Reid on “Fire Andy” chants: The way we played, I understand

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Eagles coach Andy Reid realizes Philadelphia fans are fed up with the way his team is playing. And he doesn’t blame them.

Asked after Sunday’s loss to the Patriots about the “Fire Andy” chants that broke out during the game, Reid said he wasn’t aware of them, but he wasn’t surprised, either.

I didn’t hear them,” Reid said of the chants. “The way we played I can understand it.”

Maybe Reid didn’t hear the chants, but Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie must have. In a few weeks we’ll find out of Lurie agrees with the sentiment.

50 responses to “Reid on “Fire Andy” chants: The way we played, I understand

  1. Every coach knows that eventually you’re going to be canned. Very few leave on their own. Andy has been fortunate to have such a long run. I’m sure he has a few dollars put away after all this time so I’ll save my sympathy for others who are really in need.

  2. Why does everyone put “As a (insert team here) Fan” to start off comments? I think it really shouldn’t matter what team you like to have you point taken more seriously.
    With that said, As an Eagles fan, I think that AR’s time is up in Philly. Yes, he is the “Most winning-est coach” but the last three years have not been well for him. However, I think until the Brass can convince a hard nosed coach to take his place…he is here to stay.

  3. Why is this such big news now?

    I’ve been going to the games ever since he started coaching here, this chant breaks out multiple times a season.

  4. I dont blame the Eagle fans and we Jet fans can relate. Big deal we beat the losing Bills.

    Perhaps us Jet fans need to do the same with Schotty. Maybe then Johnson, Tannebaum, and Ryan will get the idea.

  5. The blame for this lays at the feet of the players. Its foolish to think that Andy Reid forgot how to coach this year. But having said that, at some point the players stop listening. Might be best for a parting of the ways. Reid would be hired an hour later if he wanted a job.

  6. Ahahaha!! Stupid Philly fans. Andy Reid is one of the best coaches there is. Go ahead and dump him and you’ll be a sub .500 team for years! Btw hows Namdi doing? We don’t miss him at all…

  7. If the eagles organization didn’t screw everything up with T.O Andy probably wouldn’t be in this situation right now, would probably have another ring or two also

  8. It was echoing throughout the stadium, there’s no way he didn’t hear it. And it wasn’t a reflection on the way the team played, it was a reflection on the way they were ill-prepared, unmotivated and outmatched.

    In other words, he did not put them in a better position to succeed.

  9. Eagles should have drafted that qb from the broncos who everyone hates instead of pretending they are the ny Yankees. At least Yankees can goto the playoffs with buying talents.

  10. Keeping a coach based on past success (and mostly distant past at that) makes about as much sense as any team picking up Brett Favre because he’s a former MVP.

    And why is it so hard to comprehend that you don’t need a flashy name at head coach to have success? Andy was a nobody when the Eagles brought him in.

  11. Dear Philadelphia Eagle Fans,
    I will start with anyone that reminds themselves, and anyone that will listen, that the fans of their team are smarter and more knowledgeable about football then the coaches and staff remind me of people that become doctors when their doctors tell them something they do not agree with. You my friends are dummy’s.

    That said, if not Andy, then who? Who is going to take the reigns and guide this team, as it stands now, with the contracts and players they have, and take us to the promise land?
    You never fire a mechanic until you have a better one.

  12. It was great. Watching Eagles postgame coverage, Andy Reid said he didn’t hear the chants. Within minutes, they interviewed Jason Kelce and asked him if he heard the chants and he said, “it was really hard not to”

  13. Raidermark –
    Andy Reid one of the best coaches??? Based on performance since 2005 he has a 58-51 record and some ghastly boneheaded playoff losses. As a raiders fan I thought you would be able to recognize bad coaching.

  14. And a second thing about all you other fans judging Eagles fans. We were right about McNabb. So stuff that in your turkey.

  15. why do the media types because most of you guys are far from sports journalists instigate this nonsense with fans that don’t have a clue about what it takes to be a good head football coach in the N.F.L. Andy Reid will be the coach for at least the next 2 yrs.(he’s signed) and probably long after that unless he has enough of you guys promoting every little thing that doesn’t work out. The team is making money the team is always in the news the fans of the rival teams think the Eagles are significant enough to respond to every post you guys write on here and all other sites. except for winning championships the Eagles are living high on the hog. if you think he’s leaving it will take more than chanting or ranting. you will have to sell those season tickets, stop watching T.V. stop buying jerseys and other stuff that the team makes money on. it’s all about $$$$$$$ and they’re doing pretty good.

