Vikings add Jarrad Page, place Michael Jenkins on IR


Not content to play out the string of what could be their worst season since the 3-13 Les Steckel debacle of 1984, the Vikings have made a flurry of roster moves.

The newcomers are headlined by veteran safety Jarrad Page, a former member of the Dream Team who was recently thrown overboard.  The team also added safety Andrew Sendejo, receiver Stephen Burton, and long snapper Matt Katula.

The roster spots were created by the placement of four players on injured reserve:  receiver Michael Jenkins, safety Tyrell Johnson, safety Husain Abdullah, and long snapper Cullen Loeffler.

The Vikings also added tight end Mickey Shuler to the practice squad.  A late-round pick of the Vikings in 2010, Shuler recently had picked up a smattering of interest despite being out of the league.

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  1. Call me crazy, but the Vikes match up against Denver fairly well. The Vikes have a decent run defense and a really bad pass defense. That should work OK against Denver. Ponder is mobile, which he will need to be because Miller and Dumerville are playing awesome right now. Vikes can’t put up a lot of points but neither can Denver. Going out on limb here, but it will be low scoring game decided in the 4th qtr.

  2. Fire Musgrave & Pagac. Give Leslie Frazier one more season. Next year sign a #1 receiver, 2 new OLineman, a nose tackle who can actually make a tackle. 2 new LB’s who can run. All new corners & safeties. A 3rd down back who can block. An easy fix.

  3. Whatever, of the three I think Loeffler might be the biggest lost to be honest. Definitely the most consistent. Vikes need a big time WR to go with Percy in the worst way, bring on Justin Blackmon

  4. Good grief, now Jenkins is hurt? He’s the only decent WR outside of Harvin on the team.

    That said, I like the Vikings’ chances against Denver this weekend. Tim Tebow may have a career day throwing the ball against our horrendous secondary. The Vikings might as well line up one WR in Harvin and three tight ends on every play.

  5. vikesfansteve says:
    Nov 29, 2011 9:36 PM
    Fire Musgrave & Pagac. Give Leslie Frazier one more season. Next year sign a #1 receiver, 2 new OLineman, a nose tackle who can actually make a tackle. 2 new LB’s who can run. All new corners & safeties. A 3rd down back who can block. An easy fix.

    Of course all these draft picks and or FAs will become pro-bowl caliber players because the football acumen in MN is so far superior to any other teams. That must be why you’ve won so many Lombardi’s in lavender Larry land.

    Have you ever wondered what life would be like it you hadn’t been deprived of oxygen at birth?

  6. I hate to wish or celebrate an injury to anyone, but this is a blessing in disguise when it comes to Tyrell Johnson. This guy does not belong on an NFL roster!

  7. Watch out here come the Vikings LOL.Sold your soul to the Devil and got BrINT. Almost all are smart enough when they sell their soul to ask for being the best but Viking management is so stupid they asked for 3rd best.God top to bottom including the Loser fans that have wished for the Packers Team plane crashing to calling Lambeau a dump(when all you have is the HUMP)
    Skol Losers
    Skol LA

  8. ejmat2 says:
    Nov 29, 2011 11:02 PM
    Why not use Joe Webb more at WR. Get the kids talent on the field. It can’t hurt at all.

    It’s because he can’t catch.

  9. Yes the Vikes suck, Tice was an idiot the came the train wreck Childress. The good news is they will have an opportunity to improve through the draft. Take Matt Kalil with the 1st pick the look at a corner in the second. third round look for a receiver then go guard in the fourth. A good oline will be the foundation with AP and Ponder.

  10. May need to much rebuilding to win the NFC North next year. Sure we can build enough in 1 year to at least compete again. One good thing is we will roughly be 3rd to 5th or so in the draft if this keeps up. With Luck to Colts and Barkley to Dolphins we should be in good shape for what we need. Draft: 1st Round: “WR” Alshon Jeffrey over Blackmon cause the 3″ in height difference. Not much difference in speed and their hands are both phenomenal. Only reason Jeffrey isn’t projected first is because he had no QB this year. One or the other will still be available on our pick. “CB” Morris Claiborne would be great too but we need a long threat “WR” that’s fresh. 2nd Round: “Corner” Still be some great CB’s left in the 2nd round. 3rd Round “O-Line”(Chances r we can pick up a decent free agent or 2 also). 4th Round “More Secondary”. 5th “OLB” Erin didn’t start for 3 years for a reason, 6th, and 7th lets see if there’s some steals left. Not to mention Free Agents! We need to build the secondary up and add some decent depth. These 5’9″ to 5’11” corners just cant cover these 6’2″+ receivers either. Then there is our O-line that can’t stop a 4 man rush of quadriplegics. If Ponder wasn’t so mobile we would be talking bout drafting another QB first round to replace the seriously injured Ponder…. Why are we not using our “2nd” round pick tight end more often? We all know what Shiancoe can do(minus the stupid penalties). Kyle Rudolph is “hands down” the most underrated and under used TE in the league. Lets use our “2nd” round draft pick please!!! He is built like these new so called “hybrid” TE’s (6’6″ 258lbs), he can block, and we all saw his 1 hand catch sandwiched between two Packers defenders. Dude has great hands. He’s averaging 10yds a catch and only has 17 catches in 11 games, and 3 catches were for +20yds and 1 was for +40yds and only 1 TD. “C’Mon Man” There’s “Mr. Bleed Purple” Jim Kliensasser too, who can block a Semi Truck and sneak in a catch here and there cause no body thinks to cover him. I know he has some age but who do u think has been blocking for AP since he’s been a Viking breaking records. (True Vikings fans love Jim Kleinsasser) He is a quite workhorse. TE’s are easily put in mismatched coverage nowadays and are defensive nightmares when actually used enough and we have 2 with great hands. Not to mention putting the ball in TE’s hands slows the blitz! With AP on the field D’s have to load the box more than not. Since we have no real deep threat, then take what we can get. Run, quick outs and quick slants to Harvin or Shancio, screens to Harvin, sneak Rudolph down field here and there, and let our players make plays. That will unload the box for AP, and open the play book. Harvin is a threat anywhere on the field. Put Harvin and AP in the back field together here and there. Frazier has Musgrave so afraid to open the play book cause the whole “we are a running team” after AP slapped Frazier around last year. Let Musgrave coordinate that’s why he is here. As far as Pagac send him packing and make Singletary the Def Coordinator.(Singletary can’t head coach but he knows DEFENSE!!!) Pagac had the worse defensive strategy I have ever seen against Aaron Rogers. Lets play cover 2 and let Rodgers sit in the Pocket and hope he doesn’t do what he does best, pick apart coverage. When we saw it wasn’t working at all what did Pagac do? NOTHING!!!! Kept with the plan. If we deconstruct and rebuild right we should be very competitive next year. In 2 years we should be DOMINATE………

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