Report: Jags are being sold to Shahid Khan

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Over the past several years, numerous stories have emerged regarding the possibility that owner Wayne Weaver is selling all or part of the Jaguars.  Weaver consistently denies those reports.

Most recently, on the night of the team’s October 24 Monday night home game, Weaver called ESPN’s Chris Mortensen to say that the team will not be sold.

Now, Mort’s on-air partner reports that the team is indeed being sold.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Weaver advised team employees on Tuesday that the franchise is in the process of being sold.

Peter King of reports that the team is being purchased by Shahid Khan, who tried unsuccessfully to purchase the Rams after the death of Georgia Frontiere.  Minority owner Stan Kroenke exercised his right to match the offer that Khan had made for the 60-percent stake in the team held by the son and daughter of Mrs. Frontiere.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the team will remain in Jacksonville.  Hopefully, his source for that one was someone other than Wayne Weaver.

89 responses to “Report: Jags are being sold to Shahid Khan

  1. As a Jags fan, I gotta admit now…the writing seems to be on the wall. This guy has no ties to the area at all, so no real want to keep the team in Jacksonville (other than a pretty difficult lease)…

  2. This is good news, maybe. I live in between Jax and Tampa and go to a couple games a year at both stadiums and the Jags atmosphere isn’t close to Tampa. They need to get something to make it more pleasant to go there on the regular basis. Maybe this guy can provide that.

  3. “Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the team will remain in Jacksonville”

    Yeah. This guarantees the Jags will be heading to Los Angeles.

  4. LA JAGS……Does not sound all that bad….

    But LA is still LA and they will lose this team in 5 years.

  5. As I recall when this first came up Weaver had indicate he would not sell to someone that was not willing to keep the team in Jacksonville . But who knows… talks and the jags have tarps in their stadium.

  6. As a one-time long suffering ex-Colt Baltimore football fan, it pissed the bejesus out of us up here that an area like Jacksonville would score an expansion team years before Baltimore was put back in the league. And we had to resort to taking the Browns. (No, we never wanted your stinking name and, you call those colors and a logo? We respect sports tradition unlike Indy and the Irsays.) The league got what it deserved in the long run. LA Jaguars, here they come.

  7. It just realistically looks like a move is coming. The NFL wants a team in LA really bad. I honestly thought it was going to be the Chargers (due to the close proximity) but moving the Jags wouldn’t effect the AFC South set up, unlike moving the Vikings.

  8. L.A can start building state farm field or geico field or whatever it is called the jags are headed west….obligatory star trek reference “i don’t believe in the no win scenario….unless we stay in jacksonville

  9. The day the Jags leave Jacksonville is the day I stop being a fan of the NFL. Back to college at that point.

    Right now its the Jags first, FSU second. I could easily place FSU back as the only team I support.

  10. Put the pieces together, Del Rio got fired because the team got sold FIRST.

    Weaver sold the team to Khan… who said he wanted GM Gene Smith resigned, and Del Rio fired. It’s not hard to figure out.

    Also, Jacksonville isn’t moving any time soon. They have one of the most ironclad stadium leases in the league. Khan would have to try and buy out the lease, get taken to court by the city, and basically spend a ton of money just to get out of the stadium. It’d be a bad business decision short term but if he’s thinking a move to LA or somewhere in the long term will pay him back he might try. As of now, it’d be stupid.

  11. He didn’t try to buy the Rams to keep them in St. Louis, and he certainly is buying the Jags to keep them in Jax.

    Sorry, Jags fans. Not saying this means they are definitely moving, but I guarantee that’s what this guy has in mind.

    Good luck holding on to your team.

  12. Down the stretch they come…. It’s Jacksonville by a quarter length ahead of Minnesota in the race to LA..

  13. This dude should change his first name to Genghis! The Jags would definitely win a Super Bowl if they were owned by a guy named Genghis Khan.

  14. This is great news for the NFL and for LA.

    The Los Angeles Jaguars next need to move to the NFC and the Rams can move to the AFC. (Southern California needs a NFC market team to balance out with the AFC’s Chargers; St. Louis makes more sense playing Indy, Tenn, Hou.)

