Sione Pouha thinks Stevie Johnson is insensitive to 9/11 victims

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Bills receiver Stevie Johnson made fun of Jets receiver Plaxico Burress on Sunday, scoring a touchdown and then pretending to shoot himself in the leg, as Burress actually did three years ago. But while that celebration has gathered all the headlines, Jets defensive lineman Sione Pouha says Johnson did something far more tasteless.

Johnson also stuck his arms out and ran around in the end zone, mimicking the “Flight Boys” celebration of the Jets’ receivers, and then he fell to the ground. That seems like a playful shot at the Jets, but Pouha saw something much more sinister in a celebration that looked like a plane crash.

“Us being from New York, we like to hold ourselves to some integrity, and that airplane thing, in my opinion, was kind of a dagger considering the circumstances of remembrance of what we just had on Sept. 11,” Pouha said. “It was just unprofessional. We all stand for pride around here, and that’s a sacred moment for a lot of people and it’s a very sobering moment.”

Pouha’s interpretation of Johnson’s celebration seems like a real stretch. Johnson may go too far with his touchdown celebrations sometimes, but it’s unthinkable that he would try to make a joke of 9/11.

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  1. I don’t think Stevie meant to make any connection to 9/11, but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s unthinkable that he would. What about this guy’s history suggests that he has any foresight?

  2. Pouha also thinks that every time a parent takes a spoon of baby food, says “Here comes the airplane!” and then shoves the food into the happy baby’s mouth, they’re being insensitive to 9/11.

  3. “Us being from New York, we like to hold ourselves to some integrity”. Funniest thing I heard this morning.

  4. Talk about taking things to the extreme. What he did was foolish but he was definintely not giving an F U to 9/11 victims or the situation in general.

    It is as simplistic as him making fun of the “Jets” as a football team. Stop trying to psycho-analyze things to absurd levels.

  5. So is Pouha saying everytime the Jets celebrate a touchdown with the “Flight Boys,” they’re actually celebrating the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers?

    You make no sense Pouha.

  6. Pouvanka Souiva or whatever his name is…he’s what, about 4th string? How else will he get his name in the news other than to make outlandish, idiotic comments like this? His play certainly isn’t making him known.

  7. a) “…we like to hold ourselves to some integrity…” ahahahahahahahaha.

    b) the 9/11 indignation is ridiculous. I dissmissively wank in your direction, Pouha.

  8. Stevie Johnson wasn’t making any references to 9/11. He was mocking Santonio and added his own “crash landing” for a twist. C’mon, man! He may be a dork but he ain’t evil!

  9. Don’t be stupid. I thought the jet crashing that Stevie did was awesome, and 9/11 was the furthest thing from my mind.

  10. Since clubbing with a hand gun in your sweat pants and the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor go hand in hand. This Sione Pouha guy can’t get his name in the news any other way, so he makes off the wall comments. Nice approach.

  11. This is crap, what is it with the Jets and having a need to say the dumbest, most nonsensical things possible?

  12. Kind of a strech!!!!!

    I’d say its more likely that Sione Pouha got tired of everyone saying who the hell is Sione Pouha.

    This NYJ organization needs to shut the hell up and fade away.

  13. I was twenty blocks from the Towers when the planes hit and my brother was in the second Tower. When I watched the “celebration”, I saw an immature jackass costing his team 15 yards. I did NOT see ANYONE mocking 9/11. As for any member of the Jets to claim they “stand for pride”, well, just listen to your coach when he’s talking to the press and interacting with fans. The nicest thing I can say is he comes across as trailer trash.

  14. “Us being from New York, we like to hold ourselves to some integrity”

    Right, because if there is one thing New Yorkers are known for it’s “integrity”.

  15. “Us being from New York, we like to hold ourselves to some integrity, …” really? So we got a Jets player who thinks everything is about 9/11. I can’t wait to see him tee of on Mendenhall, who wanted to hear Osama Bin Laden’s side of the story. NFL players need to think before they say anything.

  16. Merril Hoge summed it well on ESPN yesterday; when a player is THAT intent on acting like a self-indulgent idiot when he does something right, he has no focus on the tasks at hand. That leads to the drops that likely cost them a touchdown or at least great field position. That said, I can’t belive someone would actually take offense and connect him imitating a crashing Jet (capital J) with a highjacked airliner from a decade ago. I doubt that chucklehead Johnson even knows what the deal was on 9-11. Seriously.

