If Jags move, L.A. may not be the destination

For those of you who are as willing to blindly believe right now that the Jaguars won’t move as you were willing to blindly believe Wayne Weaver when he said earlier this month that he isn’t selling the team, save yourself the aggravation and scroll past this story.

For those of you who are willing to be skeptical of an industry that has generated ongoing proof of the value of skepticism, read on.

If the Jaguars move, it may not be a foregone conclusion that they move to Los Angeles.  There’s a chance they’ll move to St. Louis, with the Rams returning to L.A.

As one executive with a team other than the Jaguars told PFT on Wednesday morning, “People that I trust think there is a chance [Rams owner] Stan Kroenke moves the Rams to L.A. and [Shahid] Khan moves to St. Louis.”

At this point, no one knows with certainty what will happen.  But it would be foolish to rule out anything, even if folks with a vested interest in propping up ticket sales and interest in the team in Jacksonville try desperately to ignore the content of the tea leaves.

Once the minimum spending requirement per team kicks in come 2013, teams like the Jaguars won’t be able to stockpile $32.9 million in salary cap space.  When that happens, there will be more incentive than ever to move NFL teams to where the money is.

Folks in the one percent didn’t get there by being too stupid to realize that.

75 responses to “If Jags move, L.A. may not be the destination

  1. Move em across the pond. The Brits will support them more than the city of Los Angeles. LA is full of a bunch of snobs that leave Dodgers games in the 5th inning so they can drink their bubbly in their mansions and watch it on their 100 inch plasmas. beat

  2. or maybe the Rams will move to LA, the Chargers will move to St. Louis, the Bucs will move to San Diego, the Dolphins will move to Tampa and the Ravens to Miami.

  3. Why not just trade franchises? Would the Ram name go to LA and the Jaguar name to St Louis? Just leave the Rams in St Louis and rename the Jaguar franchise. If not, the St Louis fans have to start rooting for a third team in 25 years?

  4. I really feel bad for Jaguars fans in Jacksonville, the ones who attended the games and bought merchandise and paid taxes to support that stadium.

  5. Makes a lot of sense, in that Khan’s “main business” facilities are primarily located in the midwest (OH, MI, IN, IL). Also doesn’t screw with current conference alignments (Jax in AFC South along w/ Indy, etc, and Rams in NFC West).

  6. Don’t forget about the rumor this past summer of the Jags moving to Toronto.

    Maybe Kahn was behind it, deals like this are a long time in the making.

    Besides, it would make the NFL international, which they seem to be hell bent on doing, and it’s just across the border, as opposed to being on the other side of the ocean.

  7. Amazing how all those stories about how the Jaguars overspent on defense seem to slip out of mind when it’s time to say that they’re stockpiling salary cap space and won’t be able to spend money.

    If anything, if Khan *does* want to move the team, he’ll need to spend like crazy to ensure the team loses money for three straight years, since that is the only way he’ll get out of the lease without a massive multi-year court battle before 2027.

  8. IF Jacksonville had taken hometown-hero Tebow, they’d be selling out every game with rabid fans, and would have NO reason to consider moving.

    IF Houston had taken hometown-hero VY, they’d have made the playoffs a couple of times already.

    IF Cleveland had taken hometown-hero Big Ben – who knows what happens?

    IF the Steelers had taken hometown-hero Dan Marino, they would probably be working on Super Bowl #9 or #10 by now.

    See a trend here? Hometown-hero qb’s are not a bad thing people!!

  9. You are saying, I assume, that the wealthy one percent got there because of their intelligence and smarts…I disagree, probably more like it that they got rich by risking others money, never took a chance by putting their own futures in jeapardy…and very likely did illegal and for sure immoral things…maybe they got wealthy because they have no conscience and are very good liars,..as far as Khan in Jax, believe this, no matter what that liar Weaver says, the Jags are leaving,..thats a stone cold lead pipe lock…I just set you all strait.

  10. These teams aren’t just chess pieces you move around on a chess board. NFL teams are deeply imbedded in their communities. If they start ripping teams up by the roots and moving them, they will lose a lot of goodwill from fans and politicians, and they will pay a heavy price for that.

  11. No way St Louis fans trade their loyalty (and money) from the Rams to the Jags. Their hearts just won’t be in it.

    The only way this even remotely happens is if they change the name of the team, thereby giving fans a perceived fresh start.

    Even then I don’t see it happening.

