Del Rio out in Jacksonville


On Sunday, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver said that he’d leave the topic of coach Jack Del Rio’s future for another day.

If you had “Tuesday” in the office pool, congratulations.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Del Rio has been fired.  The Jaguars reportedly will announce the move at noon.

The move comes as no surprise, especially since Del Rio has publicly blamed offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter twice in two weeks for decisions that went bad during Jacksonville losses.  Most recently, Del Rio said that a key timeout wasn’t taken because Koetter didn’t want it, a shameful passing of the buck away from the desk of the man who runs the show.

Perhaps Del Rio, sensing his demise, was hoping to keep Koetter from becoming the interim head coach.

The second coach in franchise history leaves with a regular-season record of 69-73, with a 1-2 record in two playoff appearances.

The move likely would have come early, but for a five-year contract that Del Rio scored after making a stunning Leftwich-for-Garrard quarterback swap on Labor Day weekend in 2007.  Since that year, which culminated in a postseason win at Pittsburgh, the Jags haven’t been back to the playoffs — and Del Rio has been saved by what was a multi-year buyout.

As it now stands, Del Rio will be paid for one year and five games to not coach the Jags.

UPDATE: Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker will be in the interim head coach.

97 responses to “Del Rio out in Jacksonville

  1. We’ve finally gotten to the interesting part of the season! I wonder if any other coaches get fired midseason.

  2. Thought he was a good coach overall, but – you don’t throw your staff to the dogs like that. Man up, Jack – we’ll see you again soon as a DC.

  3. I like Del Rio…most people do….seems like an honest tough genuine guy….He had some good teams…….but just never had the quarterback….A good quarterback usually makes good coaches great…….HE WILL FIND A JOB VERY QUICK….Come to Cincy…we can use a tough smart guy like him

  4. What a joke!!!! Fire the HC who is forced to use a rookie at quarterback. If Weaver really wanted him gone, he should have done this after last season ended. Of course, if, as suggested, the firing was done as to not have to pay two coaches salaries for two seasons, then Weaver is not stupid. He’s just cheap.

  5. I remember him as a great player. Now he’s remembered as a gutless bad ignorant coach. I’m sure garrard is lhao right now

  6. And meanwhile Norv Turner still has his job….Smh…The Jags dont have much talent and have drafted poorly.Norv Turner was given a diamond and turned it into cole.

  7. 1 coach fired, a lot more left to go (Philly, NYG, Washington, TB, St. Louis, Minny, Miami, Indy and San Diego)

  8. I didn’t like it when Weaver tossed Coughlin and have been waiting on this day while trying so hard to place a little faith in him. He never had it.

    Take your time, Wayne. Take your time.

  9. Great move by the owner. Del Rio got rid of Garrard when he knew Garrard was their best shot at the playoffs. He drafted Gabbert who has no arm and is not a good quarterback at all so he could get rid of Garrard and have an excuse for a bad season and buy himself an excuse for a bad season instead of at least trying for a good season. This guy Del Rio tried to mess up his own team instead of try to get in the playoffs which very well could of happened with that running game and Garrard managing the game and at least being able to complete over six yards unlike Gabbert who I said before the draft was not a first or second or third round kind of guy really not even a backup in this league to tell you the truth. Shame on you Del Rio you got what you deserved.

  10. Since we probably don’t have a chance to sign Bill Cowher, how about making a run at Chucky!!!! Just watching him on the sidelines should be about as entertaining as some of the Jags play! Lol.

  11. All is right in the world once again! This is definitely the first step in the right direction. Even though this should have happened 3 years ago…

  12. The OC should be next. He has completely failed at reworking his offense around Jones Drew. Instead he is designing and calling plays that cant work for a struggling rookie QB with mediocre receivers.

  13. I was not really sure of Del Rio was the problem, but after the way he threw Koetter under the bus, he had to go. You’re the HC, dude, take some responsibility for your team. The OC did not want a timeout? Call one anyway, you are the head coach!

    If it could be true that doing so was to ensure Koetter did not get the interim gig…that explains why things were not working. That kind of pettiness has to be left at the door to be a successful coach and team.

  14. The man is going to be paid a year and a half for sitting on the couch (plus whatever he inevitably gets as an ESPN “expert”). I think he saw the writing on the wall and pushed his way out early.

  15. When Wayne hired Jack I remember him saying “just no three yards and a cloud of dust offense”. That’s about what we’ve had for a few years now and I’m glad he finally made the move.

    Spend your kids’ money now, Wayne! Give Cowher the keys to your plane. Heck, give him your plane!