  17. What an idiot your team name is the new York jets and I’m pretty sure that had a direct correlation! Just a fat idiot who can play a little football and speak to microphone.

  18. What a joke. Just goes to show what a bunch of degenerate scum bags the Jets are. Saying this has anything to do with 9/11 is despicable and this tool should be fined for trying to pin that on someone else. It’s extremely obvious he is simply trying to make Steve Johnson look worse when in reality Sione now looks like a complete moron.

  19. SO GLAD someone else felt that way TOO. All that “white” on that jersey is a bit offensive, too. I also dont like the fact that he has a “3” on his jersey because it took the buses 3 days to get to the folks in New Orleans post Katrina, and plays for a team that has a Buffalo as a mascot despite the rich history of oppression towards the buffalo.

  20. I can’t believe this is being taken seriously. And integrity? Yea, when I think of New York, that’s what I think of. All the way back to Namath.

    The play on Sunday that’s rings integrity is when McKelvin recovered the muffed punt stayed in fetal position and a jet full of integrity jumped on him and broke his ribs. The guy gave himself up, clearly recoversd the fumble and was not trying to get up. He layed on the ground for a good two seconds and can still feel the lesson of integrity.

  21. @1wildfan1

    if you knew anything before you opened your mouth you would realize that he is the jets starting nose tackle and also one of the most underrated nose tackles in the game right now.

    secondly as a jets fan and pouha is one of my favorites, that most certainly was a stretch im not sure why he would try to stir something up when we dont play them again. weird

  22. Come on ,he was definitly not. It’s completely obvious what he was doing which I personally thought was hilarious. But I guess if you offend just one person in the world these days you gotta make a public apology,pay a fine, donate to the victims fund,build a couple schools and you might be forgivin. LMAO!!

  23. This is actually one of the smartest things that I’ve heard a member of the Jets say in a long time. That being said, it is still one of the dumbest things that I’ve ever heard in my life.

  24. Well, Sione Pouha has just revealed to all that he’s a tool. Johnson was simply making fun of Santurdio, who does that after every score.

    I’m sick of people looking for things to nitpick about and being so damn sensitive about EVERYTHING. Get over it.

  25. What Johnson did was classless but using the word Integrity in the same breath of the New York Jets is like saying Cromartie is father of the Year!

  26. Honestly, I don’t think the connection even crossed his mind during the celebration. It’s one of those things you don’t think about until after the fact.

  27. Being the slight bit insensitive, even unintentionally to 911, would make sense for all of the hoopla over this. What’s a stretch is being upset that he hurt the feelings of a man who shot himself plaxidentally in the leg because he was being stupid with a real loaded gun in a public place.

  28. Earth to the 4th stringer on the Paper Planes and their “integrity.” Your star WR Santonio Holmes does that Plane celebration when he scores. No one thinks of 9/11. Here is more news. If a player does any kind of celebration, it is eventually going to be mocked. I am from the NY/NJ originally, and I didn’t think of 9/11 when Johnson did his silly celebration at all.

  29. The we are from new york comment makes no sense.. Don’t the jets technically play in New Jersey.. and uh the bills are from NY too.. Actually the ONLY team that played that game from NY

  30. I agree that it has nothing to do with 9-11, but MDS says…
    “Johnson may go too far with his touchdown celebrations sometimes, but it’s unthinkable that he would try to make a joke of 9/11.”

    Reshard Mendenhall disagrees

  31. Several points… these players were like 13 years old during 9-11. The Jets play in New Jersey and why does no one seem to acknowledge Buffalo is a New York team (that actually plays in NY). Suggesting the dance had anything to do with 9-11 is more insulting than the actual dance.

  32. i thought johnsons move was a hilarious take off on santonios move (which i like as well).

    and at the time, i told my friends that some moron will try to make this somehow about 9/11.

    guess he just arrived….

  33. mcfearless24 says:
    Nov 29, 2011 8:29 AM
    “Us being from New York…” Hahahaha! Don’t you play in New Jersey?!


    Hey, they may play and practice here.. but we don’t want to claim them as our own. That’s why we passed them off on to NY

  34. Do the Jets players and coaches ever shut up? So much senseless garbage coming out of there mouths. I guess it’s difficult if there’s always a mic in your face though.

  35. This is getting out of hand !! I didn’t take as a plane hitting the twins . And I lived in Bayonne at the time and seen the second plane hit .

