Washburn questioned Mornhinweg’s playcalling


We mentioned last night that Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg got into a “heated discussion” on the sideline last night.

Now we have a few more details on the matter.

Howard Eskin of 610 WIP Radio and NBC 10 reports that Washburn questioned Mornhinweg’s playcalling after an early Eagles interception.  (Philly threw three straight passes to give the ball back to New England.)

Derrick Gunn of CSNPhilly.com reports that the two men actually had to be separated by Eagles sideline personnel.  The tumult came early in the game, when the Eagles actually held a lead.

“Players added that the team has too many people in the locker room with opinions, but not enough true leaders,” Gunn writes.

Expect to hear a lot more of the same over the next five weeks in Philadelphia.

54 responses to “Washburn questioned Mornhinweg’s playcalling

  1. Andy should have been the one questioning Marty. You have an elite RB yet you hang your hat on Vince Young?

  2. Washburn was looking out for his own players. How are the d-linemen supposed to perform at a high level for 4 quarters when they can’t get a blow on the sidelines due to 3 and outs?

  3. Everyone knows the key to stopping a high powered O is to get up on them early, get a couple stops early and then play ball control, keeping them off the field and tiring out the defense.

    Putting the ball in the hands of a career 58% passer is NOT a winning gameplan against the Patriots.

  4. About time a coach questioned their play calling. Media types and fans have been doing it for years. They have the leading rusher in the NFL yet refuse to consistently use him. Instead of throwing back shoulder passes to a scrawny WR who is afraid of contact, how about give the ball to McCoy.

  5. Feel bad for some of the players, they’re just trying to do their job. But no fanbase deserves this more.

  6. Let’s see…You have one of the best RB’s in the league in McCoy (10 touches), your number one wide receiver in Maclin not dressed, a back up QB in Young starting, and Tom Brady on the opposing sideline. But No, Marty and Reid still want to throw the damn ball 50 times a game, in stead of eating the clock by running the ball against the 13th ranked defense, and keeping Brady off the field. Damn right, Washburn had every right to question…..

  7. I told everyone before the season when this was still the (overblown media latch-on titled) “Dream Team” that if I was an Eagles fan I’d be worried about my defense with so many new pieces and Castillo calling the plays. Too bad that is just the cusp of this team’s problems apparently. No chemistry with the coaching staff apparently either…

  8. The Eagles tried to buy a super bowl, which almost never works. This isn’t baseball. You have to draft, develop, coach and sign. The eagles only signed. Even there coaching is suspect.

  9. The inmates are running Andy Reids Asylum. Andy has had a great run, but its time for a fresh change.

  10. There is one of two ways this needs to end for Reid. Option 1-Clean out entire coaching staff. Option 2-Reid accepts a Player Personnel Position, Mornhinweg moves on, Castillo fired, bring in Gruden. It just can’t continue the way it is right now.

  11. The Eagles defense was awful. You’d think Washburn would have other things to worry about. Their defense was so bad that even Bill Belichick didn’t want to run up the score and put Hoyer in for Brady. Sideline bickering between coaches is awful and that is Reid’s fault. How can he let that happen? Reid could have ended it by telling Washburn to do his job.

  12. If Washburn has such convictions on the offensive playcalls he should be voicing them in the gameplanning meetings throughout the week. The sidelines is a pretty stupid place for him to lose his focus on the DL and try a power-play. It’s Reid’s fault for moronic DL coaches even considering challenging another coach’s decisions on the sideline.

  13. Maybe so but it’s not his place to openly question the play calling during the game. Get a head coaching job if you want to do that. Otherwise, coach your linemen and keep your mouth shut.

  14. ‘Hello, I am Andy/Marty, and I am a passaholic.’ These two never met a situation where passing is not an option. 4th and 1 at the 2 yard line? Pass. Bring in a 3rd stringer (Kakfa) after an injury time-out? Call for a 40 yard bomb. Bring in a back-up who hasn’t played in almost a year (Young)? Throw deep on the first play.

    If these two could get a way with it, they’d call a pass play on every stinking down no matter what.

