Kubiak confirms Leinart done for season, won’t rule out Favre


It came as no surprise that Texans coach Gary Kubiak confirmed quarterback Matt Leinart will miss the rest of the season during his Monday press conference.

Everyone knew that was coming. They also know that the Texans are down to T.J. Yates and Kellen Clemens at quarterback, leaving themselves awfully short at an awfully important position for the stretch run. That’s led to ruminations about veteran quarterbacks like Sage Rosenfels, Daunte Culpepper and a certain Wrangler wearing man from Mississippi.

G.M. Rick Smith seemed to stamp out any Brett Favre speculation when he said that the team didn’t want to bring the circus to town. Favre, via Peter King of NBC, also made it sound like there wasn’t much chance of a return to the NFL this season. That didn’t stop Kubiak from getting a question about Favre at his press conference. His answer wasn’t nearly as definitive.

“I don’t think you rule out anybody . . . I’m not going to rule out anybody nor confirm anybody.”

Before anyone decides to start camping out on Favre’s lawn, we should point out that Kubiak also said that the job is Yates’ right now. That means the results of next week’s game will probably have a lot to do with what course the Texans decide to follow the rest of the season. Thanks to Kubiak’s answer, Favre’s name will remain in discussion through that game even if the chances of him arriving in Houston don’t seem all that great at present.

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  1. Wondering why Rex Grossman’s name has not appeared as a possible prospect? He has worked in this offense for 3 years, and the Skins are not going to resign him in 2012. Do I hear a trade?

  2. With that statement he also didn’t rule out Dan Marino or Joe Montana.

    Give it a rest. Favre sucked last year because his ankles are totally shot.
    Culpepper still has a cannon arm…and a brain the size of a walnut.
    Sage Rosenfels is diseased, which sucks but that’s the way it is.
    Jeff Gacia is, well..Jeff Garcia, and to say he sucks takes the conversation in a whole different direction.

    It is what it is Texans fans. You’re riding on the T. J. Yates express!

  3. Yes!! Bring back Favre!!

    Of course, bringing in a gunslinger who is tops in NFL history in interceptions to be a “game-manager” in a run-first offense might not be the best fit. But he is still more exciting than watching TJ Yates.

  4. Please bring back Favre…. that’s their only chance of making a decent run. And it would great to see Favre vs. Rodgers in the SB.

  5. Can someone tell me why you keep a qb on your roster if you don’t trust him and start looking for someone else when the time comes? If that’s the case I’ll be a backup qb and get some free money!

  6. Bringing back Favre would be the cherry on the cake for the clownfest that is the NFL in 2011. Goodell must be soooo proud of what he’s done to the NFL: ridiculous fines, putting skirts on QBs, locking out the players, Tebowing, Vick, and now Favre. Please let this season end.

  7. Ah farve will hurt more than help , with that running game and great defense they can manage the game without slinging the ball around all over the place.

  8. Too bad for the Texans, they’d probably like to trade the skins to get Grossman back if the trade deadline weren’t up. Not a great qb, but one that might be pretty decent already knowing their offensive scheme, players, and coaches. Not to mention they have some amazing players to surround their qb right now.

    Really coulda benefited both of those teams a lot.

  9. The third string quarterback is there for – if the first two go down in the game and they need someone immediately, they’re only expected to be short term solutions. If third string quarterbacks were good enough to carry a team, other teams would pick them up.

  10. I know it’s TJ Yates, but does everyone forget how dreadful Favre was last season? We was done. 13 games, 11 tds, 19 ints. You think he’s going to hop off his couch/tractor and save the day? C’mon now.

  11. How many more seasons are we going to suggest that a team needs favre? I think at this point his family’s head coach (his wife) needs to put in a claim on Favre and offer him a substantial signing bonus (maybe a dinner of his choice) and money guaranteed (weekly allowance) to keep this guy from playing until his body turns to dust. I think he literally cannot turn down an offer to play in the NFL, and I get it, but at some point having him play is more detrimental to your team than letting fans bully you into starting Tebow

  12. “mwpugs says:
    Nov 28, 2011 5:14 PM
    Can someone tell me why you keep a qb on your roster if you don’t trust him and start looking for someone else when the time comes? If that’s the case I’ll be a backup qb and get some free money!

    You need to have bodies in there. Would you rather pay Favre 10 mil. to be the 3rd string or Yates 600,000 to be 3rd string when Schaub AND Leinart were both healthy?

    Now Schaub and Leinart are both out. Who gives u the better chance to win a Superbowl? A Rookie 5th rd pick or T.J Yates?

    Please, no Brady/Yates comparrison.

  13. Favre wvwn if he was ready to go would be the worse QB the Texans could bring in. He would just try to win every game on his own instead of using the very good team around him. No thanks, we don’t need him!

    And as far as the way Gary Kubiak answered the question, well if you listened to him week in and week out you would know that is pretty much how he answers everything haha.

  14. What! We don’t have enough selfish divas in the league already? How pathetic is it that we are talking about Favre, Rosenfels, Jeff George for god sakes. Why pay a couple of backups all season when you panic and start talking about has beens, never beens, and coach killers when your starter goes down?

  15. They won’t make the superbowl anyway. Just take the winning season and the division crown and pick up Peyton Manning next season to ensure that the Colts remain a laughing stock for the next few years.

