Janikowski is the AFC special-teams player of the week

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To little surprise, Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski has been named the AFC special-teams player of the week.

In a Week 12 win over the Bears, Janikowski kicked six field goals, from 40, 47, 42, 19, 37, and 44 yards.  It was a team record for field goals in a game, and it was the fourth time Janikowski connected on at least five field goals in one game.

Janikowski’s competition for the award undoubtedly included Raiders punter Shane Lechler, who showed that the best way to keep the ball out of the hands of Bears punt returner Devin Hester is to kick it over his head, as Lechler did via an 80-yard punt that ended up in the end zone.

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  1. Did my pro bowl balloting and both Janikowski and Lechler got my vote. Well deserved and well over due for #11.

  2. Ah, Sebastian! One of the great evil henchmen! Unfortunately, he still believes that Al can deliver an underage chick for every field goal. The diappointment mist be paralyzing. Please give Kenny Britt a chest bump for me when you see him Jani!

  3. This is gonna sound really stupid and far out there but he should be in the MVP race, idk if he should win it but his name should at least be in there. If you look at the raiders games he’s been a difference maker all season scoring from 30+ constantly. If it wasn’t for his FGs the raiders may not be where they are right now.

  4. Sebastian would like to give special thanks at this time to the Raiders offense, who are atrocious in the REDZONE!

  5. Greatest kicking tandem in NFL history? If Seabass played on a halfway decent team these past ten years he would have been in multiple Pro Bowls. He also did a decent job of kicking way back in the snow bowl, if Gruden hadn’t sat on it in the last 25 seconds of regulation, Janikowski might have won it for him.

  6. I was actually at this game in Oakland. This man deserves to be in Canton when he chooses to retire. Lets not forget he was drafted in the 1st round… Greatest kicker of all time, hands down.

  7. Love or hate or just plain ignore the Raiders, you have to admit that their kickers are probably the best in the league.

    I know it’s easy to make fun of kickers, but when a team lines up for that last second game-winning field goal at 48 yards, I’d like to see SeaBass come out for my team.

    Kudos to both of them from a non-Raider fan.

  8. The Raiders have an amazing kicking duo. Janikowski has had the strongest leg in the NFL forever, but has only matured as a kicker in the last couple of seasons. And Lechler has always been an amazing punter.

  9. In the air from the 11 to the 11, it was impressive. We rewound it several times. DirecTV’s Red Zone channel which prides themselves on not showing punts showed it as a highlight. How many of us could get that distance with two kicks?

    Now with Lechler and Kluwe, we have a favorite punter in each conference.

  10. Sorry to go off-topic, but it’s 100% certain that Khan will take the Jaguars to LA very soon. He wanted the Rams and was rumored to want to move them to LA. All the promises is just lip service. Just like Weaver saying “the team is not for sale” and denying rumors. Same with any owner looking to relocate, they aren’t going to talk it up whilst they’re still playing in their current city.

    LA Jaguars is coming very soon. Buccaneers will stay in Tampa Bay. I guess the second LA team will come down to Raiders, Chargers, Vikings.

  11. If I were Raiders owner, and I know this would fly in the face of all Raiders fans, but I’d do is this…

    Rename the team Death Valley Raiders
    Setting up base therefore in Fresno (which is geographically in the middle of the Bay Area and LA)
    Market myself as the team for all California (much to the chagrin of the Chargers/Niners)
    Of 8 home games, play 6 in Oakland, 2 in LA, and make a deal with the NFL to play another 4 away games in LA, where the ‘home’ team gets a better cut etc. All this during that process where there might be only one full-time team in LA (Jags) or no full-time teams in LA for many years, a way to bring NFL to LA thru those away games.

  12. Sebastian would like to give special thanks at this time to the Raiders offense, who are atrocious in the REDZONE!


    Funny you should say that, because the Raiders are actually tied for 12th in the league with 28 touchdowns… Along with the Ravens, the Panthers, and Bengals. I don’t really think all those teams are atrocious in the Red Zone.. now if you would have said… Kansas City, Jacksonville, or St. Louis were atrocious in the red zone, I might buy it. That said, Jano did what he had to against a very tough Bear Defense that knew it’s only chance to win with Caleb Hanie was to keep Oakland out of the endzone as much as possible… A Bear Defense that does pretty good at holding a lot of people out of the end zone.

  13. Hester was surprised as anyone, given that he had to turn and run with his back to the kicker as if he were a center fielder going after a line drive over his head.

    “That’s the first time in history that I’ve seen somebody kick an 80-yard punt that was in the air,” Hester said. “You know, it wasn’t just a good roll where somebody might kick a ball 50 yards and roll a good 30.

    “It seemed like the whole 80 yards was in the air. I thought I was back pretty good — was about 50 or 55 yards deep, and he still boomed it over my head.”

    Lechler said: “I knew I’d gotten it all as soon as it left my foot. It’s strange because sometimes you hit balls that feel real good and they don’t look good, but whenever you hit one perfect, you know. And I hit it perfect. I’ve hit a lot of footballs in my life, but that’s probably top 10 of ones I even hit in practice.”

    Lechler put angled punts at the 3- and 4-yard lines and ended with a 54.6-yard average and a 49.2-yard net with three balls inside the 20-yard line.

  14. i still can’t believe we passed on Shaun Alexander to draft Sebastian Janikowski, but now S.A. is out of the league, and Jano is still boomin em.

    Mind you, the Raiders had Shayne Graham on the roster, and that dude was a decent kicker, and so was Joe Nedney (who Janikowski replaced).

    One of the all-time puzzling picks. A kicker in the first round. No doubt, he’s good ..but a kicker?!

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