  16. I remember Ravens fans asking who could replace Brian Billick and John HArbaugh would be fine. There are plenty of coaches out there who could do as well as AR or better. Everyone in the NFL can be replaced.

    He has had a nice run. But the inmates now run that asylum. They ran McNabb out of town. Kept Vick in town and now Jackson is a malcontent.

  17. The well respected legendary Joe “Pa” Paterno will be the new Eagles head coach. Joe is a proven winner and will bring with him staff that knows how to attract and motivate young, talented football players.

  18. Andy Reid is a terrible time manager, he’s as predictable as sunrise on short yardage (especially 3rd-and-1, 4th-and-1), and never took on learning his own defense – if it wasn’t for Jim Johnson, Reid would have been gone years ago. (See “Mike Ditka sans Buddy Ryan”.)

    The free-agent frenzy, giving Vick $100M, and agreeing to let Castillo become DC have all backfired. A good team can absorb one of those failed decisions, but not all three. Lurie has to hold someone accountable, and that person should be Reid.

  19. I think theres a few coaches out there what would come to Philly. They are not a terrible team from a talent perspective, and thats what keeps a lot of the ‘big name’ coaches from jumping back into the mix. Gruden, Fischer, Cowher, and Billick are all available. I think every one of them would at least be interested in the job, would it become available. Billick is the only one I think I WOULD NOT want coaching the birds, as a Philly fan myself.

    You keep saying ‘and hire who’. You don’t think there aren’t a million coaches out there that could take this team to a better record than the Eagles have right now? Didn’t they say ‘Who is Jon Harbaugh?’ and ‘Why Mike Smith?’ They don’t always work out, but if you don’t try, how do you know? Someone had to give Belichick a second chance. No one wanted Chan Gailey in Buffalo (Jury is still out, but they look better this year than they have in YEARS). Denver is a mess, but they’re winning with John Fox. So, yeah. Theres people out there, even if they don’t have a huge name.

  20. righton989 says:
    Nov 28, 2011 8:14 AM

    The well respected legendary Joe “Pa” Paterno will be the new Eagles head coach. Joe is a proven winner and will bring with him staff that knows how to attract and motivate young, talented football players.

    If that actually happened I would give up my season tickets. Not that it would matter since they’d get scooped up immediately…

  21. flavordave says: Nov 28, 2011 8:10 AM

    And a second thing about all you other fans judging Eagles fans. We were right about McNabb. So stuff that in your turkey.

    You’ve done so well since he left.

  22. Juan Castillo for Head Coach!!! It won’t happen, of course, but all the rest of the NFC East fans would get the laugh of their lives if it did.

  23. jwil444 says: Nov 28, 2011 7:36 AM

    And bring in who?????? Philly fans are morons……


    And who exactly was Andy Reid when he was picked from obscurity by Jeff Lurie? I can guarantee you that 90% of the Eagles fans (and possibly most every day NFL fans) never heard of the guy before then either. And the only reason he got the gig, as the story goes, is that he wowed the front office with his dissertation of the long snapper’s role in the game and the big 3-ring binder he brought along with him.

    Everyone is replaceable.

  24. I like and respect Andy and know we will be hard pressed to find someone as good. That said, Andy has lost this team, it appears as though they have tuned him out, which happens to all coaches when they are in one spot for too long. He also played a major role is assembling this “team” and trying to make an O-line coach into a d-coordinator. Thank you Andy, but it is time for a change.

  25. Reid made his name on the backs of a very weak NFC east back then, and on Jim Johnson’s defense. When confronted with greatness, he fell short, year after year. He is 58-51 since 2005, with some of the most mismanaged clock, talent, and game day adaptability that has ever been seen in the NFL. Lurie will never fire Reid, they will have a parting of the ways, and knowing the Eagles, consider it the greatest parting of the ways in league history. Morningweig, and Castillo are merely Reid puppets, as he considers himself Ceasar..Reid’s gotta go….

  26. Andy the GM has failed Andy the Head Coach…

    If Lurie is going to honor the extension he signed Andy to, he needs to strip him of all player/personnel responsibilities and fire the coordinators he chose that are responsible for much of this failure in my eyes.

