Terrell Suggs named AFC defensive player of the week


Texans defensive end Connor Barwin had four sacks on Sunday in Jacksonville.  And yet that wasn’t enough to be named the AFC defensive player of the week.

With one fewer sack, the honor went to Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, according to the team’s official Twitter feed.

Of course, it’s hard to make the case to not give it to Suggs.  His effort came against a 9-1 team on a national stage.

Some of the other players of the week likely will be trickling out in the coming days, with the full list from both conferences officially unveiled on Wednesday.

19 responses to “Terrell Suggs named AFC defensive player of the week

  1. Feels good to be a Ravens fan right about now. That being said, there are still 5 games left and I just hope these boys can hang on and get past that little trap game in San Diego and at least get the 1st round bye and 1 home game. If that happens, like it should, well, see you in the Super Bowl Packers. Defense wins championships.

  2. How does Suggs gets this awards ahead of Connor Barwin (Houston Texans ) who had 4 Sacks, 10 tackles, 4 tackles for loss and more 6 QB hits. The award has morphed into a popularity test. Barwin was better in all stats.

  3. Had a forced fumble as well and why does this site insist on not giving the ravens any credit for anything you went out of your way to announce he won the award just to take a shot suggesting pretty blatantly that he shouldn’t have won it

  4. Defense wins championships:
    I wonder how many times Charles Woodson would intercept Joe Flaco in a game.

    Defense wins championships is only what teams with no offense say. Ask New Orleans or Green Bay about the defense wins championship theory.

  5. Virtually every Texans player had a big/career day against the leader-less Jags. Watt might’ve even been better than Barwin overall.

    There was no question who the best player on the field was in the 49ers/Ravens game. 55 runs through bigger guys and around smaller, quick backs.


  6. Agree with terrellpryorstattooartist. Why the dig after stating that he won? Suggs is a beast and deserves this. We were playing a very good team and Suggs just busted through everyone!

    Suggs said on soundbytes “if you don’t give us the respect we deserve, we will take it”


  7. Charles Woodson? How many times would Torrey Smith burn his 40 year old @ss thus allowing Flacco to unleash quite possibly the biggest cannon in the league?

    Pretty sure the Saints relied pretty heavily on their defense the year they won the Super Bowl just like the Packers did last year. I really think you don’t understand the meaning of the saying so we’ll just leave it at that.

  8. The Ravens have scored 30 or more points 5 times this year and 29 against the Texans. There are definete idenity issues with the offense but when Flacco is protected and Rice is involved the Ravens can score with anyone.

  9. All the accolades are deserving for Sizzle…The next-in-line Captain of the Blackbirds “D”. When Ray’s ready HE’LL let you know. RAVENS RULE!!!

  10. Connor Barwin had one of the best games a lineback has had in recent memory. But Suggs did rise to the occasion on a huge stage. It’s hard to ignore that crazy maniac.

    Texans fans are disappointed, obviously. I was really thinking the Texans and Ravens would meet in the AFC championship game. I guess they still could, but it would have been a lot of fun if Schaub were healthy. The Texans defense has really rounded into form.

    Anyway: good game, Sizzle.

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