is obviously evidence that God does create miracles hahaha… Got no problem with it tho. he’s a good guy and is plating entertaining football even if it’s for one quarter

  13. Plummer is just jealous. Pure and simple. Denver never endeared him the way they have Tebow. I remember a time when Jake was the “4th quarter comeback kid”. Jealousy is one thing Jake, but public displays of jealousy just seem petty and annoying. I really wish you would dial it back a bit.

  14. spoken like a true ‘worldy individual.”

    Tebow isn’t bringing God into the game of football, he’s giving glory to the One that’s giving him the opportunities, the courage and the strength to succeed. It’s not about how people feel when they hear “I thank God for…” it’s about giving thanks for what you have and what you don’t. I didn’t hear Jake complaining when Super bowl Champs or other sports figures say it. Why now? Why Tebow?

    If you don’t like hearing it, then change the channel. I’m sure there are at least 250 of them to choose from. I also find it ironic that we have to hear about how Plummer doesn’t want to hear Tebow praise God…

  15. Two things you don’t bring up in polite conversation:
    Religion and politics.
    Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions and beating people over the head with them make a person appear to be a glassy-eyed fanatic.
    Tebow is religious. We get it.
    He should just shut up and play football.

  16. Keep talking Jake and strive for football relevance for at least one more day. Without Tebow…no one would care what Jake Plummer thinks.

  17. I love Jake for saying this. The more Tebow talks about God the more it feels like it’s about his own ego. It’s an easy way to get people to think “He’s a great guy.”

    If his love for God is that real, then he doesn’t have to say it during EVERY interview. If it’s real, then tell him while you pray to him after every successful handoff.

  18. I’m with Jake 100%.

    It’s great that football’s messiah gains strength and inspiration based on the convictions of his beliefs. But it’s no different than a Moslem praising Allah and the prophet mohammed every time he is successful.. and believe me if that were the case, all these laissez-faire enablers’ heads would be exploding.

    Believe what you want; just don’t breech my space by foisting it on me without an invite. FWIW, it’s human nature that when someone needs to keep repeating himself, in reality he’s likely trying to persuade himself it’s true, more so than others he’s infringing upon.

  19. If Tebow really loves Jesus so much then why is he playing football on Sunday instead of going to church?

  20. Random thoughts:

    1) What business is it of Jake Plummer’s, and why would anyone seek out his opinion?

    2) Lots of athletes “thank God” or point to the heavens or whatever when they make a play. I think Tebow catches hell because unlike the others he seems to live up to his religious beliefs OFF the field, too.

    3) Just once I’d like to see Tebow (or any of them) shake an angry fist at the heavens and blame God when he throws a pick or fumbles the ball. Fair is fair, right?

  21. Could NOT agree more. While someone may have the right to do something doesn’t mean they should nor does it mean we have to tolerate it.

    I bet if he were Muslim people would be screaming for him to stop. how insecure must one be to parade their beliefs like that? It is offensive to many (rightly or wrongly) and he just doesn’t care. Very juvenile.

    Great athlete (not QB) and I wish him much success (as I do with everyone) in the NFL. But I am sick to death of Vacation Bible School on Bronco’s telecasts.

  22. I think he should chill too. Faith and prayer and personal things meant to be done in private. To say he loves Jesus at the start of every post game interview is childish.

  23. Jake who?

    No more annoying than hearing how wonderful a comeback story an ex-convict gets every game (Vick)

    No more annoying than hearing about how wonderful Rapelesburger is every game too

    Talk about Jesus, you better tone it down

  24. I agree with Plummer even my wife would get sick of hearing that crap.

    Someone tackle him hard like they did to Cutler or Jason Campbell already because I am sick of watching little league football when the Broncos play.

  25. “it’s just I’ll TiVo it and then I’ll mute it. I don’t have to hear it.” …Who uses Tivo as a verb in 2011? It is called DVR, no wonder this guy sports a 70’s moustache, it appears Mr. Plummer is stuck in the past.

  26. Tim Tebow’s post-game interviews and religious statements are a lot less painful, and less offensive than the 10 years we had to watch Plummer behind center.

