DeMarco Murray named NFL offensive rookie of the month


An ankle sprain to Cowboys running back Felix Jones opened the door for his rookie replacement, DeMarco Murray.

And Murray has blasted through it.

After rushing for a franchise record 253 yards in October, Murray has been named the NFL offensive rookie of the month for November.

Murray had 89 carries for 434 yards in four November games, all victories.  Murray added 156 receiving yards on 20 catches.

He’s the second offensive rookie of the month in franchise history, joining Julius Jones, who won the award in November 2004.

16 responses to “DeMarco Murray named NFL offensive rookie of the month

  1. Glad you mentioned our other Offensive Rookie of the Month, Julius Jones. He is the reason that a Cowboys fan like myself is cautiously optimistic about DeMarco’s future/potential. He has looked great so far, let’s hope it continues well into the decade.

  2. Funny how no one mentions Tony Fiametta, the lead blocker…he’s been out and Murray’s done nothing without him. Blockers do the dirty work and get none of the credit!

  3. trbowman says: Nov 30, 2011 7:31 PM

    Funny how no one mentions Tony Fiametta, the lead blocker…he’s been out and Murray’s done nothing without him. Blockers do the dirty work and get none of the credit!
    While I wouldn’t say he has done “nothing”, he isn’t in full beast mode without him. My fantasy team loves them both and misses Fiametta.

  4. No doubt a fullback helps, but we’ve also played better defenses since we lost him. Murray’s worth is not in the 250 plus games, it’s the grind it out, don’t lose
    yards , burn the clock runs like the end of the Miami game. That’s what makes him valuable with or without a FB.

  5. Hopefully Fiametta will be back against the Giants. Shaun Chapas should see snaps this week against the Cards; I believe he was just signed from the PS.

  6. Maybe Tony Fiammetta isn’t being mentioned due to his absence the last two games without even knowing what’s wrong with him.

    More obscure players such as blockers don’t usually get much publicity unless their names can be converted to a one-syllable cheers for the rowdy stadium crowds. 🙂

    Remember Moose? Kuhn? Heath?

    True Cowboy fans definitely know who Fiammetta is, and have been closely monitoring his health status. Without him in the line-up, Murray has to work a lot harder to gain yardage.

    The team will try Shaun Chapas as FB this week, elevating him from the practice squad. Hopefully, that will restore Murray’s output to the lofty levels he achieved initially. Even better would be Fiammetta’s return to the starting line-up!

  7. Demarco is ninth in the league in rushing yards with 800+. That’s freakin badass! He didn’t even start till week 6. Looking forward to watching him beast

  8. murray is a different breed than jones. they aren’t even close in comparison. as far as blockers go, i’m sure every great running back in the game has had a well known blocker in front of them or the reason why they were so great. hell, even emmitt thanked and gave all credit to moose and named the entire offensive lineman he ever had in his hof speech. is murray great? yet to be seen. but he has broken some records along the way thus far. julius jones had his monday nighter in seattle, and pretty much did jack since then. demarco has had an amazing day, some pretty good ones, and some decent ones on his belt. to me, he is already a landslide better than jones. personally, i think we’re gonna see the play caller ef everything up in these last 5 games. everyone is expecting it. the boys have lost 2 straight to arizona. 3 games vs nfc east opponents. like i said in a post long ago, i wish the best for dallas, but i’m expecting the worst…

  9. this is going to be a fun and stressful final push to end the season. if everyone stays healthy the Boy’s will be a force and make some noise in the playoffs.

  10. I agree with all of the comments regarding Fiammetta. I also agree with all the comments regarding Julius Jones.

    Ever since Emmitt left, Cowboy fans have been thirsting for the next Emmitt Smith, like we were for the next Herschel or Tony Dorsett. We see a flash of brilliance and are quick to annoint. Troy Hambrick had a good 2/3 of a season and he was definitely going to be a good replacement of Emmitt. We know how that one worked out as well as Julius.

    For now, I will enjoy watching DeMarco and hope that he can be a top-level RB.

  11. Beanie Wells rushed for over 225 yds against the Rams too … I bet every RB in the league wished they could play against the Rams every week.
    Lets see what DeMarco can do against a top defence first before you give him high praise.

  12. Beanie Wells has also had 1o starts to Murray’s 5, yet Murray is only 15 rushing yards behind Wells and is averaging a full yard per carry more than Wells. I’m not gonna anoint anybody but it wasn’t that long ago that Wells ran 10 times for 20 yards against the Rams (week 9).

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