Former Raider Chester McGlockton dies at 42

Chester McGlockton, a former NFL defensive tackle who made four Pro Bowls with the Oakland Raiders in the 1990s, has died of an apparent heart attack. He was 42.

McGlockton had been an assistant coach at Stanford for the last two years.

Everyone in the Stanford Football family is deeply saddened by the passing of Chester McGlockton,” Stanford head coach David Shaw said in a statement. “For the past two seasons, Chester has been a valuable member of our football staff and a wonderful friend to us all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chester’s wife Zina and their two children.”

The Raiders took McGlockton out of Clemson with the 16th overall pick in the 1992 NFL draft. He played in Oakland for six seasons and made the Pro Bowl every year from 1994 to 1997. McGlockton then spent three years with the Chiefs two with the Broncos and one with the Jets.

44 responses to “Former Raider Chester McGlockton dies at 42

  1. He was very well liked by everybody, he’ll be missed.

    I’ll always remember the talent he had though, he could have been one of the very best, shame that he wasn’t.


  2. This is very sad – it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that the obesity prevalent among linemen and others in the NFL has a direct relation to a much lower life expectancy.

    The allure of millions in NFL salaries certainly won’t change the behavior of young players as they bulk up, as all young people (as well as football players) are in denial of their mortality in the first place, but one hopes that the NFL provides training and information to help athletes slim down and get healthy once they retire.

    Ultimately it is up to individuals to assume responsibility for their health – and whether its the NFL players or the obese couch potatoes who watch them, far too many people are committing suicide on the installment plan, one salty, sweet or fattening snack at a time.

  3. Raider Nation mourns. Sincerest wishes of peace and of comfort to his family and friends.

    From ’93-’97, McGlockton was as dominant a defensive tackle as you were going to find. 36.5 sacks, 10 forced fumbles, over 300 tackles and never missed a game in that span.

    Rest in peace, Chester.

  4. Wow, RIP Chester!….

    I’ve been having strong chest pains for the last 12 hours (could barely sleep last night).

    Because I’m only 33 I’ve been blowing it off but after reading Chester died of a heart attack at only 42 I think I may go see my doctor now.

  5. Classic Raider. Chester had all the talent in the world. Growing up just in time to remember the mediocrity before Chucky and Gannon revitalized the Raiders, my father often used Chester as a lesson. Everyone is born with gifts. Use them well, or watch them decay. Chester was a dominant Raider for a short period of time that we will all remember today, but you can’t help but ask yourself who he could’ve been. The guy could have been the best in the game. RIP Chester and condolences from all of Raider Nation to the McGlockton family. Once a Raider, always a Raider.

  6. WOW… Terrible news!!

    I met Chester in Myrtle Beach while living there thru mutual friends and he seemed a low-key, happy-go-lucky dude… Deepest sympathies to his family and friends…

    Chester is no exception to the rule, once a Raider, ALWAYS a Raider!!! RIP big man!!!

  7. When McGlockton came out of college from Clemson, Fridge Perry was already washed up and Michael Dean Perry was a beast. Everyone said McGlockton was going to be another Perry, but the question was which Perry.

    Chester was a beast when he was at his peak. If I recall right, he struggled with knee injuries and after that never got back to the high level he played at when he was making pro bowls. Could have been a hall of famer had he stayed healthy. Sad to hear he has passed so young.

  8. I am not a Raider fan, but I remember his playing days well. It is always sad to see someone so young go. Condolences to his family and friends.

  9. Rest in Peace, Big Fellow. Prayers go out to his family.

    On another note, if I am a Blue Chip Defensive Lineman prospect, there’s no way I’m going to Clemson. They seem to have an unduly high mortality rate. So sad to have these guys die so young.

  10. RIP big man. The Bay Area loved you on and off the field. Once a Raider ALWAYS A RAIDER!!!!! Tough year for the Raiders!


  11. R.I.P Chester! Once a Raider always a Raider! Except for Warren Sapp!
    Did you have to show Chester in a Bronco jersey? C’mon Man!

    Just Win Baby!!!

  12. Wow, 42 is way too young. Best wishes to the man’s family, and I hope other ex-players learn from this.

    It’s one thing to carry a ton of weight while you’re young, playing and exercising daily. Quite another to keep it on after you’ve aged and adopted a more sedentary lifestyle.

  13. Chester owned a chain of Fatburgers in the Northern California area. Just a little inside information woth relation to his diet. Rest in peace Chester…

  14. That’s terrible. Sad day for us Bronco/Raiders fans. Chester was aweomse from what I remember. I am a little too young to remember him playing. I remember he gave Elway a ton of issues on the field. RIP Chester.

    Yeah Mr Plow go get checked man…

  15. still can’t believe the thumbs downs on the RIP comments. What if Chester was your father, son, husband, or brother? thumbs down on this post if you’re a Neanderthal scumbag. It just blows me away how stupid and uneducated some hardcore NFL fans are.

  16. Matt,

    Yes, let’s take the event of this man’s death to discuss whether he underachieved as a player. How do you know what he did, maybe he overachieved considering where he was drafted.