  27. I think Plummer may be a little jealous since he never won 5 games in the NFL. Didn’t Jesus stomp on the serpent’s head…Jack “the snake”???

  28. I find it funny that Plummer was charged with felony sexual assault and is claiming someone shouldn’t push something on others.

  29. If people don’t want to hear about it, stop interviewing him. He is free to say whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned. I will say this though – it seems like the standard NFL fan would prefer to hear from someone with 15 kids who can’t properly put together an english sentence if his life depended upon it… I, for one, find that much more annoying than someone talking about their religion.

  30. Plummer has no angle to get back into the game, so the reason his comments are getting play is that a lot of people agree with where he’s coming from. If you like to hear someone going on and on about Jesus all the time, Tebow’s going to make you happy. If you would rather someone talk about his faith (whatever that faith is) when asked or prompted, you probably cringe a bit when Tebow ties everything into his faith.

  31. true, it gets old hearing the religious mumbo jumbo but the exact same thing could be said for just about any opinion there is. It truly doesn’t matter the explaination, someone could always say they don’t want to hear it or they’re offended by it. BTW, I hate watching Tebow play QB, makes me want to poop on the carpet.

  32. Who cares? I don’t mind Tebow mentioning his religion constantly, but I do mind the media turning it into a major storyline. There are very few things LESS controversial than thanking your god after an athletic competition. Just ignore it and move on. He’s not trying to convert anyone.

  33. Did people hate on Reggie White the way they do Tebow for the religous talk? And you cant tell me Reggie didnt preach it like Tebow either, because he did.

  34. The constant proselytizing gets on my nerves, too, but for a guy that hates the game, Jake sure does watch a lot of Broncos football.

  35. Slow news day?

    Hey Jake, if you don’t like it, there’s this thing called the ‘Power’ button on your remote. If you don’t want to turn it off, there’s this thing called the ‘Mute’ button that works pretty well too.

    I don’t remember anyone telling Jake Plummer what he should or shouldn’t say during post-game interviews. He doesn’t need to be lecturing Tebow on what he should or shouldn’t say during post-game interviews.

    Sounds like Jake has been hanging around with Merril Hoge. As of this morning, Hoge still couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge that Tebow had lead the Broncos to a win over a quality opponent on the road (Oakland).

  36. If you want to go the freedom of religion route, then we should accept any form of religious views being demonstrated on the field. Even would have to accept the despicable; the last thing I would want to see is someone hailing hitler after touchdowns. It’s all about respect, we should respect Tebow and he should respect the church of the NFL. I have no problem (and enjoy) watching Tebow win in an unorthodox way, I just don’t want to be reminded that I should be at church and not on my couch watching football…

  37. Plummer is 100% correct. No one is saying Tebow is a bad person, but he doesn’t need to preach in every interview. This is sports, not Church or bible study. We go to Church, but don’t want to be preached to outside of Church.

    Tone it down, Tebow. You’re not in the South/ Bible belt anymore where being proselytized to everyday is acceptable.

  38. Then Jake, don’t pay attention to it. Though, if it bugs you so much, then maybe you might need to pay attention to it. Just saying.

  39. I can understand why people feel the way they do about Tebow, but answer me this.

    Would you rather hear what Tim Tebow has to say after a win, or Michael Vick?


  40. I’m with Jake. I am tired of hearing it, and when I see Tebow step up to the mic I change the channel. I pause for a moment, thinking maybe…maybe he will just talk about the game, but every time he goes on a 10 second, “Jesus and I are BFFs”

    An honest prayer is one done alone in a room with no witnesses. One done in front of millions seems a lot less sincere. I’m tired of it, but I have a remore to my Samsung UN55D8000 and CLICK…no more Tebow.

  41. But we can all agree that the way he’s playing on the football field, no one changes the channel when he has the ball in his hands in the fourth quarter.

    of course, many of us saw that Denver was playing, and turned the channel well before the 4th quarter…

  42. I think Tebow’s POOR PUBLIC SPEAKING ABILITY & LOW INTELLIGENCE– are what masquerade as his ‘religious fervor.’

    He only mentions Jesus & God every time he’s interviewed because it’s his go-to move. It’s the only thing he can say reliably without tripping over himself and revealing his true identity: a meat-headed sheep.