  16. I can see the head coaching interview list after the season now:

    1. Marty Schottenheimer (To get some buzz)
    2. Mike Tice (He probably still thinks he is a good coach)
    3. Herm Edwards (Because he is a great Coors Light coordinator, and he fills the Rooney Rule obligation)
    4. Dave Wannstedt or Dick Juron (Pick your poison as this is right up their alley to apply after running horrible defenses for the Bills and Browns)

    No quality coach wants to coach the land of misfit linebackers.

  17. Anybody on here who thinks that firing JDR was a bad idea either doesn’t live in Jacksonville, or doesn’t watch the Jaguars every Sunday.

  18. I am a Jags season ticket holder and I think JDR did a okay coaching job for us.His defense was always very stout,but offense could never seem to get it going.
    Goodluck in your future JDR.

  19. And now interim head coach Mel Tucker has to coach his first game on MNF, with a rookie QB, versus the team that hometown messiah Tim Tebow beat last week. Hmm. Del Ego may be the lucky one.

  20. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Del Rio was a punk when he was a player, a punk as a coach, and now a punk without a job.

  21. twitter:Chapman_Jamie says:
    Somewhere David Garrard is laughing his ass off.
    So is Byron Leftwich
    Goodbye to one helluva arrogant F%$!K!

  22. With 73 losses, it is possible that Del Rio has more losses than any other coach with a sub-.500 record in the history of the NFL. You have to give him credit for that, how many NFL head coaches would get nine seasons with an overall losing record before being fired? It does make one wonder whether the franchise would be better off in Los Angeles.

  23. Del Rio needs a change – good solid coach and another team will benefit from this if they take a chance with him. The whole NFL Jacksonville experiment has been a debacle anyway – this team needs to shift coasts and become the Los Angeles Whatevers.

  24. weiser5150 says: Nov 29, 2011 9:09 AM

    I am a Jags season ticket holder and I think JDR did a okay coaching job for us.His defense was always very stout,but offense could never seem to get it going.
    Goodluck in your future JDR.


    Seeing how much he throws Dirk Koetter under the bus, do you really think the defense is “his”? Would he not throw Mel Tucker under the bus at the drop of a hat?

    I refuse to give this guy credit for anything he has done in Jacksonville. One playoff win (a fluke game) and ZERO division titles.

  25. Sirius’s PK and the Rock won’t be too happy about this.
    The defense did play well this year but he had nothing to work with on offense beyond MJD. The wr’s are JAGs and once they ousted Garrard and went with McCowan they were resigned to struggling. I hope they didn’t ruin Gabbert’s chances at becoming an NFL QB.
    Del Rio had to go but this team will go nowhere if they don’t get first round production out of their QB. Is there another Harbaugh out there to rescue this franchise?

  26. Maybe in time to coach UCLA and battle his old Trojans…Jack is an LA type guy after all…

  27. pastabelly says:
    Nov 29, 2011 8:38 AM

    What a joke!!!! Fire the HC who is forced to use a rookie at quarterback.
    And what was Del Rio’s excuses for underachieving most of the other years he was there?

  28. weiser5150 “JDR’s D” was never stout. The deffenses that were stout were Mike Smith’s and this year Tucker’s with him having full control. JDR was an egotistical piece of crap. His blame game started after year one when he let go of the special teams coach. He went through more assistants than any other team in the league during his time here. BYE BYE DELRIO!!!

  29. Decent enough coach I suppose, but tossing your OC under the bus like that- repeatedly- is a pretty shady thing to be doing even at the best of times. I hate to use him as an example, but… well, look at Andy Reid. When things go badly in Philly, he’s at least stepped and said that it’s on his shoulders and no one elses. Might be why Reid has lasted so long with the Eagles- whether or not he’s successful, at least he’s been honest (about that part, anyway).

    Del Rio struggled, the QB switcheroo didn’t work this time the way it did with Garrard, and rather than own up to his mistakes he blamed someone else. G’bye.

  30. When is the parade planned in J-ville? You guys have to be relieved. The future may be a bit uncertain now, but that’s better than the certainty of failure. At least some hope can be had now.

  31. I really hope the jaguars get their s**t together… Would be nice to see them play as well as they did with Freddy, Jimmy, and Keenan.

  32. Despite a great defensive effort coupled with facing a “rook” this past weekend, I say Oak should consider Del Rio as a Bresnahan replacement next year. Bres’s playcalling is terrible and has given up a ton of big plays.

    For example, 3rd & 10, Bres blitzes EVERYONE and that Chi QB tosses a quick pass for a 40yd TD. I saw tthat presnap. Bres should go coach the HS kids. Not NFL.

