Freeman needed stitches after gun mishap


Here’s a strange one.

Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune has confirmed that Josh Freeman needed five stitches in his right thumb after a gun “mishap” at a Tampa shooting range on October 31.  A gun unexpectedly recoiled on Freeman.

That injury happened only eight days after Freeman sprained his thumb against the Bears.  Freeman and G.M. Mark Dominik met on the day following the incident to discuss what happened.  His stitches were removed five days later.

Freeman has participated fully in practice ever since the injury. He hasn’t played well over the last month, but he wasn’t playing very well before the injury either.

The Bucs confirmed the story and said Freeman didn’t violate his contract.

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  1. Bucs amaze me. They always come up big in big games. Freeman did it again last week against Green Bay, but they always drop turds in games they should win. See Tennessee.

  2. I am actually pleased to see that he is taking his firearm to the range and firing it. I am not against guns, just morons who have guns but don’t do the proper and responsible things you need to do to be in possession of a firearm.

    Hand guns are so inactive that anyone who isn’t firing it on a regular basis could unload the thing and they wouldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. You can have your guns, just make sure you fire them regularly and they are cleaned.

  3. “gun unexpectedly recoiled on Freeman.”

    LOL. That means the gun went off when he wasn’t expecting it to. Guns don’t ‘recoil’ unless they are fired. I expect it means he had his thumb laid along the slide when it went off, slicing a nice gash along said thumb.

  4. At least he was at a range. I give him credit for being legal with his firearms, but I am not to sure how this happens. Guns don’t just randomly fire, makes me think he was not handling it properly.

  5. I was a Freeman supported at the start of the season, and after watching the Bucs more closely, he makes terrible decisions at times and it seems by his reactions, that he is never wrong, its the receivers fault. I couldn’t careless about him losing street cred for not knowing how to fire a weapon either.

  6. Guns do not “unexpectedly recoil.” The operator may use them improperly however. I’m an avid hunter and recreational shooter. Guns don’t make mistakes, but the people operating them do, particularly if they are inexperienced or inattentive.

  7. They almost certainly mean that he fired on purpose, but had his non-trigger hand in a place where the slider recoiled into it, but was not expecting that.

  8. If you know anything about guns, he was probably shooting a semi-auto pistol and maybe a small one. The “slide” slides back and if you have big hands, or are shooting a smaller pistol when the slide moves back forward it can pinch your skin. Or take it off depending on the situation. Sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s doing….

  9. Kudos to Freeman for being a responsible gun owner (taking his firearm to a gun range instead of night clubs). But, it sounds like he should go to the range more often (to practice) or attend a gun-safety class. Maybe both.

  10. As mentioned previously, prob a semi auto handgun and the slide said hello.

    Guns are serious business, the first time I sighted in a slug gun (had only previously shot bird loads) it recoiled so hard, the scope left a perfect circle in my forehead.

  11. Sounds like his biggest mistake was in not asking for a little instruction. Pretty much all semi-automatics work basically the same way as do most revolvers. Others have mentioned getting bitten by the slide but he could gotten his thumb caught in the hammer.

    Most range owners would prefer you to ask for help rather than kill yourself or one of the other customers. Don’t give your money to the range owners who don’t want to be bothered.

  12. Could have been hammer bite too…most QB’s have large hands and even a large SA auto like a 1911 without a beaver-tail can bite you if you are not careful.

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