Sidney Rice’s season is over

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Sidney Rice’s first season with the Seahawks has come to an early end.

Coach Pete Carroll announced Wednesday that Rice will be placed on injured reserve as a result of the concussion he suffered in Sunday’s loss to the Redskins. It was the second concussion in three weeks for Rice, who also missed two games at the start of the season because of a shoulder injury.

“We’re just trying to do the right thing and protect our guy,” Carroll said. “We love him and he’s a great kid in the program. We know he won’t get hurt again, so we’ll get him strong and ready for next year.”

When Rice became a free agent this offseason, his durability was a big concern after he missed most of 2010 thanks to a hip injury. That injury turned out not to be a problem, although the fears about Rice’s ability to stay healthy for a full season came to fruition. Rice is only 25, so he still has time to erase the injury-prone label but he’ll have to wait until 2012 to start that process.

Rice finishes the year with 32 catches for 484 yards and two touchdowns. Doug Baldwin, Ben Obomanu and Mike Williams will be the leading targets for Tarvaris Jackson over the rest of the season.

47 responses to “Sidney Rice’s season is over

  1. We know he won’t get hurt again, so we’ll get him strong and ready for next year


    Knock on wood.

  2. The guy had one good year, with a HOF QB. Outside of that one season, he had injury concerns every other year Minnesota. It is sad that he (or anyother player) is hurt. But I can say that….his lack of production, and propensity to get hurt, are two reasons, I am glad the Vikings didn’t pay him, what Seattle did.
    Oh that, and the fact that last season he crapped all over his former team by waiting until the end of training camp to address an issue that he sould have had addressed EARLY in the previous off season.

  3. pack em’ up.

    no playoffs this year anyway, lets just secure a franchise QB in the draft and get the Pete Carrol era officially started.

    the rook will have a solid WR in Rice, and TE in Zach Miller. An O-line that is forming up with Okung, Unger, Moffitt, and Carpenter.

    The front 7 of the D is solid,

    meethinks Seattle is set to be a good situation for a new QB

  4. I am not sure what derby the Seahawks have entered; is it the Ryan Tannehill derby or the Landry Jones derby? I know they won’t be able to draft Luck or Barkley.

    They might consider using their second round pick on an offensive tackle. I know they just drafted Carpenter, but he is definitely more suited to the left guard spot. He simply does not have the footwork to pass protect in space.

    This team is headed in the right direction. Simply compare the roster this year compared to what Carroll inherited. They are a year away from competing and two years away from contending.

  5. If you don’t know who Doug Baldwin is, then you are a fair weather NFL fan who reads nothing outside of his own team.

    Which I suppose is 99% of the posters here…

  6. The Vikings are clearly better off without Jackson and Rice, as witnessed by the superior performance of the team now that they’ve both left.

    Oh, wait….

  7. notthekiller – why the PC hate? Guy has hardly been a disaster – winning record in his previous HC stints (teddy Bruschi recently said that the he was one year away from tremendous success in NE, and that he basically built the team the that Belichick took to greatness), was a stud D coordinator prior to that, and now is ahead of track in turning around a program that was completely decimated from a series of terrible drafts. They are the 2nd youngest team in the league and are competitive in every game. A little more experience for the young guys and a decent QB, and they are right back in the league’s elite.

    BTW, Doug Baldwin is a stud. If he played anywhere else, you wouldn’t be asking “Who”. Undrafted rookie out of Stanford (Luck’s favorite target). Could end up with 1000 yards this season.

  8. Lets face it dude cant stay healthy save your money sid,doesnt look like your going to be around long this isnt baseball, bogus contracts in the nfl one more injury and they will show you the door

  9. notthekiller says:
    Nov 30, 2011 4:48 PM
    Ben and Doug Who? Pete Carroll has been a DISASTER AT THE NFL LEVEL!!!


    You haven’t followed the Seattle situation much, have you?

    2nd youngest team in the league, 240+ transactions/roster changes in Carroll’s first year (2010). Goes from being the 3rd oldest team in the league in 2009, to the 2nd youngest right now.

    Last year’s 27th ranked defense is now the 14th ranked defense, with entirely new, and younger starters everywhere on the field, including 2 rookie starters on the offensive line, 2 first-year starting cornerbacks, 2 young safeties (Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor) one of whom was a pro-bowl alternate as a rookie last year, the other of whom (Chancellor) was listed on a couple of mid-season All Pro teams a couple of weeks ago.