  33. Good Luck Del Rio. You’re no longer the coach, but to me you’ll always be a tremendous jag.

  34. Not a Jacksonville fan so I’m not too sure who is makingthe personell decisions here, but you have to question whoever has put together this offense. Gabbert looks worse than Dalton, and appears to be one of the worst starters in the league…there is also no wide receiver talent on offense. This team is several years away from winning and may as well just move out of town to L.A.

  35. fordman84 says: Nov 29, 2011 9:12 AM

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Del Rio was a punk when he was a player, a punk as a coach, and now a punk without a job.
    You remember him playing, do you?

    I know I do and even though he played for the Chiefs and I’ve always been a Raider fan, I admired the way he played.

    Punk player my arse.

  36. bigvinnyinjax says:
    Nov 29, 2011 8:41 AM
    I have never been so happy to hear of someone losing his job.
    He’s no Bernie Fine. But if it makes you happy, good for you.

    As for the Gabbert drafting and cutting of Garrard, why no blame for Gene Smith on that one? Del Rio should have been fired after last season. Again, the cheap owner didn’t want to pay for a season of Del Rio not coaching.

  37. Del Rio had some good runs with some not so great teams.

    This year he was doomed to fail. He was forced to start an over-rated rookie quarterback with a sub-par support system.

    Probably good for Del Rio to get out of Jacksonville. He may not be the best coach in the league, but he is far from bottom tier.

  38. If the G.M. was in total control of the drafting then it sucked to be him. I always thought they were the 2nd worst in the league behind you know who.

    Like Billy P said…if they want you to cook the dinner they should at least let you buy the groceries.

    If JDR was the last say in the draft room then he needs to go back to being a D-Coordinater.

    Blaine Gabbert – looks to be the next David Carr
    Tyson Alualu – who???
    Eugene Monroe – we will see, off to a rough start
    Derrick Harvey – Jaguars longest holdout ever and now is a backup in Denver
    Reggie Nelson – a Bengal
    Matt Jones – hahahahahahahahah
    Reggie Williams – hangs with Pacman Jones

  39. “…he second coach in franchise history leaves with a regular-season record of 69-73, with a 1-2 record in two playoff appearances.”

    So what are you saying?
    That he’s so bad he lost one game twice?

  40. I get the feeling that the ownership doesn’t care about winning, because I thought he should have been fired 5 years ago.

  41. Del Rio was not forced to play a rookie quarterback. It was his decision to get did of Garrard. He was on the hot seat and knew he had to do something to spark his team. It worked for him in 07 when he got rid of Leftwich so he decided to try it again and failed. He may have also ruined Gabbart’s confidence and his chances of becoming an NFL QB. I’ve been waiting to read this report since they fired Coughlin.

  42. I hated Del Rio ever since he roughed up Otis Taylor who was coming in to work (coach) during the NFL strike way back when.

    Took a big man linebacker to mess on a little ex-wide out older guy.

    Del Rio is a punk, was a punk and is not coach-worthy. Go blame others chump.

  43. so far there are 86 posts- which pretty much equals the fanbase n jax-ville-every home gm blacked out-WHY NFL insists on keeping Jags n Jax-ville – its not a PRO “TOWN” more college atmosphere maybe Jags should join the Big Least as football only member LOL

  44. Del Rio may be remembered for his innovative use of an ax in the locker room to motivate the team and maybe the distinction of being the only coach in recent memory to rock a suit and a leather jacket on the sideline.

  45. Garrard had back surgery weeks ago, what makes you think he was gonna take you somewhere? Maybe Del Rio knew this and saved a 6 mill or so salary when he knew the inevitable was coming, which was Gabbert playing.

  46. pdmjr says:
    Nov 29, 2011 8:58 AM
    This franchise is a joke. Pro football in Jacksonville
    was a big mistake.
    I liked the Bulls 🙂

  47. Yeah, I don’t think Jack was FORCED to use a rookie QB. I seem to recall him firing Garrard unceremoniously a couple days before the season began. That was a CHOICE Jack Del Rio made. A poor one. And part of a familiar pattern of poor decisions.

    I don’t know if we can hang the decision to draft Gabbert around JDR’s neck or not. But the decision to throw him to the wolves was entirely JDR’s.

    Sorry, Jack. You wear nice suits, and you say the right things in interviews, but to keep a head coach gig in the NFL you at least need to win more games than you lose.

  48. To all the people talking about Del Rio as a future defensive coordinator, Ha! Maybe in JV high school. Mike Smith (current Falcons coach) and Mel Tucker ran the defenses during the Jags good years of D. When Jack ditched Gregg Williams and tried to coach most of the D himself, the defense was flat out terrible, one of the worst in the league. Weaver had to tell him to stop interfering with the defense. Yes. The owner told Del Rio to stay away from the defense. And now they are #4 in the league.

    You still want this guy coaching your defense? Be careful what you wish for.

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