Signs point, for now, to Reid staying put


At a time when the folks in Philly have once again broken out the pitchforks and torches, their efforts to clamor for change in the coaching ranks of the local NFL team ultimately could fall on deaf ears.

Though more people than ever can now envision the end of the Andy Reid era after 13 years featuring one Super Bowl appearance, the smart money in league circles remains on Reid staying put, even if the Dream Team fails (as expected) to make it to the playoffs.

The fact remains that Reid is a very good coach.  He has proven to be one of the best quarterbacks coaches in league history, as evidenced by the reality that quarterbacks play better with Reid than they do with anyone else.  From Mike Vick to Kevin Kolb to Donovan McNabb to Vince Young (with limited time in the system) to A.J. Feeley to Jeff Garcia to Koy Detmer to Mike McMahon, Reid has shown on a consistent basis that he can coach up quarterbacks.  Since quarterback remains the most important position on the field, that ability should not be underestimated.

Then there’s the fact that Reid would quickly find himself on the wish list for pretty much any team that fires its coach.  As Howard Eskin of NBC 10 and WIP radio pointed out on Monday’s PFT Live, Reid could be a perfect fit for the Chargers and quarterback Philip Rivers.  If the Vikings, who once hired Reid’s right-hand man, decide to move on from Leslie Frazier in an effort to get a new stadium built, why not give the keys to Reid?

Then there are the Redskins, who may be more inclined to move on from Mike Shanahan if the man who has beaten the Redskins 16 of 25 times since Dan Snyder bought the team becomes available.

Regardless, someone will want to hire Reid.  And the fear that he could go somewhere else and finish the job he started in Philly could be the factor that prompts owner Jeffrey Lurie to let Reid keep trying to finish the job where he started it.

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  1. Andy is still a good coach. It is just time for change, a fresh face and system. He has been there to long and it is getting stale.. Time to move on.

  2. Mike McMahon does not belong in that list of players. He was terrible when he was on the Eagles.

  3. Its been 13 years. if he hasn’t won a superbowl by now, I don’t think he will. Unless he gets an actual “Dream Team” somewhere.

  4. People in Philly just want a change to have a change. This season cannot be blamed on Reid at all. Even though Castillo has had some blunders he still has been able to somewhat help stable certain parts of the defense. Reid has developed VY into a good back-up QB and basically saved his career. Reid has kept the Eagles winning especially with their backs against the wall, so expect the Eagles to keep swinging until the end. Dallas is to inconsistent to be an automatic lock on the NFC East and New York only needs to lose one more time. People fail to realize that Philly owns all the division tiebreakers and Dallas has to only lose two games before their Christmas Eve game against them to make it a potential win and in game. Dallas has to play Arizona, Tampa Bay and the Giants twice. That is no walk in the park schedule. Andy Reid will have this team ready to win because if they lose then their season is all but over

  5. Lousy clock management,lousy evaluator of defensive talent,Lousy Play Caller in the Red Zone,yeah He’ll win somebody a Super Bowl! Anyone who wants him can have him! Enjoy watching the ball thrown 50 times a game and watching your run defense get constantly gouged by the run. You’ll win after the bye week,but good luck winning games against teams you should beat! It never fails to amaze me what people around the country see in this guy,when those of us who LIVE in this town have an up close and personal view of his failings on a daily basis.

  6. I don’t understand how Eagles fan’s think they so football smart but yet they want to run one of the best coaches in the NFL out of town. Most teams would take Andy Reid in a heart beat.

  7. “He has proven to be one of the best quarterbacks coaches in league history”

    Seriously? your contention is because he’s a good qb coach he’s a good head coach? No – he’s a good qb coach because he’s a good qb coach. I’m ASTOUNDED you actually make the contention that because a coach is good in one spot he’s good in another- Dick Lebeau, Wade Phillips, etc etc etc.

  8. Andy Reid is simply Norv Turner with Jim Johnson.

    Look when Jim was there, that was when the team over-performed.

    After he passed, the team got worse and worse, consistently disappointing.

    For 13 years, the team rarely wins in the defense plays bad. We frequently won when the offense played bad.

    It’s the defense, stupid. And he made the offensive line coach the DC. That decision has to carry consequences.

    He belongs as a high-end OC. But he’s just not a head coach who can win the big one.

