Billick says he’s too old, expensive for Jags job


As the Jaguars commence their search for a new head coach, who’ll be hired once their new owner is approved by at least 24 of the league’s 32 team, one name that could have been an intriguing candidate seems to acknowledge that the team ultimately won’t be interested.

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick, who coached in Baltimore from 1999 through 2008, doesn’t believe he’ll be seriously considered.  “They’re looking for young and cheap, and I’m neither,” Billick said.

If they’re looking for young, it’s because they’re looking for cheap.  Men who have options command more money.  “Yungry” coaches hoping for a shot at the big time will be willing to take a bottom-of-the-market offer if the alternative is to continue to not be an NFL head coach.

Since Gene Smith will remain for at least three years as the G.M., his ongoing presence will be a huge factor, too.  Any coach who would want to run the show won’t be interested.  Thus, Smith likely will be taking a page from his non-cousin A.J.’s playbook, hiring a coach who won’t be likely to try to squabble with the front office.

That dynamic becomes even more important because Del Rio routinely fought with the front office.  Which makes it much, much harder for a team to be successful.

As a result, defensive coordinator Mel Tucker should be regarded as a top candidate for now, if he doesn’t fight with the front office over the next five weeks.

On that point, someone has suggested that Mike Martz could be a candidate for the job because new owner Shahid Khan was a Rams season-ticket holder and Martz once was the Rams head coach.  Frankly, that connection would make Martz less likely to get hired in Jacksonville, given the extent to which he warred with the men who ran the organization.

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  1. He failed to mention that he’s no good for it too.

    No one has lived of his past like this mofo, “offensive guru” my arse.

  2. Now the DON’T PHINS need to FIRE TONY SPARANO!

    LA is Interstate 10 west of Jacksonville!

    By the way, this article is mistaken. Brian Billick coached Baltimore through ’07, not ’08! The Ravens lost many in a row to end ’07, including Miami’s only win that year, Billick was fired after the season, and John Harbaugh was hired in ’08 when the Ravens went to the AFC Championship.

  3. PFT does realize that Gene Smith can and will most likely (hopefully for jags fans) be canned right? If I’m paying 750million for a team I’m gonna want my own guys. Weaver could just be setting Smith up financially before Khan fires him. He’d do something like that

  4. How does a story about Brian billick turn into a story about not hiring coaches that want to make their own personnel moves on that basis billick is a good candidate because hes all about letting the gm pick the players

  5. Was this quote from nine years ago??? No really, I’m pretty sure that he made the exact “old, expensive” comment when Coughlin was fired..How does he know the NEW owner is looking for “cheap”? Sheesh….

  6. I like Billick in his role right now. Most talking heads that do games drive me crazy. Him I don’t mind so much.

  7. This coming from an offensive coach who had zero offense in Baltimore his entire tenure and who’s SB ring came from his defense in which he didn’t have a hand in. Check your ego guy. Thanks Brian, but I’ll pass.

  8. Translation: “The Jags, and the rest of the league, all know that I did what I did because I had one of the best defenses of all time.”

    I’ve met Billick on multiple occasions and the man is gracious and engaging. That being said, the common opinion in B-More is that he should have accomplished more with what he had.

    I think he arrived with a certain “compu-coach” mystique and even though he knew it was exaggerated, he did nothing to diminish the fantasy and as time progressed the truth became painfully apparent.

    I think his ambition would drive him to coach again, if an opportunity came along, but no doubt he’s comfortable and happy with his current gig.

  9. Yea right! This guy is desperate for attention and this is his best strategy to get noticed? If there was even a hint of his name being brought up for this or any other head coaching job he’d be on their doorstep panting and doing backflips faster than you can say “Suck for Luck”. This guy is just another in a long line of B.S. er’s that the NFL has such a penchant for attracting.

  10. I wouldn’t mind the Chargers pursusing Billick if Cowher isn’t interested.

    The thing is, can he coexist with AJ Smith is Spanos is dumb enough to keep him around?

  11. Billick is one of the best football analysts out there. For selfish reasons I want him to stay in TV and gets bigger game assignments, but I hope he gets to do whatever he wants to do.