  36. As a jets fan who’s town was affected greatly by the events of 9/11 I can easily say that Stevie Johnson was only making fun of the flight boys celebration. I’ll speak for myself but this is a huge stretch by Pouha and he should keep his mouth shut. Shame on PFT for making this into something bigger than it is…but I guess thats just your standard with regards to writing about the Jets.

  37. Pouha went on to add that Sanchez is actually honoring the memory of WWI veterans when he bangs high school girls.

  38. It’s kind of sad, but once I read about his airplane celebration and the falling down, I didn’t connect it to 9/11, but I DID connect it to some eventual idiot connecting it to 9/11. While we’re at it, why isn’t anyone in Denver complaining about Johnson’s insensitivity towards the students of Columbine?
    Oh! Also, when Deon Branch mocked fireman Ed or whatever his name is, that was also pretty insensitive of the firemen involved in 9/11! Right? Right.

  39. Pouha is a very good underrated player. He was second string nose tackle last season when Kris Jenkins went down for his career on the very first play of the 2010 season. Despite this loss the Jets went on to the AFC championship game, largely due to Pouha’s play.

  40. It’s not a stretch. It’s one of the first things I thought of when this idiot did his “Jet crash” thing. I immediately tried to put it out of my mind. But it seems to most people “The Never Forget” rallying cry for our nation has been sadly forgotten for most people. But to this New York player the scars and pain of 9/11 are still in the forefront of his mind and probably not to millions of New Yorkers and surrounding areas. So to say that pitiful display of a celebration was a stretch – I would disagree. Myself, a firefighter/paramedic – removed by a thousand miles still hasn’t forgotten and thought it was an idiotic thing to do.

  41. Do these kids ever grow up. These players make a tackle they get up and shoot an arrow, do the rain dance. Score a td everything from moon walk, to dance routine to act like scoping out of a bowl. Since they have a contract of limited practice they have more time to practice what they will do to get more TV time. God-del want to fine the Stevie scene well how about each and every player that has something planed for their next broadway tryout.

  42. That trying-way-to-hard-to-connect-things-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-one-another egregious comment from Pouha shows such incredible stupidity tinged with fearaganda that he might have a career in politics ahead of him.

  43. I think this is the stupidest thing said all season by a player. I know there are many good candidates, but this one is stupidest.

  44. I don’t think Pouha is saying that Johnson intended to do this to make fun of 9/11. He is just saying that it was insensitive and Johnson should not have put himself in position for his celebration to perhaps be interpreted as such.

    I kind of agree with Pouha here and I am usually not the “PC” type. Mimicking a jet crashing in New York isn’t the most thoughtful thing in the world.

    Again, I am 100% certain Johnson did not have 9/11 in his mind while doing it, but the problem Pouha (and I guess myself) has with it is the very fact that he did not have 9/11 on his mind while doing it.

  45. Give me a break. I’m offended by Pouha’s use of the 9/11 disaster to try and grab attention and get his name in the paper.

    What a joke.

  46. Ok, Pouha (who,lol?) is clueless for saying something like that. Stevie Johnson on the other hand is just a self-indulgent fool.

  47. Had he gone running into the goalpost as part of it, I might at least see where he’s coming from. As it is, he’s apparently the one person in America who saw a 9/11 joke in there. Grow up, dude.

  48. Glad to see the guy born and raised in Utah is sticking up for NY. Especially when he was at the University of Utah when the attacks happen. So please, tell me more about being from New York Mr. Pouha. The bottom line is if you don’t like a guys End Zone Dance don’t let him in or go Teague on the guy when he Dance’s on your Star.

  49. This may be one the most stupid things I have ever heard.

    “integrity” from NY?

    Oh, you mean like Elliot Spritzer(Dem) frolicking with a $5000/night prostitute, while his wife his home ?
    Did he mean that?

    Or Anthony Weiner(Dem) (too funny) carrying on with numerous women on the internet while his wife was carrying their child, did he mean that integrity?

    Or maybe it was Charlie Rangel(Dem) charged with 13 counts of ethic and financial chicanery? Is that what he means?

    Or may it is Gov. David Paterson who intervened on a case to protect someone close, and later admitted to cheatiing on his wife and other interesting issues????

    Yea, Pouha nailed it with the NY’ers holding themselves to integrity. Haaa, not that is comedy my friend.