    He’s got great morals and is a great example….but he can be the same person without forcing out the same, tired old Christian salespitch.

    Plummer is completely right. Don’t cheapen the word ‘love’ and don’t assume an omniscient God gives a crap about a football game.

    ‘If god did not exist, it would be necessary to invent one.’

    ‘Who is Voltaire?’
    -Tim Tebow

  43. God could care less about football, Tim Tebow, and his constant douchey praising of him.,.. If he/she does exist he either isn’t worried about the outcome of any game or thinks people are morons for thinking he/she does with all the other stuff going on in the world…. I don’t dislike Tebow for his success, I blame the awful schedule he’s had for his success and his moronic cult like followers who made him annoying to follow…. I actually wish him tons of success…. He stinks at the QB position and teams will figure him out soon, but until then, enjoy the ride!… Now shouldn’t the Tebow maniacs be praying at the alter of Von Miller?… Or is he not white and wholesome enough?

  44. We all know what Plummer is talking about. How many times have you watched an athlete(doesn’t matter what sport) stand up there after a game and say something like “I just want to praise God” yet that same guy has like 6 kids from 6 different women, a police record, etc, etc. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that and been like “gimme a break”!
    The difference is when Tebow says it I believe him but I still change the channel when they interview him because it’s total overload with him.

  45. Really, as long as any athlete is being genuine and truthful, I’m all for it. I’d way rather have Tebow share something very important to him rather than the millionth regurgitation of “all the credit goes to my line/the coaches/the receivers/the defense”.

  46. “But we can all agree that the way he’s playing on the football field, no one changes the channel when he has the ball in his hands in the fourth quarter.”


  47. Dear NFL fans who need more to do,

    How is thanking Jesus after a game any different than a QB who thanks his o line for keeping him clean after a game?

    It’s hilarious that people get so upset over a man’s religion when he is not forcing it on anyone.

    “Oh but it’s during the football game and I have to hear it”.

    This is just as bad as parents who blame TV shows for their kids problems. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Plain and simple.

  48. Tell ya what….if you ever make it as a professional athlete then you can talk about anything you want. Tebow has always stated that football is a platform so he can spread his Christianity and be a role model.

  49. Tebow is very annoying…. it’s like having your paper delivery boy / guy talk up religion to you every time you get your news….

    I respect everyone’s religious point of view…. but don’t want to hear evangelism every time I’m trying to enjoy my favorite sport….

  50. I always hate when players give credit to God for getting them the win or making the play. What, your God loves you and hates the San Diego Chargers? Well, Chargers fans may agree with that after the streak of bad luck, but that’s a different story for a different article.

  51. As long as you’re winning, you can get away with this Lord talk.

    Once the Tebow Magick™ wears off, he’ll surely be forsaken by more than just Plummer.
    He’ll be known as what he is: lucky to have a good defense, good coach and a soft schedule in a parity riddled league.

    John Elway is not an idiot. He would trade his right arm for a QB with half of Plummer’s skill instead of Tebow.

  52. Even Tebow’s defense shows the problem: Tebow compared it to having a wife he really loved, and how a good husband would want to tell her he loves her all the time.

    Which is great and all (I tell my wife I lover her all the time too). But I’d be just as annoyed if he had to open every single public speaking opportunity with “I just want to thank my wife, whom I love more than anything in the whole world…”

    Just understand that you needing to tell people (you wife, your god, whatever) is NOT the same as you having to tell all of us every second you get.

    Normally when people have a compulsive need to share publicly they are trying to convince themselves, not us. Please deal with your own issue, and don’t force us to listen to them. Otherwise I’d probably be a big Tebow fan (it’s hard not to get a kick out of the Broncos winning old-school style, and Tebow seems like a good guy in general).

