Stevie Johnson says he did not drop a game-winning touchdown


Bills receiver Stevie Johnson has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny after Sunday’s loss to the Jets. One reason was the 15-yard penalty he drew for a celebration mocking Plaxico Burress. The other is that Johnson dropped a potentially game-winning touchdown catch late in the fourth quarter.

But while Johnson acknowledged that it was stupid of him to incur a penalty with his celebration, he disputes that he had a drop. After fans called Johnson out on Twitter, Johnson shot back.

“I can’t believe you guys really telling me I “dropped” the GWinner. Smh. Pitt was a drop. This was QB&WR not on the same page,” Johnson tweeted.

In other words, Johnson says, his dropped touchdown catch in overtime against the Steelers last year was a real, honest-to-goodness drop. But Johnson doesn’t believe he dropped a game-winner against the Jets yesterday. He just believes he and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick miscommunicated.

Here’s the reality: Johnson had two potentially game-winning touchdown passes thrown to him in the final minute of the Bills’ loss. On one of them, in the end zone, Johnson is right: He and Fitzpatrick weren’t on the same page, and if anything the incompletion appeared to be Fitzpatrick’s fault, not Johnson’s.

But on the other one, Johnson got open in the Jets’ secondary, and Fitzpatrick hit him in the hands at the 25-yard line, with Johnson having a good chance to take it to the house. And Johnson just dropped it. Period.

My reaction was slow,” Johnson said after the game. “It was there. I just didn’t react fast enough.”

So, yes, Johnson dropped a potentially game-winning touchdown pass. Whether he likes hearing that from fans on Twitter or not.

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  1. What a loser. Ya, you dropped it right in front of everybody watching, mofo.

    The NFL is chalked full of nitwits like this guy, selfish and dumb.

  2. Stevie Johnson, more like Stevie Nicks. The Bills should release him and send a first round pick to Green Bay for Randall Cobb in the offseason. Now theres a #1 worthy WR

  3. Yeah, he’s clearly thinking of the one Fitzpatrick threw behind him in the actual end zone. The one he dropped wasn’t a TD and likely would not have been a TD. There were a couple Jets in front of him that likely would have stopped somewhere inside the 5 or 10 yard line. Still, there was enough time left to take a couple shots from there.

  4. Pardon me Stevie, its hard to type BECAUSE I JUST CANNOT STOP LAUGHING AT YOU!!!!!!!

    Try picking up a dictionary and look up the word Drop. And while you are at it, Plaxico suggests you look up “SWEET JUSTICE” as well you loser.

  5. The drop(s) were terrible but its not unheard of for quality WRs to drop one (or two) they should have caught.
    BUT the penalty was beyond idiotic and was very costly to his team. Said penalty was, by the way, not for the bullet to the leg pantomime but for also role playing Santonio Holmes’ past problems which included “going to the ground.” Anytime a “celebration” has the player going to the ground it is an automatic penalty.
    Bottom line, the guy is an immature idiot who found several ways to destroy his team’s chances of winning an extremely important game.

  6. Karma is a funny thing. You know when you do something stupid and you realize your life sucks? Well, that’s me! My name is Stevie (Earl).

  7. The crazy thing about the game was Johnson was beating Revis the whole game including those two 4th quarter plays. He was accomplishing the hard part getting open, and messing up the easy part catching the football.

  8. First off, that celebration was hilarious, don’t apologize Steve. Second, the bad kick by Rayner and the personal foul on Dareus set up the score before halftime, not his celebration penalty. Third, this game should have been won, or atleast tied, WAY before Stevie had a chance to drop a pass. Anybody who watched the game would know that. Yea, coulda, shoulda, woulda, but this wasn’t an individuals loss, it was a team loss. Also, on a side note, the Bills on the other hand could still make a push, with 5 straight wins, seeing as they play both Denver and Tenesee and a rematch with NE. I just don’t see the Jets beating the NYG or even the Eagles, which would drop them to 9-7 and definetly out of the Playoffs. The only hope the Bills have is the Bengals finishing 9-7, if that doesn’t happen, then the Bills will be outside looking in. I am happy, that they showed life yesterday, and set Revis Island ablaze.

  9. Poor Stevie, he’s dumb but I love his heart. While most Bills seem content to adopt the lovable loser role, he remains brash and confident. Sometimes you need someone like that, especially when you have a loser culture.

