Sage Rosenfels could spin back to Houston


Sage Rosenfels is currently on the reserve/non-football injury list on the Dolphins roster.

It sounds like he may not be there for long.

A reader asked SI’s Peter King on Twitter Monday about a report on a Houston radio station that the Dolphins will release Rosenfels, so that he can sign with the Texans.

King says that report is true.

Rosenfels was sidelined by a mysterious blood infection in August while he was a member of the Giants. He was later released and joined the Dolphins in early October, but only lasted three weeks until the same problem occurred again.

Rosenfels started 10 games over three seasons in Houston, with his famous Rosencopter play against the Colts standing out as a lowlight. But Rosenfels went 6-4 in those starts and averaged 7.5 yards-per-attempt, which indicates he knows Gary Kubiak’s offense well.

There could be a couple of issues here getting in Houston’s way.  First, Rosenfels would be subject to waivers after he was released.  A team like the Titans, for instance, could block the move by putting in a claim for Rosenfels.

The Dolphins would also have to be willing to play ball.  They don’t have to release Rosenfels just because he wants it. Tampering issues could also be at play; Rosenfels is on Miami’s roster and any communication with the Texans at this stage would be against league policy.

Rosenfels was supposedly unable to play football for Miami, so they could choose to hold him to that if they wanted.

38 responses to “Sage Rosenfels could spin back to Houston

  1. I would hope any AFC that could possibly make the playoffs would claim him, and then put him on IR to keep him away from the Texans.

  2. If memory serves me, they could have taken Tebow in the draft. This is probably some type of Pharaoh-style curse of the Texans for passing him up.

  3. The legendary Sage Rosenfels is coming back to Houston? The season is saved. Super Bowl, here comes the Texans.

    I remember all the Viking homers who thought that Sage was going to be their franchise QB. Thanks for the laugh. There is a reason why scouts get paid for what they do.

  4. I’ll never forget that game where he single handed blew the lead against the Colts in about 2 minutes.

  5. I think Yates may surprise some people. Obviously losing Schaub hurts, but there are quite a few people that feel Yates was/is a better option than Leinart. He’s much more mobile and has a much better arm than Leinart, and it’s not unheard of for rookie to come in and have success and be able to manage a team. In no way Yates is better then Schaub, but I look at going from Leinart to Yates as an upgrade similar to the Vikings going from McNabb to Ponder. He’s just more active, is a threat to leave the pocket and scramble, and seems to see the field better.

    The Texans are built much like the Ravens to where the QB doesn’t have to carry the team. He just has to manage the game, run the play-action effectively and minimize mistakes. Now, getting Rosenfels would be nice to have as an upgrade to Clements.

  6. Oh come on, we’ve come this far after the article was posted, and no one has suggested it already? I’M the one who has to make the obligatory Jeff George suggestion? You’re slacking, PFT Nation! 😉

  7. TJ Yates came into the game slinging that ball like he’s been doing it all year. He’s got lots of confidence, and he really only made one bad decision (threw the ball out of the back of the end zone for an intentional grounding penalty).

    The Atlanta game this weekend will be the test.

  8. It’s in a teams best interest to let a guy like Rosenfels get a chance to play.

    Every player thinks they’re the next franchise player – they won’t want to sign with a team that will hold them back.

    This would be a win win for the Dolphins and Texans – the only downside is that the Fins deserve some compensation for playing ball – but that can be worked out with a very generous trade in the offseason.

  9. i dont get why all these teams have back up quarterbacks on roster if they dont want to use them when they have to, if you dont think TJ Yates can play better than someone as horrible as sage rosenfels, than why is he on the roster, for that alone, the texans deserve to lose out…NFL, start signing backups you would actually trust to use

  10. Thank you!! I’m SO TIRED of the people who continue saying teams should pick up David Garrard every time a QB goes down! Guess no one was paying attention when he tried out for the Dolphins, turned them down because he decided he wanted to be the starter on whatever team picked him up, then had back surgery shortly after that.
    All that being said, my Texans are completely SCREWED. With Matt Leinart at QB, we still had a (slim) chance to do relatively well. With TJ Yates or Kellen Clemmons, this could get ugly quick! There’s NO WAY the Jaguars and Titans… our division rivals (who have worse records so they get a shot at Sage Rosenfels 1st) let us claim Sage. One of them will claim him, even if he just sits on the bench.
    So, who’s left? Brodie Croyle and several other QB’s that couldn’t cut it as a starter in the NFL. Jeff Garcia?? Not sure he’s got enough gas left in the tank. Brett Favre? There’s no way he’s ready to play (has been riding on his tractor & admits he hasn’t even thrown a football in @ least a month). Plus, it was painfully obvious last season with the Vikings that he’s done. Plus, the Texans organization has never brought in players full of drama.
    Like I said…Texans are screwed. We’ll most likely still win our weak division, but it’ll be one and done in the play-off’s. Disappointing, because this was a REALLY good team before all these friggin injuries.

  11. David Gerrard is a wise choice for the Texans! I’m positive they’d continue on their path to the SB!

  12. Not to rain on the parade, but if Rosenfels’ health issues were history and he could still play, wouldn’t Miami have turned to him when Henne went down? They’ve got J.P. Losman as their backup right now and Losman hasn’t thrown a pass in two years and was absolutely terrible the last time he did play. And why was Yates taking up a roster spot for the Texans if there was absolutely no chance he was going to play no matter what?

  13. pigskinswag says:
    Nov 28, 2011 10:41 AM
    David Garrard has to be disgusted. The Texans wont even take a look at a QB from a division rival, yet are talking about bringing in Sage RosenFAILS.


    bjb2865 says:
    Nov 28, 2011 11:19 AM
    Dunno why they dont sign David Garrard.


    ktowntchr says:
    Nov 28, 2011 1:19 PM
    David Gerrard is a wise choice for the Texans! I’m positive they’d continue on their path to the SB!

    Ladies and gentlemen…I present THE THREE STOOGES!!!!

  14. soo are we just gonna forget about that blood disease he has that forced him to stop playing football twice? He still has that issue and I dont see why its not a problem all of a sudden

  15. Here’s the story from a couple of insiders (one media, one guy with the Texans): They say that Rosenfels will never play in Houston again. Why? There was a game he QB’d a few years ago where he had 3 chances to get the ball into the end-zone (from around the 5) to win or lock up the game. All 3 plays were called in as a pass play. Good ‘ol Sage checked down every one of his recievers on each play and either handed-off and tried to run (sorry, don’t remember. Didn’t think it would come up again.). The coaching staff knew at that point that Rosenfels had lost any confidence he might have had in big-time situations and would never play for the team again.

    So, I’m either going to assume that they’ve completely forgotten about this and that it’s going to bite them in the a** at the worst possible time or that Sage won’t be signing with the team.

  16. What is going on here, a team really wants a QB on the Dolphins roster, must be a mistake some way or another, instead of a QB, perhaps we could trade the head coach, if not, then a bunch of players, just dreaming here. Bill

  17. Sage is my roommates uncle (from right here in Maq. Iowa) and his blood disease makes him weak and he just needed more rest. But according to Sage the Texans have not contacted the dolphins and none of this is true.

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