  15. @yyyass,

    You’re so on point it’s ridiculous. Tagliabue had a serious issue with Bmore, but now he realizes it’s one of the best football towns in the nation and one of the more successful franchises and we laugh at expansion cities like Jax (even though we put on a poo poo showing down there a few weeks ago).

  16. Kahn said the team is set in Jacksonville “for the next 20 years.” I don’t see any reason to mistrust him at this point.

  17. Again… People mentioning LA need to do research on the current contract…. Have a while until that becomes a thought… Plus Cali doesn’t have enough money for another football team… Too broke…

  18. San Diego is the leader in the clubhouse for the big L.A. move. They are tanking, they are from there originally, and few of the fans here even care if they move.

    Maybe they both will go, and we’ll end up with the L.A. Chargers and the Anaheim Jaguars, for a few years, before the Jags move to Shanghai once China buys the league.

  19. I’m excited about the diversity this will be bring to the NFL owners Club and the continued growth that this southern city is making towards moving away from the “Good Ole Boy” system. Jacksonville has needed change and having some of the most powerful people in this city culturally diverse is a good start!

  20. Wonder if firing Del Rio was part of the deal, kind of like when the ‘Boys were sold and Landry getting the axe was part of the deal?

  21. yyyass says:

    As a one-time long suffering ex-Colt Baltimore football fan, it pissed the bejesus out of us up here that an area like Jacksonville…

    Didnt Baltimore have a team once and lost it? Yet you somehow believed you deserved another team before another city got a shot? I’m sure Cleveland felt real sorry for you poor ghetto dwellers.

    Jacksonville will be fine with or without an NFL team. But Baltimore will always be a dump. The East Coast version of Gary, Indiana.

    And I would bet 99% of you humpbacks dont even know who Edgar Allan Poe was.

  22. yyyass

    I can sum up why Baltimore didn’t get the expansion franchise in two words:

    Boogie Weinglass

  23. just more proof that Tags got it wrong when he made Carolina and Jax the two expansion teams. He skipped over Baltimore and told the city to “build a museum”…..

    All this just to protect his boy, JKC…and now look at the state of the Skins…

    The Ravens franchise is one of the best in the NFL…too bad they had to steal it from Cleveland…

  24. This is a chance for a new start. Think about it. The Los Angeles Sharks. New Uniforms, New Fans, memorabilia spike, jersey sales. On the helmet a grey or midnight blue sharks fin with a hint of blood at the tip.

    It works.

    Every year I played Madden for the past 7 years I have started a franchise and moved them to LA, giving them new uniforms, helmets, jerseys, colors. Black and smoky grey or Honolulu Blue with numbers a wickedly slanted bottom style outlined in blood red. It would be cool. Black, Honolulu Blue (maybe darker blue) with a little bit of red and grey would be great colors. It would be great to see my LA Sharks vision come to fruition.

  25. @realitypolice

    Actually, since he lives over in Illinois (closer to STL than CHI, I believe), the big assumption was that he WOULD do everything to keep the Rams in St. Louis, as he’s a fan. He has NO L.A. ties (unlike say, Kroenke).

    Actually, my first thought was, if Kroenke moves the Rams back to LA – does Khan (and yes, all of St. Louis was doing “KHAAAAAAAAN!” when he tried to buy the Rams) move the Jags to St. Louis so he doesn’t have to go halfway across the country to see his home games?

  26. Hypothetically:

    If the Jags are sold and relocated, how would the AFC realign to accomodate a move to the LA market?

    West = Oakland, San Diego, Denver, LA-Jags
    South = Indy, Houston, Tennessee, KC

    Losing those old KC rivalries would be ugly.

    Is there a chance that they relocate to London? If so, here is how realignment might look:

    East = New England, NYJ, Buffalo, London
    South = Indy, Houston, Tennessee, Miami

    Losing the Miami rivalries would be equally ugly.

