Mel Tucker will be Jaguars interim head coach

The Jaguars will continue with a defensive-minded head coach for the final five weeks of the season.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that defensive coordinator Mel Tucker will be the interim head coach in Jacksonville following Jack Del Rio’s dismissal on Tuesday.

The two most likely options were Tucker and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.  Koetter has been in the news of late because Del Rio said the offensive playcalling at the end of the Browns loss and the decision not to call a timeout against Houston both were Koetter’s decisions.

Perhaps Tucker will get more involved with the offense than Del Rio ever did. Tucker has been with the Jaguars since 2009 as defensive coordinator.

15 responses to “Mel Tucker will be Jaguars interim head coach

  1. For people who don’t follow the Jaguars, Mel Tucker has been a pretty good DC. Our defense has completely turned around from last year to this year. Granted we got some pretty good free agents, that is still impressive.

    Now, if the offense could score more than 10 points a week, we may be onto something!

  2. Poor sap. He’s now destined to be a coordinator or position coach.

    Interim is the kiss of death to a coaching career. Hope he does well though. He’s definitely been running a good defense.

  3. My lil brother is a huge Jaguar fan. He left the Browns after the ’93 season when Belichick was running the Browns into the ground, alienating players, fans and media alike. He said, “I’m done with the Browns. The Jacksonville Jaguars are my new team.”

    This I appreciated, because instead of doing what many former Browns fans do, which is jump on the bandwagon of a successful team (either the team that just won the title, the Steelers, or the Cowboys), my brother picked a team that had yet to even play a game or even have a roster.

    He has stuck with them, I give him credit for loyalty. Del Rio this season has been horrendous. In leadership training they teach you that as a leader, you can pass responsibility, but you cannot pass ACCOUNTABILITY. The past two weeks, Del Rio tried to act like he wasn’t accountable for the two losses, or the huge decisions that lead to the losses, and, as the head coach that simply is not true. Add to it, to throw another person under the bus, especially to the media or anybody for that matter, is p*ss poor leadership and intollerable.

    If not for those two situations, Jaguar leadership may have waited to lower the ax. After them, Jack Del Rio can only blame himself for being unemployed. At least he doesn’t get the Al Davis severence package (not a dig at Al, just saying that he gets paid millions NOT to do his job.)

  4. I’m glad that Tucker will get a chance to show what he can do as a head coach. I’d like to see him land a permanent gig.

  5. Jeff fisher is not going to Jacksonville!!! The Tampa area has much better beaches, a better stadium and a 100 million dollar training facility. Clearly, Jeff fisher will be bucs next head coach. Go bucs!!

  6. Tucker is clearly the best of the assistant coaches. I hope he can still maintain the defense while filling in as HC. That was the only side of the ball that came to play.

    I honestly dont know too much about him except that he was DC in Cleveland a few years ago. But I wish him the best for the remainder of the season. We can at least beat the Colts and improve the offense. Anything else would be gravy.

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