    Almost every decision of the past few years has been poor. The last 3 drafts have been blown.

  9. It great that people who are not in Philly can continue to tell us how great Andy Reid is and how if not Andy then who? Who was Mike Tomlin or Mike McCarthy before they were hired? How about 4 championship game losses, 3 at home as a favorite that is ok? Maybe in Detroit or Cleveland where they never sniff the playoffs but not where the team is expected to be good every year. Andy may be a good coach (or was at one time) but there comes a time when everyone needs to change for change sake and this team is at that point. And please Eskin has been Reid’s lapdog for so long he finally got himself a paying job to follow him around. His objectivity about Reid is laughable.

    One last thing, remember Rich Kotite and how the league laughed when he was fired because he is a good coach and Philly ran him out of town. How did that work out New York?

  10. Even if Andy Reid does miss the playoffs, which he likely will at this point, the guy has only had a losing record twice and this would just be the 4th time they’ve missed the playoffs in 13 years. If Reid does get run out of town for some reason I think Eagles fans are going to realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  11. Marty Morny chose to kick in overtime. There is never going to be any more evidence I need to tell me who is responsible for over thinking and over complicating the offense. As for D, Juan is a rookie DC, promoted by Reid, and the defensive personel/scheme matches are some of the worst I’ve seen assembled. Certainly the worst in philly as long as I’ve been alive. Hard to not fault Reid there.

    Young team though, with alot of high draft picks upcoming, and what’s looking like a better-than-usual draft position upcoming as well. Reid will be allowed to continue his plan. He needs to take responsibility next season and call the plays though. If he can’t do that anymore, my last straw is pulled.

  12. National media keep saying how Reid is a “very good coach” – but without a great defensive coordinator to backstop some of his VERY bad tendencies, he’s been exposed.

    Reid’s best games always come after the bye, because with two weeks to prep he can actually come up with a robust enough plan for 60 minutes of football. That’s really where he fails as a coach – even at his best, he is absolutely awful at clock management, and will consistently call for three straight passing downs with a lead in the first quarter. He’s a terrible game day coach.

    Reid’s draft choices have likewise been poor – look at the linebacker corps, or the total lack of depth that the offensive line has. (I believe the phrase is “undersized white guys with beards.”) He just doesn’t pick big, physical players, and his choices consistently cannot play for their first year. And he’s managing to squander LeSean McCoy’s talent at running back with his pass-happy offense.

    Obviously Reid’s had some success. But that is in the past, and it’s more the result of talented assistant coaches than Reid himself. The Eagles are not in a position to win this year or next year, and Reid is not going to be able to rebuild this team. That’s why it’s time for him to go.

  13. Andy is Staying. Marty needs to go, The fight song needs to go and the rocky pregame need to go also. We need LB’s and Safeties and Coaches who can coach those players

  14. It’d be fitting if he went to Jacksonville, traded for Tim Tebow, and coached him up as the kind of son he always wanted.

  15. The problem is that it has been the same thing for 13 years. He is a very good coach, but not a great one. He has gone as far as he will in this town, and it is time for someone else to give it a go

  16. Unfortunately, I think they’re going to give him 1 more year. The lockout works in his favor. Having Mudd and Washburn there for only 1 year is working in his favor. The fact that the offense generally is performing well is in his favor.

    Juan Castillo needs to go. I think someone like Jeff Fischer should be courted to be the DC next year. Fischer got his year off to recharge his batteries, and if Reid gets fired, he’s be the natural interim head coach with a good possibility to move into the head coach position afterwards.

  17. Andy Reid the coach isn’t the problem. Andy Reid the personnel manager is the problem.

    The Eagles are losing because they brought in a lot of mercenary front running players and also a lot of players with questionable characters. A recipe for losing…it’s how my Raiders lost like 88 games in 7 years.

    When they were winning they had good solid characters and sound leadership like Brian Dawkins, Trotter, Westbrook, etc. to pull out close wins. Now those close wins are turning into losses with D Jackson, Vick, Asoumgha etc.Eagles are outta control.

