Chiefs cut Jared Gaither

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Once regarded as a potential cornerstone left tackle in Baltimore, Jared Gaither is now out of a job.

Per a league source, Gaither has been cut by the Chiefs, after committing a key false start late in Sunday night’s loss to the Steelers.

The penalty came as Gaither replaced Brendan Albert for a snap, with the Chiefs driving for the win.  On the next play, receiver Dwayne Bowe apparently called for a deep ball and promptly changed his route, allowing the pass to be intercepted.

We’ve got a feeling Bowe won’t be cut.

As to Gaither, he’ll be subject to waivers.  If he clears waivers, he’ll become a free agent.

In Baltimore, the beginning of the end came in 2010.  Slated to move to right tackle (which typically entails a larger body) so that Michael Oher could flip to the left side, Gaither showed up for camp the size of a tight end.  Back problems ultimately wiped out his season, and he found limited interest on the free-agent market.

38 responses to “Chiefs cut Jared Gaither

  1. I seriously hope he was awful in practice too because most Chiefs fans sort of expected him to replace the utterly useless Barry Richardson at RT at some point this season. Who knows, maybe his back injury never truly healed.

  2. Typically once you are chosen to play for Haley you are never demoted regardless of your performance for instance Cassel and recently Palko. He is an embarrassment around the league as most see him as a clown.

  3. Chief fans should rejoice. This guy has been a hump since college. Beleive me if he was any good the Ravens would of never let him go. Look him up in the dictionary and it will refer you to LAZY.

  4. Raider-in-PA says:
    Really?? I dont think the Chiefs problems Sunday night centered around Gaither…

    Hint: Maybe the QB postion??


    Raider fans are true masters of the obvious

  5. Yeah that’s what I was thinking when I watched this game… if only the Chiefs got better play out of their tackle they could be a superbowl contender.

  6. vikings….please release Donovan, and let him throw 5 yard worm burners for Houston, or Chicago, and kick the tires on this lazy POS. He cannot be worse then what you are currently trotting out there every week.

  7. Won’t clear waivers. At the worst, Dallas will claim him and try to motivate him. If he only lacks that motivation, NE might grab him as well. Belichik and Brady can motivate a rock.

  8. This is simple. St.Louis has the second or third spot in the Waiver Wire pecking order. The Rams have played 7 players, (4 at OLT, 3 at ORT) over the past 5 weeks. This past week journeyman Adam Goldberg was protecting Bradford’s blindside, and starting ORG Harvey Dahl was playing ORT. The Rams are out of contention, but with defenses like the 49ers (twice), Bengals, and Steelers still left on the schedule, the Rams need Gaither

  9. For all the Ravens fans who were mad when he was released and for all the people who called Ozzie an idiot for letting Gaither and McLain go to the Chiefs, Here’s to you.

    BTW, in all sincerity how is Kelly Greg playing this year for the Chiefs, Buddy Lee was a crowd favorite and a great guy.

  10. Wow, you’ve gotta really suck to get cut by the Chiefs offense… and I’m a Chiefs fan.

  11. bowe promptly changed his route?

    umm…maybe that WAS the route. Just b/c a WR throws his hand up doesn’t mean he’s running straight down the field…only randy moss did that.

  12. On the next play, receiver Dwayne Bowe apparently called for a deep ball and promptly changed his route, allowing the pass to be intercepted.
    C’mon, this wasn’t Brady to Moss. You actually think that Palko saw Bowe wave his hand?

    Bowe is guilty of not fighting to prevent the pick but that and Palko’s ineptitude were there reasons for the pick, not changing a route.

    Did you actually watch the game?


  13. Every team but the Chiefs knew this guy couldn’t play due to his back.

    Haley is a crackhead.

  14. The play calling also sucked. Its obvious the replacement QB had little practice experience and only had a small bag of plays to use.

    I read where most teams don’t let the backup qb’s get any snaps in practices since time is so precious to go over the game play with the regulars.

    They understand the play book from training room sessions and meetings and understand the language but haven’t thrown the ball much to put in practice what they know on paper.

  15. “Hello Jared..this is Steve Spagnuolo. Can you get in a car and drive 3 hours to St. Louis ASAP?”

  16. The broncs should consider him. They have 2 openings on 53 man roster, a lack of depth at O-line and an upcoming game against KC…could pick his brain

  17. Kalif Barnes jumped offsides 3 times in a row and the Raiders didn’t cut him. Gaither only did once so he has met the prerequisit one penalty each time you get in for being a Raider.

  18. That’s it! That was what the Chiefs troubles were. Jared Gaither.

    Anyway, I’m not so sure the Chiefs offensive woes are the fault of anyone player. We know Matt Cassel is a capable QB he’s had successful seasons under capable leadership. Tyler Palko is a back-up QB, what did you expect?

    I think the biggest problem is Haley is a complete tool. The confusion from Haley being the OC/HC is causing a lot of frustration. Just look at the way Cassel reacted to the sideline when he was playing.

    If Haley’s track record is preventing a capable to superior OC from coming to KC…Haley needs to go.

  19. I wouldnt mind seeing the Eagles sign him, and letting him rehab his body to begin next season.

    The kid definitely had promise. And if he rehabbed and conditioned himself, he would be a great RT for us. Let Herremans move back to LG, Kelce at C, and Watkins at RG. Our OL would be set, provided Gaither can get his kinks worked out.

    I hope he isnt another Shawn Andrews though. Its ashame to see young guys like this have an injury problem snowball and create a bad career.

  20. Please Vikings make an attempt at least. Can’t hurt anyway. Not saying this guy is a steal or anything but considering the current line…might as well give him a try.

  21. He was a starter in Baltimore and left to be a backup in kc- good call!
    Gaither, Gregg, and McLain all left to go to kc. Now we have mckinnie, Cody and leach. Looking like an upgrade now. In Ozzie we trust

  22. Can’t be because he’s out of shape. Guy looks cut up for being a LT in that pic. I’d venture a guess that the Giants would put a claim in for him if his back is healthy.

  23. Jared was a headcase coming out of Maryland. He was a headcase with the Ravens.
    Now he’s a headcase ex-Chief.
    Buyer beware.

  24. I do agree that he needed to be cut he didn’t look like he was ready to play. But someone needs to ask Bowe what he was thinking also. Yes out QB could do better but he also needs a lot of help from the veterans on the team.

  25. Looks like that false start Gaither commited late in the Steelers game cost him more than a few yards.

  26. Jared Gaither was the Ravens version of Albert Haynesworth. He had a ton of talent, but grew bitter & lazy when he got moved from LT to RT for Oher. Now he joins the Ravens alumni likes of Ed Hartwell, Bart Scott and Jason Brown. Guys who left the franchise onlyto realize they weren’t all that and a bag of chips.

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