  12. Jaguars are the definition of the word “Disaster”. The fan base is weak, the owner told the coach to get to the playoffs or its his ass and then dumped the starting QB. Then the coach gets fired and the owner sells the team after saying he wouldn’t. Its more entertaining than last year’s Vikings. Yeah like Billick wants anything to do with that circus, I cant wait to see what happens next!

  13. It’s so convenient to take your name out of consideration when it’s likely the Jags don’t even want you in the first place. That makes it look like you turned them down, when in fact the opposite is true. Well played, Billick.

  14. Can we please stop talking about Martz as a head coach. This guy is a mirror image of a Norv Turner, who is a great OC, but can’t lead or inspire an entire team. It would be a huge mistake for any team to hire Martz as a HC.

  15. If the people in Jacksonville are considering Mike Martz but hesitate because of his history of conflict when he was with the Rams, they should consider it a extenuating circumstance that the men who at that time ran the Rams organization really did deserve to be fought.

  16. I would puke if we got Billick. Not that a blog post can be tampering (haha) but this Jag fan thinks that Andy Dalton’s OC might turn our offense into what Andy’s accomplishing in Cinci this season.


  17. Billick the egomaniac. The guy who called around to gauge interest of potential assistant coaches when the Bills job opened up 2 years ago yet Billick didn’t even get an interview.

    Give him credit as an analyst.

  18. @4512dawg4512 The owner sells the team after he said he wouldn’t……this isn’t really accurate.
    Mr Weaver always said he needed an exit strategy. He, in fact said that he wouldn’t sell the team unless the new owner was committed to stay in Jacksonville. He wouldn’t speak to others that wouldn’t give this assurance..Given the lease, he felt that he could take Mr Kahn’s word.

  19. I love the weak fan base comments and the disaster comments related to Jacksonville. I guess the fan base beyond weak in Tampa, Miami, Arizona, Oakland, St. Louis, and Cincinnati.. all of which have lower attendance than Jacksonville. Oh and by the way Pittsburgh, and it’s great fan base is averaging 1,776 more fans per game the Jacksonville with more than a million more residents in the metro area. Yeah weak Jacksonville fan base…Idiots!!!

  20. The next Jags head coach will be a first time head coach. Enough speculation. A winning team in Jax means more revenue and less likely the team moves to the much better market of LA. Profits in Jax compared to profits in LA are like an undefeated pro team to an undefeated pee wee team…

  21. Hell! I’ll coach for 90000$ a year and free golden corral buffet for a year! Unfortunately Kahn is a multi billionaire and billick just shot himself in the foot for a potential stacked salary…. Ignorance is bliss I suppose…

  22. Wait, people actually LIKE Billick as an analyst? He’s a blowhard – constantly talking and frequently confused. Seems like he does little to no prep.

  23. hey, if the Jags are interested in former RAMS coaches, how about if Spagnuolo gets fired, they go after him as the head coach??? As for the big names. i really think Cowher’s BEST fit is San Diego, Jon Gruden likely would take Miami and for Fisher it depends on if Reid is fired, if he is, i think Fisher is an Eagle, if not, i see him on a team that makes sense, like maybe the Colts (if they fire Caldwell).

  24. As a Ravens fan I hate saying it……

    Chuck Pagano might be gone after 1 year in Baltimore. Love the guy, don’t want him to go but might be a good fit in Jax….

  25. NOT JAY either. What has he proven? He was a head coach/player in the AFL, and was on a coaching staff in Tampa that after winning the SB with another coaches players goes 7-9 and then 5-11, 11-5, 4-12, 9-7, 9-7, and they got fired. Sounds like a good choice to me. NOT!!!!!

  26. Billick is not that good of a coach…now arrogant, that’s a different story.
    He had one of the NFL’s great defenses from 1999-2007 and only got to one super bowl.

  27. As a Ravens fan I hate saying it……

    Chuck Pagano might be gone after 1 year in Baltimore. Love the guy, don’t want him to go but might be a good fit in Jax….

    I could see this happening, too. Pagano is one hell of a good d-coordinator, and it would be a shame to see him leave Baltimore. But the man has, at the very least, earned himself a few interviews for HC vacancies. As a Steelers fan, I have nothing but respect for Pagano. The guy is a great talent and knows how to get the most out of every guy on the field.

  28. I don’t understand people saying he wasn’t a very good coach, he won a superbowl for christ sake and with Dilfer at qb think about it for a minute same with Gruden.

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