    If that’s a disaster in Pete Carroll’s 2nd year, then someone must have been expecting a first year Super Bowl out of the guy.

    Seattle hasn’t had a top-half ranked defense since their super bowl year, and these guys are just getting to know each others’ names.

    Nobody in Seattle is complaining about the job Pete Carroll has done.

  10. Maybe he should hang it up – he’s as fragile as a china doll. Has anyone ever figured out how much $ he’s made per catch in his career or at least this year?

  11. …wide receivers’ careers…
    If you are going to state something as fact, you should probably do so correctly.

  12. trollhammer20 says:
    Nov 30, 2011 5:22 PM
    The Vikings are clearly better off without Jackson and Rice, as witnessed by the superior performance of the team now that they’ve both left.

    Oh, wait….


    Are you saying they’d be better with these two still? Tjack is a joke and had enough chances to show he could be a winning QB. If you’re a seattle fan you’ll learn this soon if you haven’t already.. And Sidney is talented, but how would a reciever struggling with injuries all year and now on the IR help out any team?

  13. And this my friends is one of the reasons why the Vikings didn’t want him back. His attitude is garbage, he’s a crappy teammate, and his career has been riddled with injury. He never proved anything, other than one great year thanks to Brett Favre. To have one great year in a 4-6 year career is an aberration not an indicator. Good riddance Sidney, thanks for proving us right that wanted you out of Minnie.

  14. blizzard01 says: Nov 30, 2011 5:44 PM

    Seattle- where wide receivers career’s go to die.
    A fact.


    Yet another fair weather fan who knows nothing outside of his own team.

    Largent might have something to say about your ‘fact’.

  15. The upside here is that it will leave one less place for Williams to hide.
    Horrible season so far, lazy and far too many drops each game. He’s got to put up numbers or he’ll be out of football and eating tubs of ice cream in one sitting again.

  16. trollhammer20 says:
    Nov 30, 2011 5:22 PM
    The Vikings are clearly better off without Jackson and Rice, as witnessed by the superior performance of the team now that they’ve both left.

    Oh, wait….


    as much potential as Rice has- he has only played ONE full season- hardly worth what he got paid- it was BY FAR the best offseason move that the Vikings made this year in letting him go to Seattle and take their lumps for a year or two-instead of having a HUGE cap number for a guy who can’t consistently get on the field-
    I liked having Rice as a Viking- but his salary isn’t worth the amount of his output

  17. Seattle sucks…

    they S*** the bed when they tried to sign Nate Burleson to a big deal… and they did it again on this oft injured, Favre inflated, overrated bum.

    As a Viking fan, I didn’t bat an eye when Seattle signed Rice… I did however laugh my ass off when they signed T-jack… I mean, really!?

    anyway, Vikes will be good again long before Seattle figures out what they’ve done to their team by signing scrubs and bums.

    Skol Vikes!

  18. dericivy,
    “Largent”?? What is this, 88?

    Jesus, bro…

    Nate Burleson – Dead
    TJ Housh – Dead
    Sid Rice- Dead

    what more do you want for proof?

    Seattle sucks… and so does their hoops team… whoops.

  19. Shut down rice take a few lumps, a couple of losses &maybe just maybe you can draft barkely.. But thats not gonna happen im sayin it first PETE do me just one favor draft Robert griffin III he would have a cam newton effect on your franchise because those same Cam haters who now luv CAM will have a new guy to pick on & im guesssin that gonna be RG III. Be ready for the he is too short who has he played? Can he take the snap from center? All todd mcshay said last year was blaine gabbertt was so pro ready over Cam? How did that work out?

  20. “Nobody in Seattle is complaining about the job Pete Carroll has done.”


    Too funny. The fans in this town are by far the least talented folks you will ever encounter in any US city.

    Even now you will hear whining about Hutchinson, the refs in their Super Bowl, and of course their favorite: the “East Coast bias” against the town.

    Newspaper commemorates the Mariners’ 116 game season (fail), Huskies one big year (share), and continued crying about Arkansas snaging their basketball team (wahhhh!!!!)

    It’s a culture of loser here and Carol and the rest fit right in…

  21. So nice to see Cindy Rice up to her old anticts. Now she will wait till next pre season to have surgery. What a BUM. One good year and she thinks she is Jerry.

  22. As a Viking fan I’ve always loved Sidney and thought he could be a great WR, BUT he has never remained health for one entire season. As a WR you need to be a little more durable than that.

    Best wishes SR

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