  53. Plummer, if you don’t like Tebow’s interview, change you channel to the Kardashian show. Go Tim Go Broncos.

  54. Still shaking my head over all the fuss over Tebow; a WELL below average QB. HE hasn’t been winning games for the Broncos…it is the DEFENSE that should get almost all of the credit.

    Tebow may beat you ONCE a game with a deep throw (always to Eric Decker) or have ONE big run per game. But it is the defense who has been mostly lights out the last 6 games damn near every down. The defense enables Tebow to only make ONE PLAY in a game to win it because the defense keeps the opposing offenses to no more than 15 points.

  55. Bet 90% of the people who post here would be up in arms if a player that got a ton of media coverage opened up every interview by thanking Allah.

    Why can’t we have an all-pro, future Hall of Famer be a Satanist?

    Would love to hear an opening thank you to Satan in each interview, bet people would complain then.

  56. Were I a sports hero, I would come out after a victory and give praise to my lord and master satan for giving me the power to crush and humiliate my enemies…. oh, good times…

  57. In post game comments, there needs to be less use of the name “Jesus Christ” in the literal sense, and more use of the name in the expletive. For example, “Jesus Christ, what a game!” or “Jesus Christ, were those refs blind?!”

    I would even accept the use of the name in the literal/ expletive, such as “Jesus Christ could come down off the cross and the Colts still wouldn’t win a game!”

  58. I sometimes cringe too what comes out of his mouth, but I remember that he’s a 24 year old kid. Do you think when he reaches 35, he’s going to be interviewing and saying the same thing? I’d be surprised. As far as his faith on his sleeve, it’s his right whether you accept it or not to thank whoever he wants, just as it’s our right and duty to tolerate other bloggers opinions.

  59. For those of you wondering why Plummer’s thoughts are relavent, remember this is LOCAL DENVER media he’s appearing on.

    As an atheist, I’m thankful when Tebow annoys the hell out of everyone (or when people predict the end of days, etc.). It just turns more people off to religion. Keep it up, Tim.

    Love the way the kid plays football, though. He is exciting to watch.

  60. Praise God! Tebow you have no idea how pleased our heavenly father is with you. He has given you a platform and you have pleased him! Keep it up. Continue to shout it in the streets. Don’t worry what no one says. We are very peculiar as Christians! YOU ROCK!!!

  61. I’d love it if we could stop hearing how great Tebow is period. The kid is a lousy QB, who throws a handful of passes a game and runs like a FB. The defense is allowing this poor excuse for an offense to play that way. Tebow benefits from them, while that offense is an anchor for them. I keep hearing that all he does is win, but he’s doing little to help them win. The defense keeps them in it until the offense can put together a drive. It’s lousy football that only Bronco fans can stomach and I’m not convinced most of them like it either.

  62. I guess Plummer does not value a little humility. Aren’t we all tired of seeing these grown men preen for attention after scoring a touchdown or dunking a basketball like it’s never been done before? While I am not a God person all that much, a little God or Jesus is much better than all these me first players I see on SportsCenter thumping their chests or ripping their helmets off saying look at me. At least Tebow is humble about what he does despite all the attempts to label him all kinds of other things.

  63. I don’t need to hear anything Tebow says, that’s why I don’t watch or listen to his interviews.

  64. derfshambeaux says:
    Nov 28, 2011 2:09 PM
    Why doesn’t Tebow drop to one knee or praise God when he fumbles or throws a pick?


    Because he’s fumbled once all year and thrown like one pick ya dingo, thats probably why you don’t remember it happening

  65. Jake, you should of accepted J.C. as your personal saviour. If you had you might still be the QB in Denver. Not!

  66. Watching Denver play Pro Football is like watching Paint Dry. With the quality of most everything else in Life falling why not NFL Football.

    Give me the Dan Marino’s, Jim Kelly’s, Elway’s and Stabler’s of the World any time. The NFL should stop Drafting QB’s just put a good RB back there and teach him to toss the ball 2 or 3 times per game.

  67. He was asked his opinion on the guy on a radio show and answered so curb the “no one cares what Plummer has to say” comments. Its not like he popped up from his life to just start smack talking Tebow.