  10. Johnson was a nice rags to riches story last year. 2 horrific drops and 1 moronic and tasteless TD celebration later and he looks more like a one hit wonder who is way more style then substance. I would love to hear Fitzpatrick’s take on the ‘not on the same page’ line. That ball was right on the money.

  11. Ya Johnson dropped one streaking down the middle, and didn’t get his head around in time to catch a second.

    The one in the end zone was tough, but Holmes (whom Stevie mocked) makes those catches.

  12. funny….

    he owes 1 TD for the penalty
    1TD for the first drop
    and 1 TD for the second drop…

    when you owe your team 21 points… you should be quiet and get to work…

  13. Leave the guy alone, there was a lot more to focus the blame on than just Stevie Johnson…

    #1- The Defense- with 1 or 2 more stops instead of letting Sanchez own the field, the score would of been much different.

    #2- Dave Rayner and his chicken leg squib, c’mon man, you have one job, kick the damn ball.

    #3- Chan Gailey allowing the Defensive coordinator to call the DB blitz on Sanchez’s last TD drive. With one more DB out there they might have stopped that drive, the Bills were getting great play from Aaron Williams and Drayton Florence in the 4th quarter.

    #4-Stevie Johnson’s excessive celebration, funny, but stupid.

    #5- Running Choice every time he was on the field.

    #6- Stevie J’s drop across the 25, even though the Jets DB’s would of stopped him from scoring, Stevie is a route runner(had Revis breaking his ankles all day) not a speed demon.

    All in all, there is plenty blame to shovel around.

  14. Am I the only one who noticed Jim Leonard right in front of Johnson on that play? Even if Johnson caught it, he was going to be tackled right away.

  15. Except for Romo in the playoffs, is there a worse player in the clutch than this guy? Can’t be counted on to catch anything when his team needs him the most.

  16. Someone needs to take away his Twitter account. Shut up and just play man. Goodness! Yeah it only hit you in the Bread Baskett. Johnson is talented by can’t get over his own ego.

  17. Is SJ kidding? So it was Ryan Fitzpatrick’s fault? So Fitzpatrick threw the ball in such a way that despite hitting Johnson with an accurate pass, and despite Johnson getting his hands on the ball, Johnson did NOT drop the ball?

    Johnson is making this sound like a vast Jet-wing conspiracy designed to blame him for the loss. Problem is, if he catches that ball that he had his hands on and didn’t drop, the Bills win the game, and are in second-place.

  18. Try telling that to Buddy Nix when you’re negotiating your ELITE WR contract this offseason. While you enjoyed a nice day on Revis Island, let’s be honest you dropped 3 balls, set up a Jets score and crashed and burned up all our hopes of playoff football.

  19. He was too distracted thinking about his next selfish TD celebration instead of catching the ball. Bob Costas was right. Today’s athletes are all about “Me!” instead of thinking about the team.

  20. @joetoronto….

    not for nothing, but you comment on every single post…and in most cases at the top….

    dude, get out of the house!

  21. SO what you are saying Mr Johnson is you catch some balls and others you don’t but the ones you don’t are ususally the fault of the QB but sometimes when the ball is right in your hands you react slow so that’s not your fault either.

    Perhaps you need another team or a very long vacation from football. I’m sure your team mates are gathering around with support knowing the season ended for them yesterday.

    You sir cost your team 14 points yesterday. I think that would have won the game for your team and keep playoff hopes alive!

  22. Another Bills fan here … & tired of hearing excuses Stevie …

    … and yes I am serious …

    forget bowling with Desean Jackson … try bowlin’ with Plax after that BS dance you did!

  23. He did beat Revis all day. The drops are with Steve until you make a play in a BIG game. That can’t happen until next year when the Bills could be a bit deeper and better anyway.

  24. The pass to Stevie downfield was Stevie’s fault. The pass to Stevie in the endzone was Fitzpatrick’s fault. Pretty obvious to anyone who has eyes and a brain.

    So to say that Stevie dropped a touchdown pass is not accurate. He played well in the game. He made Revis look like a chump for most of the game. He should have known better than to fall to the ground during his celebration (however, I think the shot on Plaxico was humorous…the crashing jet was overkill).

