Jaguars extend G.M. Gene Smith three years


Well, here’s a bit of good news for Blaine Gabbert on this wildly busy morning for the Jaguars.

Chris Mortensen of reports that Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith got a new three-year contract from owner Wayne Weaver.

So the Jaguars have fired their coach, the team has been sold, and the general manager got a new contract.

It looks like Weaver wanted to set Smith up for the future as one of his last acts as team owner. Smith has drafted fairly well the last few years, but he also talked about a three-year plan pointing to the 2011 season.  It hasn’t gone well.

Smith will presumably have a big voice in choosing the next head coach. It’s safe to say, then, that the Jaguars won’t be going after some of the big names without jobs like Bill Cowher that would want personnel control.

It will be interesting to see if Smith essentially picks a head coach with an eye on developing Gabbert or whether he’ll let the coach bring in other quarterback options.  Sticking with Gabbert too long could hamstring the next Jaguars coach.

10 responses to “Jaguars extend G.M. Gene Smith three years

  1. The new coach will want to bring in a new QB if he believes the current one is no good. Not because the QB was there before him.

    When has a good QB been replaced by a New HC?
    Heck SF even kept a bad one this year.

  2. Gene has done a great job with the team since Shack Harris got fired. Well deserved.

    But his job isn’t finished and I beieve this year shows that the next three will be good. JDR crippled this team and Gabbert by throwing him to the wolves. A new offensive system would do this team some good.

    Now, here’s hoping that Jeff Fisher being the head coach is the next Jaguars announcement

  3. I think the reason Gene Smith did not take the initial contract extension is because he would still be working with Del Rio…Now that he is gone the money sounds a WHOLE LOT BETTER…

  4. The 3-year plan “hasn’t gone well”??? We’re in year 2 – have a top 5 defense, solid lines, and what may be the QB of the future. One more year (that will make 3), some offensive weapons, and this team is on the move…

  5. Smith got paid for squeezing the payroll down to rock bottom of the league. Nothing more than that. His football decisions stink. Weaver wanted to sell, and the team was a lot more attractive with a low payroll. Plain and simple. Gene has been a yes man to Weaver his whole career, and nothing more than that.

  6. Way off mark here. Del Rio used to have some input into personnel decisions during the Shack Harris era but those duties were stripped long ago. The draft has been a purely Gene Smith operation.

    Now if you want to speculate whether Tebow could have “saved” Del Rio’s job? Well that is a much tougher question to answer.

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