  15. Defense was awful, no argument there, but who brought in Mr. Wide 9 without the benefit of real, bona fide LBs and Safeties to support the scheme? Who tagged a lifetime O-line coach to be the defensive coordinator? Who brought in CBs who only know how to (or will) play one style? Who keeps putting pressure on their leaky D by having the offense throw, throw, throw and punting? Sounds like King Andy to me.

    Times yours.

  16. Washburn should’ve pulled a Buddy Ryan and punched Moronweg upside the head like Buddy did to Kevin Gilbride.

  17. Not that we needed anymore proof, but the Eagles are a mess from top to bottom. Even though the play calling was idiotic, on the side line during a game is NOT the appropriate time/ place for coaches to air out their differences.
    At least the Eagles are putting the fun in dysfunctional.

  18. Bill made adjustments, Andy couldn’t….

    After the Eagles blew the Pats’ doors off early on, the Pats regrouped and went on a long drive built on running the football that changed everything.

    Brady owned the Eagles’ safeties after that drive. Andy Reid had no answers, other than watching his O coordinator try to engage in a shootout with Brady.

    Never a good plan… One has to wonder what Marty was thinking, and I am glad that Washburn tried to find out…

  19. Washburn was right. Mornhinweg is an idiot and needs to get walking papers with Reid and Castillo. The ridiculous scheme they have concocted is more to blame for losses the last two years then anything else.

  20. Perfect, just love the implosion after the whole off season love affair. All the “experts” picked this team to win big, again they were wrong.

  21. Shows you the value of a good coach. The one thing Andy Reid has proved is that he cannot win the big one. He’s had plenty of time to prove it. Bring in Jeff Fisher, someone that respects the defensive side of the ball and knows that winning ugly is winning nonetheless. If Lurie cannot see/hear whats wrong he needs to get an SSI check for the visually and hearing impaired.

  22. Good for Washburn! Someone’s gotta call out morningweg. You get a 10-0 lead, especially against Brady, knowing your secondary is banged up and call 3 straight pass plays. They deserve to lose. You have the leagues leading rusher and you give him 10 carries, that’s a joke. Reid, morningwig and Juan need to be fired.

  23. Washburn questioned Mornhinweg’s playcalling
    Me too since three seasons a go!

  24. you can’t even tell they have asante or nnamdi. they disappear every game, and nate allen is no better than page was. not saying the eagles linebackers arent bad, but the secondary lost them this one

  25. So this is what a dream team is like…everyone’s dreaming of what could be instead doing it!!!

    And it seem’s to me in a not so long ago past all the football gods were praising the iggles and their moves and management, well, guess the this ship is about to sink and Capt. Andy will go down with it…

  26. Makes sense. If the o-line coach can becoming the defensive coordinator then the d-line coach can become the offensive coordinator.

    Jim is obviously gunning for Marty’s job.

  27. You guys slay me.

    LeSean McCoy was almost as bad as DeSean was yesterday. He had 2 (!) drops in the first quarter. You guys want to reward him for being unproductive. Hell, if he had one more drop, he would’ve been benched like DeSean.

    Remember when everyone said the Pats had a horrible pass defense? Guess what? They threw the ball like everyone said they should!

    Monday morning quarterbacking sure is fun.

  28. Washburn has no right to question anybody. His “Wide 9” scheme is a great part of the reason the Eagles are 4-7. If Juan is getting fired at the end of the season anyway, he should tell Washburn that we’re abandoning the ‘wide 9’ in favor of a ‘fire zone’ scheme, and if he doesn’t like it, he can quit. What organization ever forced a position coach and his flawed scheme down a new coordinator’s throat?

  29. I think they jumped off to the 10-0 because NE was expecting Lesean McCoy to be a huge part of it.

    They kept biting on the play action in those first couple of drives and then when they realized they were serious about letting Vince Young air it out they adjusted. Don’t know why they wanted to try to get into a hurry up shoot out with NE

    Desean Jackson needs a heart transplant or just needs to play with one.

