Report: Del Rio lost his drive after big contract


It’s a rite of passage at any job.

The moment someone leaves or gets fired, everyone else in the office starts talking trash about them.  Pete Prisco of has a long list of complaints in an article on Tuesday:

1. Del Rio wasn’t “liked” inside the Jaguars building the last couple of years.

2. “There were many inside who felt once he got paid his big contract he lost the zest for being a head coach,” Prisco writes.

3. Sources told Prisco that Del Rio arrived to work at 9 a.m. and left early. That rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  It became a running joke inside the organization.

4. Del Rio was considered “arrogant and inflexible” and married to an outdated offense.

5. He threw other coaches under the bus.

Other than that, everyone seemed fired up to work with Del Rio.

24 responses to “Report: Del Rio lost his drive after big contract

  1. You throw the OC under the bus, what other comments are you expecting on Tuesday? “Its a shock, what’s going on here?!” Now the next head coach has to re-develop Gabbert all over again. The GM might as well cut out, too.

  2. They may be right, however it also seemed like the owner didn’t really want to work to get good players for that offense.

    Besides why should we expect the coaches to be any different than the players when it comes to those big contracts?

  3. well he kept the Jags for the most part competitive,

    he never really had GREAT talent,

    made a couple playoff spots,

    did beat a Pitt & Tomlin Big Ben team in the playoffs one year,

    lost to ’07 NE team , everyone did…

    I dont see a ton of other coaches doing a MUCH better job

  4. It never made sense that Dirk Koetter had a wide open and high scoring offense at Arizona State, but the one he ran in Jacksonville seemed totally different. Will be interesting to see what it looks like for the rest of the year.

  5. Maybe some of those people who are complaining after the fact should have brought a tree stump and an axe into Del Rio’s office.

    Keep chopp’n wood, coach!

  6. It’s gonna be one hell of an offseason for the Jags. A new head coach, a championship caliber defense, top ten draft pick and more cap space than any team in the league…The Jags can get real good, real quick!!!

  7. # 4 on the list may be onto something. That defense has played real solid this year while that offense has been embarrassingly bad. The Jags offense makes the Broncos offense look like a juggernaut!

  8. warrenmoon says: Nov 29, 2011 10:35 AM

    If they hated him the last couple years why did they let him waste their time so long?

    It is hard to hate a guy enough to pay him millions each year to not work.

  9. “Sources told Prisco that Del Rio arrived to work at 9 a.m. and left early. That rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. It became a running joke inside the organization.”

    This is not meant to be a swipe at PFT. But as a football rumor site this is the stuff that would be great to read here 3 weeks or 3 months ago.
    This would provide great insight to this team and its chances. When coaches are sleeping in the office for 3 hours each night, this guy is said to be arriving at 9AM and leaving early?
    It would be a rumor pretty easy to check. Have someone look for his car at 5AM, 7AM.

    One might say “who cares, its the Jags.” But think back to Micheal Turner a couple seasons ago, he struggled and got hurt. After wards we heard about how he reported to camp overweight. Again, after the fact. These are the real rumor nuggets. Not a compilation of stories printed elsewhere and recapped here.

  10. Del Rio should’ve been fired years ago and never showed worthiness to be a legitimate “starter” as a head coach. His constant indecision during games and his ridiculous QB carousel … I don’t know how guys like Del Rio and Marvin Lewis get chance after chance where sheer law of averages will produce an odd winning season every once in awhile but neither has been able to produce consistent success. The Bengals are good because of the players, not because of their idiot coach. Same thing with the stagnant Jaguars.

  11. Del Rio stated that the “buck stops over there” twice in the last month. This had to be a sure indication to anyone within the organization that he had quit. A new owner would not want the job of dealing with a million dollar a year lay-about. Jacksonville fans now have some hope of a competitive team playing in the Gator Bowl again. Dungy would be my first choice for coach.

  12. What makes a great coach? Jacksonville does host THE PLAYERS Championship for the PGA Tour. You need PLAYERS!!!

    How many Championships did Phil Jackson win without Jordan, Kobe and Shaq?

    How many times was Joe Torre fired? 3 Mets, Cards and Dodgers!

    the guy in New England was fired in Cleveland. He would have been canned if Brady did not come along!

    I could go on and on!!!

  13. what a bunch of BS… if this is true then the owner should be fired as well for keeping him in the job for so long…
    i really doubt any of it is true…

    at this high level, success is not guaranteed even after you work your arse off…

    IMO what killed this team is the lack of passing game… their D and running agme has always been very good… they needed a good QB and couple of good WR…

    this is mostly ppl piling on the guy who is leaving…

  14. Oh and don’t forget about the disrespectfull way he handled changing his past 2 quarterbacks. Regardless of what you thought about Gerrard or Leftwitch you can’t tell me Del Rio couldn’t have handle the situation better than the way he did.

  15. I am glad Del Rio is gone, but Prisco is a real blow hard. He will take third hand reports and blow things way out of proportion. Why is bringing up the whole work ethic thing now? Where was this before? It might be true but I would need to hear it from a legitimate reporter. Nobody would ever compare him to Belicheck but this sounds like a stretch.

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