    The insistance of expanding into LA and London is going to kill some old rivalries that might actually alienate alot of NFL fans. The league needs to be careful about making such moves.

  27. godofwine330 says:

    Every year I played Madden for the past 7 years ….

    So did you make Fry Manager yet at Burger King? A “man” with your talent is sure to be a success. Not many can move from their mom’s basement at age 44. But look at you. Look at you.

  28. My only hope is that the tarp and LA jokes will be replaced by Star Trek and Shaka Kahn jokes.

  29. Is that Tom Landry or Wayne Weaver in the photo?
    Actually closer to Tex Schramm – Google it 😉

  30. Shahid Khan is based in the Champaign-Urbana region in Illinois. I live in Central Illinois and followed his (unfortunate) failed bid to buy the Rams. My thought is that he merely wanted to buy a team and the Jags happened to be for sale. He had reasons to purchase the Rams: favorite team, close to St. Louis, bi-state ties. He has no known connection to the Jags. Either he just wants to own a team and is willing to abide by the terms of a sale agreement or he wants to move the team to wherever he won’t be required to shell out serious cash for a new or totally revamped stadium.

  31. Khan: To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee! Go Jags!

  32. No isn’t he the Chief Warlord in Mortal Kombat, Shao Khan?

    Goro is gonna sit on Blaine Gabbert’s Head and lay an egg……


    Seriously though, Del Rio should have been gone like 2 or more years ago. This team is a total mess…..

  33. Khan was reborn in the NEXUS of Joy with Kirk.

    Erstwhile known as LA.

    Can we all say hello La’Jaguars!

    I bet dumping Del Rio & Weaver eating his contract was phase one in this deal.

  34. At least in LA they can keep the name and just change the logo to an XF. (That’s a real nice expensive car to all you Jacksonville fans out there. Colorful flames and spoilers will cost you extry.)

  35. Shahid Khan? Withe a name like that it’s probably going to be more like the Saudi Arabia Jaguars.

  36. …………..and further more, the reason he went after the Rams had nothing to with location. Do you honestly think billionaires worry about flying in their private jets to games?

    The reason he targets franchises like St. Louis and Jacksonville is, #1 they are for sale, and #2 they are located in small markets and are way undervalued compared to what they would be worth in LA.

    This is a business decision being made by a businessman.

  37. I live in St.Louis and people think the Rams will move back to L.A. because Stan Kroenke will not commit to staying in St.Louis and is on the L.A. Stadium Board.

    Then Khan will move the Jaguars to St.Louis where the franchise should have been in the first place. It came down to Jacksonville an St.Louis for the #30 Expansion Franchise and they gave it to Jacksonville instead of St.Louis. It was going to be the St.Louis Stallions.

    Epic Fail move for the NFL thinking Jacksonville would be the Green Bay of the South

  38. So, what some of you guys are saying is that Jacksonville is being Shaheet-Khan-ed in favor of LA… right?

  39. Hmm, a cultural blackhole like Jacksonville that barely has enough hotels/decent restaurants to support major events or an exciting town with tons of great places to see like LA that is the 2nd largest market. Gee, that’s a tough decision for Mr Khan.

  40. Moving a team from one place that doesn’t care about them or pro football to another place that doesn’t care about them or pro football.

  41. Weaver didnt mean he wasnt going to sell the team. He meant he wasnt going to sell the team to Chris Mortensen. Come on where could Morty get that kind of money?

  42. It’s a good thing Mr. Khan picked Jacsonville because we are the NFL. William M. Raines High School, Jacksonville,FL has produced more professionals in the National Football League (NFL) than any other high school in the nation in history. Starting with Ken Burroughs of the Houston Oilers and Harold Carmichael of the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1970s and have continued the tradition. Among its alumni are Denver Broncos defensive back Brian Dawkins and New York Jets defensive back Lito Sheppard wide receivers Kevin Youngblood, Harold Carmichael, Rod Gardner, Derrick Gaffney, Denver Broncos wide receiver Jabar Gaffney and former Oakland Raiders running back DeJuan Green.

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