  68. Hey Plummer – how’d that work out when you tried to beat Ike Taylor in the AFC Title game?

    Go play handball, and get off my computer.

  69. But we can all agree that the way he’s playing on the football field, no one changes the channel when he has the ball in his hands in the fourth quarter.


    I dislike that Tebow gets all the praise (pun intended) for these wins when the defense has only given up 15 points a game during their win streak. Almost every QB in this league can win when their defense only gives up 15 points.

  70. I think it’s hilarious that people like Jake Plummer have such thin skin that this kind of thing can bother them… Seriously grow up. Are you that uncomfortable or unconfident in your own belief system?

  71. If I were Tebow, I’d be thanking God for evolution, which gave him the genetic gifts that he has that allow him to play football at the level he does.

  72. When people start retroactively complaining about Reggie White and complain about every other player that praises God or Jesus after winning, I’ll care. Until then….

    Even the coach of the clown football team that won the Grey Cup yesterday first thanked Jesus before anyone else. Thanking the Lord in a post-game interview is as much a part of football as field goals and nightclub shootings.

  73. God gave you the free will to choose your eternal destiny, but he commands his believers to spread the gospel. Plummers’ response indicates that he doesn’t understand God at all. Isn’t it better to remain quiet and let everyone think you are a fool then to open your mouth and prove it. You have no idea what he believes but yet you do not want to hear it. What are your beliefs Plummer?

  74. So, if Tebow is wrong but his faith makes him a good person and he treats others like he would be treated-who cares what he says or who/whom he believes in…

    He’s winning games, not shooting himself or getting arrested and PETA doesn’t have a beef with him-leave the issue alone, just let it go

  75. OK – So what happens when Tebow lines up across someone like Reggie White. Or a Tony Dungy/Joe Gibbs coached team? Who does God take?

    Does he go to the spread, or just bet the Over?

  76. @nflfollower

    It has nothing to do with thin skin. It has to do with the fact that he keeps repeating himself when nobody watching football even cares. If he were talking about a shoe insole, that actually helped him play better and make his feet more comfortable, it wouldn’t matter.

    “Hey Tim, congrats on the win. Tell us about that last drive.”
    “Well, first I really need to say that these Dr. Scholls insoles are incredible! They do such a great job of cushioning my feet! I can’t thank them enough.”

    “A lot of people say you’re not a real quarterback, that you can’t throw. What do you say to them?”
    “Well, I just want to win however I can, and I’m just thankful that I have these insoles that give me the strength and the comfort to win, no matter how it happens.”

    “Your defense has been playing extremely well. Do you feel the offense is giving them enough support? Because a lot of people are worried that you’re wearing them out.”
    “Well, I think our defense is capable of handling anything that’s thrown at them, and I have faith that these Dr. Scholls insoles will help them overcome any challenge that is thrown at them.”

    Why wouldn’t anyone mute the TV during interviews like that?

  77. kwgator says:
    Nov 28, 2011 2:13 PM

    Jesus > Plummer’s Wife

    You’ve never been with Plummer’s wife :rimshot:

  78. Hey plummmer… if you are sick of hearing about Tebow then quit, swear off civilization, pack up everything and move to the middle of nowhere… oh wait

  79. I love how in the time of Twitter everyone thinks their opinions are important and interesting and that other people actually want to hear them. Why would I care if Tebows faith makes you uncomfortable ? So someone believes in somehting you don’t, wow you never encounter that in life at all. And it doesn’t mean I wanna hear your theories on evolution or religion either. Get over yourselves already.

  80. wow, what pathetic Tebow/ God haters posting here.
    You can hate all u want, but hate wont avoid the truth

  81. tiffpats4eva says: Nov 28, 2011 3:08 PM

    Tebow worships Tebow. There is nothing humble about his alleged praise of Jesus.

    wow! u are one sick puppy. Tebow never mentions himself, gives of his life to help others and you do what?

    Tim worships his Savior and you worship your pathetic self.