  16. Favre said there isn’t much chance of him playing “this” season? Does that mean he’s considering playing “next” season? Oh my…..The Circus is coming to town again!

  17. On local radio stations here in the H people are jumping on the e Yates bandwagon and I can’t for the life of me understand why. He’s a rookie fifth round draft pick. He will get KILLED in the playoffs. The only way to salvage the season and the playoffs is to get #4 down here.

  18. One thing no one is mentioning is Favre looking at a possible suspension for the sexting incident. Since he retired Goodell didn’t have to make a decision on the Sterger situation.

    That said, I would love for the Packers to face Favre in the Super Bowl. It would indeed be quite a circus.

  19. @zoxitic

    And at the end of the day you’re still a Jaguars fan, a reality you must face everyday. One who spends a lot of time trolling every Texans post but claims them to be an inferior joke of a franchise that isn’t worth paying attention to.

  20. Is both, Patrick Ramsey and JP Losman with a team right now? I think that JP signed with Dolphins, dont know if he is still there. They would both fit Kubiak’s still offense and Kubiak is perhaps one of the greatest QB groomers in the league.

  21. whitemike55 says:Nov 28, 2011 5:33 PM

    Now Schaub and Leinart are both out. Who gives u the better chance to win a Superbowl? A Rookie 5th rd pick or T.J Yates?
    I’m a little confused by your question. Yates IS a rookie 5th round pick. So neither give you a chance to win a Super Bowl.

  22. This s why Houston should have grabbed Vince Young when they had the chance this offseason. Hometown hero with a shot at redemption. Woulda been Teblow big.. Then they lose to The Titans and miss the playoffs again. Good stuff!

  23. ….And the Media Machine buys Gary Kubiak a house. The name of the greatest creator of cold hard cash ever known to the Sports Media has been invoked.

    Absolute statements of refusal or denial have been avoided. Let the cash flow BEGIN!!! Anybody have stock in Wrangler? Sears? If Favre gets much more airplay, those values will go up. As many members of this blog community have said in predicting and guaranteeing an outcome of a game, a season, a career; “Book It”.

    Favre will never die until he actually dies. He’s the Crack Cocaine of the Sports Media.

  24. Loaded question the media created and uses to make themselves relevant. 5 games left in a championship year run and they’ll go out and get a broken down 41 year old who’s been sitting on his ass for a year? Of course the media has to ask the question but really, really, do you think he’s available and if so anyone with their right mind would actually bring him in? Stupid, just stupid.

  25. Did anyone watch the 2nd half? T.J. Yates couldn’t do ANYTHING. They gained 40 yards in the entire 2nd half. They almost let the Jaguars come back and tie after their piece of trash Plaine Garbage (Gabbert) couldn’t do anything either and Luke “INTs all day” McCown almost tied the game. That’s bad.

    But then again, Jacksonville’s defense is pretty good. 3rd in the league to the Texans 1st so I guess that might be why. But still, Jacksonville was missing 5 starters on defense too. Foster had no where to go.

  26. chances are probably 60%+ of them bringing Farve…. they have a real chance at a deep playoff run… and there’s nobody else with serious experience like that…

    oh and it’s Farve’s dream… 1/3 of a season with a playoff bound team and good targets…

  27. Leinart is a Nancy. Said it before, and now the Texan fans know it. We saw that here in AZ. He wants to kick back, collect the bucks, party, but not play. Funny, the same collar bone injury again? Does he not know how to take a hit?

    Cracks me up, too funny.

  28. Favre had the worst season of his career in 2010. It was an unfortunate end to a great career, but Favre had to see that he was finished before he would finally give up the game.

  29. T.J. will have to be aggressive, calm but fired up, and just maybe T.J IS the QB the Texans have wanted and need. Can TJ play the fast spurts of nfl football?

  30. As a longtime Vikings fan, I saw Daunte Culpepper play last year for Sacramento Mtn Lions. He still has strong arm and was running around like the old days. Very spirited. Seemed to have great relationship with teammates. They won that game, too. I read he’s been working out to stay in shape. Also brings great accuracy (149 TDs), Pro Bowl and playoff experience to the table. Can’t hurt to give him work-out.
    I would become a Texans fan just to see that!

  31. Favre has no discipline — on the field he’ll do what he wants — not what Kubiak wants.

    Not really a good choice.

  32. If there is one QB that can learn the playbook quick and help a team it’s FAVRE.
    All the Favre hater can hate BUT the facts don’t lie … he help the Jets and Vikings in his first year no problem.
    How’s McNabb doing for the Vikes? Oh ya he’s still holding the clipboard and still learning.

  33. Please, Texans, say it ain’t so! And until you say it’s not, then add Mr. Yates to the list of QBs that have had to try to succeed in a Favre shadow.

  34. It must suck being a backup in this league these days! Really, how can they call their group of guys a “team”, & when its time for them to try to contribute, they look everywhere under the sun for someone to step in except on the bench. And when everything falls through, they expect them to forget they had NO faith in them in the 1st place! Example: Ok Yates, we couldnt get 50 yr old Favre, 55 yr old Garcia, Leihnert is broke, etc, etc, lets see what you got! Just crazy! Yates is a Texan, why would you go outside the team for someone else when the NFL preaches teamwork?

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