  30. He should have a problem with it. Why is he calling for interceptions???? Tell Young to throw it the open receivers, even I know that.
    Seriously though, you need a guy who properly executes plays before you can get upset about the playcalling, and the Ealges/Reid never seem to put guys like that under center. So, when their plays don’t work, Reid has no one to blame but himself. Not because the plays were wrong, but because he puts guys out there who don’t run them right.

  31. Desean Jackson should be let free. He no longer has the fire to play pro ball. Vincent Jackson is a free agent sign him. He and Maclin would be great together. Castillo should be fired immediately. The season is lost. It was actually lost against Arizona. Most frustrating season in years.

  32. And when the Jets “ran too much” some fans criticized them for not passing more on the Pats last ranked by yards pass D. It’s criticized because it didn’t work… not because it wasn’t a good strategy.
    In fact, I thought it was extra smart of Reid to come out passing because it showed that he knows that BB’s goal is always to take away the offense’s best player. In this case it is McCoy. So AR knew the Pats would be geared to stop McCoy…why bang the head against the wall especially with the Pas makeshift defensive backfield? Just because Philly didn’t execute well doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good plan…to start.

    Sometimes yes, it’s better to put your strength against another team if your weaknesses are weak enough. Don’t think that was the case here.

  33. I’m not going to say who was right or wrong. All I can add is that for the last few years the Eagles have scored more points and gained more yards than any other Eagles team in history.

    Yeah I was pissed that they ran Shady 6 times.

    The real problem is that Brady figured out that the Eagles simplistic defense consists of two units; one for the run and one for the pass. Once that was established he ran the no huddle offense and ran on the pass-unit and passed on the run-unit. I know that all teams have specialists but they are usually not taken complete advantage of. It was like taking candy from a baby.

    First time in a while that an Eagles game was so un_watchable that it was replaced with a more competitive game.

  34. east96thst there you go talking out of your arse again all you know about the Eagle fan base is your not intelligent enough to qualify

  35. Let’s face it, Lurie and the Eagles organization are only interested in selling jerseys, beer, and food. Everything related to football matters little at this point. (The best thing that happened Sunday was the fans left en masse during the 3rd quarter. )

    The team’s home record stinks, and their away record is not much better. One of their stars has given up, the head coach has no plays left to call, and the assistants are fighting on the sidelines. If this isn’t the definition of dysfunctional, all it will take is a gunfight at a strip club with several of the other stars involved. (Maybe Ray Lewis can give instructions.)

    Not only is there no hope for this year, but next year is bound to be a “re-building year”, with yet another lackluster string of games leading to no Lombardi.

    Do I sound bitter after 51 years?

  36. As they had a 10-0 lead at the time, it seems the play calling was working. Not to mention the Patriots pass D is their biggest liability. Maybe the D line coach should try to get all those high priced D players to play up to expectations and quit worrying about the offense?!

  37. Remember when Andy traded up in last years draft to draft a DE in Brandon Graham when he should’ve made the pick that literally everyone knew would solidify the safety corp in earl Thomas? instead he drafts Nate Allen who actually makes me want to hurt myself when I see him play. after his first year, earl Thomas has already been named a pro-bowl alternate. but instead, we have Nate Allen who can’t make a tackle for his life, and Brandon graham who has played in about 2 games within the last year. he has already fallen on the depth chart with the addition of babin. these things that Andy does really makes me mad, and I think we would all benefit with a new head coach, along with a new OC and DC

  38. First, the Eagles should ru the ball more….though McCoy leads the league…and the Eagles as a team do as well…so obviously the are doing a good job of running it…

    McCoy isn’t the “pound it 30 times a game” back…he’s too skittish…and dances around too much…He’s lethal the way they are using him…less so, with more carries.

    Secondly…the Eagles built a 10 point lead throwing bombs…one to Cooper for the 1st score, one to D-jax to set up the fieldgoal. I’d say the playcalling was working…

    Actually, it continued to work all game, as D-Jax dropped 2 TD passes. The INT was blatant pass interference…good playcall…should have moved the ball downfield with the penalty…

    The Eagles have the fewest 3 and outs in the league…

    The Eagles offense has broken the franchise scoring record 4 or 5 seasons in a row…

    This team has been an embarrasment in many ways…play-calling hasn’t been one of them.

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