  82. phatnate says “I guess Plummer does not value a little humility”. Um, have you ever heard the phrase “Holier than Thou”? The last thing you can accuse “He Who Shall Not Be Named” of is Humility. He simply gushes about going to hospitals to play hero, and I have yet to see a mic or camera he doesn’t like and pray for. And as far as chest thumping goes, are you serious?? The hilights clearly show him in a horse-stance thumping his chest and roaring in the end zone!!!Please let’s view him clearly with a sharp intelligent eye.His hyperbole is calculated, and he is a master of the passive\aggressive response. Besides, he plays football well, for his limited repertoire.

  83. I want my son to grow up and be just like Tim Tebow
    and not like the bunch of degenerate, Tebow hating,
    posters here who watch MTV all day and play video games in their mom’s basement.

  84. Seems to me that Tebow has some sort of man crush on Decker. He’s the only guy he targets regularly. Does anybody else’s gaydar go off everytime you hear Tim speak? I’m not judging, just making a reasonable conclusion given the evidence before me.

  85. Good grief, Plummer, will you stop trying to make yourself relevant on Tebow’s back? If you don’t need to hear it, don’t listen. Isn’t that what we’ve all been told for years? If you don’t like it, change the channel.

  86. I mean, come on, he’s sorta right. Tebow literally prayed to God that Novak miss the OT field goal. That’s a bit too much.

  87. Why are you saying anything that Jake Plummer says? He is so far in the past, maybe not in Denver but the rest of the world and he stunk out the place at best! Loser!!!!! Who cares what he thinks…

  88. It’s sad that so many people fail to take their creator seriously until he or she is personally faced with a life or death situation. That’s why you see so many elderly people at church on Sunday.

    Tim just has a head start on all of them.

    His critics do not understand what he is declaring. He is not thanking God for letting him win and the other team lose. God doesn’t hate the Eagles or any other team.

    Tim is simply thanking Him for providing him with the talent, strength and lifelong blessings to be able to compete in this game. Thanking Him for the moment.

  89. To the people (including PFT columnists) who say these things about Tebow (or other Christian athletes), may I offer my responses:

    1) Surely God doesn’t care about trivial things like football games.

    >>Yes and no. Does he pull strings to make sure the holiest players always win? No. But the outcomes of these games obviously affect thousands of lives on many levels and God is intricately involved in and concerned with even even the smallest details of each of these lives.

    2) So why does Tebow only pray/point to heaven after he does something good?

    >>I think that you are missing the point of every prayer/gesture/postgame shout-out. The point is not to say, “Thanks God for making sure I won the game,” or “thanks for directing the path of that ball so it fell into Eric Decker’s hands.” Instead, it is, “Thanks for giving me the abilities/opportunities to play this game.” After doing something successful, a spotlight is put on Tebow. He is simply deflecting the credit/glory to God, whom he believes gave him those gifts. It is not much different than the humble response of deflecting praise to lineman or teammates.

    He doesn’t point to heaven after a fumble because people aren’t praising him for that, so there is no need to redirect the attention/credit.

  90. Let tebow praise the lord as much as he needs to. With his limited skill set it’s obvious Jesus Christ is riding shotgun with the boy. How else do you explain him being a starting qb in the NFL?

  91. plummer is doing the samething, and doesnt see it. ie- plummer is ranting about his own anti-religious and political beleifs.

    btw – after each nfl game if you notice 30-40 players of both teams after the game pray in a circle on the field. and it has been going on for long before tebow entered the league. AND LONG before plummer entered the league. plummers OWN teamates were praying to god on the field WHY DID this hypocrite say nothing then?

  92. Why does anyone care what Jake the Fake has to say? Has he run out of buddies to play handball with, so now he wants to talk some football? Perhaps he is upset that Tebow doesn’t throw the game changing interception, as was Plummer’s M.O. in Denver.

    I seem to also remember Jake running away from the game rather than play for Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay. Sure doesn’t sound like a football player to me. Perhaps Jake should go back to whatever rock he crawled out from under.

    I’ve said it all along: Tebow deserves time to show what he has. His 5-1 record this season speaks for itself.

  93. Plummer is responding to questions he was asked on a radio show he was asked to appear on. He did not just show up out of the blue throwing his opinion around. He’s a former Bronco QB being asked to give an opinion on a current Bronco QB and he gave it.