    I know this isn’t a popular comment given the timing, but Andy Reid is a good coach. He deserves at least one offseason to bring these guys together. The coordinators do not, because they clearly cannot see the strengths and weaknessees of their players over this short term. Even the fans can….

  27. abninf says:
    Nov 28, 2011 8:43 AM

    flavordave says: Nov 28, 2011 8:10 AM

    And a second thing about all you other fans judging Eagles fans. We were right about McNabb. So stuff that in your turkey.

    You’ve done so well since he left.

    And somehow McNabb would have made these past two seasons better? He’s worse than Rex Grossman and Chris Ponder. ‘Nuff said.

  28. Only one person can turn this around, Jeff Lurie. Aside from Reids pathetic inability to manage a game day, he has disrespected the defensive side of the ball. His best defensive players were drafted by Ray Rhodes. Jeff Fisher should be the next coach.

  29. Eagles fire Andy Reid………he goes to the Chargers…..Gruden takes the job…….Eagles and Chargers meet in SB XLVII…..Chucky is victorious…..hey, it could happen!

  30. I’m a Patriots fan living in South Jersey since 2003.

    Seen more Eagles games then I ever really cared to since then.

    Trust me – Eagles fans are right. Andy Reid is TERRIBLE on game day.

    The decisions he makes are incomprehensible … the only HC I’ve ever seen to be on the road with a 7 point and 2:45 left in the 4th quarter … throw the ball 3 times in a row. All incompletions. Took no time off the clock. Other team got the ball back with all their time outs and the 2 minute warning. That’s a Football 101 fail.

    That’s the kind of stuff that goes on weekly with the Eagles.

  31. We’ve always known that Reid is a bad gameday coach: he cannot make crucial play calls, he cannot manage the clock, he cannot adjust at halftime. Without a truly great defensive coordinator, he is a liability.

    The real problem is that Reid’s poor draft choices have left the Eagles high and dry at key positions. He should be replaced, but whoever replaces him has at least one hard rebuilding year ahead.

  32. fire reid? wont happen. castillo gets canned like sean mcdermott did last year, and so will marty. havent seen one post on here about the players just not playing well. Djax drops two td’s, and generally has done nothing this season. you can’t even tell asante and nnamdi are on the field with the way the D covers. terrible safeties and linebackers. you blame andy for the free agent pickups..but who signs the checks? andy cant just sign whoever he feels like.

  33. Let The Eagles Fire Reid….. I am VERY certain that if Tampa Bay were to hire him as HC of the Buccaneers then that stadium would be packed out again… We NEED someone as Head coach that we can BELIEVE in!

  34. gmen1987 says:
    Nov 28, 2011 10:35 AM

    Too bad there isn’t a way to fire the Dirty Rotting Bird fans.

    Coming from a Giants fan. What will Brandon Jacobs think of you this week?

  35. Packer fans would gladly welcome BigRed back to GB is he needs a job! We may have an OC opening next year

  36. Classy guy, great coach. As a frustrated Redskins fan, I’ve observed the Eagles dominating our division for years. This year was a bad one for the Eagles. But stop with the exaggerated complaints. One good draft and Philly’s a contender again.

  37. Not surprised that Andy didn’t hear the chants. He’s not too good at listening – you don’t have to be, when you know it all already. 😉

    It’s time, actually past time, for Andy to leave Philadelphia. The team needs new direction and new leadership. Andy’s failings are both critical and consistent. He doesn’t “hear” the voice of experience, either, as he keeps repeating the same obvious, fundamental, head-slapping mistakes over and over. Agree 100% with joe3001 above.

    Andy had some good years early on, but he has not improved with time. Methinks he was lucky with getting McNabb, Westbrook, Jim Johnson, and a young, talented team (except for WRs) during some down years in the NFC. Nothing wring with luck, but Andy will never win the SB, unless he absolutely lucks into it (which I’ve been saying for oh, 10 years).

    There a lot of good coaches available, some of whom are big names and some of whom are relatively anonymous, who can and will improve the Eagles over what Andy would do. Even though Lurie hates dead money (for Andy’s contract in 2012-13), it’s time for a change.

    Andy’s “luck” has run out. If Eagles fans are giving up….

    BTW Tyelee, be careful what you wish for the Bucs. You may get it.

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