  18. They still need to fire the d-coordinator… I say fire him on Monday if the D shows another lack-luster performance tomorrow night! The birds should have a few options for next season if frazier or spags is available… They would bring great schemes and they both know how to call plays and make adjustments on the fly… something castillo will never be able to do…

  19. “evidenced by the reality that quarterbacks play better with Reid than they do with anyone else. From Mike Vick to Kevin Kolb to Donovan McNabb to Vince Young (with limited time in the system) to A.J. Feeley to Jeff Garcia to Koy Detmer to Mike McMahon”

    That list looks like a Who’sWho of Never-Was’s. Really this is Andy’s legacy?

  20. Why is Reid constantly considered this great QB coach. He was lucky Vick fell into his lap last year, he chose Kolb to lead his team and before he got hurt he had shown very little. You listed abunch of scrub QBs who won a few games when McNabb got hurt. Back ups win a lot in this league if they have a good D, Philly has had great defenses in the past especially when J. Johnson was coordinator. Reid is and will always be overrated, good but not elite coach.

  21. You hit the nail on the head. Reid should be a QB coach, not a head coach. He has no sense of clock management and still has yet to realize he has one of the most elite RBs in the league.

    Lurie should be more worried about the chances of the Eagles being a winning team as opposed to the off chance Reid has tremendous success with another team.

  22. He has made to many errors in judgement. If the Eagles follow their own blueprint, which is to treat the team as a business, then they need to hold Reid accountable.

    They also need to clean house of Howie Roseman for his poor personnel choices.

    The next coach is not important at this time or where Reid ends up. Right now it should be focused on the next era of the Eagles.

  23. As a Cowboys fan in ” Filthadelphia ” i hope you keep Big Red as long as possible……Hes now the laughing stock of the league !!! My how the mighty have fallen the Philly.
    Your HC is a joke, your owner is a joke ( as is JJ in all fairness ), but at least JJ tries to win.
    Laurie is in it for profit, and will bail out soon when the stadium starts to empty…
    Too many diva’s on the Dream Team !!!!
    Keep up the great work !!! The ” loyal ” fans deserve all they get from 13 hapless years and counting….
    Better yet, why not bring in Jeff Fisher to coach, he’s what 16 years and counting ???
    Bottom line, no one else wants the job period !!!
    Lets go Seahawks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. @shaner329 – Not an Eagles fan, but to say Reid isn’t a good coach is a ridiculous notion. He may be terrible with personnel, but his win/loss record over the past decade speaks for itself. I think both the Eagles and Andy Reid might benefit from a change in scenery. I could see Reid in Miami. As for the Eagles, take your pick… a lot of good candidates floating around.

  25. And how abou this from a true football writer, Don Banks of SI –

    “His Eagles haven’t won a playoff game since 2008, going one-and-done in the NFC field in each of the past two seasons. That makes his overall playoff record a mediocre 10-9, with just the one Super Bowl trip, in 2004, that three-point loss to New England in Jacksonville. Seven division titles are a great feather in Reid’s cap, but a 1-4 mark in conference title games means the Eagles have been very good, but seldom great.”

  26. These offensive line coach to the defensive coordinator? Genius!!!! Comments are funny
    JC is doing a ok job, He has no LB’s or Safety’s those are the players getting beat all the time

  27. Since this topic hit a nerve with me one last post…..and this is also from Don Banks…..if Tom Landry can be fired then so can Andy Reid. End of story. So many national media people treat this guy like he is Vince Lombardi. And we were all wrong about McNabb too he has been stellar since he left. When Reid goes to St. Louis and fails miserably don’t rewrite history you will all be proved wrong.

  28. Juan Castile was the absolute worst choice to run a defense. He has to go period. He has no clue what to do and that was Andy’s choice. If Reid stays he needs to get a bonifide defensive coach with experience in “defensive”. And please put the personel in their right positions. Juan makes pro bowlers look like ordinary lousy players. And cripe get some meat on the defensive side and pay the bucks for bonifide safety’s and linebackers.

