Tomlin “confident” that Polamalu will play


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Monday night that Troy Polamalu would play this week against the Bengals despite suffering two “concussion-like” concussions over the last six weeks.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin essentially confirmed the story Tuesday. Tomlin said he was “confident at this juncture” that Polamalu would be able to suit up Sunday.

“All things are positive,” for Polamalu, according to Tomlin.

The safety still has to pass concussion tests later in the week to be cleared. Tomlin also expressed optimism that linebacker Lamarr Woodley would play.

“We like where he is,” Tomlin said.

A Steelers win over the Bengals would eliminate any realistic hopes Cincinnati has for winning the AFC North.

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  1. What happened to the NFL putting an independent observer to watch for signs of concussed players? And if You want to stop the Steelers from skirting the concussion rules with “concussion like symptoms” start fining the team and discipline the coach and staff. Or just let Troy go out there and scramble his egg even more.

  2. If the league truly is worried about it’s players like it claims it is, I really hope it looks into this who “concussion like symptoms” crap some teams keep hiding behind. I’m not a Steeler fan but I’d hate to see a guy like Polamalu suffer permanent damage because they’re skirting the rules.

  3. Perhaps this will satisfy all the Steeler haters that the coaches and the organization really do care for and protect its players. In a tight game, Tomlin did not put him back in erring on the side of caution.
    What a bunch of drivel spewed around yesterday on this issue by a number of posters who seem to know little about football and even less about the Steelers. It seems all they really know about is Steeler consistant success – and they can’t stand it.

  4. No matter what Tomlin calls it, Troy ain’t playin’ unless he passes the baseline test. There’s no way around it. His baseline has to match the baseline they took before the season. If it doesn’t, he sits. End of story. It’s not up to Tomlin, so haters go find something else to hate.

  5. What a dirty organization. They don’t care one bit about their players. See Steve Courson and Mike Webster.

  6. I wonder if some of these posters as self proclaimed “experts” on the Steelers realize that the Team loses relatively few free agents – even though they are often offered bigger contracts elsewhere. In addition, most who have left really want to – and do – come back (if the Team wants them).
    Isn’t this amazing noting that some posters believe the Organization treats them so terribly and abuses them?
    OK, now an appropriate response from such haters – O Yeah!

  7. A.J. Green did not torch Polamalu, it was a jump ball in the back of the endzone and even tho Polly was there it was Ryan Clark’s assignment. A.J. Green IS faster than Polly and COULD torch him but on that specific TD he did not.

  8. mike Webster played from 74-88 with the steelers, not saying those were midevil times or anything but I’m quite sure medical treatment has evolved immensely since then. btw Webster isn’t the only player in NFL history that died early from football related injuries.

  9. Does anyone even bother to think before they shoot their mouths off? The Steelers have not broken any rules or even the spirit of the rules. They are, in fact, following the rules. Polamalu was kept out of the game. He now needs to pass a test to play in this Sunday’s game. Those are the “rules”.

    So you don’t like how the Steelers refer to his symptoms? You say this as if you have authoritative proof he suffered a concussion and therefore the Steelers are obfuscating when they say “concussion like symptoms”. But you don’t have that proof. What you have is an opinion. That’s different.

    As for them not caring because of guys like Courson and Webby, well every team has their share of broken players, don’t they? Please, try not to be so obviously stupid when you attempt to call out another team. The Steelers have no better or worse record in that department than any other team.

  10. caseyanthonymunoz says: What a dirty organization. They don’t care one bit about their players. See Steve Courson and Mike Webster.

    Also see Gabe Rivera, who continued to receive financial and health support from the Steelers after being paralyzed in a car accident during his rookie year almost 25 years ago.

    And Mike Webster is a good example as well, as his family continues to receive medical insurance paid for by the Steelers.

    Also see Joe Gilliam – the Steelers continued to pay for his rehabilitation from drug abuse long after his NFL career ended.

    Yep, the Steelers are a terrible organization for expressing the hope that one of their star players will play this weekend, after he passes the concussion tests mandated (and monitored) by the NFL. These tests are administered by physicians, who no doubt are willing to risk their license to practice just so Mr. Polamalu can play.

  11. it’s well-known in pittsburgh that privately the rooney’s went way out of their way to help mike webster, paying his medical expenses, etc. I doubt that cheapskate mike brown would do the same.

  12. @badmude …

    The Steelers haven’t been skirting the concussion rules. The Steelers were one of the first organizations to push for stricter concussion standards long before anyone in the league offices mentioned it (which came about only when Congress took an interest). The Steelers were one of the first–if not the first–teams to put a neurologist on the sidelines.

    Mike Webster retired nearly three decades ago, before medical science developed its current understanding of post-concussion syndrome and traumatic head injury. The Steelers aren’t going to jeopardize the health of their players or the safety of their multi-million-dollar assets. This is a non-story.

  13. Just watched the tape. Tomlin clearly says Polamalu has to pass a battery of tests before he can be cleared for play, that they won’t take chances with him and they are sensitive to his history of concussions but that he has been free of symptoms since the hit.

    Watch the tape of the news conference and you can’t reach any conclusion other than the Steelers are taking every precaution. What is more clear is Tomlin isn’t saying “rules be damned, Troy is playing”.

    I don’t care if you hate on our team, but stop making an arse of yourself while doing it. At least have a basis for your arguments.

  14. I absolutely despise the Steelers and couldnt be happier that we swept them this year but this is kind of ridiculous. They kept him out for the game,he’ll go through the tests this week and then he’ll play.The Steelers are exploiting Polamolu? Im fairly certain being the caliber of player he is Troy is probably almost demanding to play with no “coaching from Tomlin or the Rooneys. If hes truly concussed and they let him play and he seriously injures or God forbid ends his career then you all can start this chatter about the Steeler orginazation not caring about their players.I still hate them and their terrible towels though.

  15. Actual statements from Mike Tomlins press conference that are not being reported here:

    “If we are going to err, we are going to err on the side of caution when it comes to health, particularly from a head injury standpoint. I have no issue with that. We lean on the expert advice of our medical staff. Troy’s been good. We anticipate it being a non-issue moving forward this week.”

    “We are not going to assume anything with a player’s health, particularly when we are talking about a head injury.”

    Did Troy lobby to get back into the game?

    “He always does … not only him but many others. Often times that is the case. That’s why we have medical experts there to assist us in terms of decision making. We will always lean on their expertise.”

    Its easy to make assumptions, but when you hear whats really being said by the team, it makes a difference.

  16. Bengal fan calling out the Steeler organization is hilarious!

    Weren’t the Bengals just rated the worst professional sports franchise by ESPN the magazine only a few months ago?

    Without the Steelers you couldn’t even sell out a home game!

  17. The Steelers and their doctors have been some of the most outspoken in putting the concussion guidelines together and following them. People look for anything to try to diss good teams. It’s pretty pathetic. If they didn’t care about their players Polamalu would have played the rest of the game.

  18. If Polamalu passes all the tests then they are correct in using “concussion like symptoms.” Should they just guess and say concussion before he even goes through the testing? I wish people would think before they post.

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