    If Tebow has the right to thank his imaginary buddy every chance he gets, then Plummer has the right to say he’s sick of hearing it. I’m sure a number of people are sick of hearing it and share Plummers thoughts on this.

  94. I love Jesus too but isn’t that for praying and church…. Peyton Hillis pulls the same crap. The NFL is an escape to get away from church and have fun…. we don’t need some athlete preaching or professing his love every interview…. my brother was like that and he was the biggest phony in the world. He broke up his family having an affair. I wonder if Jesus approved of that.

  95. Jeez this plummer is obsessed. Wonder if he heard of freedom of speech. This is really getting under plummer’s skin. Sounds like someone is an atheist & chapped!

  96. Im not into religion for the most part, but after going to a Jesuit high school and a Baptist college this one quote always stuck with me when it came to folks trying to push the gospel.

    “Tell everyone around you of the great love of God . When all else fails, use words.”

    St. Francis of Assisi

  97. I am a Christian myself and personally like his message, but don’t neccesarily want to hear it all the time either. But, if I’m totally honest with myself……..if he was a Muslim that constantly praised Allah I would be offended. I guess that’s one reason why this subject is so polarizing and one reason why I’m a hipocrite when it comes to religion.

  98. Hey all the guy wants to do is play football. It’s the media and rabid bronco fans that have blown this thing up. Who cares what god he worships. I just tune him out the same way i do to the jehovah’s witnesses that knock on my door.

  99. jaltreality says:

    I mean, come on, he’s sorta right. Tebow literally prayed to God that Novak miss the OT field goal. That’s a bit too much.

    I suppose some of my fellow Christians would frown on it, but I’ve prayed my way through a lifetime of football games just as I prayed my way through my three cancer battles. As with life, sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it’s no. But as we’re driving with seconds left on the clock or I’m waiting to see if the ball splits the uprights–just as when I’m waiting for the test results–I can’t imagine not asking.

  100. I really don’t care what Jake Plummer thinks. I guess he’s riding Tebow’s coattails for some media attention.

  101. mvp43 says:Nov 28, 2011 5:01 PM

    I am a Christian myself and personally like his message, but don’t neccesarily want to hear it all the time either. But, if I’m totally honest with myself……..if he was a Muslim that constantly praised Allah I would be offended. I guess that’s one reason why this subject is so polarizing and one reason why I’m a hipocrite when it comes to religion.
    I was going to pose the question about if it were a Muslim. I wonder how many people would be up in arms if he was praising Allah after every play and in every interview.. I do think there would be more of an uproar than there already is

  102. I’m so sick of this already. Why do people have to like or hate this guy? Because he’s religious? Who cares, good for him.

    Plummer is right, we don’t need your personal beliefs shoved down our throats all the time and it does cheapen religion when its so frequently tied to football.

    Reality check: Tebow is a good not great qb with unconventional methods, on a team with a quality defense. That’s it, he’s not an attrocity to the qb position, he’s not god, he’s just a mediocre qb on a mediocre team.

    that’s it.

  103. All you guys that think he is shoving it down your throat have to consider that it might not be about you.

    Tebow has his own beliefs, and he is remaining true to the belief that God deserves all the glory. He is doing what he thinks is right by trying to deflect the glory to his creator.

    People that are offended by this need to do some soul searching. It sounds like a bunch of non-Christians repressing Christians, and/or Christians feeling guilty about their own lack of faith.

  104. You are not supposed to let the left hand see what the right is doing. You are not supposed to throw it out there on national TV. so everyone knows what your belief is. What would people say if he was up there saying ” First and foremost, I would like to thank Allah and Muhammad.” People would go nuts! I was watching NFL Network last night and someone asked him how he thought his team did in the fourth quarter, the first thing he said was “First and foremost, I would like to thank Jesus as my Lord and savior.” that has nothing to do with the question. Why can’t he say those things before he gets on TV, why does he have to say them when he is interviewed? That is what a truly humble and religious person would do. I don’t think he means any harm, but I do think that he feels entitled to say these things. I guess I just have a problem with anyone from any walks of life that feel as though their religious belief is the one that everyone should hear about or should follow.