  50. Someone is reaching for self motivation, and it’s pathetic. Someone should also inform Mr. Pouha buffalo is in NY as well, so his argument is kind of dumb.

  51. I think the name NY Jets is insensitive to the memory of victims of 9/11 Pouha. Perhaps a name change is in order?

  52. Was at game,
    Drayton Florence did it First after Intercepting Sanchez. He Ran around like a plane then crashed to the ground in the middle of the field… No Penalty and No Media coverage Obviously.

  53. That is pure …BS…!!

    So, you mean to tell me that everytime [ doesn’t happen often] a jet scores…and runs around w/his arms out….that he’s immitating the jets from 9-11????

    jets/fans not only loud attention getters, …but dumb too…real dumb.

  54. I’m pretty sure that he was taking a shout at the jets r and not 9/11. When I saw the jet celebration I was wondering what d bag was going to take it out of context and say something about 9/11. I’ll take Stevie Johnson on my team any day, as a 2 of course tho.

  55. nogoodell says:
    Nov 29, 2011 8:23 AM
    Goes together about as well as GWB and Great Presidency
    Based on the senselessness of your comment, you and Pouha go together quite well.

  56. What a knob.

    Wouldn’t a celebration involving planes in NYC be more disrespectful to 911 than a plane being shot down?

    Typical Jet…missing the point as usual.

    I feel sorry for Jets fans.

  57. I lost a couple friends that day and there is ZERO connection between what Johnson did and 911. The thought never even crossed my mind!

  58. Just so we are clear, opponents of the Jets are not allowed to do any celebrations that involve or refer to:

    -The Jets sucking

  59. Who knows what was going through Johnson’s head. The celebrations are moronic…it just shows that Stevie hasnt been in the endzone too often.

    For all of you talking about Pouha, watch the games. He is a starter and he should be a pro bowler this year. Hes a good dude and a very underrated football player.

  60. Woooooooo, that’s a stretch and a half. Stevie Johnson might as well shoot back with a “he’s just saying that ’cause I’m black”. Makes about the same amount of sense (i.e. not much sense at all).

    Oh, and Mr. Pouha, you were in Utah when the attacks happened, not New York. So can the BS indignation.

  61. As a native of the area, I can tell you that Sione Pouha, a mormon from Salt Lake City, Utah, doesn’t speak for us.

    I think he may have been the only person on planet earth that connected what Johnson did with 9/11.

    And this comes from someone who lost friends that day and thinks about 9/11 an awful lot more than I suspect Mr. Pouha does.

  62. joeinoh says:
    Nov 29, 2011 9:03 AM
    But to this New York player the scars and pain of 9/11 are still in the forefront of his mind and probably not to millions of New Yorkers and surrounding areas.

    Please tell me you’re kidding.

    I doubt that this “New York” player who practices, plays, and probably lives in New Jersey and who was in college in his hometown of Salt Lake City, UT on 9/11 has the scars and pain of that day in the “forefront of his mind”.

    As someone who lost friends on that day and participated in the clean up operations, I can tell you that someone like him calling himself a New Yorker and co-opting those scars to take a shot at an opposing player is not seen as a respectful act.

  63. Stevie Johnson should call this guy and thank him for saying something so absurd it makes his dumb celebration seem like creative genius. A much needed distraction for Johnson. What a dope.

  64. Pouha’s interpretation is a bit of a stretch – fans should focus on more realistic topics like which team will sign Brett Favre for a long run into the playoffs.

  65. thats a lot of mulch-syllabic words for someone who said something so stupid. it reeks of someone got their feelings hurt that they got made fun of, so they tried to get that person called down to the principals office by claiming insidious intent.

  66. Reading way to far into it, Stevie is not that smart to make that connection. He’s making fun of the Jets by pretending a to be a Jet and crashing. It’s stupid, just like the rest of his antics. There isn’t a 9/11 connection here but nice try.

  67. The real tragedy(funny thing) is the jets big mouthed coach won’t get his superbowl ring, oh and we have to listen to the morons from the jets.

  68. For the record this is the celebration that Santonio Holmes uses when he scores. Or gets a first down. Or on a 6 yard reception on 3rd and 9. Or when he makes a catch. Or when the pass is incomplete but it wasn’t entirely his fault. You’ll see it done maybe 2-3 times per game.

  69. “Us being from New York, we like to hold ourselves to some integrity, and that airplane thing, in my opinion, was kind of a dagger considering the circumstances of remembrance of what we just had on Sept. 11,” Pouha said. “It was just unprofessional. We all stand for pride around here, and that’s a sacred moment for a lot of people and it’s a very sobering moment.”