    In the end, he dropped one pass and he shouldn’t have fallen to the ground after his TD. Other than that, he played well. The team had plenty of opportunities to win and the defence did a good job for most of the game. Spiller should not be judged by this game alone because the line is pieced together and not producing planned, reliable holes. Brad Smith did very well at WR; nice heads up play when he deflected the interception. It was a good game and had a sad outcome (from a Bills fans standpoint). The Bills will undoubtedly do something about the line after this season.

  25. so what would u cll dropping a wide open pass to score the go ahead TD…oh yah droppin the game winner lmao.. bum isnt clutch hes a beast til its time 2 win the game than chokes

  26. im also very confused? how is ANYONE sayin that pittsburgh drop isnt his fault lmao it was RIGHT IN HIS HANDS in the ENZONE and he DROPPED IT lmaoo stop it just please stop it.. this is his second game winning drop wether ppl want to admit it or not.. get over it bills are like the redskins.. load of potentional every yr and will always lose

  27. The second “dropped” TD pass was a bad throw, but it still hit Stevie in the hands. Plaxico makes that catch. And am I the only one who noticed that it was a bad throw because Aaron Maybin was hitting Fitzpatrick as he threw it? There wasn’t just karma on that last drive. Irony reared its’ head as well.

  28. I really think you Jet fans need to stop worrying about Stevie Johnson and start worrying about Mark Sanchez. Plan and simple, he sucks, the worst starting QB in the NFL. I posted when he was a rookie coming out and I said that he would either be a career backup or out of the NFL altogether within 3 or 4 years. That time is coming up fast. Jets will go nowhere with this clown at QB. Shoot your mouths’ off all you want, Jets will never win as long as this joke of a QB is behind center. The guy is dumb as a bag of rocks.

  29. .


    “@joetoronto, you comment on every post …usually at the top. Dude, get out of the house. ”


    He’s a raiders fan. The guards won’t let him out.


  30. you haters, (in this case, Bills fans), make me laugh…Revis did not look like a chump, nor did he get his “ankles broken” all day. The dude had 8 catches for 75 yards. If thats a bad day, then how good is Revis? Listen to Rex after the game, their defensive game plan was to give them short routes, although I cant defend why Revis backed off on the TD. The slant is almost impossible to defend in short yardage, even though Revis has done it before. As far as the last drive, it was zone coverage and the safeties were blowing their assignments, leaving WRs wide open. Stevie Johnson was amped for the challenge while it looked like Revis was bored. Stevie played well, but ANY team in this league would LOVE to have a corner whose “worst” game of the year is 8 for 75…

  31. “When you run 20 slants, you’re gonna catch a couple balls,” Revis said. “That’s just what the situation is. You run 20 slants, it’s a quick throw and catch. It’s not really your typical slant. A couple times they did one-step slants. That’s coming straight down the line, the ball’s getting zipped to a spot and [Stevie’s] catching it. That’s what it was [Sunday].”

    —–Darrelle Revis

  32. We were sitting around debating whos a bigger moron, Stevie Johnson or DeSean Jackson. We gave them a tie . Their mommas must be proud.

  33. This guy gets far more media coverage than he deserves. Who is he anyhow? What good has he ever done on the field that warrants this arrogance? He’s a #2 wr on any other team. Get over yourself!!

  34. @ lobacz87

    So what Revis is saying, he’s good, but not good enough to stop the slant. What Revis is really saying is he is soft. To stop the slant you need to get up and press the receiver, a slant is all about timing. Revis let Stevie abuse him all day with those short, jerky movements. So remember NFL, Revis thinks there is no way to stop a slant, so run slants all day. Brad Smith made big plays, Scott Chandler was a beast. This game was lost by the poor kick of Dave Rayner, Steve Johnson will rebound, and Revis will still get way to much credit for sucking.

  35. 7th time trying to post the same thing. Let me change it and say now that the author wrote a great article that is not at all misleading, and does consider all the facts.

    1. the penalty was in the first half, and enforced on a horrible squib kick, its wrong to imply this cost them the game.
    2. the penalty was for the jet plane crash impersonation, not picking on plax
    3. the first drop came at the 25 yard line, but how nice of yall to give him a TD automatically. Watch the footage.
    4. the second “drop” was a mistarget that stevie barely got a finger on if anything. Watch the footage.

  36. @rabid, i think revis bit on a few slants in the 1st bills/jets matchup, thats when stevie got all his yards over the top on bombs.
    revis is good, but i do think he is slipping.

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