  29. QB is one player what about the other 52. I said it 5 or more years ago to get rid of Andy and i’m a Pats fan. 13 yrs of close is still losing

  30. First of all no one can say Reid is a bad coach. All the things that he has done regardless is he won a super bowl or not is WAY more then any coach in this league could even dream about. All the eagles need to do is trade up up for a solid MLB in the draft trade asante try and grap a solid OLB in free agency or trade and a FS and hire a DC and I feel like th eagles are super bowl contenders. And another thing is no wonder Philadelphia has never won a super we gotta be the worst fans ever bc we criticized everything the eagles do if I was gruden cowher or whoever I wouldnt be surprised if they didn’t wanna coach this team bc of the fans and media

  31. “People in Philly just want a change to have a change”.That is so wrong,Unless you have followed the Eagles very closely you have no idea what is going on.Reid is one of the Best coaches the Eagles have ever had and he`s one of the Worst coaches the Eagles have ever had.People who follow the Eagles will know what i`m talking about.While he`s a very good quarterbacks coach he is not the best head coach.Bottom line it`s time for a change.I think the power he was givin went to his head and he thinks his way will always work and he refuses to listen or to change.After all he still thinks after 13 years you don`t need good linebackers in his system and we see where that has gotten them.Juan Castillo to Defensive Coordinator Cmon Man, Really! I could go on and on but true Eagle fans know what i mean!

  32. If Mike McMahon was better with the Eagles than anyone else, I feel real sorry for those other teams.

    I will say it again, this is the McNabb situation all over again. The national media, who haven’t lived day-to-day and game-to-game with the Eagles like we have for 13 years think it is outrageous for Eagles’ fans to want Reid gone, he is such a great coach, etc. We heard how we don’t appreciate McNabb and all he needs to do is go to a city that appreciates him, and we all know how that has worked out.

    Reid is making the same mistakes he made 13 years ago. The play calling is a predictable joke. The time management is abysmal. Reid has been to 5 NFC Championship games, and was badly outcoached in 4 of them. the last time, against the Cardinals, was particularly appalling because it was Reid’s 5th time there and Whisenhunt coached like it was his 5th time while Reid coached like it was his first game ever.

    Sadly, I believe Reid will probably win a Super Bowl with another team because he will be motivated again. He hasn’t been motivated since the 2008 season when they made that run to the NFC Championship, but he immediately lost that drive once it was clear he would not be fired. (winning the playoff game against the Giants). No pun intended, but Reid is the guy that got fat and happy with his wife, who then dumps him, and then he turns around hits the gym and looks great again. He’ll never change while coaching the Eagles, same as the guy that will need his wife to dump him before he shapes up. For both the Eagles and Reid, it is best if he goes.

  33. I’m a diehard Eagles fan. There is no doubt that Reid is a good coach, but he is not without flaws. While he is a great game planner, but he can’t make in-game adjustments and frequently gets outcoached by the better coaches in the league. He gets pass happy and abandons the run all too often. Time management has always been an issue, burning timeouts and not getting plays in on time, etc. Yes he has coached up QB’s to a great extent.

    All these years and it seems that nothing ever changes. He almost never learns from his mistakes and often repeats them.

    Reid is the Marty Schottenheimer of the NFC. He would and should be courted to take a struggling franchise and restore it, but not to be that difference maker that takes you over the top for the Super Bowl.

  34. He can coach up QB’s. Unforunately, he consistently chooses QB’s who are simply not good enough ebcause he is overconfident in his ability to do that. The Eagles are where theyare now because he decided that Vick should be QB for the next half decade and to back him up with Young. It’s that simple. The last half decade before that McNabb was also bad.
    It’s that simple. His choices at QB screwed the team and the franchise.

  35. Say what you will, but Big Red is the BEST coach we have ever had in the history of this franchise. I know the popular vote via the fan base is Buddy Ryan, but his teams hit a brick wall in the playoffs. Records do not lie, and as inconsistent as this season has been, Reid has earned himself, at the very least, to finish out his current contract (1 year remaining, 2012).

  36. Reid is a solid Head Coach. People MUST factor that there was NO off season to get these guys to gel with each other. Think about what an entire off season will do with all that talent.

  37. Then perhaps he should be a quarterbacks coach. Because he certainly isn’t one of the best head coaches in history.

  38. I hope he gets fired. Then Philly fan can find out what it’s like to have a coach that really is less than excellent.

  39. “I hope he gets fired. Then Philly fan can find out what it’s like to have a coach that really is less than excellent.”

    We already know what that feels like. That’s why we want Reid GONE!!!!!

  40. It’s one thing to be a good coordinator and something else completely to being a good head coach. Reid is a coordinator. He completely mishandled the change from Mcnabb to Kolb / Vick. Supposedly Vick was better but he has regressed this year. He also mishandled the defense by moving an offensive coach to defensive coordinator. Two major foulups in the same year! Not something another owner will want to have in a new head coach. Offensive coordinator would be a better fit.

