Recapping this very Jaguar morning

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This is a fun job because you never know what each morning will bring.

This morning brought seismic changes in Jacksonville that will shape the next decade of the Jaguars franchise.

If you missed any of it, here’s a quick recap:

Jack Del Rio was fired as head coach.  Mel Tucker will be the interim head coach.

One reason Del Rio was fired: He didn’t work as hard after he got a big contract.

Tebowmania may not have helped Del Rio either.

The Jaguars have been sold to Shahid Khan, who reportedly plans to keep the franchise in Jacksonville.

One of Wayne Weaver’s last acts as owner: He extended G.M. Gene Smith’s contract for three years.

Smith’s extension is good news for Blaine Gabbert, who could still get lost in the shuffle with a new coach coming to town.

We’ll get back to the rest of the league shortly. At least after we watch Weaver’s press conference.

UPDATE: Weaver promised the team won’t leave Jacksonville.

9 responses to “Recapping this very Jaguar morning

  1. At this point they should scrape the whole team and start over fresh with the rate they’re going.

    If only the Chargers and the Eagles would follow suit.

  2. That is whacked. It had to be Smith who passed on Tebow last year. Del Rio does not control the draft process. That has been Smith’s MISMANAGEMENT for the past few years at least. Not getting decent receivers for Gabbert to throw to is on Smith as well. It was obvious to the fans before the season began that it would be a trouble area. Gene’s latest gem discovered in a farmer’s field was Cecil Shorts, who finally caught his first NFL pass last week. He is awful, and was still considered the Jags best receiver coming out of camp. Marcedes Lewis and Mike Thomas got big contracts and RETIRED. That should be on Smith as well.

  3. Can’t say I didn’t see this “Gabbert getting lost in the shuffle” thing coming a mile away.

    sterilizecromartie says:
    Apr 29, 2011 10:08 AM
    I really don’t understand this pick. The “powers that be” in Jacksonville need to win now or they are done. This is a pick that may not pay off for another 3 years. And if this current regime is canned and new coach/GM come in they will want to hand select their own QB. Then it leaves Gabbert in no mans land a la Tim Tebow.

  4. The Jaguars have been sold to Shahid Khan, who reportedly plans to keep the franchise in Jacksonville.

    Just like Urban Meyer not being offered the Ohio State job.

    Hello L.A.
    Adios Jacksonville.

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