    Furthermore, the fact that he died way too young has nothing to do with how he played since arguably the greatest defensive lineman of this era, Reggie White, met a similar untimely end at the same age about this same time 7 years ago. What did how either of them played have anything to do with the fact that they both died way too young?

    Some of you people are classless at all times.

  17. I remember Howie Long took him in to live with him and his family after he got drafted, said he became like a big uncle to his kids while Chester was there… Sad day for the Nation. RIP big fella!

  18. You just never know when, do you?

    With that, don’t drive angry, tip your waiter or waitress and never stop trying to be nicer.

  19. Who are the buttheads doing thumbs down on a post where another human being died. Gotta love our society.

    RIP Chester, Raider Nation mourns your passing

  20. Things just aren’t the same for David Shaw at Stanford. Without his faithful sidekick Chester to kid around with.

  21. Raiders are going through some tough time right now. Chester ws one of the good guys. RIP to Chester and condolances to Raider nation.
    Charger fan

  22. wow, that is hard to digest…..most guys don’t know that most heart attacks for men happen in their 40’s. I guess stress?

  23. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chester’s wife Zina and their two children (Warrier and Princess)”

    Too Soon?

    Way to young – Rest in Peace.

  24. “This is very sad – it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that the obesity prevalent among linemen and others in the NFL has a direct relation to a much lower life expectancy.”



    Come on, I can’t think of one lineman in the NFL who is obese, overweight yes, but not obese.

    Especially the younger linemen who come into the league are flat out beasts, highly trained, low body fat, etc.

    Just look it up, Suh, Fairley, Carimi, the Pounceys, Solder, Joe Thomas, all the DEs in this years draft, McCoy those guys aren’t nearly obese, not even overweight.

    Subtract all the muscle mass on them an you might get some 230-250lbs guys, which isn’t too much for guys who are 6’3 and taller.

    The times when linemen were just fat are over.

  25. luckynumberlucas says:
    Nov 30, 2011 4:37 PM

    The times when linemen were just fat are over.


    I wouldn’t go that far…have you seen Ryan Pickett or Shaun Ellis? That ain’t all muscle, man…but they’re paid to fill gaps too..

    Most guys that leave the NFL shed the weight quick and are way lighter than their playing days. I see Joe Panos and a couple other NFL linemen every year at a charity golf outing and they’re about half of what they were when they played. Even Gilbert Brown lost alot of his weight…and he was insanely big.

    But that’s most guys…tons of guys are complete lardos after they’re done. I’d love to see what JaMarcus Russell looks like now, and he’s not even a lineman.

  26. these thumb downs make no sense. we are talking about someone passing away, not a football game here.

    someone just lost a loved one, in real life, not football, and yet people still have the nerve to give thumbs down?

  27. silvernblackpa says: Nov 30, 2011 1:06 PM

    Raider Nation mourns. Sincerest wishes of peace and of comfort to his family and friends.

    From ’93-’97, McGlockton was as dominant a defensive tackle as you were going to find. 36.5 sacks, 10 forced fumbles, over 300 tackles and never missed a game in that span.

    Rest in peace, Chester.
    Umm My Raider Nation does not mourn.. nHe was the enemy, He sold out and went to the Cheifs!
    Al Davis called him a traitor! He WAS NEVER A RAIDER IN REAL RAIDER FANS EYES! Just like MARCUS ALLEN WAS NEVER A RAIDER//HE WAS A CHEIF.. THE ENEMY! JUST LIKE RANDY MOSS HE WENT TO THE PATS.. A ENEMY! Now if he went to a team like the bengals or Cardnials then thats ok but if you go to Chargers, Cheifs,Broncos,Pats you are a enemy 4 life

  28. I remember going to a live game in the early 90s between the Raiders and Seahawks.

    I clearly remember how two players, McGlockton and Cortez Kennedy, were clearly the largest on the field. Kennedy because he was wide across the hips (trying to block him was like trying to knock over a “Weeblo”, for those who remember those toys), and McGlockton simply because he was 6’8″, and nearly a full helmet taller than the next-tallest guy on the field.

    Being a Raider, he was kicked out of that game for fighting after Winston Moss had held Rick Mirer down after a play, Seahawks LT Ray Roberts went after Moss, and a melee ensued. The Raider defense simply fell apart without him, and what had been a close defensive game turned into the Raiders’ largest-ever defeat during their years in LA, 38-9. The impact of his play was clearly shown that day by what happened once he had to leave.

    42 is way too young for anyone to go, but let’s face it, taller people don’t live as long as shorter people (there are plenty of statistics to back this up), and if he was still carrying around the 300+ pounds of his playing days, that probably played a role as well. RIP Chester.

  29. Chester McGlockton was a great defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders he bled silver and black until he was traded to another team but he would still manage to appear as a football commentator and/or analyst on one of the local television stations. Thank you for all the great seasons and memories Mr. McGlockton, God Bless You and may you Rest In Peace.

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