  41. I don’t understand how Eagles fan’s think they so football smart but yet they want to run one of the best coaches in the NFL out of town. Most teams would take Andy Reid in a heart beat.
    Their not smart they think they are because the local media up here tell them that they are and they bought into it.

  42. Andy Reid needs to go!

    HE hired Sean McDermott and the O-Line coach Castilllo as defensive coordinator!!!

    Those were two bad moves!!! Plus, he throws the ball too much!!! He’s done!!!

  43. Media members that support Reid are only using his past to cover up his true and current decline!!!!

    Their stupidity is why I believe the media less than ever before!!!

  44. Love him, or hate him…..the team was much better with Chilly as O-Coordinator with his less “pass happy” influence. Any he’s currently available. Bye bye, Marty M and Juan…..Chilly in…..anybody not named Juan Castillo as D-coordinator.

  45. I’m so tired of reading Eagles fans talk about how nobody really knows what’s going on but them. It’s patently absurd, and it’s just evidence of what a provincial town Philly is.

    What’s actually happening is that their judgment is flawed because they’re too close to the situation and too emotional about it. Getting close and not getting over the top is going to make people want a change for change’s sake. Look how many of them wanted to run Charlie Manuel out of town because they wanted Jim Leyland and thought Charlie was the owner’s boy. Then he won the World Series, and now he’s “Uncle Cholly”.

    The people that want to fire Reid are assuming that everything he does well will continue to be done well under a new coach and that the things he does poorly will improve. How likely is that when he’s a consistent winner? A new coach is going to start all over. If the talent on the team is as good as the consensus seems to think, then why rip that up because you have a fit of pique?

    If this happens again next year, then I’ll call for his head, too. But you don’t get rid of a guy with that track record because of one bad season.

  46. can we stop with “he had no offseason” excuse!!! last time i checked there were 31 other teams that were locked out as well and it seems to me that things are working out pretty well for a FIRST YEAR head coach in San Francisco! Reid is quite possibly the most overrated head coach in football. He’s failed 13 seasons in a row, he’s a terrible judge of talent, doesnt properly utalize his roster, is terrible at clock management, and can never seem to get his team prepared for the big game (go back and look at anyone of the many eagles playoff losses), they just simply always get outplayed. i hope he never leaves, so get used to the same ol predictable eagles and same excuses in the post-game press conferences. hopefully 13 more seasons of incompetence from the eagles!

  47. Its amazing what winning a superbowl will do for a coach’s legacy.

    If you ask anyone who is a better coach.. andy reid or bill cowher, just about everyone will say bill cowher.

    But few people remember that the same things being said about andy reid were being said about bill cowher.

    Bill cowher did not win a superbowl until his 14th season in the league.

    If you look at their records, they are almost identical during the first 13 years in the league. both were 1-4 in championship games with a loss in the superbowl

    bill cowher:
    andy reid:

    I’m not saying andy reid is going to win a superbowl in his 14th yr, but give the guy some credit. For every bad draft mistake he’s had, he’s had equally good ones.

    as bad as people think mcnabb was, he was the best qb in the draft that year. for every mamula (spelling), there is a westbrook, djack, mccoy, trent cole.

    All the eagles woes this year can’t be blamed on coaching. Players arent making plays when put into positition.

    How many times have our qbs overthrown, underthrown a receiver….when they put the ball on the money, how many times have they dropped it. All of our comebacks in the 4th quarter ended on a dropped passed by a receiver.

    On the defensive side of the ball, you cant blame castillo for not making tackles. Players have been in position to make plays, but havent been making them. Kurt colemans missed tackle on third down against the cardinals ended up in a TD. If he made the tackle, it would have been 4th, and the cards most likely kick a field goal and the game goes into OT.

    How many times have unblocked linebackers missed tackles in the backfield…2 yd gain..4 yd gain. The def has potential. the 2nd and 3rd quarters against the falcons was some of the best D played by anyone.

    There’s enough blame to go around. Given the short preseason, i’m all for one more year. besides, what other candidates are out there?

  48. My hope is Castillo and Spagnoulo are fired and Spagnoulo can come in as the D coordinator.

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