  12. Kroenke is a midwest, STL guy. The Rams brought St. Louis a Super Bowl. I know they are bad right now, but its on the field stuff. Injuries, mostly that have depleted to roster.

    I’d personally remain a Rams fan no matter where they are, but I hope they stay in St. Louis.

  13. And why do we keep talking about moving the Jaguars? Why not move the Bucs? The Jags sell thousands more tickets per game than the Bucs.

  14. Wherever they go they will have more ticket sales than in Jacksonville. I hate to see a city lose there team but i just hope the stay in the States.
    I mean NFL (National Football League) sounds a lot better than IFL (International Football League).

  15. jags are committed to Jville until at least 2025 according to my relative in the city hall.
    They can’t move unless they open their books to the world and show 5-7 years of losses

  16. So when you say Kroenke would move the Rams to LA, who would own the team? Because if Kroenke owns the “LA Rams” that would not make Roski and AIG very happy.

  17. I love how the “standard” picture for Jaguar articles is a picture of empty seats that clearly weren’t photographed during a game.

    Gotta love propaganda.

  18. Not every city deserves a professional sports team. Jacksonville is among them.

    There were still Expo fans left when they left Montreal, but not enough for it to be economically viable for them to be there. Same is true in Jacksonville.

  19. I heard they are moving to some town in Vermont or Maine. This is getting ridiclous. If and when it happens, then it happens. Enough already.

  20. I love how this website removes comments when you post facts. But for some reason they are allowed to spread lies..

  21. Would love to see the rams return to LA. Better than going to games in San Diego once in a blue moon and i would always see the 49ers at least a couple times a year between being in LA and Phoenix half the year

  22. I remember very well when Bob Kraft (barely) snatched the Patriots back from the clutches of St Louis in the early ’90’s… good luck to all loyal Jacksonville Jaguars fans!

  23. I will die knowing that my Team will never ever move, my kids will die knowing their team will never move. This is the life we know as Packer Fans.

  24. OK I get it that the new owner might want to move to LA for financial gain….but St Louis seems like more of a lateral move…of course not knowing all the ins and outs of that market I could be wrong..
    Now these articles of speculation/bashing about Jacksonville are starting to make no sense…talk about cross-purposes…Please give it a rest!

  25. In the NFL…coaches lie to players and fans (Andy Reid saying Kevin Kolb would remain the starter just before giving the job to Mike Vick)…owners lie to coaches (the dreaded vote of confidence before firing the coach; Jag’s owner telling Del Rio the team wasn’t for sale). So, forgive me if I don’t take what any of them say at face value. If I was a Jag’s fan, i’d be very worried about losing my team

  26. Richie500, are you by chance Richard from the Westside who made an ass of yourself on a local radio show in Jacksonville yesterday. That bs is precisely what is wrong there. What do you care what nationality he is?! He was apparently the only guy willing to buy the team and keep them for the time being in Jacksonville! I would think the locals would be happy about that but apparently it has to be some white southerner who buys it to make everyone happy. Yeehaw Jacksonville!

  27. Well, those people in the one percent were stupid enough to think Jacksonville, a small market in a state with lackluster support for the two other franchises already there, was a good place for a team in the first place. I don’t think they are all that smart. If they really were smart, they’d move a team to Las Vegas.

  28. Not happening in Toronto until they get another stadium. Rogers Center only seats 45,746 (not including Luxury Suite seats). That’s not gonna cut it in today’s NFL, and it’s not even allowed for a Home Team currently. Sorry Toronto.

  29. St. Louis doesn’t deserve a NFL team. The Rams went to a Super Bowl and won another in the past 10+ years, yet the city still hasn’t fully embraced the team. It’s a baseball town(period)! There’s a typical ebb and flow in the league of being good, bad, or great. Sometimes your team sucks and you just have to deal with and hope the next year is better than the last. I’d love for them to come to Austin or San Antonio!! I’ve been a Rams fan my entire life and when some asks me who I root for I always reply “the Rams, the LA Rams!” 🙂

  30. When has the nfl ever allowed a city to get rid of an existing team and replace it with another team from another city? I don’t think this has ever happened before and I don’t think that it will happen now. If the league thinks St. Louis is a viable city they would keep the rams there instead of moving another existing team. Cleveland got rid of their team but it was replaced with an expansion team not another existing team from another city.

  31. There will be two teams in LA sharing a new stadium. The Rams and the Chargers. Anchutz will own a piece of the Rams. The Charger, Raider rivalry will continue and the Rams, 49er rivalry will be renewed.

