Browns place Scott Fujita on injured reserve, cut Ryan Pontbriand


On Monday, Browns coach Pat Shurmur said that linebacker Scott Fujita will miss significant time after suffering a broken hand on Sunday against the Bengals.

With only five games left and with the Browns for all practical purposes out of the playoff picture, that pointed to Fujita landing on injured reserve.

And that’s precisely what has happened.

The team has placed the veteran defender on injured reserve, along with defensive lineman Emmanuel Stephens, who suffered a pectoral injury on Sunday.

The Browns signed free agent long snapper Christian Yount, and the Browns promoted linebacker Benjamin Jacobs and defensive lineman Brian Sanford to the active roster from the team’s practice squad.

The Browns also cut long snapped Ryan Pontbriand, who misfired on a snap preceding a potential game winning field goal try from 55 yards against the Bengals, and who had another bad snap in a 13-12 loss to the Rams.

The release of Pontbriand could also incur the wrath of the guy who recently yelled at the stadium after a loss to the Texans.  When doing so, he was wearing an authentic Pontbriand jersey, perhaps the only one ever made for anyone other than Pontbriand.

14 responses to “Browns place Scott Fujita on injured reserve, cut Ryan Pontbriand

  1. “When doing so, he was wearing an authentic Pontbriand jersey, perhaps the only ever made for anyone other than Pontbriand.”

    I once saw someone wearing a Patrick Mannelly jersey.

    Gotta love long snappers, unsung heroes.

    Usually it’s better if you don’t know who they are. Means they’re doing their jobs.

  2. 1 hes a 2 time pro bowler.
    2 the snap against the rams wasn’t his fault Alex Mack put his leg in the way and the ball hit him.
    3 another great day to look forward to sunday in the factory of sadness.

  3. Every bad snap is the center’s fault.

    If it hit someone else’s leg – the ball should’ve been snapped already…it’s on the snapper.

    But ultimately – it seems like the Brown’s special teams is atrocious – it’s like they don’t spend practice time on it -and that;s on the the Special Teams coach – and ultimately the HC.

    I do not like Shurmur

  4. Someone steroid test him…the way he tossed Simpson ..u would’ve thought he was a action hero on a movie set …Simpson graduated with honors at the Vlade Divoc school of flopping!!!

  5. I don’t like that they cut Pontbriand. He was Butch Davis’ best draft pick. He is a multiple time Pro Bowler who has gone through a tough stretch, but I don’t believe he deserved to be cut.

    Jeez. I cannot stand scapegoats. People ALWAYS set out to find scapegoats. The guy who allowed the 99 yard pass to Welker in the NE/Mia game was cut right after. Last year after a horrible game of special teams in another NE/Mia game the Dolphins fired their Special Teams coach. After the Eagles lost to the Packers in last year’s playoffs, the Eagles fired their Defensive Coordinator. After Freddie Mitchell got a first down on 4th & 26 the Packers fired their Defensive Coordinator.

    All of these guys played a part in their teams losing, but they weren’t the only puzzle piece, and they weren’t the only ones to blame because there are 21 other players who didn’t do a good enough job that day.

    I don’t like this move. Not one bit. As far as I have seen these are the only two errant snaps in his career, and if not he hasn’t had more than 5 in his entire career! Damned shame. He’ll end up somewhere, but he did not deserve to be cut. To satisfy who? The fans? “See? We are trying to win and this is how we make the team better?” What a joke. I wonder whose idea this was to cut him.

  6. He’s not alone. I had a replica Ponty jersey made a couple years back. He may still be the only other guy with an authentic one, but he’s not alone.

    Did not like the move at all. We can a longsnapper with 8 years of damn near perfect record, but keep a 3rd option punter who continues to be inconsistent? FACTORY OF SADNESS

  7. 1. the 1st snap hit the guards leg
    2. Phil Dawson probably would’ve missed the second field goal anyway, how many 55 yarders into the wind have we seen him made; although he is looking really good this year from the 50+ range so who knows

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