Chargers shut down Marcus McNeill, claim Jared Gaither


The Chargers’ offensive line, racked by injuries this season, has seen yet another member land on injured reserve.

The team has announced that left tackle Marcus McNeill, who suffered a neck injury 20 days ago against the Raiders, is done for the season.

His roster spot will be replaced by former Chiefs tackle Jared Gaither.  Waived after a critical false start late in an eventual loss to the Steelers, Gaither’s contract has been claimed by San Diego.

The 4-7 Chargers have lost six games in a row.

23 responses to “Chargers shut down Marcus McNeill, claim Jared Gaither

  1. The piece that will put them over the hump and reel off 5 in a row. Check that…Rivers has never been so off. He looks done; he can’t make the throws he has been making for years.

    Too bad we have to watch them against the Jags…will be an awful game. If the Mrs. is clamoring for a Monday night on the town…this is the game to miss.

  2. Neck injuries are serious business and he’s already had one major neck injury in the past. This could force him to retire.

    Same goes for Dielman who had such a bad concussion that he had a seizure and had to go to IR as well.

    Best of luck and a fast recovery to both of them!

    oh also- FIRE NORV!!!!

  3. Here’s two other people to shut down:

    1. A.J. “smartest guy in the room” Smith, and
    2. Norv “couldn’t inspire a worm to eat dirt” Turner.

    It sucks for P. Rivers to be shackled to those two, because he is an elite QB, period — and he should be regularly guiding teams deep into the post-season.

  4. Talent and physical ability in Jared Gaither are not to be questioned. What is questionable is whether or not the guy likes to play football. He has a million dollar body and a 10 cent head. And while he isn’t really a cancer, I would not want him on my team. Tells you what kind of shape SD is in that they have to pick up this kind of trash. Had the guy played last year instead of faking a back injury and taking the whole year off, he could have parlayed himself into a multimillion dollar contract. Instead he ended up playing for the vet minimum and then gets cut by one of the worst teams in the NFL. That about tells you all you need to know about Jared Gaither.

  5. cambodianbreastmilk says: Nov 30, 2011 5:57 PM

    So they replace one guy with head/neck problems with another? Didn’t Gaither have a head injury against Pats that cause him to miss all of last year? Interesting.

    Nope. Gaither sat out last season because of back issues that flared up in training camp that may or may not have been related to the fact that he showed up 40 pounds under his prior years’ weight when the Ravens were moving him to the more size/strength demanding right tackle position and had expected him to do weight work to get bigger and stronger over the off-season.

    The extended length of time it took him to heal from that back injury may or may not have been related to his being a lazy bum.

  6. You have to see this season as a wash because nothing is going right in SD. Rivers is off. O-Line is banged up. DC Manusky can’t get the right package out there to defend. It hurts to be a Bolt fan this season…kinda feels like the 1-15 and 4-12 seasons.

    Oh Yeah…FIRE NORV AND AJ! Then they can get a real coach in here. Someone that is hardnose and has fire. I don’t care who…anyone other than Norv!

  7. chief67 says: Nov 30, 2011 7:20 PM

    This guy is just floating through the AFC west collecting paychecks …


    Actually, he never collected any of Al’s money… Raiders took a look at him and knew he was done… so let Hunt and Spanos pay for his beef jerky and chitlins…

  8. The Ravens picked him up in the supplemental draft when the University of MD. basicly benched and released him for lack of committment. Then shows up to training camp way under weight and out of shape after being told he was moving to the right side during the off season. That season he got a mysterious back injury and sat out the year and would not interact with the team. During the next off season, he showed no interest of improvement and was released.
    Failed the Raiders physical and two weeks later, K.C. signs him. Pretty much has spent most of this season on the inactive list. Then when he does play, commits the false start to help lose a game because his head is not in the game. And now, the Chargers sign him ??? What a waste of roster space. They will find out.

  9. Jared Gaither had the opportunity to make millions in this league. He was a Natural. Thing is, he was told it, and acted like it. Even Natural Talent has to work to make it. I feel sorry for the guy. If only he applied himself… WOW!!! As for the University of Maryland Benching him….. What? He entered the Supplemental draft because of Academic inelegibility and wasnt allowed to play ball.

  10. I don’t understand how aj smith wasn’t fired a few years ago. I’m not a sd fan but just the way he handles things like contracts and trades not to mention the fact that he doesn’t even draft that good would make me blow my brains out if he was my gm, but luckily he is not

  11. they need to put Norv & AJ on the IR for good.
    this team is done for a long time to come. they never recovered from the decline and later loss of LT and also Merriman. those two in their prime made all the difference. no one has been able to fill that huge gap. Rivers is great on a great team and as bad as it gets on a bad team.

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