  32. What about the Jags moving to San Antonio? They tried to get one of the expansion teams the first time around. They built the Alamo Dome just for one of those teams. New Orleans played here in the aftermath of Katrina and every gqme was sold out. The city embraced the team like its own, and they would’ve stayed but it wasn’t a good idea considering the situation. This is a great fan base here. The way they support the Spurs an NFL team would be nuts. Also AFC south with Houston, that would just make a great rivalry being close. Like Cincy and Cleveland.

  33. I would rather see the team stay in Jax for the fans. Maybe they’ll turn it around. N.O. hasn’t always been good. Saying San Antonio wouldn’t expand the league is crazy. If you can find a bigger fan base thats expanding isn’t it. Just please stay in the states. No Mexico or Canada.

  34. Jacksonville just isn’t an NFL city. I feel bad for Jags fans because it’s not their fault, but that doesn’t make it less true. It’s the fault of the NFL, who got snowed by Wayne Weaver and made the mistake of putting the team there in the first place. But they shouldn’t compound the mistake by perpetuating it.

  35. Nov 30, 2011 3:55 PM
    I would rather see the team stay in Jax for the fans. Maybe they’ll turn it around. N.O. hasn’t always been good. Saying San Antonio wouldn’t expand the league is crazy.
    Sounds like you’re of the few people on here than knows your history. If it wasn’t for Hurricane Katrina the Saints would be in San Antonio already. Colts would be gone if it wasn’t for Peyton. Cardinals would still be Cardinals if it wasn’t for Kurt Warner. The Bengals are still the Bengals. The Bucs are back to their original ways. The Dolphins fans are still fickle. But no one cares b/c Jax is the worst city and fans o. Earth. Righhhhhhhhht.

  36. The AFC–due to its old AFL origins–has always lagged behind the NFC when it comes to large television markets.

    One would think that the commissioner would attempt to placate any network carrying AFC games by tossing it a bone: relocating a small-market AFC franchise to Los Angeles.

    If Jacksonville has the equivalent of the *revered* Old North Church, look for lantern signalling another midnight ride by the Mayflower van drivers.

  37. stanmark says:
    Nov 30, 2011 1:52 PM
    Not happening in Toronto until they get another stadium. Rogers Center only seats 45,746 (not including Luxury Suite seats). That’s not gonna cut it in today’s NFL, and it’s not even allowed for a Home Team currently. Sorry Toronto.
    Ya, because a new stadium can’t be built.

    Everything is ready here, there’s money hanging from the walls and a site ready to be developed.

    Hello, Toronto is NOT Buffalo.

  38. “These teams aren’t just chess pieces you move around on a chess board. NFL teams are deeply imbedded in their communities. If they start ripping teams up by the roots and moving them, they will lose a lot of goodwill from fans and politicians, and they will pay a heavy price for that.”


  39. Jacksonville has sustained a team now for 17 years. We have not had a blackout since 2009. The tarps lower the seating capacity down from 89,00 to an average NFL stadium 67,00+. Last year we had the same attendance average as the Steelers.
    The Jaguars are not going anywhere soon. Our stadium lease goes to 2029 and is by far one of the toughest leases to break. Our Stadium has had 30+ million in renovations and is well maintained by the city.
    We seem to be a favorite target of the National media and their nonfactual speculations. Yes , our fan base has soured a little, but whose wouldn’t have with the mediocre teams we have had to endure with for the last ten years.
    The Jacksonville fans got a little spoiled from our early success, but with out a doubt fill the stadium to capacity once again if given a competitive team once again.

  40. People keep saying that this article is Biased? LA has a market for football that was taken away. Jacksonville does NOT have a loyal fan base. Compared to Tampa and Miami, they are not successful. I always read about black outs every year. Not just years they are losing but winning to. That is bad so no stop saying this is biased. I feel sorry for the loyal fans but business is business. If my team, Miami Dolphins, was moved I be heartbroken. I understand how you feel but business and money. That is what football boils down to just like every other sport. Well peace out people, GO PHINS!

  41. @videogamehistory6336: “I always read about black outs every year.” That’s kind of our point. You read about Jax blackouts every year even though they aren’t happening. When Oakland or Miami has blackouts, this site doesn’t even post an article, but when Jacksonville does NOT have a blackout, they go out of their way to post an article making sure the readership knows that it wasn’t a full sellout.

  42. Why would the Jaguars move from one failed NFL market into another? Attendance is even worse in St. Louis than it is in Jacksonville.

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