    With that said, he is really good in the 4th quarter man, WOW!

  105. Deb, obviously you didn’t even read the article before commenting, let alone listen to Plummer’s interview. You’re telling him to change the channel, but he already said that he mutes the TV when Tebow talks. So obviously he’s already taking the initiative to not listen to Tebow.

    Aside from that, it’s not Plummer’s fault that someone on a radio station wanted to interview him and asked him about Tebow. You’re just mad that he’s expressing an opinion you don’t like. You need to take your own advice and ignore it.

  106. @redripper

    “Hey all the guy wants to do is play football.”

    If only that were true. Football is not even his top priority. He’s said in interviews on numerous occasions that the reason he plays football is so that he can talk about his religion.

  107. @rice4life-

    People praise Allah on TV also. We got over that with Muhammad Ali.

    People of faith are not critical of Tebow, because they generally understand why he is doing it. Besides, Christianity is not a minority religion like Islam. I suppose Muslims might have a beef with Tebow, or any non-Islam expression of faith.

  108. @6kings

    22% of the world’s population is Islam. 33% of the world is Christian.

    Also, many of us non-religious people know exactly why Tebow is doing it: because he thinks that people who don’t accept Jesus as their lord and savior are going to hell. So you’re wrong on both accounts.

  109. If Tim Tebow leads the Bronco’s to a Superbowl, I believe we all would have to admit that there is a God. That would be proof enough for anyone.

  110. I think people are being a little hard on Plummer. He’s simply saying that just because you have a platform doesn’t mean you need to use it to push your religious agenda. Fans tune in for football, not religious fervor.

    Can you imagine the uproar if everytime someone talked to Peyton Manning or Tom Brady they gave credit to the Flying Spagehetti Monster? You may laugh now and think that’d be ridiculous, but a good fraction of NFL fans think there’s just as much credibility in claiming Jesus and God helped you shotput your last touchdown.

  111. @rarson:

    “He’s said in interviews on numerous occasions that the reason he plays football is so that he can talk about his religion.”

    Really? This is pretty damning (so to speak) if true.

  112. Tebow plays my Vikes this sunday. We will be there and I know we will fight to win. I just wonder…. Tebow seems to be a guy that you don’t think can beat you but ends up beating you. To me it seems like he’s an assassin. Here I go on a limb. Brady was solid when he started out but I never thought he was incredible, just clutch. Now he’s incredible. Brady throws a much stronger ball now then he did when he won the super bowl. There is one thing about him that hasn’t changed. He wins. He lives to win. I’m not too wild about an assassin coming to town but I’ll watch and hope for my Vikes to win.

  113. “Could NOT agree more. While someone may have the right to do something doesn’t mean they should nor does it mean we have to tolerate it.

    I bet if he were Muslim people would be screaming for him to stop. how insecure must one be to parade their beliefs like that? It is offensive to many (rightly or wrongly) and he just doesn’t care. Very juvenile.

    Great athlete (not QB) and I wish him much success (as I do with everyone) in the NFL. But I am sick to death of Vacation Bible School on Bronco’s telecasts.”

    In this politically correct country, no one would say a word against someone praising Allah. Just as they feel jusitified in bashing Christians. They think that Christians are looking down on them because they are somehow better than them. Meanwhile, you have muslims trying to kill us just because we are American, and we bend over backwards to accomodate thier religious beliefs.

  114. Anybody watch Teebow today he not only won but did it with his arm…..beat the vikes. Keep saying he cant win as you do each week and he proves you wrong. 2 td passes (qb rating high and off the charts) rams over the line for 2pt conversion and because the defense has to worry about him…willlis runs wild. Also notices the game had lots of points. so the concept he cannot score(when the defense gives up points) is moot. 35-32 seems like a buch of points to me and…..he did what he has been. Dan Marino was quoted as saying “you know this kid is making me believe too…Deion and Ervin love him. Those guys know alot more about football than you arm chair couch potatoes

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