    This statement makes Pouha sound like he’s a born & raised NYer who has been playing for the Jets since the 2000 season. When he’s actually from Utah and didn’t get drafted by the Jets until 2005. I understand that horrible day affected a lot of people not directly connected to what happened. But overdramatizing something that isn’t there for attention from the press, while trying to lump himself with those us who actually are from the area and lost a family member that day is a little insulting. A lot of NFL players mimic the Jets touchdown dance when they score on them. It’s not new, original or has anything to do with 9/11. To even go there and try to link the 2 is pathetic.

  70. How long is the “Jets/Giants aren’t from New York” lie going to be perpetuated? Both the Jets and the Giants played originally in the Polo Grounds, and later on in Shea Stadium, while the Giants also played in Yankee Stadium, and didn’t move into the Meadowlands until 1976, a full 51 years after their start, and the Jets didn’t move into the Meadowlands until 1984, 24 years since the start of that franchise. The Giants moved to accommodate a larger amount of fans, and the stadiums are located only 6.9 miles from Times Square, compared to Yankee Stadium which is 6.6 miles away. Naturally, both teams are headquartered nearby the Stadium now. Plus Manhattan residents do not need any more traffic as it is, which is a large part why the Jets bid to have West Side Stadium or whatever built was shot down. And, it’s location undoubtedly got NJ citizens interested in both teams, which makes sense considering NY/NJ/CT is often referred to as the Tri-State area.

    Some people will believe anything they read but never bother to check their facts…

  71. Does this jackass realize that 9\11 wasn’t confined to New York? Plane 93 ended up in a field in Pennsylvani and 77 hit the pentagon in D.C. It was a national tragedy and for those that don’t have respect for that shall live with that the rest of their lives. I hate self absorbed sphincters.

  72. I can only think of one correlation worse than this one, Sione.

    My alcoholic neighbor was trying to convince me to go to the bar with him after we dropped off some leaves at a compost site. I had no desire to drink at that moment, and the guy just wouldn’t quit. Finally he says, “Well, at least have one drink with me at my dad’s grave site. It’s the 16th anniversary of his death. October 12th is always a hard day for me.”

    We got to the gravesite, and it was clearly visible on the headstone that he had died on June 14th of 1995.

  73. my first view of the ‘plane crash’ was on replay and a thought of 9-11 came to me at somepoint in that process. do i think this guy ‘went there’ with any conscious thought, no. i think it was ignorant. anybody gonna claim this guy isn’t capable of ignorant?
    anyway i get the same thought and feeling every time i cross the g.w. and look at the skyline. i don’t blame anybody but terrorists for that. on reflection sione pouha might think in a similar way.

  74. damnsureis says:
    Nov 29, 2011 12:46 PM
    For the record this is the celebration that Santonio Holmes uses when he scores. Or gets a first down. Or on a 6 yard reception on 3rd and 9. Or when he makes a catch. Or when the pass is incomplete but it wasn’t entirely his fault. You’ll see it done maybe 2-3 times per game.

    thanks for a good laugh. that was great

  75. Ignorant, sure. Suggestive of 9/11, no way. Simply the now common expression for something that goes wrong, “crash and burn.” Nothing more. As I said, any of those celebratory antics following a score are moronic, but the assertion that it was mocking 9/11 is just dumb.

  76. Sione Pouha is an idiot. So every time an actual plane crashes, he thinks about 9/11?

    I wish people would stop making such a big deal about 9/11 in general. That was the entire point of crashing planes into buildings, people: to alter our lives. The best thing we could have done was to put it behind us and continue business as usual. Instead, we COMMEMORATE it. A terrorist attack. Really? That’s retarded.

    If you want to remember the people that died, you should be doing that every day and keep their memory alive by remembering THEM, not some stupid terrorist attack. It actually sickens me that we let people cheapen our memories like that.

  77. “Us being from New York, we like to hold ourselves to some integrity, and that airplane thing, in my opinion, was kind of a dagger considering the circumstances of remembrance of what we just had on Sept. 11,” Pouha said.

    Right, because Buffalo is in New Mexico.

    And for those who say he meant New York City, Sione Pouha meant “us” because NYC is where he was born and raised… right?

    Idiot is too good of a word to describe this clueless baby.

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